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  • In the International version a lot of additional scenes were used, which can all be labeled as plot and/or comedy scenes. Especially pointed out can be the scene with Cynthia Rothrock and co, for example, in which there's a little bit of fighting going on and the conflict between the western characters and the Asians is of some importance. At the beginning of the HK version, a longer additional scene is shown which explains the character of Sammo Hung and his relationships to women much better, quite useful for the general understanding. Moreover, there are some new short fight inserts and some shots during the argument between Sammo and Cynthia are a little bit longer. It's hard to say which version should be preferred; both of them have their advantages. The HK version of course is pretty interesting because of the longer action scenes at the end and the second introductory scene for Sammo's character. But in return, there are missing some nice comedy scenes from the international version, even if some parts are a little bit too stretched out.

    The French version is cut differently than the International Version. The conversation of Sammo Hung and one of the prostitutes at the beginning was also removed here, although this scene shows his character and his intentions quite well (which is even more visible in the HK version, as mentioned in the other cut report). Consequently, they also cut out some later scenes in which the romantic part, his relationship to Olivia Cheng's character, is thematized and so this plot line was a little bit reduced. Eric Tsang, as chief of the security, is also not that present - the scene with the horse was completely cut out, while in the German version only the discussion at the end was missing (the following magnet part was also missing there, but the French version contains this part). A few further comedy moments were also removed. Edit (Coming Soon)


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