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One of the better sports comedies from the 1980's...
ijonesiii4 December 2005
WILDCATS was a funny and entertaining comedy with Goldie Hawn at the top of her form as a high school track coach, who wants more than anything to coach football (her late father was a football coach). She finally gets the opportunity to coach a high school football team at a tough inner city high school where the majority of the students are Africa American or Latino. Of course, Goldie's Molly McGrath meets the obvious resentments from high school boys that you would expect finding out their new coach is a woman, but she does eventually win them over, even at the risk of losing custody of her two daughters to her uptight ex-husband (James Keach). Nothing new or inventive here but Goldie lights up the screen presenting a smart yet flawed character trying to live her dream. Nipsey Russell has one of the best roles of his career as the principal of the school that hires her and there are some very funny moments provided by the members of the team, especially Woody Harrelson, Nick Corri, and in a star-making turn, a very young Wesley Snipes. Bruce McGill scores as a sexist coach from the opposing school, Prescott and Jan Hooks has some cute moments as GOldie's ex-husband's new girlfriend. I love the scene where Goldie outruns the boys on the team and calls them "pussies" and the rap song over the closing credits is hysterically funny. A terrific feel-good comedy starring a great actress at the zenith of her personal charm.
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When they were young
Alex-37225 October 2001
This is a great little (even, gosh, subtle) football comedy about grabbing life with both hands, featuring Goldie Hawn as a woman coach who wants to make a splash as a high school football coach. One of the joys of watching these movies is the retro experience of 80s 'big hair' hairdos and fashions, and seeing now famous actors. There's Wesley Snipes (as the ladies man with an eye for the 'older woman', Woody Harrelson, a thin LL Cool J, Mikelti Williamson (The Night Hawk), and Stan Foster (Tour Of Duty). And in fact, some of the jokes actually work (Hawn: "we're going beat those Cougars and spit them out like so many furballs". Snipes: "Let's eat some pussy".) Fun for all.
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All love Goldie Hawn
standardbearer9 November 2007
This film is an all time classic. Everyone's seen it, so I wont bother with the plot. (If you haven't, you lack the very basics!!!) It's light as a feather, yet professionally crafted. The cast is excellent: Woody Harelson and Wesley Snipes are always a winner duo, but the star of the movie is doubtlessly no other than Goldie Hawn. I don't know any other actresses, who could be this funny, lovely and sweet through a whole movie. And It's the young Goldie Hawn you'll watch during the playtime, so she has an additional amount of cuteness enforcing her personal sexual charisma. AND there is a scene where she's totally naked. It has nothing to do with the plot, it only meant for our pleasure. This move represents the happiest segment of the 80's:)
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Funny And Winning
G-Man-255 October 2000
It may not score many points for originality, but this comedy is still tremendously entertaining and one of my personal favorites from the 1980s. Plenty of memorably funny moments, some great one-liners and excellent performances by the entire cast, with Goldie doing a stand-out job and Nipsey Russell making the most of his relatively small role as the beleaguered high school principal who desperately wants gridiron glory for his school's team. Veteran director Michael Ritchie definitely knows how to perk up a formula story and make it seem lively and new again, even if we DO see the feel-good finale coming a mile away.

Stay tuned through the end credits for a funny rap song performed by Goldie and her team.
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Here kitty kitty
JZvezda8 March 2003
The trailer for "Wildcats" showed 3 ghetto-riffic cheerleaders stomping around a pile of dirt and chanting, "U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi, you UGLY! What-what! Yo' mama says you ugly!"

Okay, you got me. I'm there.

Ha-ha low-brow highlights include--

* Goldie Hawn's purple-headed teenage daughter gets sloshed at a team party. Wesley Snipes comes to the rescue: "We're taking you home. If your mother sees you like this she's gonna' turn your ass the same color as your hair" Funny, rite?

* Goldie's team kidnaps the rival school's mascot, a goat. When principal Nipsey Russell invades the locker room and asks, "You all wouldn't happen to know what happen to the Cougar's goat, would you?" The goat, hidden in a locker, starts to baaaaah, which prompts Goldie to simultaneously reply "Naaaaah!" See? Hysterical!

