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One of those shows
Steve West14 March 2004
"Married... with Children" just has something about it that makes it hilarious, it takes the basic premise of the family and suburban life, and puts the family from the hell in there and just lets them constantly rip on each other. It's a testament to the basic formula of the show that it lasted so long, and was still actually funny right up until the last season (with an overweight, balding Ed O"Neil and kids old enough to have left the house by now). The casting was perfect (except for newcomer Jefferson in my opinion) and the character of Ed was what really made the show. The opening song fitted the show perfectly too. Anyone who has watched the show probably has "Married... with Children" moments to this day when they open a fridge with nothing but an empty milk carton in the door or have thoughts about installing an antenna on the roof.

"Married... with Children" is probably one of America's greatest TV exports, it was a privilege to be growing up when this was on every week and I wish all the castmembers continued success.
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Raunchy, vulgar and devoid of any intellectual value...ONE OF THE FUNNIEST SHOWS EVER!!!
mattymatt4ever28 February 2002
"Married with Children" is the kind of show that does nothing for civilization and has no moral value...yet I got some of the biggest laughs in TV history from this show. It is still one of my all-time favorites. I even enjoy watching the repeats over and over again. That's when you know a show is great.

As for Al Bundy, could they have created a funnier TV character than him? He is one of my favorite TV characters, and I sometimes try to imitate him. My friends even jokingly thought of starting a "No Ma'am" group of our own. Speaking of "No Ma'am" one of my favorite episodes is the one where Al starts his own Church, in order to avoid paying taxes. He rants and raves like the stereotypical evangelist, only he has two scantily-clad women by his side. Then Marcy and her feminist group come marching in, showing everyone pictures of Al and Peggy on a romantic date. Everyone gasps. In response, Al imitates Jimmy Swaggart by shedding tears and screaming out, "I have sinned." That was genius! When they one day show a retrospective of the funniest moments in TV history, that scene should definitely be shown. Ed O'Neill plays the character so perfectly, and I was amazed to see that he's actually nothing like his character in real life. He's a very nice, soft-spoken guy. Yet he couldn't be any more convincing as that character. Al Bundy will be his legacy!

The supporting cast is great. David Faustino, Christina Applegate, Katey Sagal, David Garrison and Ted McGinley are all very talented. But I could never understand why Bud had trouble getting girls. Faustino's a pretty good-looking guy. Acting-wise, he couldn't be any better, but they could've picked a less attractive actor to have his persona be more convincing.

Yes, the show may appear to be misogynistic. All the female characters are either airheads, whiny housewives or overweight. But I think in a way it's poking fun at misogynism. I don't think the show ever glamourizes the act of misogynism. Just look at the male characters. They're a bunch of beer-drinking slobs. Would you want to follow their philosophies on life? But I do admit, I enjoy the presence of many scantily clad babes on each episode. Hey...if women want to make a show where macho guys appear on every episode in thongs, be my guest! I won't watch it, but it doesn't offend me. If women find "MWC" offensive, don't watch it! You have a remote--use it!

There are so many memorable moments on the show that I will have to take up this whole message board to jot them all down. I will just mention two:

When Peggy painted the bathroom pink and made it girly-looking, and Al was frightened at the sight of it. So when the inspectors came to check it out, Al empties a bag with five sandwiches inside. The song "Bad to the Bone" plays as Al scarfs down every sandwich, drowning each one with hot sauce. He grabs a newspaper, tucks it under his arm and runs straight to the bathroom. The inspectors come running out, the toilet flushes and Al leaves the bathroom proudly.

When Al accidentally got circumsized. He would be afraid to look at anything even mildly stimulating because he was afraid a stitch would break.

But as much as I liked the show, I felt good that it was cancelled. Because the last season reeked!!! I don't know what went wrong, but the writing was drab and contrived, the acting was flat--Al didn't seem like Al anymore! He was actually turning into sort of a nice guy! The show lost all its energy. But for all the previous seasons, I absolutely adored the show. And I regard it as a classic!

