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My brief review of the film
sol-1 July 2005
One can tell that the director has tried to make the film look interesting here with some stylish touches and a few interesting editing choices, however it is still not much good. Though mildly amusing, it is never really funny, and the silly dialogue really prevents it from being erotic. The film is not much in the way of erotic comedies, yet it surprisingly is still quite watchable. Maud Adams is reasonably good as a very mysterious seductress type, the film does have some entertaining moments, and the director's ambition keeps it afloat. One cannot really call it a good film, but it is an okay film for sure.
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good stuff
catherina-212 October 2000
The kind of movie I could watch again and again. Nothing to take too seriously - full of laughs and corny fun. Michael Pare should've stuck to this sort of comedy-romance instead of the low-grade disposable action films he's been involved in. Thumbs up for this!
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The failed try of an erotic comedy...
DJ Inferno24 November 2001
Warning: Spoilers
***Spoiler begins...***

The story so far: jet set-lady Angie (former Bond-girl Maud Adams) introduces the talented, but unsuccessful script writer Patrick Ryan (Michael Paré) to be a callboy and to serve the unusual desires of some decadent high society-women. After a while he starts to record his affairs on tape what causes an immense trouble and confusion...

"The Women´s Club" is a typical 1980s-comedy with 1980s-music, 1980s-clothes, 1980s-humor and 1980s-pseudo-coolness. Sometimes I felt reminded on the Rob Lowe-scandal were this guy used to film secretly his sex games with other prominent women. However, director Sandra Weintraub´s try to make an erotic comedy stays surface and pointless - the satire does not function and the slapstick elements are simply unfunny!

Main actor Michael Paré started a very promising career with films like Walter Hill´s "Streets of Fire" or "The Philadelphia-Experiment" before he perished in direct-to-video-shots like this one! Supporting actor Eddie Velez makes a fool of himself in every scene! Definitely not recommended!!

***Spoiler ends...***
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