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  • Modern grave robbing "archeologists" find perfectly preserved specimens from the past of a man, a woman, and their child. Unbeknownst to the scientist and his two bumbling assistants, these are vampires immobilized only by the paper spells pasted on their foreheads. While transporting the child to a buyer, its spell blows off and the vampire child escapes and befriends some local children. Eventually, the parent vampires are also awakened and escape, but by now the local herbalist is on their trail to destroy them.


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  • Grave-robbing Professor Kwok Tun Wong [Fat Chung] and his bungling assistants, Chicken [Billy Lau] and Sonny[?], make what they think might be a major find--three corpses from the Chien Lung reign. One is a woman, another looks like her son, and the third looks like the father. A family! Not only are they dressed in clothing and jewels from that period, but the corpses themselves are perfectly preserved. In fact, their flesh is still soft. The discerning viewer will recognize, of course, that the yellow talismans pasted on the corpses' foreheads are wards against the undead. This is not an ordinary family...it is a family of chiang-shih!

    Professor Kwok telephones Mr Nelsson, who requests a sample of the find, so the professor and Sonny transport the boy. On the way, the talisman is blown off the little chiang-shih's forehead and he escapes. Meanwhile, Chicken is attempting to discern the meaning to the talisman on Mama's forehead. He removes it in order to look it up in a book, which says that the talisman "touches yin and yang and unites the five elements. It can exorcise all kinds of spirits. It's called the 'corpse-appeasing talisman'. Any corpse pasted with it may get provoked. Descendents shouldn't tear it off or it may resurrect." While Chicken is reading, Mama [Pauline Wong] awakens. Thereafter follows seven minutes in which both hopping vampires try to get the bite on Chicken (actually, Papa succeeds) until the professor and Sonny return and help to subdue the vampires.

    Chicken takes his bitten arm to the local herbal store where Master Lin Chin Ying [Ching-Ying Lam] recognizes the bite as that from a vampire. Chicken won't tell the truth about where he got the bite so, after treating him, Master Lin follows Chicken. Lin's assistant Jen [Biao Yuen], an aspiring photographer/reporter follows Lin. Gigi [Lee Choi Fung Moon], Lin's daughter and Jen's girlfriend, follows Jen. The trail leads to Professor Kwok's house. When Kwok, Chicken, and Sonny go in search of the chiang-shih boy, Jen decides that this is a perfect time to investigate Kwok's house. Jen finds the corpses of Mama and Papa and, while trying to photograph them, succeeds in awakening them. Thereafter follows 11+ minutes in which both hopping vampires try to get the bite on Jen, Gigi, and Master Lin while Jen tries to subdue them with a foul-smelling sedative, which causes everything to occur in slow motion. Finally, Jen successfully subdues them by pouring pints of the sedatives down the throats of Mama and Papa.

    When Chicken learns that the only way he can recover from a vampire's bite is to get some blood from a chiang-shih, he goes to the morgue where Mama and Papa have been taken. Jen and Master Lin have also gone to the morgue in order to spear the hearts of the vampires, but the corpses are too frozen for the stakes to penetrate. Likewise, their skin is too frozen for the hypodermic needle to penetrate, so Professor Kwok orders that the bodies be taken back to his place. While in transport, Mama and Papa escape, hopping from car roof to car roof and causing major chaos such that a TV crew shows up to report the damage.

    Meanwhile, chiang-shih boy has found his way into Mr Hu's [Fung Wo] greenhouse, where he meets and befriends Mr Hu's daughter Chia Chi [?], who hides him in her bedroom closet. Since the vampire boy doesn't speak, Chia Chia names him "OK Boy" and introduces him to her brother and to all her friends. OK Boy is enjoying his new friends until he sees his Mama and Papa on the evening news and he starts to wail. Mama and Papa hear his cries and follow them to Mr Hu's house. They chase Mr Hu and his children from room to room until OK Boy intervenes and forces his parents to leave his friends alone. However, when the hopping vampires attempt to leave, the waiting police shine intense lights on them.

    Fortunately, Master Lin shows up. He and Jen manage to drive a stake through Mama's heart and, after luring Papa into the greenhouse, set the joint afire. Badly burned, Papa escapes but the police kill him with a calcium sulfate bullet. Still protecting OK Boy, Chia Chia begs Master Lin to spare OK Boy. They change his clothes, and Jen and Lin carry him out, vowing to help OK Boy into "early, happy reincarnation", Buddha be praised. As Master Lin, Jen, and OK Boy walk away, they are suddenly confronted with Chicken and Sonny, both of whom have become vampires. [Original Synopsis by bj_kuehl]

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