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Josh Richman: Tony



  • Clarissa : I hear they're having an open-casket funeral for Jamie. I think that's in bad taste.

    Tony : It is in bad taste. This whole episode is in bad taste. You young people are a disgrace to the human race. To all living things, to plants even. You shouldn't be seen in the same room with a cactus.

  • Samson : I killed her.

    Maggie : You're strange, John.

    Tony : What'd you do, man? Sit on her?

  • Tony : Gimme a cigarette, man.

    Layne : You fucking gave up cigarettes.

    Tony : I gave up yesterday, not today.

    Layne : I gave up lending.

    [hands over the cigarette anyway] 

    Layne : Learn some self-control, you're interrupting.

    [to Matt:] 

    Layne : Go on.

    Matt : I don't know. I just figured we could dump this place, you know? Go up there, and if we like it, we stay, don't come back.

    Clarissa : [not impressed]  Where did you get Portland?

    Matt : Well, nobody knows us up there.

    Clarissa : People know us here?

    Layne : [mimicking Sonny & Cher, his hand wandering]  I know you, babe.

    Clarissa : [brushing him off]  That's really annoying, Layne.

    Layne : [to Matt:]  So what, man? We could be lumberjacks or something?

    Matt : There's other things to do.

    Layne : Like what?

    Maggie : Like getting stoned.


    Layne : It almost sounds like a plan. Except we're all broke, and I'm the only one with a car.

    Tony : We could just take all our parents' money, take off, discover America, and make like we're Easy Rider plus five.

    Clarissa : [checking Maggie's wristwatch]  Shit, I gotta go. Burkewaite's gonna have a spaz attack if I'm late again.

    Layne : [taunting]  She's in love with his middle-aged ass.

    Clarissa : He's not middle-aged, asshole.

    [to new arrival coming up:] 

    Clarissa : Hi, John.

    Layne : [to Samson]  Didn't think you'd make it today. Where's Jamie?

    Samson : I killed her.

    Clarissa : [to Maggie]  She's gonna be in big trouble if she keeps ditching like this.

    Maggie : [to Samson]  You what?

    Samson : I killed her.

    Maggie : [decides he's talking nonsense]  You're strange, John.

    [the two girls walk off to class] 

  • Tony : [after his blunt revelation about having killed Jamie]  What did you do, man? Sit on her?

    [walks off] 

    Samson : [to the others]  They don't believe me.

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