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SO many in-jokes so very little time....
ShinX692 October 1998
Project A-ko is a must for anyone who is really into anime as I am. Most of the jokes are parodies of other anime films and shows, so the more you know about anime the better the movie gets. Besides the fact that this is DEFINITELY one of the greatest anime movies ever made, it is also hard to get tired of. Literally dozens of in-jokes and a very funny movie.
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Awesome animation feature from Japan
MadWatch11 September 2003
Project A-KO is probably one of my first forays into the world of Anime (Japanese Animation). With its female characters, martial arts fighting portrayals, collateral damage, super-science, super-powered people, aliens and spaceships, this movie successfully spoofs the Anime genre up until 1986.

This is a great introductory movie for people that want to start enjoying Anime. It is campy, light-hearted and exciting all at once. Since the movie is a comedy-spoof, it almost always fails to take itself seriously.

Project A-Ko is one of the most enduring Anime experiences of all time. The English dub is done rather well so those that dislike subtitles can still enjoy the movie with little distraction.

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If it wasn't for this Anime..
armitage-1218 June 2000
If it wasn't for this Anime, I would never have gotten into the genre. This is simply an amazing movie. I never tried anime before watching this movie. I had thought that all anime was kinda bad, with the drawing styles and speed lines and other stuff.

I was wrong.

This movie ruled. The sequels were good, but they didn't quite live up to the first movie. Everybody that worked on this movie done right.. it was funny, fast moving, had characters you could care about.. the list goes on and on.

Of course, no anime would be complete without the annoying comedy relief, C-Ko, but even she had her redeeming qualities. If it wasn't for her, this movie wouldn't have much of a point.
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Finest Anime Ever
deep_blue_horizon18 March 2000
Projetc A-ko is a rare anime. It is an anime that can appeal to a lot of people without having to resort to head-popping violence, grotesque sex or extreme swearing. Project A-ko is funny and the more you watch it, the more you get out of it. The number of in jokes are astonishing, the characters are extremely funny, the tempo of the movie is upbeat and always leaves you on a high. If you're after a highly enjoyable anime, start here because nothing surpasses it. Incidentally, watching all 6 movies is also highly reccomended as on its one Project A-ko is a funny but as a series, it is an anime classic.
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If you're looking for an excellent Anime, this is it!
SickSadGuy17 March 2000
"A city is miraculously reborn just 16 years after being completely destroyed by a giant meteor." Thus begins Project A-ko, which follows the exploits of A-ko Magami, the lively heroine, as well as her ditzy sidekick, C-ko Kotobuki. But all hell breaks loose when the spoiled rich girl, B-ko Daitokuji, decides she wants C-ko for herself. But that's not all that's going on.... there's plenty of surprises in store.

With a lively musical score, lots of humorous moments and plenty of onscreen action, this is easily one of my favorite Anime movies.

Whether you're new to Anime or a longtime fan, this one is well worth your time to check out!
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One of my favorite animes!
GMarsh85017 April 2004
Well, to start, I saw this movie on VHS about 10 years ago. I was amazed at how well Project A-Ko was written and animated. I bought the DVD version just the other day. The fight between A-Ko and B-Ko was well drawn, and is one of the best fight scenes ever. I mean that it got to the point where they were throwing Earth and alien military tanks at each other!!!