Fans of Jan Hooks (like me) will love her turn here as the uppitty stick-up-the-butt wife of Goldie's ex. Fans of Woody Harrelson should note that a brief cameo is made here by his bare butt. Fans of Swoosie Kurtz should contemplate bathing with downed powerlines. Just kiddin', she's good too.

TEN! 1 point for the fat guy, 1 point for flatulence, 1 point for LL Cool J's lamest rap ever. The rest of the points go to Goldie. Goldie rocks.

Love, your pussies
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Football yuks with jockstrap jokes...
moonspinner556 April 2007
Goldie Hawn is her usual fizzy, feisty self playing a football-crazy coach trying to whip a high school team into shape. The young men are made up of delinquents and goof-offs, but can Goldie work her magic on them before the big game? "The Bad News Bears"'s Michael Ritchie directed, and it's the kind of comedy knock-off you'd expect from any Hollywood hack but Ritchie (hopefully he was well paid). Supporting cast is unusually good, with Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes in early roles, Swoosie Kurtz doing her likable sisterly bit, Nipsey Russell nicely low-keyed as a school official, Jan Hooks wonderful as the new woman in Hawn's ex-husband's life, and handsome Bruce McGill as the enemy coach (although he gets the worst scenes, particularly at end when he's forced to shout "Search his jock!" and then roll around in the mud). Hawn herself has an embarrassing moment nude in the bathtub, and the sub-plot with her boring ex is just time wasted on the clock, but her forthright comic performance just about saves "Wildcats" from the cookie-cutter bargain-bin. ** from ****
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Funny movie, worth watching. Better than most out there.
JONEFC22 March 2004
I saw this on television once sometime on the late 1980s (I don't think the movie had been in theaters more than two or three years before). I liked it but haven't thought anything about it since. WILDCATS came on television this morning, and I started watching it to kill time before getting hooked on the goofy but likeable story. It is really a funny, cute movie.

First, let me say I am not a fan of football movies; however, I have enjoyed movies such as THE LONGEST YARD, NORTH DALLAS FORTY and AGAINST ALL ODDS (to name a few) where an interesting story and characters add life to an otherwise "sports film." Yes the football scenes are fun to watch, but what makes the movie truly watchable is the feeling Goldie adds to her character (like in PRIVATE BENJAMIN) plus the developing struggle between her ex-husband concerning her new career and raising of her children. Its predictable in many ways, but hey, it was nice to watch a movie that made me feel happy for a change (rather than depressed or confused as so many contemporary movies seem to do).
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before there were The Replacements, there were the Wildcats
hcalderon11 May 2005
One of my 80's sport's comedy ever. Goldie Hawn is at her best as Molly McGrath, a woman who feels that she can coach a winning football team. But feels she is taken seriously because she is a woman. Molly has other problems, she is divorced with two daughters, and has a nagging ex husband. And her job has a track coach is wearing thin. But with luck she finally gets the chance to coach a football team. When she finally gets there, she soon realizes that many other people would not dare coach there, and the team is a bunch of goof balls who don't seem to respect her and care about winning any more. Can Molly earn their respect, and show them they can be winners? I've always been a football fan, but this movie was great with Goldie Hawn starring in it.
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A Fun 80s comedy
waiching liu7 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Think Dangerous Minds and Any Given Sunday mixed with gags and humour and you've got Wildcats: an 80s comedy starring Mrs Kurt Russell herself, Goldie Hawn who plays a high school sports teacher turned American Football coach. At first, the guys take a disliking to her, but soon afterwards, her efforts pay off as they win match after match.

