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Far from a classic, but a must for Bangles fans
Hessian4997 October 2001
The Allnighter is mostly a vehicle for Bangle Susanna Hoffs and she does a good job with it. Hoffs in fact saves this movie, as you get the feeling if she wasn't in it the movie would be pretty hopeless and completely forgotten by now.

Somewhat derivative of many mid-to-late 1980s teen and college comedies, the plot really isn't much new, though it is fun to see the 80s fashion and hear music from that era again. Despite the weak plot, it will remind you of a time before you had to go out into the "real" world, and you can recall many of the desires and hopes put forth.

Hoffs rarely talks about this film in interviews, and critics have not been very kind to it over the years. While not up to the level of films of the same era made by people like John Hughes, The Allnighter is worth a look once, more if you like and/or remember the Bangles.
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funny, relaxing movie
natascha-lully15 February 2005
Okay, this might not be an award winning movie but it's sure worth watching! Love the scenery, the eighties style and the obligated happy ending of course! Sometimes it even made me wish I was there! A prep school in a tropical location, lots of pretty people, fun beach parties and lots of cocktails. And hey, mustn't it be wonderful to have a student house at the beach? Susanna did not act that bad and Joan Cusack is her own funny self of course! I saw this movie when I was a teenager, about 15 years ago and loved every second of it, even watched it more than once! Maybe you don't need any brains to understand this movie but must life always be so serious? It most certainly is NOT boring, just watch it with a big bag of popcorn and have fun!
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A Sub-Par Comedy Starring Susanna Hoffs
Dave Kaminskas10 September 2003
It is the night before college graduation and Molly, Gina, and Val want to make it one that they will never forget. Whether it is going to the Fiesta with surfer buds C.J. and Killer or partying with an old rock guitarist that went to their school, they plan on doing it all. Unfortunately, Susanna Hoffs feature film debut will make you wish that they did something even more memorable, because you will forget it an hour after watching it. It is a comedy, but unfortunately it suffers the flaw of not being funny. You might smile once or twice, but I doubt you will even chuckle at any of these misadventures. The film is basically just a dull, overlong, snoozefest. The acting is alright, not really good, but nothing terrible. The soundtrack is decent as well. Unless you are a fan of Susanna Hoffs, leave this one alone. * out of ****
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Girls Night Out!!!
jlp93710 April 2000
In the Allnighter, Molly, Gina, and Val are in for one last night together before they graduate from Pacifica College and go their own directions. Each one is faced with issues that makes them re-evaluate their lives before they head off into the real world. Along the way with a great supporting cast of CJ and Killer, the girls find out just what is in store for them. A great soundtrack, too bad it is not available. I promise you that when you watch this you will be taken back to a time in your life before you really knew what life was actually like.
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Lame 1980s Beach Party Film
Space_Mafune27 August 2002
This film stars Susanna Hoffs (of Bangles fame) and focuses mainly on her desire to have a great romance(well in actuality, it's more her desire to get laid).