My score: 9 (out of 10)
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A Great Resource for the Resourceless
Tim22 September 2002
Tom Sharpe once wrote the following regarding one of his characters: "Like so many great men, Lord Petrefact loathed his nearest and dearest..."

Many of us identify with Lord Petrefact, but are at a loss to express ourselves in this "don't worry--be happy," never-say-anything-negative world. We have very few role models to lead us against appalling, manipulative family members, and have often resigned ourselves to our fate. We've gone about our lives lacking the words to easily repel the smiley-face squads.

The Bundys are a superb resource for people like us. We can't and shouldn't adopt a Bundy-like demeanour to truly nice, kind people. But the Bundys suggest to us what we can say to obnoxious relatives and neighbours -- our nearest and (supposedly) dearest, who want US to do THEIR bidding so THEY can receive undue obedience, money, goods or status from OUR successes or aspirations.

For example, in one episode, Al thinks of buying a new car. Peg, Kelly and Bud all sneer at the type of car he chooses, telling him high-handedly what kind each of them particularly thinks he should buy -- i.e., what they want HIM to buy to satisfy THEM. Al does what most of us should do in such circumstances: He spreads his arms in a great paternal gesture, smiles broadly, and says, "Your wishes [slight pause for effect] mean nothing to me." It's extremely refreshing to hear. And it's very, very funny. The fact that virtually every character appearing throughout the show's long run was extremely sleazy allows this sort of repartee to continue uninterrupted.

God bless Al Bundy. The show has changed my life.
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Hilarious!! We all have some Bundy in us!!
This long running American sitcom has a strange kind of following and appeal. The show has a kind of knowing badness and is intentionally cheesy and politically incorrect. The actors perform their lines with a knowing wink at the audience, as if to say 'yes we know this crude, rude, and lude'. The audiences at the recordings consist of primarily hillbillies who woof, howl and screech in delight at as much as Al flushing the toilet. It is infectious.

The cast and characters are good. Ed O'Neil is superb as Al Bundy. He makes the show as popular as it is. The facial expressions that he pulls and his delivery are hilarious. Whatever Al says or does, makes me laugh. Then there is his wife Peggy Bundy, the curviest woman alive and a hell of a milf. It's another strange mystery of the show that all of a sudden in season 2, Peggy turned into the delightfully huge chested wife from hell audiences loved. It was a jarring change, sudden in your face jubblies. Katey Sagal is excellent as Peggy and she delivers the lines brilliantly. She can screech well too and every time she cries out 'AL!' and he flinches we know why. Then there are the kids. Every young Americans dream woman in the early 90's, Christina Applegate who gets a deserved howl of male appreciation when she enters each episode. Then Bud Bundy the young loser who despite being the only Bundy with brains has no luck with the ladies, despite thinking he is god's gift.

Basically this show revolves around sexism, innuendo and machismo. You see all the jokes coming a mile off. They have long running gags that never manage to get tired, such as Peggy's constant jibes about Al's sexual prowess. This is funny. It's love it or hate it but I love it.
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MWC Magnificent
barsy0057 September 1999
Married With Children has got to be the greatest show ever. I rate it right up ther with Seinfeld and The Simpsons. Al is the king of sitcoms, Kelly is simply divine, Jefferson and Bud were perennial losers, but kept me in stitches with their antics. Peg was annoying and lazy but also quite funny. Marcy was excellent. Her verbal jousts with Al and also Jefferson were legendary!!