The film also launched the movie careers of ex-Cheers actor, Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes and rapper, LL Cool J. Okay, it may not win brownie points on originality alone, but Wildcats is an entertaining and amusing effort, with a somewhat impressive performance by Hawn herself. There are some silly moments, but hey this was the 80s after all! The hair, the fashion, the music, the movies ah the memories! In all, a feel good movie and for a sports flick, not that bad at all. And the rap is somewhat amusing and a tad cheesy too. Worth purchasing on DVD
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very good movie
dirtydee-128 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
this movie brings back so many memories goldie hawn was excellent the soundtrack rocks if only i could turn back the clock the year was 1986 Wesley snipes was good so was woody i did not know that those two were acting in the 1980s the rest of the cast was excellent i like the part when they jump in the dumpster and the little boy slams the door on goldies feet i love this movie why cant we still make movies like these anymore r.i.p.nippsey Russel he was the principal of the school and also when Marva and Jerome get caught on the sofa and when the girls dye their red i like when all of the team goes to court with molly and they act like clowns.
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Goldie Being Goldie
statuskuo29 July 2013
I vaguely remember this movie as a kid. So I had to revisit it. And to my surprise, I thought it was a fun movie. It's got some strange dated material. And all the "kids" look like they were 30 years old, but I had a fun time watching Goldie, Wesley and Woody when they were young. It's really great watching them in hindsight and where their career is now.

For those sick of watching comedies today that skate a politically correct agenda, I think Wildcats is a fun watch. Also, if we're in the realm of football...a LOT more honest than a movie like "The Blind Side" which seemed more like a fairy tale.
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Another Funny Goldie Hawn Movie
LeaBlacks_Balls21 February 2010
In the 1980's there wasn't a bigger female comedy star than Goldie Hawn. She excelled at playing the 'fish out of water' character in films like 'Private Benjamin,' 'Protocol,' and 'Overboard.' 'Wildcats' has the same formula those films had, only instead of the Army, Washington DC, or abject poverty, Goldie finds herself coaching football.

Here Goldie plays Molly, a divorced mother of two who has always dreamed of coaching a football team. But throughout her coaching career all she's been allowed to do was coach female track and field. When Molly gets the opportunity to take a head coaching job in an inner city school, she jumps at the chance. When she arrives at the school she is faced by a disorganized and disrespectful team of players. They don't want her as their coach, but she sticks to her guns, and she fights to gain their respect and obedience.

Of all the comedies that Goldie has starred in, this isn't one of her best. She's still great in this, but the film is overlong, bogged down by a buzz killing custody storyline with her schmuck ex-husband (Keach) and her two kids. There's also a lot of unfunny 'fart humor' on display, but thankfully not from Goldie's character.

But when the film is good, it's good. Besides the custody storyline, things move at a brisk, fun pace. It's fun to watch Goldie work to get the team to see eye to eye with her, or hunt down the truant quarterback in the ghetto and almost get herself caught up in a robbery, or hide a rival teams goat mascot in the locker room.

This isn't really heavy stuff here, but it is a fun 80's comedy with a great star doing what she does best. So if you're a fan of Goldie Hawn and 80's comedies, check this out.
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sophlabelle18 January 2018
YO, the only reason this rating is low is cause this movie is about the success and society inflicted difficulties of a white woman and a group of mostly black men. It is not 'light' but it is funny, goldie is not 'frizzy' but she is a strong lead. Hate to say it, but imdb ratings are low for most female driven movies that dont put white men in a good light. this covers a spectrum of issues around control, gaslighting, neglect, racism, sexism, classism. This is some good shit. Keep your eyes and ears open.

love and light <3
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Male preserve
bkoganbing7 March 2017
If you folks remember that John Wayne/Donna Reed film Trouble Along The Way, Wayne is a divorced father living with his little daughter Sherry Jackson who has learned all about sports especially football from her dad who was a football coach. Imagine Sherry growing up to be Goldie Hawn and you have an idea of her character in Wildcats.

She wants to invade the male preserve of the boys sports because she knows a lot about the game, it comes naturally from her dad. But it isn't that simple and the only job she can get is in Principal Nipsey Russell's inner city school a really rough place.

Some future big names like Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson are some of Goldie's players. Best however is Tab Thacker one mountain of a kid critical to defense, but Thacker requires special motivation.