There also were quite a few hilarious scenes. The 4 scenes where the guy that was looking for C-Ko gets pummeled by A-Ko's superhuman speed was one of them. Another was A-Ko and B-Ko rescuing C-Ko. A-Ko jumps onto military fighter airplane that's in mid-air, and the airplane gets destroyed because she was distracting the pilot.
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crazy, but actually holds the greatest potential
GreyFox3722 February 2001
this hilarious anime has everything you'd want: rivals, aliens, space battles, humor, and school. lol. the soundtrack to this is one of the best i've heard. the animation is very cool, and the characters are hilarious. this is a great title to watch if youy're depressed or having a bad day. it can brighten anyone.
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Crazy, fun Anime about the Ultimate Schoolgirl
Kai-1817 October 1999
Though flawed this is a great and sometimes hilarious anime about a schoolgirl named A-Ko and her friend C-Ko. Meanwhile The Psychotic rich-girl B-Ko wants to have C-Ko as her friend and her friend alone. And this is while Earth is under attack by alien women who look like men. And it gets stranger. With more anime in-jokes that you can shake a Veritech Fighter (Ya know, Robotech... oh never mind) this baby is jam packed with cheeky good fun. And can you find the real alien princess? You'll figure it out after the movie.
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Very funny yet strange anime from Japan.
Aaron137516 September 2009
I enjoyed this film that is more comedy than anything else as I do believe the main purpose of this film was to poke some fun at other anime movies. The story is rather messed up as it goes here and there and a bit everywhere. The film is called "Project Ako" and that is the name of one of the three girls, however I would say both Bko and Cko are as important as Ako in the story. There was also a very brief nude scene in this film, I watched it on the Science Fiction channel so I never saw it, but my guess is that it was Bko during the hot tub scene. Nothing major I am guessing, probably a short scene like that found in another anime that came out during this time "Vampire Hunter D". The story basically has Ako and Cko coming to a new all girls school where for some reason they are in different uniforms from everyone else. Another student in the class Bko seems to really take a liking to Cko, but has a strong dislike for Ako. There is an explanation to some extent later about how they all used to know each other and that Bko really only liked to make Cko cry and Ako would take care of Bko, but it is a rather weak part in the storyline. Ako for some reason is super strong, they hint at where she may have gained these powers, but in the end they basically shoot down what they were sort of hinting at. The movie bogs down a bit in the middle when it is just one Ako and Bko confrontation after another, granted it was somewhat funny, but it was basically the same thing. Then there is an all out assault with aliens of the bizarre kind. So for the most part this film was enjoyable and funny and from what I see here there are even more of these movies. I only saw one other and it was funny too, do not remember the name though, but it had a strange space theme to it.
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The first "real" anime I ever saw
xxpunxkittenxx2 August 2006
I was about 7 when I first saw this movie on the SciFi channel back in 1991 and from that moment on, I was OBSESSED with anime and everything that had to do with it. This movie is still my favorite of all time for more then just the fact that it was my first. It has the complete package of everything that makes a movie good. That is just so hard to come by. For anyone who's just started watching anime, this is a must see. You'll love it. BTW just for the record, in Japan, the girls in this movie aren't GAY, they are just sorta territorial of there friends. So you can just ignore the headline of this movie saying its a love triangle. It's more like a triangle of who's friends with who... LOL so yeah, there not gay.
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If you're sick of schoolgirls and giant robots...
Lupercali16 April 2004
This is a review from someone who generally doesn't like anime at all.

Project A-ko is a total send-up of the genre, which is no doubt why I enjoyed it (and its sequel) so much. It has the usual giant mechanical paraphernalia, teenage schoolgirls, and crossdressing alcoholic aliens. Err... where did they come from? Never mind: far more than most of the the famous and iconic animes it parodies, Project A-ko is entertaining, intriguing, and often just fall-down laughing funny. It's sort of like Japanese anime directed by an English eccentric. It's still suitable bewildering in a Japanese sort of way, but with flashes of anglo-style satire thrown in.

Give me this any day, over the usual puerile anime nonsense. A-ko is a real hoot.
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Comedy can cross national borders
mhorg201819 June 2018
Project A-Ko is one of the most action packed, funniest and fun anime's of the 1980's. Basically a comedy with lesbian undertones, as B-Ko battles A-Ko while trying to romance C-Ko, who is a total bubblehead and creator of the worst (but most beautiful) lunches in the universe. It helps to see this if one is a fan of 80's anime since it sends up nearly every single one of them. Just a really fun movie and well worth seeing.
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A-Ko should be "B-Grade-o"
dirtychild22 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Project A-Ko is a Japanese Anime feature about a couple of school girl friends, one with superhero strength powers (A-Ko), the other has a really short attention span (C-Ko). When they join a new high-school, a rich girl (B-Ko) wants to befriend C-Ko and have her all to herself - so she plots to destroy A-Ko. Meanwhile - a group of aliens are attempting to find a lost alien princess on Earth.

