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Season 2

18 Sep. 1987
Vegas Rock
The Girls travel to Vegas in hopes of obtaining Elvis's guitar for a school auction, all the while dodging their Stepfather Nick, who's in town as well.
25 Sep. 1987
Once in a Lifeguard
Rose is determined to become a lifeguard. After failing her first test and being ridiculed by the instructor for being a "girl", Nick helps train her. She passes her second test, beating the time of all the male hopefuls. Thus gaining the respect of her instructor as well as her lifeguard certificate. Meanwhile Patty falls in love with a baseball loving, handsome older lifeguard. She decides to ditch her tomboy ways to win his attention, only to have her heart crushed when he begins dating her sister Diane.
2 Oct. 1987
That's Cheating
Rose struggles with chemistry and in an act of desperation cheats on her test. Meanwhile, Mickey really wants to win the Girl Scout yellow beanie and pledges to sell over 500 boxes of cookies.
16 Oct. 1987
Wilderness Blues
Nick is fed up with the girls arguing and decides everyone needs a little quality family time; so he takes the girls on a weekend camping trip which starts out disastrous but later brings them closer together.
23 Oct. 1987
Dear Diary
The girls fight to save there favorite teacher, Miss Newman. Meanwhile, Patty is having trouble with a writing assignment, so Miss Newman gives her a diary to compose a story in.
6 Nov. 1987
Hunk in the House
Nick's godson Billy comes to visit due to family problems at home. Diane is immediately infatuated with him and goes to Rose -- who is also falling for Billy -- for help.
13 Nov. 1987
Marva in the Key of Cee
Marva discovers that Rose's new piano teacher Celia Smith once was a famous singer known as Cece. Without her permission, Marva volunteers Cece to perform at their high school dance.
20 Nov. 1987
Beauty and the Babe
Diane decides to enter a beauty pageant with Nick's permission as long as she promises to keep her grades up. Meanwhile, Mickey wants a unicorn so she dresses up as one to try and catch one of her very own.
11 Dec. 1987
Russian Holiday
The Russian diplomat and his son visit. Rose decides he's too stiff and needs to be shown a good time so she sneaks him out of the embassy without anyone's knowledge or consent.
20 Dec. 1987
A Very Foley Christmas
Christmas approaches and the girls find out a new social worker has been assigned to their case. Nick's scheduled meeting with the worker gets delayed because he has car trouble so the girls entertain her while they wait for Nick.
8 Jan. 1988
Guess Who's Coming to Slumber?
Marva runs for class president and stoops to the levels of her competitors by making false promises. Meanwhile, Patty steals a dying racehorse.
15 Jan. 1988
Sweet Sixteen
The Cuban missile crisis hits full blast as Russia threatens to attack the United States. Nick builds a bomb shelter when Mickey becomes afraid of being vaporized. Diane plans a very emotional Sweet 16 party, hoping for harmony with Russia.

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