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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The movie made me so happy, and here I am back on the subway with Nerdo, and there's this jerk across the aisle who's like ancient, 30 at least, and he's got the nerve to look right into my see-through Madonna lace outfit. And he winks. Oh, barf- ola.
Los Angeles Times
Delightful... The film is buoyed by a captivating performance by Ringwald, who has an unerring ability to share her character's emotions with an audience, as if we were eavsdropping behind her makeup mirror. [28 Feb 1986]
Chicago Sun-Times
Although it is not a great movie, it contains some moments when the audience is likely to think, yes, being 16 was exactly like that.
San Francisco Chronicle
Very high on my list of good movie titles, has fascinating deep tones, surprising poignancy, and tendor humor for a movie aimed at teenage audiences. [28 Feb 1986]
Blane's snooty friend Steff (Spader) could be a tired stereotype, but with his all-year tan, his hip-blase voice and hs view of high school as a "career," Steff becomes a recognizable character of any age: upscale slime in embryo. [3 Mar 1996, p.83]
A rather intelligent (if not terribly original) look at adolescent insecurities.
TV Guide Magazine
While the script contains trite and unbelievable dialogue, the superbly convincing performances make up for these faults.
Film Threat
I got my first date because of this movie so you won't see me giving it any less than three stars.
Chicago Reader
Slack and unconvincing throughout with the exception of Ringwald, who remains natural and appealing as the thin world of the film collapses around her.
Chicago Tribune
What we have here is a much less radical movie than writer Hughes probably believes he has created. Yes, he's given us an individualistic girl, but she swoons like a robot after the first reasonably human WASP or WASC asks her for a date. [2 Feb 1986]

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