Married With Children - 10 out of 10 !!
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Probably the best TV show ever.
David (DMP-2)7 February 2004
Married....With Children was such a great show. I still don't understand why it was cancelled, even though it was on for 10 years. For myself, it was one show that I never got sick of and never will. I can watch re-runs of this show forever, I can never get sick of any episode of this show. I still can't believe it never received any Emmys. Before this show came out, the closest in quality was "All in the Family", but even that show has some episodes that do bore me after constant viewing. Ed O'Neil created probably the most hilarious TV character ever. It's unfortunate that he's become almost typecast as Al Bundy. Even in the movie "Dutch", which was an OK film, he plays a very Al Bundy like role. The character of Al Bundy is one we can all relate to, he appeals to all the wrongs that either we are to chicken or refuse to do and it makes us laugh, because Al Bundy has the guts and care free ability to do it all. Although many of these things we may not agree with, but we've thought about them. The other characters of Peggy, Bud, Kelly, Marci, Steve, Jefferson and all the rest, all were excellent and brilliantly complemented the characteristics of Al. I wonder when if or whenever this will have a reunion. I also wonder if its too bold for Nick at Nite or TV Land, although they did start Roseanne recently. More DVD collections must be made. Again Married....With Children is the Greatest show ever created. Until Family Guy came along.
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A real treasure
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews14 September 2010
Meet Al Bundy. He sells shoes. For women, no less. And not pretty ones, either. His wife is a couch potato(a crimson-haired Sagal who never misses Oprah), his son a dateless loser(who tries to be cool), and his daughter an airheaded tramp(who takes great pleasure in finding Waldo). And while he remains pathetically locked into the lower middle class, his next-door neighbours, the Rhoades, freely flaunt their Mercedes, their high-paying jobs at the bank and their position above him. Over the course of the 10 years that this ran(!), Bindi... sorry, Birdie... oh, nevermind... will start his own religion(to enjoy tax-exempt status), become an inventor, will go to Washington and in general try(usually ending up at the starting position, like the tendency goes for sit-coms) to recapture his glory days(did you know that he scored four touch-downs in a single game in high school football?). His life may be miserable, but it certainly is never boring to watch. The comedy is raunchy, crude(with that said, it is also clever, referential, cartoony and at times, satirical), and not politically correct... in short, an incredible release for all the pent-up anxiety and frustration for every viewer forced to sit through the Brady Bunch and every other "perfect family with well-behaved kids" that preceded this. Finally, there was a group of people who you could point to and, rather than go "man, why can't we be like them?", say "well, at least we're not as bad as them!". This was the American Pie of its time; telling teenagers that, yes, it is, in fact, OK. You're not as weird or as randy as you might think you are. And this extends that to the older generation, as well; Ed O'Neill(who *nails* the role) voices many opinions held by Conservatives(no, I do not always agree with them... still, I defend the right to have them expressed in a free media), even if they were no longer considered to be "ok", when the changes(men becoming metrosexuals, women gaining rights, computers, etc.). The Liberals had their arguments presented(through Marcy), as well. This very directly confronts actual issues from the time, such as the low wages for public school teachers. The characters tend to be unsympathetic, yet they capture and keep our attention. Part of us wants them to succeed, and cheer them on. This grew as it progressed... compare the pilot to later episodes, and you may have trouble recognizing them. Early on, they didn't cross the line much; later, they pushed it whenever they could. In addition to a time capsule of the late 80's and most of the 90's(from the perspective of someone who grew up decades earlier), this, based on its popularity, is solid proof that we do, indeed, need to blow off some steam sometimes. Does anyone want to be these people? No. So you don't see anyone trying. This is an understandable reaction to TV of varying quality all based around the idea that the only thing that could be presented was good examples, something to look up to and copy. There is a lot of disturbing content, violence(bloodless), sexuality(nothing explicit), and a little moderate language in this. I recommend it to anyone not too prudish for it, and especially fans of Benny Hill, 'Allo 'Allo and similar series. 9/10
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I dare you not to fall on the floor laughing--at least once.
cfisanick26 November 2003
OK, what's to say about this underappreciated masterpiece of a sitcom that hasn't already been said? Ed O'Neill IS Al Bundy in a way that most of us aren't even ourselves in our own lives. The series wore out its welcome long before its end, but its prime years were incredible. I enjoy my life so much more knowing that I could be Al Bundy, but I'm not!
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Why did it end!
Rob_Taylor25 April 2004
This show is an all time classic and it's easy to see where more modern shows, especially such total and blatant rip-offs as the Simpsons, have their roots.

Married came about at a time when all other family sit-coms were sickly-sweet and correct. Who can forget such horrors as the Cosby Show or Diff'rent Strokes? Married was different. It dared to push the envelope of what was considered (at the time) right and proper. The family wasn't nice to each other all the time (or even any of the time!) and the show had a more real feel to it as a result.

