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Spoofing the Stone
ebiros213 September 2012
In the '80s Golan Globus made many action oriented movies that were entertaining and easy to enjoy. This one is another one of their movies that features Chuck Norris.

These guys sure had the formula down. They were the Asylum of those days, borrowing ideas from other A list movies and making a spoof. The quality of this one is one of the best out of all the movies they've made. There's plot, there's story, and there're the actors.

If not high on seriousness, the movie is high on entertainment value.

World really looked different in the '80s. Things were much more light hearted. I'm not sure if the world we live in today is better than it was back then.

Nice effort on the part of the producers, and the actors did just fine. One of the better Chuck Norris film from the '80s.
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What are the odds...
witsend646 June 2002
...of running a Jeep into a huge water-hole in the middle of the desert?I don't know, but Chuck Norris did in this surprisingly funny flick. It seems people either like it or hate it. Granted, it's no classic, but it is funny (not hilarious) and the whole family can watch it together. It has some pretty good gags (like our two heroes dressed up in priestly frocks) and one liners ("You'll still be bald"). It's a good example of efficient 80's film making. Don't expect a bloated CGI filled Speilberg epic. Firewalker is just plain fun.
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I disagree with the one who said Pathetic
dch4816 May 2006
I actually think this movie is Norris's best effort to date. I enjoyed it. The interplay between him and Gossett was good stuff and it didn't have much of the martial arts nonsense I hate so much. I give it a 9 out of 10. I liked the story and to me, Chuck was funny. He's a far better actor than Seagal, but then, who isn't? It's kind of a pity Chuck didn't continue along the lines of this movie and went in other directions. None of which, in my opinion, were as entertaining. As a rule, I never watch any movies made by Martial arts people turned "actors" but I made an exception for this one and was pleasantly surprised. Not a classic by any means, but worth watching.
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One of Chuck's Best Performances
curtis-827 April 2006
"Firewalker" is more than a bit of a mess. Like most movies from the Cannon studio, it's not low budget enough to dip into Ed Wood land, but not well done enough to rise to a major studio production. The sets are cheap and the story is not much more than a vaguely connected series of scenes referencing better films--but I think the filmmakers were well aware of these and other shortcomings and set a self effacing, tongue in cheek tone from the start. Though as sloppy and slapdash as most of director J. Lee Thompson's other 80's efforts, "Firewalker" shows Thompson turning these attributes to his advantage and giving us a breezy, goofy, self-aware-yet-totally-clueless, low budget pop culture gem. I don't think anyone was under the impression that they were making the next "Raiders of the Lost Ark," they just wanted to give us some old fashioned fun. I mean, an Academy Award winner costarring with CHUCK NORRIS? How could it not be great in its own way? And while we're on the subject, this is one of the few films where you couldn't call Norris "Old Stone Face." In this film Chuck gives one of his liveliest, most natural performances ever--almost charming. Too bad he didn't work with Thompson more often.
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I actually like this one.
Aaron13755 March 2003
No matter how bad a movie may be to most people someone is going to like it, and I like this one. Not the greatest film ever made by a long shot, for me it has a certain charm to it. I think Chuck Norris and Louis Gossett Jr both do great jobs and work well and complement each other. The story has them going after a bunch of gold. Along the way they run into many obstacles. This movie for me has a nice combination of action and humor, and it is definitely more fun if you don't take it too seriously. Despite the fact it is rated so low though I saw it is worth a look...but you may want to read the other reviews here first.
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Great comedy adventure
Wyndeweavyr25 May 2006
I personally love this movie. I think the interaction between Norris and Gossett is hilarious. Quite a few of the fight scenes are really funny, while still showing good action. One of the best things about this movie is that Chuck Norris isn't perfect in it. His character fights very well, {the karate sequences are excellent} but he can't hit the broad side of a barn with a gun, and isn't particularly bright.

