Short Circuit (1986) Poster


Brian McNamara: Frank



  • Frank : How, robot. Me - friend.

    Stephanie Speck : Talk computer, not Apache.

  • Frank : [to Number 5]  Listen, why don't you say we jump in my car and I'll take you home.

    Stephanie Speck : [knowingly]  Uh, tell him where home is.

    Frank : Uh, home is NOVA.

    [Beasley barks] 

    Number 5 : [throws tray at Frank]  NOVA? NO! No disassemble!

    Stephanie Speck : Run, Number 5, run!

    Number 5 : Come on, treads, don't fail me now!

    Frank : [runs after him]  You tricked me, you little bitch!

    Stephanie Speck : Oh, does this mean I don't get my $5,000? Well, forget it! FORGET IT! He can run thirty miles an hour, you big stupid JERK!

    Frank : [grabs her]  Hey, I'll show you how stupid I am! Guess who's gonna help me catch him!

    Stephanie Speck : No, I'd rather die first!

    Frank : [sees that his Pontiac is gone]  What the hell happened to my car?

    Number 5 : Hi!

    [Frank's car is shown totally dismantled] 

    Number 5 : Piece of cake!

    Frank : Oh, my God! My car!

    Stephanie Speck : [smiles]  Oh, way to go, Number 5!

  • Frank : [explaining why he'd just been trying to capture Steph's dog]  ... you know he looked kinda sick to me, so I thought I'd just take 'im down to the vet and fix 'im up a little bit.

    Stephanie Speck : He doesn't look sick. YOU look sick.

  • Frank : [referring to the reward money]  Twenty-five thousand dollars. Don't worry. We'll split it. Twenty for me. Five for you.

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