Of course, reality quickly became subjective in Married, as the episodes became ever more ridiculous and crazy. But every show pandered to some aspect of family life that we can all identify with - car sharing, hatred of our spouses relatives, puberty, dating, work etc. etc. The list is endless. If it's a real life issue, Married has spoofed it in some way or other. Nothing was sacred. Even PMS! Though the writers were reigned in a few times, by all accounts.

The show ran for eleven seasons and over 250 episodes, which is pretty incredible for a comedy show and really should give you an indication of the dedicated fan base that Married attracted. I suspect the show will be in re-runs somewhere until the end of TV as an entertainment medium.

For more info on the show I recommend the E True Story documentary on the show, which really gives an insight into how the show started, progressed and finally was cancelled.
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The greatest sitcom ever made
Dandy_Desmond8 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Married with children is the greatest sitcom ever made. It makes me laugh out loud more than any show I can remember - just thinking of Al Bundys face makes me laugh. All the elements of a great comedy series is spot on. First the casting. So who else could have played Al Bundy? No one. Lets get this straight - Ed O'Neill is not a comedian. This is not a sitcom based around or written for a comedian. Ed O'Neill is an actor in a comedy role. There is the main difference between this and most other sitcoms. The show is based around Al Bundy but Ed O'Neill does not steal scenes, he allows other cast members to be funny - it just so happens he is also simply hilarious in every aspect as Al Bundy. He is able to do subtle expressions that can crack me up - he can deliver a punch line as good as anyone and he is also great at physical comedy. Peggy Bundy is Al's wife played by Katey Sagal. I've read somewhere that she created the Peggy 'look' - Katey and Ed O'neill have excellent chemistry and without being simply the nagging wife Peggy has her own quirks and personality. Perhaps the surprise element of the casting was the children. When first picked no one could have imagined they would develop into excellent comedy actors in their own right and be able to hold their own in episodes for themselves. The writers do wonders in developing the children's own characters -once they start to mature as actors Kelly Bundy is not simply eye candy but develops into the blondest bimbo you could ever imagine and the skill from Christina Applegate in some of the vacant expressions she pulls and some of the dumb lines she says is genius. Then there is Bud - David Faustino apes Ed O'Neill expressions in the way a son picks up his fathers traits - and unfortunately Bud inherits Al Bundys luck too to hilarious effect. The cast is rounded off by the neighbours - Marcy is played by Amanda Bearse who puts up with some terrible put downs and is clearly a good sport. Steve and Jefferson play each husband in turn and compliment the cast equally. The sheer length of the show would normally mean dips in form. However Married with Children develops into different styles over the years and becomes more out there - more ridiculous. The beauty in the writing and development of the show is in its sheer lack of empathy for anyone or anything. Things never go right for Al and rarely for the rest of the Bundys. The greedy nasty people in the show normally end up with the money - the good looking people get all the breaks and most people are shallow and selfish. Its probably more realistic than you think! You root for Al - although not perfect by any means himself. My favourite episodes would include the Aliens visiting Al to take his dirty socks as fuel for their space ship. Mr Empty Pants in which Peggy designs a cartoon based on Al which becomes a massive hit. The one where Al's barber dies and he and his friends must go to a 'salon' and ... well there is too many to list - I'll just say Al Bundy was a massive inspiration on Homer Simpson and perhaps on Peter Griffin for family guy. However Al was the first and in my opinion the best. its also criminal this series has never had a decent run in England but hey I still found it somehow and I love it! Lets rock.
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My favorite episode and some lines I can't forget from the series
robricci21 March 2000
I've read the comments and looks like we all like MWC. I stayed with the show through thick and thin. There were a few years when the writing went downhill, but it came back up during the last 2 or 3 years of the show's run.

Anyway, my favorite episode HAS to be the one concerning the Barbie doll. The scene where Al is stuck in bed with Marcy is a CLASSIC (much like the scene in All In The Family where Archie's neice goes out with Lionel, the black neighbor) and when Jefferson comes in and forces Al out the window is nothing short of hilarious. My eyes are filling up with tears of laughter thinking of that scene.

