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Winona Ryder: Rina



  • Rena : Throw it to Lucas!

    Maggie : Throw it to Lucas!

    Ben : Throw it to Lucas!

    Band Member : Throw it to Lucas!

    Coach : No, don't throw it to Bly!

  • [Ben slams open the classroom door and interrupts the school band practicing] 

    Ben : Did you hear about Lucas?

    Tonto : What about him?

    Rena : It's suicide.

    Ben : What do you mean?

    Ben : He's gone out for the football team!

  • [Lucas quietly joins the kids in the cafeteria, sad over the distance between him and Maggie] 

    Ben : [Ben shouts out to Lucas]  Lucas! We're over here.

    Ben : Sit down. We're trying to figure out how to get rid of this jackass band teacher. I hate the idiot's guts.

    Tonto : Too bad Treichel had to kill himself.

    Ben : Yeah, Why'd he have to kill himself and leave us with this jackass.

    Tonto : Sex-crazed, that's why.

    Rena : He wasn't sex-crazed, he was in love.

    Tonto : With a dental technician?

    Rena : Not everybody has to be glamorous to have someone fall in love with them.

    Tonto : You don't kill yourself over a dental technician.

    Rena : You ever hear of Romeo and Juliet?

    Tonto : Was she a dental technician?

    Rena : No, but people do kill themselves when they can't have who they love.

    Ben : I thought he had a heart attack.

    Tonto : No heart attack, my man. He blew his brains out with a book of poetry open and a rose in the page.

    Rena : I think it's kind of beautiful, the poetry, I mean. It was probably Keats or Shelley.

    [Lucas sits quietly watching the football players at the other table] 

  • [Lucas sits outside of the school dance when Rena joins him at his side] 

    Rena : Lucas, is that you? What are you doing?

    Lucas : Nothing much.

    Rena : You look nice.

    Lucas : Thank you.

    [Rena sits next to Lucas] 

    Rena : Drinking beer?

    Lucas : Dragonfly Nymph. You ever see one?

    [Lucas holds up a beer bottle with a bug inside] 

    Rena : Oh, it's ugly. Glad it's not bigger than me.

    Lucas : It turns into something very beautiful, Rena.

    Rena : Is that possible?

    Lucas : Yeah, can you imagine that? Turning from something ugly into something beautiful.

    Rena : No. Frankly, I can't.


    Rena : You going to bring it to Carlson?

    [Lucas then throws the bottle as it splashes in the water] 

    Rena : I thought you had a date.

    Lucas : Nah.

    Rena : Well, are you going in?

    [Lucas nods no] 

    Rena : Why not?

    Lucas : Thinking.

    Rena : About what?

    Lucas : Romeo and Juliet.

    Rena : Really? How come?

    Lucas : How old were they? Do you know?

    Rena : She was 13, and I guess he was about the same. Why?

    Lucas : Two different worlds, huh?

    Rena : Romeo and Juliet? Yeah.

    Lucas : That can be a problem.

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