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This movie should have been the thing that was cut.
wayno-628 September 2000
Without a doubt - this had to be one of the worst movies ever made. Yes, its even worse then "Manos: The Hands of Fate!"

What pharmaceutical products were they partaking of, when the made this aromatic cinema?

Lorne Greene has a bit part in the movie. Well he has a "die-through!" (At least he didn't have to suffer through this tripe!)

The only way to see this movie: LIBERAL USE OF YOUR REMOTE'S FAST FORWARD!

The music was bad, the dialogue was worse! (the only memorable line was: "A wounded Mercedes - will never be as good as new!")

This movie inflicts enough wounds on the viewers. I can't really discuss plot - there wasn't much of one to start with.

No plot, bad dialogue, crappy acting, boring monotonous scenes (like the will reading) which do NOT advance the plot, or tell us anything about the characters -- are strewn liberally, and it seems systemically through out this film...

I didn't know sex could be boring - but if you watch this film without fast forward -- you'll never make it to the end without falling asleep.

Good cure for insomnia....YAWN.

rated: NO REELS (pass on this one!)
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Appeals to the lowest common denominator.
Harry Knowles24 August 2001
I really wonder what was going through people's minds when they made this pile of garbage. There is nothing funny about a wife *forcing* her husband to go under the knife. The movie is EXTREMELY insulting and degrading. It's no wonder that Lorne Greene passed away shortly after this "movie" was made. Paul Sorvino should've fired his agent. And it comes to no surprise that the illustrious, distinguished, and prolific director, Paul Burge, also helmed "Keaton's Cop". Go figure. Who's REALLY behind this? Planned Parenthood?!

Save the money you would've paid to rent this video. It's probably playing on the Lifetime channel right this very moment.
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Really bad cinema!!!!!!!
daveinflag2 June 2011
If there was a negative number I would have used that instead. The only reason I saw it was that I worked on that piece of "YOU KNOW WHAT". At least it was fun working on the set every day. Paul was a joy to work with and he has a great tenor operatic voice, which he would share with us around his trailer. The other nice part of the work was making suds for Debra Jo Fondren's nude scene. Can you say Playboy TA TA's? I knew you could. Look out for the Harangue Monster, which is a plastic T Rex that we tried to get in the film as many times as possible. Drove the cinematographer nuts. BTW Lorne Green was not the original pick for Paul's business manager. All in all working on it was better than sitting through rushes, but I did get 3 college credits and an eye- full of Debbie Jo's sweater puppies!
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mr_showbiz21 August 2006
Not once was tubal ligation recommended for the wife. It's apparent that this movie is pro vasectomy propaganda. This movie is stupid, brain dead, and unfunny. You have to wonder what motives were for the schmucks that made this "movie". If any of you had any sense, you'd skip this trash. The premise is lame. The acting is pathetic. The movie is absolutely not funny. What was the purpose for this trash? "Let's get men to go out and have vasectomies!".. What are we dealing with? Feminists? Democrats? The plot is bare thin. There wasn't a laugh in the movie. Paul Sorvino is depressing as the lead. The screenplay is d.o.a. and the wife comes across as a total b.i.t.c.h.
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What were they thinking?!
acroyear727 May 2009
I can't imagine anyone standing in line to buy a ticket for this movie, let alone it being shown theatrically. What the hell was going through the tiny little minds of the producers that made this putrid film? Did they seriously think there would be an audience for this rubbish? Apart from the "loving" and "supportive" wife (who comes off unsympathetically) insisting that her hubby get "fixed", there is some dumb subplot that isn't worth going into detail here, that incidentally takes up more screen time than the titular subject matter (which is so flimsy and inane that it cannot hold up to the full running time). And what also gets me is that no one recommends the wife getting her tubes tied, since she is the one so dead set against having more children. To the husband's defense, I have observed that he is a proud Italian, and the film implies that he is Catholic. Last I heard, the Catholic Church was against any artificial means of birth control. That would/could/should end the argument right away. But never mind, this film has an agenda: to push birth control, namely- male sterilization. Which makes me wonder if Planned Parenthood is behind this film. Nonetheless, this film is insensitive, clumsy, crass, and everything else in between. SKIP IT.
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