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Season 3

7 Oct. 1989
The Prophecies
Micki and Ryan travel to a French village to help Jack stop a fallen angel from fulfilling six evil prophecies.
7 Oct. 1989
The Prophecies: Part II
Jack tries to stop a fallen angel from fulfilling Lucifer's prophecies, while Ryan becomes possessed by the devil.
2 Oct. 1989
Demon Hunter
A family of ex-cultists is being hunted by a demon.
9 Oct. 1989
Crippled Inside
A vengeful quadriplegic discovers that she can regain control of her body with the help of a magic wheelchair.
16 Oct. 1989
Stick It in Your Ear
A commercial psychic uses a mystic hearing aid to read the thoughts of his audience.
30 Oct. 1989
Bad Penny
Micki discovers that a deadly item from her past has resurfaced, a satanic coin that can bring the dead back to life.
6 Nov. 1989
Hate on Your Dial
A racist uses a cursed antique car radio to travel back to 1954 and tries to prevent the arrest and death of his father, a member of the KKK.
13 Nov. 1989
Night Prey
A cursed crucifix helps a husband exact revenge on the vampire who stole his bride during their honeymoon in 1969.
20 Nov. 1989
Femme Fatale
A director lures women into his home where they become unwilling players in his movies thanks to a cursed film reel.
8 Jan. 1990
Mightier Than the Sword
Using a cursed pen, a pulp writer transforms himself into an acclaimed novelist who is known for getting inside the minds of serial killers.
15 Jan. 1990
Year of the Monkey
A father uses a potentially fatal test to challenge the loyalty of his children using three magical monkey statues.
22 Jan. 1990
Epitaph for a Lonely Soul
A mortician uses a haunted embalming tool to re-animate the corpse of a woman with whom he was obsessed in life.
29 Jan. 1990
Midnight Riders
History repeats itself when a gang of bikers return from the dead to wreak small-town terror.
5 Feb. 1990
A well-known reporter is transformed into a desperate killer after finding a cursed locket in his possession.
12 Feb. 1990
The Long Road Home
Micki and Johnny must use a charm that transfers one person's mind into another's body.
19 Feb. 1990
My Wife as a Dog
A neurotic man uses a cursed dog leash to transform his wife into an obedient and faithful canine.
23 Apr. 1990
An angry child avenges her father's senseless death using a cursed toy.
30 Apr. 1990
Spirit of Television
A dying psychic uses the powers of a cursed TV set to push back the hour of her own death.
7 May 1990
The Tree of Life
An obstetrician practicing Druidism utilizes a cursed statue to breed Druid priestesses at her fertility clinic.
14 May 1990
The Charnel Pit
A two-sided painting acts as a portal back to the time of the Marquis de Sade.

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