Platoon (1986) Poster


Kevin Dillon: Bunny



  • Bunny : Hey Junior, you never smoked any shit?

    Junior : That's right, dude. See, y'all been trying to keep the black man down, and string him out on that shit. But the time be's comin, my man, when the black man? Throw that yoke off. Simple - free your mind, your ass will follow.

    Bunny : Yeah, I can dig it, man. You smoke that shit, everything kind of gets weird, you know what I mean? You hear that story about the gooks putting chemicals in the grass, so we don't fight? So we become pacifists?

    Junior : Hey, but don't you worry, Bunny, 'cause you's a killer anyway, man.

    Bunny : Yeah, but I still like a piece of pussy once in a while. Ain't nothing like a piece of pussy, except maybe the Indy 500.

    Junior : Only way you get some pussy, man, is if a bitch dies and wills it to you, and then, maybe.

  • Bunny : [to Private Taylor]  Fucking pussy, man. He's laughing at you. That's the way the gook laughs.

    [to Vietnamese villager] 

    Bunny : Yeah, sure you are. You're real sorry, ain't you? You're just crying your little hearts out about Sandy and Sal and Manny.

    Sgt. O'Neill : Forget about it, Bunny, huh? Let's go. What do you say?

    [Bunny hits the Vietnamese villager over the head with the butt of his shotgun] 

    Bunny : Holy shit! You see that fucking head come apart, man? I never seen brains like that before, man. I bet you the old bitch runs the whole fucking show, man. She probably cut Manny's throat. She would probably cut my balls off if she had the chance.

    Sgt. O'Neill : Bunny, we leave now. Nobody saw a fucking thing! You understand me, Taylor? Not a fucking thing.

    Bunny : Fucking woman, man. Come on, man, let's fucking do her, man. Let's do this whole fucking village!

  • Bunny : You know, Junior, some of the things we done, man... I don't feel like we done something wrong. But sometimes, man, I get this bad feeling. I told the Padre the truth, man. I like it here. You get to do what you want. Nobody fucks with you. The only worry you got is dying. And if that happens, you won't know about it anyway. So what the fuck, man.

    Junior : Shit, I got to be in this hole with you, man? I just know I shouldn't have come.

  • Bunny : What are they doing over there? They're gettin' high, that's what.

  • Bunny : [Coaxing a villager's pig to come to him]  Hey, piggy, piggy. Hey, pig!

    [shoots pig at point blank range and laughs] 

  • Bunny : [Merle Haggard's "Okie from Muskogee" is playing on the radio]  That's a bad jam, man.

    Junior : Redneck noise, dude, that's all it is. Make about as much sense as you do. All them chumps be talkin' about how they losin' they ho, and ain't got no bread for beer. Fuck that honky shit.

  • Sgt. Barnes : [In the foxhole Barnes checks the soles of Junior's bare feet. Bunny and O'Neill looking on. Junior is moaning as if he's dying, overdoing it by a mile]  So what's the problem?

    Sgt. O'Neill : Says he can't walk.

    Sgt. Barnes : Shit. Get your boots on Martin, next time I catch you putting mosquito repellant on your fuckin feet I'm gonna courtmartial your nigger ass.

    Junior : [cracks]  DEN COURTMARTIAL ME MOTHERFUCKAH, bust my ass, send me to Long Binh, do your worst but I ain't walking no more. De white man done got his last klik outta me. Get some chuck dude to hump this shit.

    Sgt. Barnes : [suddenly soft]  Get me that centipede, O'Neill.

    [O'Neill is puzzled. What centipede?] 

    Sgt. O'Neill : Sarge?

    Sgt. Barnes : Yeah. That long hairy orange and black bastard I found in the ammo crate. I'm gonna put it in this asshole's crotch, see if he can walk.

    [Junior's eyes bulge with suspicion and sudden terror, his demeanor totally alert now] 

    Sgt. O'Neill : [understanding]  Oh yeah, right away Sarge.

    Junior : No! Wait! I'll walk, fuck you, I'll walk, I don't need this shit! I don't need this shit!

    Bunny : Fucking pussy, fuck it Sarge, I gotta have him on my hole?

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