She also has custody issues with her most uptight ex-husband James Keach and his extremely prissy wife Jan Hooks. Those kids from her team try to help, but mess things up.

This one is really Goldie's show she has a fine comedy part with a bit of family drama thrown in. Basically because she has invaded that male holy of holys, the boy's locker room.

It's a good comedy, Goldie Hawn really shines.
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Predictably entertaining
jhaggardjr3 November 2000
"Wildcats" is a football movie that is pretty predictable, but nevertheless it's very entertaining. Goldie Hawn gives another one of her many funny film performances here as a girls high school track coach who's always dreaming about coaching football since she grew up on the sport. Well her dream comes true. Actually, not all true. She does get assigned to coach a football team, but its for a rough inner city high school in Chicago. Predictably, the players hate her at first, then they start to like her and at the same time the team starts off losing before they finish up winning. There's not much originality in "Wildcats" but since it's alot of fun so what. Hawn is fun and is surrounded by a good cast which includes Swoosie Kurtz as her best friend; James Keach as her ex-husband; Jan Hooks as Keach's current wife; Nipsey Russell as the principal of the rough high school Hawn's assigned to; and (before becoming famous) Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes as football players (these two actors would later team up for "White Men Can't Jump" and "Money Train"). "Wildcats" isn't a great football movie like the current "Remember the Titans"; it isn't as funny as the football themed comedies "The Waterboy" and "The Replacements"; but it has alot of laughs and is alot of fun.

*** (out of four)
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Two things are beyond me
DaisyPraver27 March 2018
How this movie is reviewed so lowly and how it hasn't been remade yet starring Jennifer Hudson. Get on it.
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A wild sports comedy!
OllieSuave-00710 October 2015
This is a great, to-the-point sports comedy starring Goldie Hawn as Molly McGrath who takes on her dream job of coaching high school football, despite doubts from her ex-husband and colleagues, and despite the football team being one of the rowdiest, rudest and most difficult bunch of athletes in the city.

It's an entertaining comedy from start to finish, with Molly exhibiting her never-say-quit attitude to win over the resentments and resistance of the high school team, which consists of a young Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. Her mission in getting her team in shape to end their winning games drought is captivating, as is the supporting subplot of her home-life when she tries to retain custody of her two daughters from her uptight ex-husband Frank (James Keech).

The plot is a bit predictable but Goldie Hawn provides enough drama, wit and humor to keep the movie engaging, as does the football players. I enjoy the scenes where Molly tries to gain their respect and where she outruns the boys in a track race, giving them a taste of their own medicine. The relationship between Molly and her daughters were pretty uplifting and she shows that balancing life between family and a career is entirely capable. A great, feel-good sports comedy.

Grade A
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Phil Hubbs4 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Now this is what I'm talking' about, back in the day, the sizzling mid 80's when films were loud bad mad rude and crazy...and lets not forget about the adult flicks too huh...zing!. This was a firm favourite when I was a kid, back then I only ever saw the cut TV version though, still worked even though it was cut.

A seriously young and fit looking Goldie Hawn wants to coach football. She was brought up on the game by her father, she knows the game inside out from him and she knows it. But women don't do these things, you can't have a girl coach a team of young laddish lads. Never the less she is given the opportunity to do just that for a gritty rundown urban inner-city school. Will she succeed in her new role or crack and quit?.

No this certainly isn't a sports drama, this is a badass comedy, the America football version of 'Major League' if you will (although Major League copied the idea I'm sure). The whole premise is cheesy and clichéd by today's standards but back in the day this type of thing was reasonably fresh. The plot is totally run of the mill, don't go expecting anything new here, like I said its 'Major League' for football, that's all you need to know. The underdogs are a bunch of uneducated dropouts who care more about goofing off and getting up to no good. Hawn comes along to coach, they reject her and try to get rid of her, she wins them over, she proves she can coach, the players respect her and follow her, they start winning games, the team becomes a force to be reckoned with, they reach the championship against the toughest team coached by Hawn's rival...annnd they win. Simple effective basic formula used by virtually every sports flick ever.