Project A-Ko is pure B-Grade schlock - in a very hit-and-miss affair. If it was a live-action Hollywood film - critics would dismiss it immediately (with good reason).

Although I'm a big fan of subversive humour - most of the humour in this movie falls flat on its face. I would usually find transvestite aliens funny but this movie didn't even omit a single smile out of me.

The characters are annoying - someone should give C-Ko some Ridlon or flush her head down a toilet because she is the single most self-obsessed, ADD, cry-baby character I've seen in a movie for a while. A-Ko appears to have an anger management issue. And B-Ko needs to come clean and confess that she has a lesbian crush on C-Ko (not that there is anything wrong with that!).

There is a bit of "fan-service" but I find it mostly inappropriate given the age of the characters.

The only redeeming feature is a couple of set-pieces in which A-Ko is in action fighting aliens in a spectacular fashion - but you need to sit through the rest of this dribble to see.

Over-hyped B-Grade nonsense!
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Anonymou-413 June 1999
I really wanted to enjoy this film when I first saw it. I knew it had a tremendous cult following, I've heard it was hilarious and a giant parody of other anime genres. Being EXTREMELY familiar with anime, I finally managed to get my hands on this one some tens years or more later after first hearing about it. And now I wish I had left well enough alone. I honestly don't see how this one got its huge reputation, and while watching it I felt like both the director and the fans of this movie were in on some huge joke which they weren't telling me. B-ko is beyond obsessive about little C-ko (it has a powerful lesbian bent), the plot is almost non-existent and the "gags" are only half-executed here, and instead of laughing I was staring at this and thinking, "Huh?" It doesn't seem to really know what its main objective parody-wise really is, and actually seems to take itself pretty seriously most of the time. I've heard fans say there are tons of little puns on anime which make it enjoyable, but... well, in all honesty I don't see them, and I am as I said extremely familiar with anime. It's an interesting oddity to see, though, and maybe you might get a little more out of it than I did--but I think I can say that just because you may be a huge fan of anime doesn't automatically guarantee you'll "get" this supposedly hilarious joke, much less like it.
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great fun
al_phillips200017 December 2001
funny comedic anime with some strange ambiguous lesbian overtones and ambiguously gendered secondary characters. I enjoyed this film, as well as the sequel, and I enjoyed the animation. Only Japan can make this kind of anime film and good for them ! We don't always need sappy songs to have fun.
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Gives anime a bad name
real_scripts15 April 2005
I'm not sure how this receives such high ratings, except that maybe since it's not very well known the viewers tend to be the hardest core anime fans who love the genre so much that they accept anything animated that comes out of Japan. Aside from containing all of the stereotypical moments that are delivered lavishly in the worst titles in the anime genre, the plot is so shallow and the events are completely implausible even within a fantasy world. A good example of what I mean is when the protagonist and antagonist are charging at each other full speed shouting at the tops of their lungs. This happens not once but about 10 times in the film. How unoriginal can these people be? Although the art is quite good and the animation is acceptable, this film is marred by a total lack of depth and style of plot development where the viewer is supposed to accept every slap in the face and insult that a film can deliver where the writers are fumbling to hold the plot together with one gimmick after the next. If you are the type of viewer who will accept anything the writers try to jam down your throat, you'll like Project A-Ko, but if you have any need for a good plot that is built up of events that are believable within a fantasy environment then stay well clear of Project A-Ko. Go for Escaflowne, Last Exile, Robotech, or Cowboy Bebop.
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