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Season 6

22 Sep. 1992
Come Fly with Me
Stephanie and Michelle stow away on a plane to New Zealand.
29 Sep. 1992
The Long Goodbye
Michelle and Danny both mourn their long-distance relationships.
6 Oct. 1992
Road to Tokyo
Jesse performs in Tokyo, where his single tops charts.
13 Oct. 1992
Radio Days
Jesse and Joey are offered a job as radio DJs.
20 Oct. 1992
Lovers and Other Tanners
DJ's responsibilities take a back seat as her relationship with Steve escalates.
27 Oct. 1992
Educating Jesse
DJ and Kimmy are doing a program that encourages kids to stay in school, so they ask Jesse and Joey to talk about it on their radio show, but Jesse refuses. When Jesse admits that the reason he won't do the show is because he didn't stay in school, the family encourages him to finish school. Unfortunately however, when he goes back to high school, his teacher turns out to be the teacher that caused him to drop out of school. When his teacher embarrasses and insults Jesse, Jesse asks for the bathroom pass and says "See ya in 10 years". When Michelle, who is learning to...
10 Nov. 1992
Trouble in Twin Town
Becky's snobby cousins come to town to enter their daughters in a twin contest; Jesse is determined to show up Dick Donaldson and enters Nicky and Alex as well. Meanwhile, at the contest, Stephanie meets twin boys and pretends she's a twin to be with them.
17 Nov. 1992
The Play's the Thing
Michelle thinks she's got the lead role of her first grade play in the bag when Jesse and Joey volunteer as directors and Stephanie signs on as choreographer. But when a more talented classmate auditions and the guys give the role to him, Michelle turns bitter. Meanwhile, Steve gets ticked off with DJ, who has gotten in the habit of speaking on his behalf.
24 Nov. 1992
Nice Guys Finish First
Stonewall Binkley, an old rival of Joey's, humiliates him on his and Jesse's radio program, and challenges him to an upcoming hockey game; Joey's hesitant at first but ultimately decides to have his revenge on Stonewall.
1 Dec. 1992
I'm Not D.J.
Stephanie wants to pierce her ears so she can wear real earrings like her friends, the two Jennifers. Danny forbids her from doing so until she begins junior high, just like D.J. Steph doesn't want to wait and is so desperate, she turns to Kimmy Gibbler for help, whose brother just happens to work in an earring shop.
8 Dec. 1992
Designing Mothers
Danny meets Vicki's mother, an interior designer, who redecorates Stephanie and Michelle's room without consulting him and it leads he and Vicki to argue and break up.
15 Dec. 1992
A Very Tanner Christmas
While Michelle and Stephanie are busy making extra long Christmas lists, other members of the Tanner household are not feeling so cheery. Danny misses Vicki, Rebecca misses the white Christmases of her childhood, and DJ worries that she will miss Steve after he decides to attend college on the East coast.
5 Jan. 1993
The Dating Game
Both Joey and Stephanie try to turn friendly dinners into romantic first dates: Josh takes Stephanie out for pizza, and Joey invites his boss, Alison, to the house for dinner. (Original Broadcast: Season 6, Episode 13)
19 Jan. 1993
Birthday Blues
D.J. is planning she and Steve's 6 month anniversary and is horrified to learn she's forgotten Kimmy's 16th birthday is on the same day. Frantically, she scrambles to get the family together to throw a last-minute party for Kimmy.
26 Jan. 1993
Be True to Your Pre-School
Jesse lies about the twins' academic abilities to get them in to a prestigious preschool. Kimmy gets her drivers license.
9 Feb. 1993
The Heartbreak Kid
Michelle mistakes Steve's friendliness for romantic love. Jesse has trouble with his new computer.
16 Feb. 1993
Silence Is Not Golden
When Stephanie is paired with a classmate she hates for a school project, she finds out that the boy's father is beating him, and is sworn to secrecy.
23 Feb. 1993
Please Don't Touch the Dinosaur
Jesse and Danny both get volunteered to take Michelle's class on a field trip to the museum. Jesse's rowdier bunch of kids cause trouble and end up destroying a dinosaur skeleton. Meanwhile, Stephanie and D.J. get into an argument over who owns a baseball card worth $2,000.
2 Mar. 1993
Subterranean Graduation Blues
Jesse is determined to show up everybody who doubted he could finish high school; but on the night of the graduation, everybody gets delayed when the subway train gets stuck.
16 Mar. 1993
Grand Gift Auto
Joey gets D.J. a car for her birthday, but the police show up with the news it's stolen and suspect Joey of being the thief. When the Tanners attempt to prove his innocence, Joey gets the impression that he's not appreciated in the family.
6 Apr. 1993
Room for One More
Jesse discusses with Becky the possibility of having another baby, but he finds out he already has his hands full when one of the twins is sick, Joey's injured and Danny and the kids help with the radio show run from home while baby-sitting a neighbor's pet pig.
4 May 1993
Prom Night
As DJ prepares for prom, she fears that Steve may have resurfacing feelings for his old girlfriend, Rachel. On the big night, DJ realizes that her suspicions may be accurate, as Rachel tries to get Steve to escort her to an after-party at the hotel. Meanwhile, Danny obsesses over the newly discovered age difference between Vicky and himself.
11 May 1993
The House Meets the Mouse: Part 1
The family takes a trip to Disney World, where they each encounter their own form of disaster: Danny cannot propose to Vicky without being interrupted; Jesse and Joey do a radio broadcast live from the bottom of a shark tank; Michelle gets to be princess for a day and delights in torturing D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy.
18 May 1993
The House Meets the Mouse: Part 2
After Michelle runs away from DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy when they get frustrated with her bossiness, the girls become frantic. Meanwhile, Rebecca gets fed up with Jesse, who continues to spend all of his time away from the family; and Danny struggles to find the perfect way to propose to Vicki.

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