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Season 1

19 Sep. 1987
The Wizard of Paws/Pinocchio Penguin
"THE WIZARD OF PAWS": Hello Dorothy returns home from the Land of Paws with the help of the Tin Penguin, Scarecrow Chip and the Cowardly Rabbit. They overcome the Wicked Witchy (Catnip) and her flying poodles, led by Lt. Grinder, and capture the jet-powered broomstick. "PINOCCHIO PENGUIN": Granpappetto Kitty wishes for a son and his wooden penguin puppet comes to life--only to be captured by Catnippia and Grinderoso. Hello Fairy helps Pinocchio and Chip learn to tell the truth and then rescue Pinocchio's grandfather and Humphrey the Whale.
26 Sep. 1987
Cinderkitty/The Pawed Piper
"CINDERKITTY": Cinderkitty captures the heart of Prince Purrfect (Tuxedo Sam) and becomes head cheerleader for the Royals, no thanks to her wicked stepmother (Fangora) and stepsister (Catnip), and catches the winning pass in the big game with Grinder and the Bulldogs. "THE PAWED PIPER": When the village of Hamhocks is attacked by a plague of fleas, the Pawed Piper (Tuxedo Sam) saves the day but is cheated out of his reward by Mayor Catnip and Constable Grinder. Hello Kitty, Chip and My Melody are piped away, but return with flea collars.
3 Oct. 1987
K.T. The Kitty Terrestrial/Peter Penguin
"K.T.-THE KITTY TERRESTRIAL": K.T. (Hello Kitty) is saved by UFO hunters Dr. Catnip and Mr. Grinder by Sam, Chip and Melody when she's separated from her parents while picnicking on Earth, and takes them on a flying tricycle and wagon ride as a reward before returning home. "PETER PENGUIN": Kitty and Chip help Peter Penguin rescue Dinglebell (My Melody) from the evil Captain Claw (Catnip), who in turn is being pursued by a pesky crocodile (Grinder) in Never Say Never Land, culminating in an exciting pie fight to the finish.
10 Oct. 1987
Kittylocks and the Three Bears/Paws, the Great White Dog Shark
"KITTYLOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS": Kittylocks (Hello Kitty) gets in big trouble when she enters the house of the Three Bears (Grinder, Catnip and My Melody) and eats their pizza, among other things. Luckily, Ranger Sam comes along just in time to "save" her from being the bears' dessert. "PAWS -- THE GREAT WHITE DOG-SHARK": Surfer Kitty, Dr. Chip and lifeguard Surfer Sam save the island of Catalina and the Catamonica Pier from the dreaded wood-chewing great white dog-shark (Grinder) despite the interference of Mayor Fangora and her would-be lifeguard daughter Catnip.
17 Oct. 1987
Cat Wars/Tarsam of the Jungle
"CAT WARS": Fluke Penguin learns the power of "The Fur" from Obie Cat-Nobie (Grandpa Kitty) and helps Princess Kitty, C-3-Seal-O (Chip) and R-2-Hop-To (My Melody) save the planet Caturn from the evil Darf Catnip, who's aided by Lt. Grinder and his Doberman goons. "TAR-SAM OF THE JUNGLE": Baby Tar-Sam Penguin, raised by apes, is pursued by Hunter Catnip and Bwana Grinder but evades them with the aid of Chip-Tar and Bunnita (Melody). Kitty-Jane comes to bring him to civilization and discovers the pleasures and pratfalls of life in the jungle.
24 Oct. 1987
Sleeping Kitty/Kitty and the Kong
"SLEEPING KITTY": Princess Kitty doesn't invite Bratnip to her party and Bratnip's witchy mom Fangora puts a curse on her--if she watches TV, she'll sleep forever. Not-So-Good Fairy Grinder, Good Fairy Grandma, My Melody and Chip try to help, and Sam is the prince who wakes her. "KITTY AND THE KONG": A cruise ship owned by heiress Catnip, piloted by Captain Sam and First Mate Chip, with social director Hello Kitty, runs ashore on a lost island. Kitty is captured by the giant Kong (Grinder) who is taken to New York City by Catnip, where Kitty helps him escape.