Now for a few unforgettable lines I like:

the episode where the Dodge turns over to 1,000,000 miles: Al turns on the radio and a cowboy is singing "And that's when my hound dog, started looking good to me"

I forget what episode this was in, but Bud kicks his family out so he can study. He says to Buck the dog, "looks like it's just you and me". Bucks says to himself: "Uh oh. I've seen porno movies that start out like this."

I had an idea for a storyline: Al's favorite strip club, The Nudie Bar, is burned down. Was it accidental or was it set by Marcy "Chicken Legs" Darcy and her anti-male friends?

What do you think of that plot? Could it have worked?

I almost submitted this without saying which of Marcy's husbands I liked better. I like Steve just a little bit better. He had that straight face that never cracked a smile no matter how ridiculous Al got. Jefferson was goo too, don't get me wrong.
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Mankind's Finest Achievement
Bushleaguer14 May 2003
"Married...with Children" is the greatest show of all-time. No family before, during or after the Bundys will ever compare to America's first family. The Huxtables? Don't make me laugh. The Simpsons? Get a life. The Osbournes? Are you retarded, because if you like "The Osbournes," I think that you are.

Al (Ed O'Neill), Peg (Katey Sagal), Kelly (Christina Applegate), Bud (David Faustino) and Buck form the only television family that matters. Extra kudos to neighbors Steve (David Garrison), Marcy (Amanda Bearse) and the damn funny Jefferson D'Arcy (Ted McGinley) for helping expose the Bundys for who they really were: every American family. The were dysfunctional and absolutely hated one another, but they were as close as any family could be and when it came down to it, they were there for each other.

The introduction of No Ma'am, the National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood, only added to the insanity. Bob Rooney (E.E. Bell), Ike (Tom McCleister) and the incomparable Griff (Harold Sylvester) were excellent additions to an already perfect show.

"Married...with Children" obviously influenced a generation of awful rip-offs such as "Malcolm in the Middle," "Grounded for Life," "Roseanne," "Home Improvement" and so on and so forth, but no one can deny it as man's greatest achievement. Many sitcoms come close, shows such as "The Kids in the Hall," "MADtv," "Cheers," "Diff'rent Strokes," "Seinfeld," "King of the Hill," "The Wonder Years," "The Larry Sanders Show," "The Adventures of Pete & Pete," "South Park," "Maury" (yes, I mean the talk show) and "ALF," but in the end, the all pale in comparison.

It is doubtful that all eleven season of the hit series will be released on DVD, but "The Most Outrageous Episodes Volumes 1 & 2" are already available. They contain classics such as "No Chicken, No Check," "I'll See You in Court," "Raingirl" and "If Al Had a Hammer," which is my personal favorite.

To quote Eric Cartman, "'Married...with Children' kicks @$$!"

**** out of ****
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You're in NO'MAMs land now!!!!!!!!
Lex-1519 January 1999
I think Married with Children is the best comedy after Gilligan's Island. It's an ordinary family, they are all ugly, Bud, AL the Red Monster (Peggy) Accept Kelly! Kelly is great. In Married with Children she is the stupid one. She have a lot boyfriends, but what do you expect with that body. Jefferson is also great!!!!!!
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A Vey Funny and Groundbreaking Show
claudonio28 March 2000
"Married...with Children" is a very funny and groundbreaking show. It pushed the envelope when it came to comedy and it was always on the cutting edge. This show is great because the cast works so well together. Every time I see this show on T.V. I will always make time to watch it.
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It just makes you feel so good...
kitteh_harbls24 January 2007
It's hard not to fall in love with this show. It's not terribly deep, yet still there's something about it. The main reason is because the characters are pretty entertaining:

