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Sex & Nudity

  • Girl (Faylene) stands by a pool and undresses for her boyfriend (Harley) - bare breasts are shown.
  • Girl (Babs) is seen in a bathtub, breasts and buttocks are shown.
  • A woman (Gwen) is raped by a man (Mike) in a mask, pretty graphic though no nudity is shown in the 86 minutes version. (Reviews on other sites indicate that both show nudity, possibly in a longer version.)

Violence & Gore

  • Many of the murders in the film take place off-screen. The basic routine is for someone to be killed without us seeing the initial impact but then have their bloody corpse discovered later.
  • An old woman is axed in the face off-screen, blood and chunks splatter on the wall.
  • Man gets an axe through his head, shown offscreen.
  • A man gets snapped in half in a pool, nothing graphic is shown.
  • Young woman is strangled in mid-air and then her neck is snapped.
  • Man is lifted off the ground by an unseen force and killed, blood splatters.
  • Security guard is impaled by a spear, not much blood.
  • Dead body is seen ripped in half, blood and guts.
  • Girl is killed in a bathtub by snakes.
  • Man is killed when a snake crawls up his pants leg and bites him.
  • A man wearing a helmet is killed when the helmet turns his head completely around, fountains of blood.
  • Man is impaled by a flying object.
  • A woman is raped by a man in a mask, brief but pretty graphic.
  • A room full of dead and bloodied bodies is discovered by one of the survivors.
  • Man has his fingers bitten off by a mummy and is then bitten on the neck, quite bloody.


  • Several uses of the F-word.
  • One use of motherf---er.
  • A student calls his principal the N-word.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Late in the film a young woman is hiding out in a museum, trying on different outfits when three men enter the room wearing masks. One man sees her and immediately throws her down and begins raping her. We see him on top of her thrusting as she screams and cries. The scene is very brief but what is happening is beyond question.
  • The Jinn himself is kind of intense. He's a monstrous green entity that speaks with a guttural voice (and naturally, speaks English) who floats through hallways and chases the movie's survivors. While the movie is low-budget, especially in the effects department, the Jinn himself is kind of terrifying in a low-budget horror movies sort of way.

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