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Sex & Nudity

  • sex in general plays a big role in this film so there are several sex scenes . There is one scene where two naked people (one male one female) embrace eachother very closely and kiss passionately on a bed the mans bare buttocks and the woman's breasts are seen, hiding anymore graphic nudity. In one scene two people are implied to be having sex in a bed but only theyre legs and feet are actually shown they do however moan passionately. a man has sexual intercourse with a woman from behind his penis is not seen though its filmed from the front as opposed to the back and there is no nudity (both particiapnts are fully clothed) its obvious whats happening the man makes moderatley sexual comments during this time. A womans breasts are seen a few times in the duration of the film. one character has theyre bellybutton licked isnide of by another. The whole theme of the film is of one woman sleeping with three different men. One failry minor character is a lesbian this subject is occasionally touched on but it isnt really a primary feature.

Violence & Gore

  • VERY little violence in the film. A man who is a riding a bike falls of the bike he is not seen actually hitting the floor but he is heared yelping in a comical manner, this incident is played out for laughs. A man jumps off a bed and its implied he hurt himself minorly when landing on the floor the impact of him atcually hitting the floor isnt seen and again is in a way plyed out for laughs. A man gets ditracted whilst doing pressups so his body hits the floor with a thud this again is played out for comedic effect because just before it happens the person who is with him at the time tells him not to hurt himself. Violence is very mild and infrequent and even when it is present is inteded to be funny.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • no scene is intended to be neccearily frightening or intense but the way the whole thing isd filmed and the atmosphere may be seen as very very slightly unsettling for some viewers. Theres nothing seriously intense at all

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