For those that hadn't figured it out, this is intentional. I found the imperfect Chuck to be a delightful part of this movie. I thought it was a great spoof of the treasure hunter movies. and it's tongue in cheek approach was very refreshing.
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Entertaining and light comedy/adventure in which a trio of adventurers set out to find a hidden cache of gold
ma-cortes8 August 2013
Fun and amusing comedy about a pair of down-and-out fortune hunters cash in on high adventure . As a duo of adventurers , Max Donigan (Chuck Norris) along with his friend Leo (Louis Gosset Jr) set off on a treasure hunt . Both of whom are hired by a gorgeous girl called Patricia (Melody Anderson of Flash Gordon , whose hair perfectly intact throughout) . The girl and mercenaries set out in search for a treasure she's imagined exists . Along the way the way , they kill Native Americans attempting to protect sacred Indian grounds . The trio confront risks , dangers and other obstacles until achieve their objective . All of them try to track down an ancient Aztec/Mayan/Egyptian/ Apache horde of gold as they end up in a Mayan temple of Doom besieged by Coyote (Sonny Landham) .

This is an average quality film plenty of adventures , brawls , fun scenes , a few bar fights , humor with tongue in cheek , fantasy and results to be amusing ; however , some moments being boring . Chuck Norris character is a blending between known Indiana Jones and his popular role as a tough , two-fisted man and fellow mercenary played Louis Gosset -not too distant Oscar winner for ¨An official and a gentleman¨- is very well . Both of them have great chemical as a duo of soldiers-of-wacky misfortune who take several dangers that are able to overcome with ease . In a hand , if you enjoy funny stories and have a soft spot for attractive characters and scenarios, you are in for a great one ; in other hand if you don't like Norris kicks , silly humor and bemusing situations , then this one will not be for you and get bored . Passable production , medium budget by Cannon films , Menahem Golan-Yoram Globus , and poorly realized . Producers left room for sequel but as a box office failure was never carried out . This is Aaron Norris' , Chuck Norris' brother, last film as a stunt coordinator , he began his career as a director with his next film, his brother's Braddock: Missing in action 3 (1988) . Anti-climatic musical score by Gary Chang , being composed by means of synthesizer . Atmospheric though dark cinematography by Alex Phillips filmed on location in Durango , Morelos, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico Torreón, Coahuíla, and Churubasco Distrito Federal , Mexico .

The fare was regularly directed by J. Lee Thomson . He previously had a nice track record in the English cinema from 1950 until 1961 , directing good Western ( McKenna's gold , White Buffalo) and all king genres as Sci-Fi (Conquest and Battle of planet of apes), terror (reincarnation of Peter Proud, Eye of the devil), adventures (Flame over India ,Kings of the sun, Taras Bulba , Tiger Bay) and Warlike ( Guns of Navarone, Von Braun , Chairman , The passage). His two biggest successes turn out to be ¨Guns of Navarone¨and ¨Cape Fear¨. Thereafter , the filmmaker's career subsided in a morass of slickly realized but middling films. He moved into the field of international spectaculars , at which point his filmmaking seemed to lose its individuality . J. Lee Thomson working from the 50s in England, finished his career making Chuck Norris (Firewalker) and Charles Bronson vehicles (Caboblanco, Evil that men do, Messenger of death, Death Wish 4 : Crackdown, Caboblanco, St Ives). Firewalker rating : Mediocre , but it will appeal to Chuck Norris fans .
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An enjoyable adventure
dspires17 September 1999
The special effects for this one are (what can I say?) missing, but the story-line is interesting, and the cast obviously had fun making this film.

The problem most viewers would have with this is that it's not a karate flick (sorry). No, this one is an adventure comedy. As for not being Abbott and Costello, nobody but the incomparable Bud Abbott and Lou Costello could be. What we have here are reluctant, but trusting, partners. This story revolves around a long-lost mythical treasure (Romancing the Stone?), guarded by a demigod with supernatural powers (Jewel of the Nile?).

Take the kids and have a good time.
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Grab a beer, lay back, and enjoy this confused but very entertaining ride!
illegal_alien5120 April 2004
Here I come, knight in shining armour, to rescue you, Firewalker!!