This also gives us a glimpse into the lives of a group of college kids leading up to their graduation. Of course they get involved in the usual predicted teenage crisis, the importance of which seems greatly magnified to those involved. Sometimes the dialog proves hilariously awful in this silly mess of a film. Pam Grier, who is much too talented to be appearing in this forgettable teenage comedy romp, makes a short appearance as a lady officer. For a real Beach party film, one must look instead to the 1950s and the 1960s. Watch Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello instead.
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Bad Acting, Bad Script, Bad Film
Meredith-74 November 2003
I was interested to see Susannah Hoffs in an acting role, however, it was made abundantly clear early in the film that she could not act, but then neither could most of the "performers" in this film. This is the worst of it's kind, the characters are dull & one dimensional, the sub-plots are ridiculous & worst of all it's just not entertaining. It's so bad that it is bad (and could never be good/bad), the filmmakers made it hard to care for the characters early in the film & you will be begging for them to disappear into oblivion by the end of this poor excuse at "grad humour". Stay Away!
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Totally 80s
sab67d30 March 2001
I thought this movie was great. It is your typical 80s flick, and being a child from the 80s I loved it. Susanna Hoffs shows us she cannot only sing but act. And where do they get the cute guys. I just wish it was longer or had a sequel.
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And you thought your dorm was a blast!
B.Pico18 August 1999
Very funny comedy involving the last days of college for 3 girls and a videocamera.They go through romantic mis-adventures and two of them even get arrested.The script is funny and contains some great one-liners."This is a mistake,who do we speak to about mistakes?" [Thats a quote from Joan Cusack who the funniest person in it.
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lizzieloo2111 January 2007
Oh, come on...I don't mean to be offensive, but this film was absolutely painful to watch. Susanna Hoffs, an attractive and engaging singer, is not engaging (although she is quite attractive) in this role. She seems to have lost the sparkle she could convey through her music. No wonder she doesn't talk about it in interviews.

Yes, this film was aimed for my age group at the time, but there have been other films aimed toward the younger set that are intelligent, sexy, and fun at the same...not mindless and silly as this one was. Try "One Crazy Summer," "Say Anything," or anything directed by John Hughes at the time.

Sorry, fans. I can't find one redeeming quality about this film. If I were a director, I'd find something better to cast my daughter in.
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gridoon26 June 2002
This vacant, plotless and thoroughly unfunny comedy has a better cast than it deserves: all the girls are credible (the boys less so), and Dedee Pfeiffer (Michelle's sister) is a genuine revelation in her few quiet moments. But then there are all those surfing scenes....(*1/2)
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How can you go wrong with the lead singer of the Bangles?
chefscout30 June 2000
How can you go wrong with the lead singer of the BANGLES cast in a starring role by her own mother? This is movie making at its most spectacular and acting at its penultimate achievement.

I still remember when it was being shown on HBO three times a day and I'd sit there, staring at the screen, eating fudgesicles and wondering to myself if there was anything better in this world.

Let me tell you, there wasn't. If you haven't seen this movie, go to the video store now. If you HAVE seen this movie, have a fudgesicle, then go to the video store. When was the last time laughs came this cheap?
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Plug your nose, this one's going to be a real stinker! (spoilers)
Pepper Anne2 January 2005
There are only two saving graces to this otherwise horribly boring cheesefest. And that is hearing Timbuk 3's 'The Future's So Bright' and seeing Max Perlich (briefly) as a clerk in a police station. Not event the presence of Joan Cusak (for whom I rented the movie to see) nor Deedee Pfieffer (usually good in 80s trash) could save this disaster.

This is the story of a nerdy college grad girl, played by Bangles front woman, Susanna Hoffs, and her friends and their little misadventure in the night before graduation. Hence the title, "The Allnighter." For the nerdy college girl, it chasing around a rock n' roll star. For her surfer dude friend, it means trying to hook up with her (and failing miserably until a steamy, cheesy sex scene finale, of course). For Dede Pfieffer's character, it means trying to get away from her loser fiancée to party at the all-night siesta. Nothing remotely interesting or barely entertaining happens (save a few humorous moments with the always-witty Joan Cusak) and the strange bleach-blonde surfer friend (the taller one). It goes on like this for more than an hour and a half. It isn't even good 80s trash. It is just plain bad and is sure to bore you to the bone.