Most of the team are unknowns to me but I'm sure many fans will know this film was the debut for both Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. Snipes of course was also in 'Major League' and kinda plays the same character really, its almost like the beginnings for 'Willie Mayes Hayes'. But the film doesn't revolve around those guys, there is a whole team of young actors that all make this film work in a surprisingly funny way. There are some great characters here. 'Cerulo' is a real Travolta lookin' greaser with that urban Noo Yawk accent, 'Marvel' is standoffish and strong but gets turned around, 'Bird' is the truant criminal who is also the schools best player and Tab Thacker is the fat guy because you always gotta have a fat guy. Much kudos to Nipsey Russell as the likable principle.

What sets this film apart is the brilliant all round casting of the team and...well everybody really. Even characters like the nasty rival football team coach played by Bruce McGill, Hawn's kids, James Keach as Hawn's estranged husband etc...they are all cheesy but well portrayed. Another element that became obvious to me was the racial divide thing. Hawn's character keeps getting pushed to coach at a posh all girls school on the rich side of town by her husband, he clearly doesn't enjoy her being around all these ruffians. Also most of the other rival teams appear to mainly white guys and of course everybody on Hawn's side of town is generally white. Then you have everybody on the bad side of town where this urban school is, there are rundown buildings everywhere, trash lying around, burnt out cars etc...and everybody seems to be black or hispanic. How could a pretty blonde white girl from the right side of town control a group of foul mouthed, aggressive alcohol drinking black/hispanic youths from the wrong side of the the tracks?. There aren't any verbal references to this of course but the visuals sure as hell shove it down your throat.

An amusing play on this are the Wildcat cheerleaders who are a ragtag team of about four or five black girls and the odd white girl. Funny thing is these girls are basically the ugly girls from school, a bit too tubby, a bit too skinny, kinda nerdy and dressed like shabby trashy street hookers. Not the kind of street hookers that would tempt you. Clearly done for laughs as the cheerleaders are not the type of girls you would want doing this, plus they are a simple representation of the school and the area.

That might sound really controversial, it certainly stands out if you ask me after a recent re-watch, something I never really picked up on as a kid. But I'm guessing that was the point of the plot, the aim of the game, the snobs looking down their noses at the dirty poor folk. Luckily the film is so damn enjoyable you can overlook it (I hope). The only real let down for me is the rather limp finish after they win the championship, kinda just drops off a bit really, shame.

The film is a cookie cutter product (not for its time though), you've seen it before, you've seen all the characters, all the teams, all the ups and downs yadda yadda yadda. Its not overly rude and its not outrageously funny, its just a very rebellious cheeky feel good flick with some really good fun cheesy characters. Add to that a cracking soundtrack which accompanies some great training montages and there you have it, a good time stereotypical fast food 80's football flick.