I don't see why so many people gave it not only low rating but also very negative reviews. On the other hand, maybe after reading this review many people might think that I am an utterly hopeless... person (but I doubt that I am if I may say so myself ;-)

I virtually love this film! I even baught it on VHS!! So there! ;-D

Yes it is most certainly some kind of Indiana Jones story, but hey?! How many of you out there who love the I.J. movies do not think that there are far too little such movies ever made, the true adventure stories in an undiscovered world! Next thing is that this movie is certainly not trying to be better than I.J. because it is quite clear it can never be, but what it does is open its own realm so it can co-exist with whatever you want to compare it to.

Anyway, I think Norris acting is rather bad and clumsy. He plays like a frozen brick (unless its in the fighting scenes). Louie... I think he gives the movie what it deserves. But what I just did is something you shouldn't really do with this movie - look at each actor at a time. Because both actors form a greater whole than what they individually could create! They are a real acting team in some way, both are somewhat lost in the world, they don't seem to really belong in that adventure business, they should have rather stayed at home and become park rangers of the smallest parks they could find... but since they didn't: all what they are, do and represent turns into some kind of comical base for the movie. What is comedy? Mostly that you find something in a place where you wouldn't expect it! That is the case with those two dorks out there in the jungle! They don't even know how to fire a pistol but they do it anyway!

This movie is in a way innocent and easy going. It is not so much about having a mission and being unbeatable and hard as iron on your way to your goal. It is rather about not being sure how, but going there anyway without even really being prepared for it so to speak.

No, for gods sake, don't take it seriously, just turn off your sensors and let it fill your brain with all the nonsense, the many very nice humourous scenes, the sometimes flat but charming dialog, the playfulness and the situations where the heroes are in trouble but where you know they're gonna make it eventho they are a bit stupid but they manage anyway because they just hang on and have a bit of luck (which they definatly need).

This is a very easy going, fun and entertaining movie. Rip-off or not, it has it's very own style, pace, and most certainly a LOTTTT of charm!
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Lets look for treasure!
lost-in-limbo5 November 2006
Max Donigan and his partner Leo Porter are two soldiers of fortune. Leo is thinking of calling it quits, but when a young lady, Patricia comes by with a map and asks for their help of finding a lost treasure. They take up the task with adventurous results and must face El Coyote, a descendant of Indian priests.

What a team! Chuck Norris, Lou Gossett and Melody Anderson gave this buddy flick much-added spark with their cheerful banter and charismatic persona. "Firewalker" does go for that "Raiders of the Lost Ark" appeal, but only in small doses and in a very cheap foray. The comic book premise is outrageously silly and pure corn, but it's an eventful ride with spontaneous actions making it unpredictable and the mockery was a nice touch. It even walks a fine line between the supernatural / superstitious elements. There's not doubt it's quite childish, far-fetched and it might not be a successful blend, but director J Lee Thompson makes great use of the fiery performances, easy-going script (even though it will make you roll your eyes for most part) and stunning locations, which kept me involved. It took a while before Norris released those infamous skills he bestows, but when in the flow. Watch the damage occur! As Norris is on the job. Gossett chips in with nice array of wisecracks and the two formed a great, side-splitting and believable team. Anderson simply radiates in her quirky role. Sonny Landham makes one hammy villain with a hokey evil laugh. At best these are cartoonish characters with a lot of charm and a growing appeal.

