My Beautiful Laundrette (1985) Poster

Roshan Seth: Papa Hussein



  • Omar : I'm being promoted. To Uncle's laundrette.

    Papa : [throwing a pair of socks to Omar]  Illustrate your washing methods!

  • Papa : This damn country has done us in. That's why I'm like this. We should be there. Home.

    Nasser : But that country's been sodomised by religion. It's beginning to interfere with the making of money. Compared with everywhere... it's a little heaven, here.

  • Omar : You know who I saw today? Johnny. Johnny!

    Papa : The boy who came here dressed as a fascist with a quarter-inch of hair?

    Omar : He was a friend once, for years.

    Papa : There were times when he didn't deserve your admiration so much.

    Omar : Christ, I've known him since I was five!

    Papa : He went too far.

  • Papa : You must be getting married. Why else would you be dressed like an undertaker on holiday?

    Omar : Going to Uncle's house, Papa. He's given me a car.

    Papa : What? The brakes must be faulty. Tell me one thing because there's something I don't understand, though it must be my fault. How is it that scrubbing cars can make a son of mine look so ecstatic?

    Omar : It gets me out of the house.

    Papa : Don't get too involved with that crook. You've got to study. We are under siege by the white man. For us education is power.

    [Omar shakes his head at his father] 

    Papa : Don't let me down.

  • Papa : [to Omar]  Work now till you go back to college. And I'm fixing you up with a job with your uncle.

  • Papa : [on the phone]  Oh, one thing more, try to fix him up with a nice girl. I'm not sure his penis is in full working order.

  • Papa : [to Omar]  I don't want my son in this underpants cleaning condition.

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