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An Oscar tragedy? Not that far off.
Warning: Spoilers
"A Greek tragedy" is a Belgian 6.5-minute animated short film that won writer and director Nicole Van Goethem an Academy Award 30 years ago. I wish I could say something more positive given her untimely death, but I am very much baffled by the film's success. The animation is not too bad for the 1980s and I have seen worse winning Oscars from that decade, but the story is really strange, uninspired and uninteresting. This makes me actually glad that Oscar-winning short films these days are very much superior in terms of the plot and this does not only apply to this film here, but to many Oscar winners from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s in the animated short film category. So yeah, back to this one: The story is entirely comedy, at least for the audience, but it is never funny. I don't think I smiled once. Not a good film and I cannot recommend it.
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THIS won the Academy Award?!
MartinHafer11 February 2008
A Greek TRAGEDY is one of the more unusual winners of the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film--partly because it seemed so ordinary and partly because a ground-breaking film (LUXO, JR.) didn't. LUXO, JR. is a very simple film by the standards of today, but it was one of the first short released by Pixar Films and opened up a Pandora's Box of CG animation. Because it was so important (and fun to watch), it is amazing that it was only nominated.

As for A Greek TRAGEDY, the story is told through more traditional hand-drawn animation. And as for the quality of this animation, it's okay, but not what you'd expect for an Oscar winner. I'd like to say that at least it had a good story, but frankly it was only okay as well. So I am left asking myself "why"--why did this ordinary film win? I wish I knew. Perhaps computer generated graphics were just too new to be considered by some to be animation.
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Good (but not great) animated short
Robert Reynolds28 November 2001
This short won an Academy Award. Not having seen either of the other nominees, I can't say whether it should have, but it is a head-scratcher. The animation is good and it's an enjoyable short, but it isn't terribly special. It may well be suffering by comparison to the shorts that it accompanies on The World's Greatest Animation. The short is a good one, but it really isn't one of the greats. Still well worth seeing.
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