It maybe wasn't as fun as I remembered it to be when I saw it ages ago, but it's a enjoyably lightweight and unpretentious romp with Norris kicking in with his slow motion jump kicks. Oh yeah!
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Raiders of the Lost Budget
utgard1420 January 2014
Chuck Norris and Lou Gossett, Jr. play a couple of soldiers of fortune who have lots of forced banter and get into wacky adventures. Look out fellas because blonde cutie Melody Anderson has a treasure map and is looking for partners. Cannon's entry into the adventure film boom of the '80s. But this is no Indiana Jones or Romancing the Stone, no matter how hard it tries to be both. Norris and Gossett give their best Hope & Crosby impersonation but it doesn't work. Gossett fares slightly better than Norris at the comedy but not by much. Both are embarrassing. Looking pretty is all Anderson brings to the table, though she certainly brings a lot of that. Cheap production values (it was Cannon so you knew that would be the case), lame dialogue, and derivative plot. Still, time has granted it a charm of sorts that many '80s films have. Nostalgia I guess. Love the cave painting that appears to have been done in crayons.
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A great Chuck Norris flick
jheilmanjr013 November 2001
I have to say that I thought "Firewalker" was one of Chuck Norris's best films. I know many don't agree with me on that, especially my movie critic partner, Bryan, but truly, if you look past the cheesiness at some times, the movie was quite entertaining. It's actually one of my favorites too. I guess I could never explain thoroughly as to why I think that it's a great movie, but maybe being a Chuck Norris fan is one. The movie is no longer in print, so the only way to see it, is by renting it at a movie store. I actually got lucky enough to find a copy of it at Best Buy about 4 years ago. If you haven't yet seen it, I suggest renting it and seeing for yourself.
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I'm convinced that Firewalker was a pleasant comedy.
mopar-man19 March 2006
I just got a kick out of the Firewalker movie. I enjoyed the comedy very much as well as Chuck Norris's fights. I also enjoyed the roles played by Louis Gossett, Jr. and Melody Anderson. The adventures of those three were very impressive as well as the variety of rolls played by them. I also got a kick out of the rolls played by Will Sampson as well as John Rhys-Davies. I enjoyed Chuck Norris's role in that movie much more than some of the very serious roles that he has played in many other movies. I purchased that movie on a DVD a relatively short time ago and have enjoyed it so much that I've watched it many times. I also have a couple of Chuck Norris's other movies on DVDs but did not enjoy them nearly as much as Firewalker.
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Max, Leo and Fruitcake.
hitchcockthelegend2 January 2017
One of the many treasure seeking action adventure films that surfaced after Raiders of the Lost Ark reignited the flames in 81, Firewalker has a somewhat iffy reputation. Yet it's a glorious cheese sandwich of a movie, a ball of laughs and high energy jinks, a pic where Chuck Norris, Louis Gosset Jr. and Melody Anderson are having fun and not taking it as seriously as some film punters have.

Standard rules apply here, two adventure seeking guys, very buddy buddy and playing off of each other with sarcasm and respect in equal measure, hook up with a sexy gal who has a treasure map - oh and she has a gift involving visions type of thing. Cue lots of scrapes, arguing, bit of romance, more peril, over the top bad guy (Sonny Landham) and a friend in need (an over the top John Rhys- Davies).

In this one we get to see some of Norris' martial arts skills, especially during an action packed bar-room brawl, while the intentional comedy hits the required part of the funny bone (a swimming sequence and the use of religious disguises are particularly fun packed). If you be so inclined then you can easily find problems and weaknesses in the production and technical aspects, but roll with it in the name of mindless entertainment and you can have a blast. I know I did. 7/10
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An 80's cult film in an endless search for an audience.
Analog_Devotee21 May 2020
Firewalker is the story of Max and Leo, longtime friends and adventurers, searching for ancient treasure alongside a woman named Patricia, who has the map but needs assistance with manpower and navigation.

Honestly, after I watched this film, I expected to see at least 20,000 - 40,000 votes on IMDb. But only 5,000 and an average score of 5.2?! Ridiculous!

Now, it is very obvious that they weren't working with a $20mil budget like Raiders of the Lost Ark was working with, but that doesn't mean you should write this movie off as a lost cause without even giving it a chance. What this films lacks in budgetary restrictions it makes up for with good ol' fashion fight sequences, comedy, story, decent acting and great cinematography.

This is a perfectly good film for 80's fans and treasure-hunting-film fiends alike.
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Hijinks ensue. High kicks accrue.
HarryLags20 October 2016
Anyone familiar with Romancing the Stone and King Solomon's Mines will feel right at home seeing Chuck Norris in this lightweight adventure. He cracks jokes, laughs, and romances a pretty blonde while being Lou Gossett's best buddy. It's as fun and innocent as action films get. J. Lee Thompson (who did a bunch of films with Charles Bronson like Death Wish 4 and St. Ives) directed this. John Rhys-Davies (from Raiders of the Lost Ark) shows up in a cameo. Gary Chang did the electronic score.