This was Susanna Hoffs movie debut, and if you have seen her other appearances, you should know it doesn't get much better. But then again, this was just bad material to work with all around. Thank writer/director, Tamara Hoffs (Susanna's mom) for that. Trust me, as much as bad 80s movies might appeal to you, this truly is one big waste of film.
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Sex-in-the-sand youth flick...despite good cast, brain-dead
moonspinner5514 August 2011
Excruciating post-teenage shenanigans from director Tamar Simon Hoffs (who also co-penned the practically-nonexistent screenplay) features Hoffs' daughter Susanna Hoffs (of the pop group The Bangles) as one of three vacationing college seniors anxious to get down and dirty during their final hurrah. Susanna, Dedee Pfeiffer, and Joan Cusack would appear to make a fun femme trio, but this is no "Where the Boys Are". Tasteless, terrible writing sinks a proved scenario, and everyone comes off looking inept (including the star attraction, who dances in her underwear to ill-effect). Not a single laugh to be had...even the soundtrack is a washout. NO STARS from ****
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"Hey, dude! Aloha to the birds!"
utgard1413 September 2015
Three self-centered young women are graduating college while struggling with their love lives. Molly (Susanna Hoffs) is longing for an epic romance, preferably with her guy friend who can't seem to grow up. Val (Dedee Pfeiffer) is supposed to be marrying some dickish businessman but doubts emerge. Gina (Joan Cusack) is only concerned with videotaping everything.

Boring and tedious with a lame romantic plot that culminates in a cheesy sex scene which poor Susanna Hoffs had to do in front of her mom. Susanna's acting receives a lot of criticism but I don't think she's as terrible as others say. She's not good, really, but there's potential there. She has a likable screen presence and is certainly attractive. The scene of her posing in her underwear in front of a mirror is easily the highlight of the movie. Which says a lot about the movie, I think. Dedee Pfeiffer does well with her limited role. Joan Cusack is the weird one, looking a lot like Boy George here, and doesn't even get a bone thrown to her in the romance department. Pam Grier is wasted in a small role as a cop. The girls have two surfer guy friends that are made from '80s cardboard.

Despite the presence of Bangles singer Susanna Hoffs, the music in this is the pits. The romance and comedy elements are bad but the navel-gazing angst will be the most likely reason you'll shut this off. Speaking of the comedy, the only intentional humor that works are the scenes with the hookers. There is some great unintentional comedy, though, in a scene where Hoffs and a mulleted rock star dance. Think mayonnaise on Wonder Bread with a glass of milk to wash it down.
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Light, 80s beach movie
OKCRay12 January 2002
I've always enjoyed the Bangles and Susanna Hoffs, and I purchased the DVD not expecting much more than a light, fun 80s throwback to the Bikini Beach movies. That pretty much is The Allnighter in a nutshell, but there's nothing wrong with that. The plot centers on three college roommates (Susanna Hoffs, DeDee Pfeiffer and Joan Cusack) having one last fling before college graduation. Susanna is absolutely gorgeous as Molly, the Pacifica College valedictorian who is still searching for that one earth-shattering romance, and although there's not much to the story, there are some wonderful moments (including the jail scene, featuring what must be the filthiest toilet ever to appear in a major motion picture), and I loved Pam Grier's cameo as Sgt. McLeish. An interesting aspect of this movie is how it went back and forth from film to "camcorder" at least 10 years before Blair Witch came out (and 5 years before MTV hit us with "The Real World"). Speaking of which, how about that primitive, bulky Olympus "camcorder" that Joan Cusack lugged around throughout the movie? Remember when those were "state-of-the-art"? Or how about the huge, clunky answering machine in the girls' beach house? Totally 80s, no doubt about it. If you're expecting Oscar-caliber entertainment here, skip this. However if all you're looking for is a fun movie to watch on a rainy day, check your high expectations at the door and enjoy!
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Cool and funny.
Knight Of The Cross30 August 1999
I really love this movie. "Allnighter" reminded me "Can't hardly wait". Here's less of humor and comic situations as in "Can't hardly wait", but "Allnighter" has got more romantic moments. Maybe the movie's plot is little trite, but in other respects "Allnighter" is a standard for good comedies and feel good movies.
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This 'AllNighter' makes it hard to keep your eyes open...
Howlin Wolf17 December 2017
80's higher education ennui... Like a strange cross between "Reality Bites" and "Adventures in Babysitting" (yet nowhere near as good as either).