* Al Bundy: politically incorrect, "sexist" (so to speak), bitter, he's the lovable dad. But not lovable in the same sense Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson are lovable (fat, dumb & nice), Al is actually fit, fairly intelligence and rude at times. But that's why we love him: he's not rude because of a sinister intent, he's rude because his life is screwed up enough to kill any desire he might have to be polite or diplomatic. And why wouldn't he be so bitter? He's in his 40's, he's a shoe salesman in a forsaken mall, his pay is next to nothing (worse yet, he gets paid in Pesos), he has a lazy, useless, nagging wife who always puts him down, a viciously stupid blonde daughter who's promiscuous and nearly proud about it, his son is smart but he's kinda short and is a miserable failure in his love life, yet the son is always confident in his abilities to get girls. Not only that, but he seems to have the worst luck in the world. He just can't get a damn break. To top it all off, his neighbors annoy the hell out of him. Al is revered and loved by every guy on Earth, and loathed and feared by every woman.

* Peggy Bundy: enormous red hair, constantly-worn high heels (causing her to walk funny), super lazy, can't cook, can't do dishes, can't do laundry, can't do anything at all. Or doesn't want to. Either way, her main hobby (other than sitting in front of the TV all day watching Opera and Soap Operas) is to put Al Down about his lousy job, laughable income, crappy car and miserable life. Al is always down on himself and fed up with life, so he doesn't have time for her, thus she's almost always in heat. But Al does not desire women anymore (well, not the ones who are married to him, at least), so he always finds ways to circumvent those requests of hers, even though Peggy *is* one helluva gal: sexy, fit and beautiful.

* Kelly Bundy: a legendary TV character, Kelly is worshiped by guys all over the world. She's the epitome of sexiness: glaringly bright blonde hair that flows like a platinum-gold waterfall, a curvy, staggeringly sculpted body, creamy-white, silky skin, and killer legs, topping it all off with an angelically beautiful face of luscious red lips, dazzling white teeth with a cute little gap in the front and mesmerizing eyes. Kelly (played by Christina Applegate) is the dream of every guy, every age, any taste. Despite her physical credentials, she's horribly stupid, to much of the agony of her dad, seeing how her idiocy comes at the worst possible times (she was a witness once for her dad). One of the reasons to watch the show. Of course, many other shows have had (and will continue to have) characters that might come close, but there will always be one Christiana Applegate. Those who saw Christina only in recent work (Anchorman, etc.) will be shocked to see how even MUCH sexier she was back then. Cracks non-stop jokes about her brother's lousy love life and bad skin.

* Bud: cracks non-stop jokes at his sister's promiscuity. He'd joke about her stupidity too, but doesn't, knowing she won't get them. Bud is pretty damn funny with sarcastic comments and endless trainwreck relationships.

The interaction of these characters, the situations they put themselves in, the crap that life throws at Al, all reasons to get addicted to the show. I still watch reruns and taped episodes.

The one big flaw of this show came later on: the audience. The laughter is alright, but they applauded EVERY character, EVERY episode. Every time a character walks in, they applaud. It's a waste of time. First it was Al and Kelly (which is just fine by me, I still applaud them every time), then it extended to the rest of the family, THEN the neighbors (Steve and Marcy, then Marcy and D'arcy). It was pretty damn annoying. Another smaller annoyance is 'talking' for Buck the dog. WTF? The human characters are fine, thank you very much. But those are more annoyances than they are problems. Four words sum up this show: thoroughly enjoyable, hopelessly addictive. You'll fall in love with this show in no time.
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Absolutely Excellent
gazjones12321 October 2000
Married with children is absolutely brilliant comedy. In my opinion it has got to be one of the best comedy's ever made (if not the best ever). Most of the episodes were excellent and had me in stitches I was nearly on the floor laughing. Al Bundy (Ed O'Neeil) has got to be one of the best actors and it was a shame that this great comedy had to end.
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The best, greatest, funniest sitcom ever been produced
webmaster-1559 June 2000
Married... with children IS the best sitcom in the world. Although it has been canceled after 11 years the Bundys still are alive. They are shown in over 20 countries all over the world. I think we will never forget Al the salesman who sells shoes to fat women, Peg who will never get a job, Kelly the blond stupid girl, Bud (Grandmaster B) with his girls, Marcy, Jefferson, Steve and all the other characters.