These soldiers of misfortune are drawn into a quest for Aztec treasure by Melody Anderson, as a beautiful legal secretary with psychic powers. Pursued by Indians of all sorts, guerrillas of all sorts and just one alligator, the trio seeks gems in the jungles of Central America. Hijinks ensue. High kicks accrue.

Norris is still fast on his feet, stomping a Cantina full of Banditos into bean dip. The fight scenes are fine, but only emphasize the plodding pace and the moldy plot.

But for Firewalker, he went more for the comedic action-adventure style and I think he succeeded in doing that very well. Because that's the way it should be enjoyed, as the Sunday-Matinée, popcorn-munching, mini-roller-coaster-ride that it is! There are still some slivers of nostalgic fun to be had here, so if you must delve into the past, why not. Don't take it too seriously and you'll do just fine!
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So, gentlemen. We meet again.
Hey_Sweden13 May 2021
Chuck Norris and Louis Gossett, Jr. Play Max Donigan and Leo Porter, two bumbling adventurers (described in press material as "soldiers of wacky misfortune") hired by the lovely but kooky Patricia Goodwin (Melody Anderson of "Flash Gordon" fame) to venture into Mexico in search of a major cache of gold. Naturally, they run into danger almost all the time, but usually find a way out of it; pursuing them will be a scary, eyepatch-wearing Indian known as "The Coyote" (Sonny Landham of "Predator").

At the time, this was at the least a respectful attempt by Norris to do something different. Although a positively goofy movie (that sometimes plays rather flat), it's hard to truly dislike. It is fun seeing Norris try his hand at comedy, in a story that is a combination of humour, adventure, travelogue, and Indian mysticism. What makes the difference is the ever-reliable Gossett, who's very good as a "straight man" who helps to bring out the best in his co-star. Anderson is appealing as the gal who gets the plot rolling; solid co-stars include Will Sampson ("One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest") as a wise old Indian / exposition provider, John Rhys-Davies ("Raiders of the Lost Ark") as a jovial former comrade of Max who's built his own little empire in the wilderness, and Ian Abercrombie ("Army of Darkness") as a money-hungry barfly who provides information.

The movie gets off to a really, amusingly dumb start as Max and Leo, on the run from bad guys, manage to find the one body of water in a desert - into which they crash their vehicle. The scene sets up this supposed nemesis of theirs (Richard Lee-Sung, "Armed Response") whose role never amounts to much. One hilarious highlight has Max, Leo, and Patricia masquerade as two priests and a nun, who bungle their way through trying to give a wounded person the last rites.

Excellent on-location shooting in Mexico and a decent score by Gary Chang help to make this mildly enjoyable overall. Of course, this being a Chuck Norris movie, it wouldn't be complete without at least one major scene of him using his famed martial arts skills.

Six out of 10.
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A Roller Coaster Ride For The Whole Family
mot_the_barber18 November 2001
In addition to being for the entire family, Firewalker is a roller coaster ride that will leave you wanting more. Hold on to your seats, folks, because this movie's actions sequences will leave you breathless. It has it's highs and lows -- it's ups and downs. And at the end, you may not be able to say that you can walk through fire, but at least you'll be able to say that you've seen the firewalker.

And don't take my word for it! The Sixty Second Review called it "Dazzling" and "Action-packed."