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Decent Comedy
Michael_Elliott18 January 2010
Wildcats (1986)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Goldie Hawn plays a woman's track coach whose dream in life is to coach a football team. When her high school passes over her for being a woman, she gets a job at another school but the bad news is that it's in the ghetto and none of the players respect her. The toughest part is going to be breaking through to the players and then getting them to play her way. This film seems to have been a hit when released but it doesn't hold up overly well today. I think the biggest problem is the screenplay that at times seems to forget we're watching a comedy because it dives into a subplot with Hawn's ex-husband and this eats up so much of the running time that the film loses focus on trying to make us laughs. What laughs the film does try to get comes from various toilet humor, which includes one player who likes to fart and another (Wesley Snipes) who just wants to have a piece of Hawn. The screenplay is also quite predictable as everything we see here was borrowed from previous sport films and you just know Hawn is going to get a chance at revenge in the final game in the film. What does work with the movie are the performances with Hawn giving it her all as her energy level is certainly on high and one can't help but smile seeing her going up against this opposite crowd. The supporting cast is also pretty good as we get early performances by Snipes and Woody Harrelson as well as nice work from Nipsey Russell, James Keach, Bruce McGill and Ann Doran in what would turn out to be her final film role (she started way back in 1922). There's no question that this movie is mildly entertaining from start to finish but at the same time I couldn't help but be somewhat disappointed because we weren't given more laughs as the side story was just too much and kept going on and on. Even the surprising nude scene by Hawn seemed out of place as did quite a bit here. Still, the attractive cast makes this one worth at least a rental.
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So where's the comedy?
utgard1413 September 2016
So-called sports comedy that's very light on laughs. It's really more of a light drama about a woman who wants to be a football coach but isn't taken seriously by all those male chauvinists out there. So she gets her shot to coach but it's at an inner city school where the kids are mean to her. Not realistically mean, of course. She isn't verbally and physically assaulted as would happen in reality. No they're mean to her by not taking her seriously or calling her 'coach.' The horrors this poor woman has to endure. Also in a tired subplot the ex-husband is trying to take her kids away. Anyway it's likable fluff I guess, notable mainly for being the film debuts of Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. Goldie is rootable as ever. My main problem with it is that it's not funny in the least. There's not even much of an attempt to be funny, just a few scenes where Goldie Hawn falls down. Lame.
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Uneven sports comedy from the late Michael Ritchie, usually one of the masters of the genre.
policy1341 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Goldie Hawn, the petite, saucer-eyed actress was ideal casting in this movie. She is Molly McGrath, a divorced mother of two girls who is a girls track coach but longs to be a football coach. Nobody thinks she can pull that off and she is ridiculed by the sexist football coach (played by perennial slime ball Bruce McGill of Animal House fame) of that high school's football team. Therefore when she gets a chance to go to another school to coach football she grabs it, even though the players are less than refined and practically stink at the game.

If you ask if this is a formula, you are right. The underdog movie has been an American staple since the beginning of movie history. First the coach and the players must face humiliating defeat, then gradually get better and then of course win the big game. All of this happens in this movie but there is also a rather unnecessary subplot involving a custody battle. It seems that Molly's ex-husband (James Keach) thinks that she is neglecting the kids, mainly because he stumbled into a party given by Molly to the football players after a victory and to top it off the oldest daughter gets drunk. Then we get a court hearing where all of the players, who have found respect for their coach, show up to defend her and one of them makes a pass at the judge to grease the wheels even further.

All that happens in this movie is rather predictable. The only thing that is worth noticing is that Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes and Mykelti Williamson made one of their first appearances here, before Harrelson became famous as Woody Boyd and before he and Snipes were made a team in several films. Mykelti Williamson also became well known, first in Midnight Caller and then as the shrimp connoisseur Bubba in Forrest Gump. There is also a small role for SNL'er and 3rd Rock from the Sun star, Jan Hooks as the uptight new wife of Goldie's ex. This doesn't make Wildcats anything more than it is and Goldie's career has continued in this vein with one bright spot now and again ("Death becomes her" had its moments).

As for the director, Michael Ritchie, he was one of the greats. He made the original "Bad News Bears" and the hilarious "Fletch" but sadly he is no longer with us. This film ranks just below average mainly because he did so much better at other times.
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Test tube film is a winner
uscoa12 November 2000
`Wildcats' rallies my admiration as a solid though ordinary film. Between television and the silver screen, I've seen a dozen plots about a coach's hard work in turning a sports team around. `Wildcats' has some personality though, with memorable characters being placed in memorable situations. Goldie Hawn leads the cast with a light but effective performance. Accompanying the difficulties as coach of a football team, her character fights for the custody of her children; a major issue that this formula film is right not to linger on.

Nothing special, but good entertainment. 5/10 stars.
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Remember the Wildcats
MovieAddict201619 February 2004
Pretty silly Goldie Hawn comedy from 1986 about a team of rough hooligans on a football team who get a new coach: Goldie Hawn. Lots of innuendo and guys making sexual references about Hawn soon dissipate as they realize she's actually pretty good.

I saw it on Dinner and a Movie. Nothing very memorable; save your money.

2/5 stars.
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