I only hope that there will be a great spinoff one time...
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I watched it from the beginning to the end!
Syl22 July 2005
I love "Married with Children" for a lot of reasons. I remember when it first aired on the new Fox station. "Married with Children" and "The Tracey Ullman Show" were the first two shows to air on Sunday nights and the first night, it was aired twice. There has not been another show like it and it's still missed very much. When "Friends" became successful, you hoped that they would create the anti-Friends version of the show just like Married with Children Bundys was inspired by the 80's Cosby Show and the almost too real Huxtable clan. The Bundys were every family. The teens like Peg and Al who got married with no college education ended up struggling with two undesirable children like Bud and Kelly. The Bundys never had the luck like any of our other television families. Ed O'Neil deserved an Emmy. He liked Al so much that he is still fond of the role. Katey Sagal was unforgettable as Peggy with her red bouncy air and laugh. They were the unlikeliest pairing but it worked. Christina Applegate will always be remembered as the definitive dumb blonde Kelly Bundy. Her character like Peggy and Al never changed and we wouldn't want them too. Remember when they change the characters by improving them on television, the characters lose their original, natural appeal. Even David Faustino's Bud was still the pervert from beginning to end of the show. The neighbors began with Steve and Marcy Rhodes, both trained in New York City theater. Steve played by David Garrison was the typical boring father type on the show and his wife played by Amanda Bearse really became more than just a modern woman. As Marcy Rhodes Darcy, she became her own character without having too rely too much on her husband. When Garrison left the show to return to Broadway, Marcy was alone but not for long until Ted McGinley's Jefferson Darcy came into the picture. Finally Al met his match, a good-looking gigolo who avoided work. Jefferson too had a spotty history. Al and Marcy's battles were always fun to watch. In fact, Bearse also directed several of the show's episodes when she was not in front of the camera and has become one of television's comedic directors since the show ended by Fox abruptly. I loved AL's male friends like Griff, Ike, Bob Rooney, and officer Dan. The show may have made jokes at the expense of a lot of overweight even obese actresses but that gave them exposure and work so I don't think Married with Children should get too much negative criticism. I don't see other shows using plus sized women at all. This was a fun show to watch and I still miss it.
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Best TV Series I know
gracjanski29 November 2014
I saw all the episodes, some even twice or three times. I laughed not only loudly but so often like in no other sitcom. The good is, you forget many jokes, so you can see an episode again and laugh again after some time. In addition it is so funny to watch many episodes after another, you get as funny as Al Bundy and invent your own jokes. There are so many classic scenes in this sitcom: little boy standing near his fat mom and complaining: "Mom, I want to have a balloon", Ed: "You got one already" :D. There are 11 seasons out there and I really would like to have more. Congrats to Ed 'o Neill, he is the best in this series. The sad thing is, that this series contains so many truths about life and how family life can end, if you don't take care.
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There will never, EVER, be a show quite like MWC!!
johnnymacbest16 July 2010
No sitcom has ever been funnier, raunchier, and morally sexist such as Married...with children, a show that, along with it's titular anti-hero AL Bundy, became renowned in America and the world all over. With constant jib-jabs among the dysfunctional Bundy family, this show will have you laughing on the floor in minutes. Married with Children is not for the faint of heart, nor does it provide any moral/intellectual value. What it does is make you laugh out loud hard on the floor. Nothing more, nothing less. And it's got hot chicks to boot; you can't argue with the amount of babes you get to see. Classic in every since of the word.
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The best there is...
DrTeeth00724 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
What can I say? Each show is a classic. I watch at least 2 episodes a day and when I have got to the last one; I start again. They are funnier each time I watch them.

The transient characters like Luke and 7 are very annoying and distracting.

The scripts for Kelly seem to reduce in quality towards the end of the run as she/they try to strip her of the slutty side to the character leaving only the dullard.

If ever there was a series that showed married life in all its reality, it's this one.