Go out and rent it today!
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a delight from start to finish
dtucker8629 September 2001
I've always been a fan of Chuck Norris and this is my favorite of his films. Someone once said he is the only truly sucessful terrible actor since Audie Murphy, but they need to see this film. He delivers a wonderful comedic performance and he and Louis Gossett Jr. are the best buddy team since Newman and Redford. The camradarie between them is awesome and its a shame they never made another film together. This film is the best treasure hunt film since Sierra Madre with Humphrey Bogart. Melody Anderson is delightful as the mystery woman and she and Norris have several hilarious exchanges. Of course, there are several karate fight scenes excellently staged. It sort of reminds you of Raiders of The Lost Ark because it throws things at you so fast you don't know when to duck and you enjoy every second of it. One of my favorites and I hope future generations realize what a great film it truly is like they did with Citizen Kane.
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I think it's good
clh-115 July 2004
This is a pretty good exploitation flick, made by the Masters of the Genre over at Cannon. (Get the joke? Cannon made Masters of the Universe). It has a now middle-aged Chuck Norris cranking out another of his action films that he loved doing in the eighties. He departs from his other films by cutting back on the kicks and increasing the yucks. It invokes the occasional laugh, but mostly just makes me chuckle (sometimes unintentionally). On the whole I like this movie and hope to one day see it on DVD. The cast were all believable in their roles. Lou Gossett Jr. and Chuck Norris definitely have a real chemistry.

My rating two of four stars. God Bless!
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Bottom-of-the-barrel? Heck no - "Firewalker" is buried about ten feet BELOW the barrel!
barnabyrudge23 March 2006
Can you believe that this film was made by J. Lee Thompson, the director who brought us all-time greats like Ice Cold In Alex, The Guns Of Navarone and the original Cape Fear? Here, Thompson gives us a Raiders Of The Lost Ark variation that is truly as awful as a film can be. "Firewalker" is supposed to be Chuck Norris's attempt to break out of the martial arts typecasting that he had been drawn into, but his efforts at comedy are lamentably wide of the mark. What's worse is the way that good actors like Lou Gossett Jr and John Rhys-Davies are dragged down to standards way below what is expected of them. Everything about this movie is terrible - the only Indy-offshoot I can think of that is worse is the unutterable Allan Quatermain And The Lost City Of Gold.

Ineffective soldiers of fortune Max Donigan (Norris) and Leo Porter (Lou Gossett Jr) are drowning their sorrows after yet another unsuccessful enterprise when they are approached by Patricia Goodwyn (Melody Anderson, from Flash Gordon). Patricia has a treasure map to an Aztec fortune and wants Max and Leo to help her get there. However, there are others who want the treasure too.... and to make matters worse, the treasure is supposedly guarded by the legendary Firewalker of the title.

Norris mugs away embarrassingly as the inept hero, giving the kind of performance that scores points for sheer unintentional hilarity. Gossett mugs too, which is disappointing considering that he had not long since gained an Oscar for An Officer And A Gentleman. Anderson - the third point of this wacky trio - has nothing to do but look cute, which she does with all the inexpressive woodenness of a kiddies' doll. There are continuity errors galore for those who enjoy spotting such things (for example, one eye-patch-wearing villain can't seem to decide for sure which eye he's blind in!), while the sets look so cheap and fake that one wonders if they were borrowed from a school theatre props department. Usually films of this type at least have stirring music or adequate bursts of action, but "Firewalker" can't even manage those - Gary Chang's score is utterly bland, and the action is either farcical or boringly predictable. "Firewalker" is an utter catastrophe: the absolute low point in the careers of everyone in front of and behind the cameras, and the kind of film that makes you wonder if being a movie fan is worth the effort.
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Not for the serious of heart
blackdeep15 February 2009
Honestly? You can't give it a ten. But for just down right fun, for an afternoon with nothing better to do you can't beat it. For those that are looking for a Chuck Norris movie, or expecting Chuck Norris, you might want to stay away. I don't know what people think comedy is, and this doesn't fit in that category. It is light hearted with some good-natured banter, if you are looking for slapstick don't bother. Go get Dumb and Dumber. Take it for what it is, two bumbling sidekicks who get in way over their head, but some how manage to muddle through. So suspend your disbelief, sit back and just have fun, believe me, there are plenty of adventure movies that are much worse.