Aside from Susanna Hoffs in her underwear, Pam Grier's late single scene cameo is pretty much the only entertaining or amusing thing about it... Otherwise, it's thoroughly mediocre!
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Wow, just wow(in a very bad way).
benovite24 September 2007
Saw this movie yesterday and ho-lee cow. Excruciatingly bad. I mean HORRIFICALLY terrible.

In the realm of 80's teenage flicks, this would have to rank as the all-time worst. Matter of fact they should have called it Alltime Worst rather than The Allnighter.

I mean it. is. bad. Have I mentioned how bad it is? First off, the acting. There is some semblance of acting, if you look hard enough. Most of the actors have zero charisma and little to no personality, aside from Joan Cusak who at times looks like Tom Hanks in drag(Bossom Buddies?). The movie doesn't make you care for any of the characters. I think we were hoping someone died, that's how devoid of feeling we were towards these people. Susanah Hoffs: wow. I'll get to her later.

The writing/script- absolute rubbish. It's like 3 year old wrote the script based on an idea they had of what their teenage years might be like, and if that's the case it'll be mighty depressing! Bad dialogue, no story to speak of. Just a group of people gathering in a certain places.

The direction: REALLY bad. Like 80's porn bad. I think they should have actually turned this stinker into a porn movie at some point during its production. Would have been infinitely more entertaining. As it is, the director(Susanah Hoff's MOTHER?? Are you serious??)...

wait I can imagine this scenario, "Honey, I'm going to direct you in your first movie! Yay!" Oh boy. =/ I bet Susanah and her moms drew inspiration from Prince's Purple Rain or something to make them want to go there with this attempt. Anyway I'm digressing. The director is horrid. Badly framed scenes, badly directed scenes with actors, just badly bad. Like I said there are times when you think you're watching a porn movie. Speaking of which, apparently Susanah's mom really likes looking at her daughter with the least amount of clothing on or naked. The one saving grace of this movie is/are the scenes involving the director's daughter posing in front of a mirror in her underwear(nice butt!). Unfortunately there's nothing going on in the upper region, poor Susanah. =( The sex scene with Susanah and the guy are weird and far from sexy. I think it's time for more kudos to her mother for that. Yay, go mom! The music is bad 80's music. I think it's mostly Susanah Hoff's stuff but it's often hard to hear or tell, which may be a good thing. There are a couple of signature 80's tunes though.

So back to the director's daughter.... she can't act, let's just leave it at that.

No wait, there are times when the movie completely forgets about Susanah Hoff's character and the movie just goes on without her. There will be a scene or two that start with Suze and they're not returned to in order to see their completion. Then suddenly we're shown her again and it's like WHO CARES? The movie was crashing and burning without her, not like her scenes are going to add anything.

So basically bad writing, editing, acting and directing.