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The Best TV. Sitcom Ever. Let's Cheer For The Bundy's
Brian-2725 June 2000
Without a doubt this was the funniest TV show ever, it seems as if though ever episode made me laugh a little harder. Now you can view the reruns on the FX cable network channel, Fox's Married With Children portrayed the basic American family. To describe there's Al Bundy (Ed O' Neill) as the lazy obnoxious having to earn your living shoe salesman and support your entire family in the process. Peggy Bundy (Katey Sagal) as your TV obsessed lazy house wife spending her husband's earnings. Kelly Bundy (Christina Applegate) as your typical stupid, but beautiful blond all sex and beauty, but no brains. Bud Bundy (David Faustino) as the horny never getting any woman chaser, but yet the brains of the family no brawn and all brain. Then the D'Arcy's Marcy (Amanda Bearse) the nosey gossiping sexy rude next door neighbor wife with the hunk of a husband the prissy lazy unemployed Jefferson (Ted McGinley). To sum it up there is not a person in America who doesn't know people and families who are just like the Married With Children characters.The characters portray American life so well in a funny way, and the show has some the better sex jokes ever. Everyone can relate to the Bundy's attitudes and way of life. The only difference from that of real life the show does it in such a comical way. Great show one of the best ever I rate this 10 out of 10.
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Advertising Was So Right...IT'S A SUGAR-FREE SITCOM!!!!!!!
David del Real24 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Al and Peggy Bundy are a married couple that lost any similitude to liking each other a long time ago. Also any reminiscence of loving each other, (in case it ever existed) is absolutely long gone, mostly on Al's side. Nevertheless they found along the years a way of surviving to their marriage by annoying and sometimes insulting each other on a regular basis. It is safe to assume that they keep wondering most of the time how in God's Earth they ended up married in the first place...I is not like they don't express their discomfort along the episodes...

They have two kids, a boy and a girl. The boy, Bud Bundy doesn't seem to like any of the other members of the family much, but likes to make business with some of them sporadically.

Their daughter, Kelly, seems at very first sight a very innocent person. But innocence is a very difficult characteristic to define. If a part of innocence has to do with some lack of common sense, that is the only part of innocence she will ever keep.

The advertising was so right: IT'S A SUGAR-FREE SITUATION COMEDY!!!!!!! and one of the best ones ever!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading.

IMDb Review by David del Real.

November 2017.
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Consistently funny sitcom
aefrench2 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Growing up, my family always watched this show every Sunday night. We would laugh all the time, too. I'm sure a lot of critics did not care for this show, and many TV viewers didn't, either. Married... with Children is a show that you either like or you don't like.

The reason people dislike it is because the material is lowbrow and the Bundys are not your typical suburban family. I take the position that the show is satirical.

Think about this. You know someone from high school who thought he or she would live out their dreams after graduation. For whatever reason, that never happened. Al Bundy is that kind of person. He thought he would make it big in life, but is just a shoe salesman, and not even a good one at that. Many can relate to Al because his life did not turn out as well as he thought it would.

Al's wife Peggy is definitely not one's idea of a housewife. She dislikes housework to begin with. What about parenting? That's not her forte, either. Having a full-time job like Al? Absolutely not. As long as she has Bon Bons and is watching Oprah, she is happy.

The Bundy kids are no better than their parents. Kelly has no intelligence and relies on her attractiveness to get what she wants in life. Bud is actually very smart, but not when it comes to meeting girls.

Of course, this show would not be complete without foils for the Bundys. This brings me to their neighbors, Steve and Marcy (and later on Jefferson). Steve and Marcy Rhoades each work in the banking profession. They are happy and successful, basically everything the Bundys are not. Obviously, this sets up comedic situations for the characters, often with funny results. Eventually, Steve leaves Marcy and his job at the bank to become a park ranger. Soon after, Marcy marries Jefferson D'Arcy, who is kind of a male version of Peggy. He hates working, and prefers to do anything else but go out and find an everyday job. Again, this leads to some moments of laughter.

The show has a fine ensemble cast. Each member plays his or her part perfectly. The dialogue is consistently funny, and it's safe to say you'll remember lines from several episodes. If you want a good laugh, catch Married... with Children.
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