Tom R.
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'Firewalker' is arguably one of Golan-Globus's most absurdly entertaining, Pizza and Beer-fuelled, exotically far-flung, fist-flying frolics!
Weirdling_Wolf31 October 2021
Forget Torvill & Dean, Siegfried & Roy, or Captain and Tennille, blockbuster entertainment's most dangerously dynamic, ruggedly charismatic, colourfully cinematic couple are the righteously rough n' tumble rapscallions Max & Leo, cult heroes Chuck Norris & Lou Gosset effortlessly make for an impishly irrepressible, adorably roguish pair of morally flexible, magnificently madcap, physically durable adventurers, being plucky, rather than lucky, their grandly conceived, poorly implemented globe-trotting, riotously risk-laden treasure-seeking frequently misfiring, leaving their weary bodies battered and bruised, but even with wallets, and bellies empty, their indomitable warrior spirits remain unbowed! On one fateful eve they meet the blazingly beautiful blonde Melody Anderson, a headstrong woman, whose wining smile, velveteen thighs, and heady promise of a vast, cryptically well-hidden cache of Aztec Gold proves impossible to resist to these thrill-seeking, all-too mortal men, thus engendering a heroically hog-wild roller-coaster ride of gallopingly Gung ho, Golan-Globus goodness! Talented genre director J. Lee Thompson's delightfully quirky, explosively action-packed, mystically inclined boy's old adventure is a break-neck paced, B-movie classic, propelled by a suitably kinetic score by maestro Gary Chang, and is blessed with a great supporting cast, including an marrow-freezingly menacing performance by Sonny Landham as the truly nightmarish 'El Coyote', with the Stentorian John Rhys Davies making an indelible impression as the mad mercenary 'Corky'. There is a delightful whimsically to J Lee Thompson's greatly undervalued actioner, and Norris and Gossett have a surprisingly sparky chemistry, while the talented Gossett is clearly the finer, more nuanced Thespian, super-swarthy, iron-thewed martial arts wizard Chuck certainly makes the most of his uniquely robust physicality, and is a consistently fun, skell-savaging protagonist! For me, 'Firewalker' is arguably one of Golan-Globus's most absurdly entertaining, Pizza and Beer-fuelled, exotically far-flung, fist-flying frolics!
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Low-budget "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in Aztec/Mayan territory
Wuchakk26 September 2017
RELEASED IN 1986 and directed by J. Lee Thompson, "Firewalker" concerns two happy-go-lucky fortune hunters (Chuck Norris & Louis Gossett Jr.) who partner with a cute blonde (Melody Anderson) with a treasure map to an ancient Aztec/Mayan/Apache hoard of gold in Central America.

Whether or not you can appreciate this flick depends on if you don't mind low-budget, comic booky Grade B adventures. Right out of the gate it's clear that the soldier-of-fortune buddies don't take grave life-or-death situations seriously, which kills any legitimate sense of realism and suspense. That said, the movie's fun if you can roll with it rather than against it. It's energetic, colorful and genuinely adventurous with lots of action and actors who are obviously having a blast. I've never seen Melody Anderson before, but she's a winsome delight who's easy on the eyes, to say the least. I wish they did more with her, but they do enough.

Towering Native Will Sampson appears as an aged Apache shaman. He was only 51 during filming and surprisingly thin (compared to previous roles), but palpably happy (as opposed to his typical grimness in previous roles). Unfortunately, he would pass away two years later due to complications from heart & lung transplant surgery.

Let me close by saying: While this pales in quality compared to "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (1981), I'd view it before any of the three sequels because, while it lacks their production polish, it's simply more entertaining IMHO.

THE FILM RUNS 104 minutes and was shot in Mexico. MAIN WRITER: Robert Gosnell.

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Better watch „Raiders of the lost ark"...
Maziun19 August 2013
Or "Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom" . Or "Indiana Jones and The Last crusade" . Or "Romancing the stone". Or "Jewel of the Nile" . I just gave you 5 better movies to watch instead of this piece of crap.

It's not that I was expecting a masterpiece. I would be happy with a decent adventure movie . I like Louis Gossett Jr. . I don't mind Chuck Norris. J. Lee Thompson is a director of famous "Cape fear" . It's not strange that I hoped for some quality. It was also a chance to see Norris outside of his standard type of action movie.

"Firewalker " is a cheap movie . Cheap humor , production values , uninteresting action and lame dialogues. I think that even the awful "Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of Crystal skull" was slightly better than this . Watch it only if you're a fanatic of adventure movies.

I give it 1/10.
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