31 Oct. 1987
Kitty and the Beast/Little Red Bunny Hood
"KITTY AND THE BEAST": Handsome prince Tuxedo Sam is turned into an ugly beast by witch Fangora and Troll Grinder. Papa Chip goes in the beast's garden to pick a rose and must serve him in return. Daughters Catnip and Kitty go in his place, and Kitty fall for the hapless beast. "LITTLE RED BUNNY HOOD": Little Red Bunny Hood goes west to visit her Grandma Kitty who lives on the Catarose Ranch. After Belle Catnip robs the coach, Red arrives in Dog City, meets Marshall Sam, Deputy Chip and Miss Kitty, and turns the tables on Big Bad Woof Grinder, then Catnip.
7 Nov. 1987
Snow White Kitty and the One Dwarf/Frankencat
"SNOW WHITE KITTY AND THE ONE DWARF": Evil Queen Catnip, with the help of My Melody's crystal ball, sends Hunter Chip to banish Snow White Kitty for being pretty. She is befriended by Dwarf Grinder, who saves her from Catnip's next attempt. Only Prince Sam can save her from the last attack. "FRANKENCAT": Dr. Frankencat (Catnip) and assistant Igor (Chip) build a better monster (Grinder), who takes My Melody away from her aunt Hello Kitty. Constable Sam and Kitty rescue Melody and then must save the benevolent monster from a horde of angry villagers.
14 Nov. 1987
Catula/Paws of the Round Table
"CATULA": Milk-drinking vampire Catula (Catnip) terrorizes Catsylvania and Grandma Kitty writes Hello Kitty, My Melody, Tuxedo Sam and Chip for help. Renfield Grinder takes them to Catula's castle for a night of thrills and chills before they discover how to stop her. "PAWS OF THE ROUND TABLE": Furlin (Grandpa Kitty) helps Arthur (Chip) pull Excalibur from a stone, but Morgan La Fur (Catnip) and the Black Knight (Grinder) steal it. Sir Lancelot Penguin and Arthur retrieve it from the Kitty of the Lake to save Lady Bunnyvere from George the Dragon.
21 Nov. 1987
Rumpeldogskin/Robin Penguin
"RUMPELDOGSKIN": Kitty must spin straw to gold for King Sam while Wizardess Fangora promotes daughter Catnip to be his queen. Rumpeldogskin helps Kitty, then demands her firstborn, baby Melody, in return. Queen Kitty discovers his name just in time to save Melody. "ROBIN PENGUIN": Maid Kitty is taken by Sheriff Grinder and Robin Penguin must joust him to win her back and restore bubble gum to the land after Prnicess Catnip takes it all away from the villagers. He's aided by the Merry Men--Grandpa Kitty, Chip and My Melody.
28 Nov. 1987
Hello Mother Goose/Crocodile Penguin
"HELLO MOTHER GOOSE": Hello Mother Goose turns detective to help Sam-Be Nimble, Little Catnip Muffett, Chip and the Fiddle, Little Melody Peep, Old King Kitty Cole, Queen Fangora of Hearts, Grandma Kitty Hubbard, Papa Kitty Pumpkin Eater and Grinder Piper regain what each has lost. "CROCODILE PENGUIN": Reporter Hello Kitty and photographer My Melody go down under to interview legendary Crocodile Penguin. His manager Chip makes a deal with Catnip, sneaky manager of Hulk Alligator (Grinder), for a world championship wrestling match in New York City.
5 Dec. 1987
Grinder Genie and the Magic Lamp/The Ugly Quackling
"GRINDER GENIE AND THE MAGIC LAMP": Kitty and Sam find a magic lamp with a dumb Genie inside it, and save their Grandpa Kitty's boat from seizure by Sultaness Catnip, who steals the magic lamp for herself when one of Grinder Genie's wish-grantings backfires. Luckily, it happens to Catnip too. "THE UGLY QUACKLING": Mama Quackling (Fangora) hatches four babies: Hello, Melody, Catnip and Ugly (Chip). Ugly is homely and clumsy, but saves sister Catnip over the winter from Grinder Fox after she hurts her wing, and when spring comes he's become a handsome swan.
19 Dec. 1987
The Year Scroogenip Swiped Christmas/The Phantom of the Theater
"THE YEAR SCROOGENIP SWIPED CHRISTMAS": Mean, nasty Catnip does her misanthropic best to put an end to Christmas, including stealing decorations, Christmas trees, and everyone's presents. She's foiled at every turn by the holiday spirit (featuring a cameo appearance by Grinder as Santa Paws). "THE PHANTOM OF THE THEATER": Hello Kitty, Tuxedo Sam, Chip, My Melody, Catnip and Grinder, at the close of a performance, are plagued by weird happenings in the theater. They suspect each other, then a ghost or phantom, but finally discover Mowzer the Mouse playing tricks on ...

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