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Keith David: King



  • [King is writing a letter to his girlfriend] 

    Francis : It ain't D-E-R-E, it's D-E-A-R. And "Sarah" ain't got no two R's, King. Damn, you dumb!

    King : It don't make no difference. She know what I mean. She don't read too good nohow.

  • King : Hey, Taylor. How in the fuck you get here anyway? Why, you look educated.

    Chris Taylor : I volunteered for it.

    King : You did what?

    Chris Taylor : I volunteered. I dropped out of college, and told them I wanted the infantry, combat, and Vietnam.

    Crawford : You volunteered for this shit, man?

    Chris Taylor : You believe that?

    King : You's a crazy fucker, giving up college.

    Chris Taylor : It didn't make much sense. I wasn't learning anything. I figured why should just the poor kids go off to war and the rich kids always get away with it?

    King : Oh, I see. What we got here is a crusader.

    Crawford : Sounds like it.

    King : Shit. You gotta be rich in the first place to think like that. Everybody know the poor are always being fucked over by the rich. Always have, always will.

  • King : [while cleaning the latrines]  I'm too short for this shit, man. 39 and a wake-up, a pause for the cause and I'm a gone motherfucker. Back to the world!

    Crawford : Hey, I broke a hundred the other day, 92 left to go. April 17th, home to California, checkin' out the babes on the beach... the surfin's gonna be good.

    King : March, man, in Tennessee... sniff the pines... sniff that cross-mounted pussy down by the river, hot damn! Hey Taylor, how many days you got left? Three hundred and what?

    Chris Taylor : Thirty two. 332 days.

    Crawford : Shit, I can't even remember when I was 332, man. You gotta like, count backwards or something, you know like you got 40 days in? Think positive, dude.

  • Chris Taylor : Any way you cut it, Barnes is a fucking murderer.

    King : Right on.

    Rhah : Taylor, I remember when you first came in here telling me how much you admired the bastard.

    Chris Taylor : I was wrong.

    Rhah : Wrong? You ain't never been right about nothing! And dig this, you assholes, and dig it good... Barnes been shot seven times and he ain't dead. Does that mean anything to you, huh? Barnes ain't meant to die. The only thing that can kill Barnes is Barnes.

  • King : [Watching the ambush party leave into the jungle]  I'm glad I ain't going with them. Somewhere out there is the beast and he hungry tonight.

  • Rhah : What you doing in the underworld, Taylor?

    King : Well, this here ain't Taylor. Taylor been shot. This man here is Chris. He been resurrected.

  • King : Thirty nine and a wake-up, a pause for the cause, and I'm a gone motherfucker! Back to the world!

    Crawford : I hear you, man. Broke 100 the other day.

    King : No shit.

    Crawford : Ninety-two left to go. April 17, heroes, man. Home to California. I'll be sitting outside, checking out the babes on the beach. The surfing's gonna be good.

    King : March, man, in Tennessee. Sniff the pines, sniff that cross-mounted pussy down by the river. Whoo, hot damn! Hey, Taylor, how long you got left? Three hundred and what?

    Chris Taylor : Thirty-two. Three hundred and thirty-two days.

    King : Xin loi, my boy!

    Crawford : I can't even remember when I was 332, man. You gotta, like, count backwards or something. You know, like, you got 40 days in. I mean, think positive, dude.

  • Chris Taylor : It's the way the whole thing works. People like Elias get wasted. People like Barnes just go on making up the rules any way they want. So what do we do? Sit in the middle and suck on it. We just don't add up to dry shit, King.

    King : Whoever said we did, man? All you got to do is make it out of here, and it's all gravy. Every day, the rest of your life, gravy.

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