Did I miss anything=?
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pure nostalgia
mrw828 March 2006
This is a straight to video movie that I watched as part of my quest back in 1987 to watch every minute of HBO since we had just gotten cable and I was totally addicted to TV. I think I represented the target audience of this movie. There are surfers. Cool guys. Hot girls. Rock music. underwear. Jail time. A convertible. Consider this: The main conflict is a couple kids staying up all night. Brilliant! That is all this movie has. And if you are 16 years old then it might be appealing. I'd watch it in a hot second, but it would be mostly from nostalgia. A bad episode of Brady Bunch would be just as good. I think the plot had something to do with graduation and getting laid. HBO was invented for movies like this since no theater would ever sell tickets to it. IT is good but it is not as good as "Hunk".
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Good 80's beach party movie, but a soft one
Nullness28 March 2004
This movie is a surprisingly clean 80's beach party movie, geared more toward a female audience then anyone else. While the Bangles girl can't act very well (nor make up with it with nudity), the overall "funness" of the movie is catchy, but only if you love 80's romantic comadies in general. It's not overall funny, just sort of fun. The most hillarious character is the blonde's boyfriend, the most dead-on crazy impression of a yuppie i've ever seen. Be warned, fellas, there's just as much male shots as female shots in this movie, if not even more so. But you can't really expect much t and a with the start's mother directing. In a funny way, Reality Bites seems like a direct remake of this film.
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Horrid Flick
denis88812 March 2018
What is a recipe for a truly horrid movie? Make it on the beach of California. Add a singer, this time Susanna Hoffs, who is awesome, but she can't act. Add some muscular jocks, who are total dumb on set. Add Joan Cusack and Deedee Pfeiffer who are sweet but nothing more above. Add some soft nudity, some. Add some insipid humor. Add some awful 80's glitz. Wow, voila, you get a truly silly brainless movie which is so awful that it is down to the point of cringe. Really that bad
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Fun, in a minor way, about the last night of college for three lovely gals
Amy Adler15 December 2014
Molly (Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles) is on the verge of graduating from Pacifica college. Very smart, she will be delivering the valedictorian's speech on the morrow. But, her confidence is a bit shaken. She secretly loves a male classmate, who seems to prefer surfing to her and has never given her an indication of his undeclared affection. Thus, while her roommate Gina (Joan Cusack) is busy videotaping their last days and minutes, Mol hatches another plan. Dressing up to the hilt, she decides to make a play for a famous musician residing at a nearby hotel. A second roommate, Val (Dedee Pfeiffer), is already there, romancing her obnoxious, rich boyfriend. Yet, the night is young and the police and a bunch of hookers are about to cause trouble for our gals! Will they make it to graduation? This is a fun eighties movie, with attractive performers and a light, zany plot line. No, its not garnered any Oscars yet but will attract fans of romantic comedy, good looking young adults and California scenery. Why night book The Allnighter for tonight?
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Lame last night out movie...
dwpollar28 April 2007
1st watched 4/27/2007 - 3 out of 10(Dir-Tamar Simon Hoffs): Lame last night out movie about a threesome of college girls from Pacifica College who run into more than what they expected on their final night before graduation. This movie is actually better than most guys night out movies but is still pretty lame. The valedictorian, Molly, played by Susanna Hoffs(relative to the director and writer you think??), and her two friends prepare for a festival but of course, it doesn't turn out as they expected. Molly has a crush on an older guiter player and pursues him, while another friend's uppity fiancé shows up un-expected while the Joan Cusack character films everything for her documentary of the event. This is a typical "Beach Blanket Bingo" fare in the 80's without a lot of the raunchiness that usually fills these kinds of movies. Although the girls are cute, and Joan Cusack's character is interesting and slightly funny, the movie never really moves out of low-mediocrity in it's subject matter, which is kind of expected here but even a near tragedy for a surfer is treated half-hazardly like the southern California dude-lifestyle. They are riding each wave as it comes, dude. Sadly though, it doesn't make for much of a movie.
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You must not listen to the critics...
loza-128 May 2005
I don't think I have found a professional film critic who has a good word to say about this film. But it is a good idea to forget what the critics say and try the thing out for yourself. After all, the critics go into ecstasy over Citizen Kane,while the rest of the world sleeps...

They say horrible things - like the one that Susanna Hoffs is cast as lead just because her mother is director. I wonder where they got that ridiculous idea from!

So I sat down thinking I was about to watch one of the worst films ever made - something that would make Citizen Kane look good. Instead I saw an interesting film that was quite funny, was surprisingly well written with cool dialogue, was very well acted, and had some memorable scenes, such as Hoffs grooving around to Aretha Franklin, and the toilet bowl in the prison cell.

The most vivid character I thought was James Shanta as Killer. I thought that we would be hearing a lot more of him and that he would be a pretty big star by now, but evidently not.

As one of the characters said in the film: it's been heaven on a stick.
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