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Gary Oldman: Sid Vicious



  • [getting off the phone with her parents] 

    Nancy : I fucking hate them! I fucking hate them! Ass! Ow! Fucking motherfuckers! They wouldn't send us any money! They said we'd spend it on DRUGS!

    Sid : We would!

  • Nancy : I hate my fuckin' life.

    Sid : This is just a rough patch. Things'll be much better when we get to America, I promise.

    Nancy : We're in America. We've been here a week. New York is in America, you fuck.

  • Sid : How do you spell "holiday"?

    John : S-H-I-T.

  • Sid : [in a taxi on the way to the airport]  I wish we wasn't breaking up.

    Phoebe : Well it's a bit late for that isn't it? Paul and Steve are flying to Rio, Malcom's in London, John's in New York.

    Sid : Yeah, great. What am I gonna do?

    Phoebe : Anything you like; you're a free agent now.

    Sid : I'll go home; see Nancy.

    Phoebe : Yeah, well do that.

    Sid : Master Kung Fu.

    Phoebe : Look try and get off the heroin OK? Come on promise.

    Sid : Ok.

    Phoebe : And cut back on the drinking all right?

    Sid : Yeah all right, all right I promise! Cross me heart and hope to die

    [he smirks] 

  • Detective : [Sid has been arrested]  Why so tense kid? Look, we just wanna know who the girl was. Where did you meet her? Son?

    [hands him a cigarette] 

    Detective : Son.

    Sid : [Takes a drag and sniffles]  I met her at Linda's.

    Detective : Linda? Who's Linda?

  • Sid : Where's the bloody soap?

    Nancy : Up your ass!

  • Nancy : If I asked you to kill me, would you?

    Sid : I don't know. How would I do it? I couldn't live without ya.

  • Sid : You know, I was so bored once that I fucked a dog.

  • Sid : If it weren't for me mum's kindness, we'd be on the fucking streets!

    Nancy : Yeah? And if it weren't for your own stupidity, we'd be living in our own apartment in Paris, France!

  • Sid : We don't fucking care.

  • Sid : 'Ere, speakin of cunts who can't play. Hello girls, where'd you get your perms?

  • Paul : Fucking cabbies, that's what we should be. Make two hundred quid a night being a cabbie.

    Sid : Why don't you fuck off and be one then?

    Paul : Cos it takes eighteen months to learn.

    Sid : You need a driving license too.

    Paul : And a set of golf clubs.

  • Sid : Why don't you shut up and fucking sing you twat.

    Paul : You're well out of time, Sid.

    Sid : Bollocks, you wanker.

    Steve : Play the fucking song, will ya.

    John : Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

  • Nancy : I don't think that Johnny likes me.

    Sid : He doesn't like anybody. He's a fool.

    Nancy : You like me, don't you?

  • Sid : [playing on his bass]  And we don't fucking care!

    John : No, there's no "fucking". It's just "we don't care"

  • Steve : [playing darts in the pub]  Get the darts Paul.

    Paul : [checks their hands]  Let me see your hands, keep 'em where I can see 'em. I'm watching you, you bastards.

    [goes to the dart board] 

    Sid : Hey, Paul.

    [Sid, John and Steve start throwing darts at him] 

    Paul : Fuck off. Fuck off!

    Duke Bowman : Steady on boys.

    Paul : Bastards! It's not funny! You could stick me in the eye; put it in my brains, I couldn't play the drums then.

    Steve : You can't play the fuckin drums anyway.

    John : You can't play the fuckin drums anyway.

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