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The X-Files Just Aired Its 'Shippiest Episode Ever, And We Feel Heard

The X-Files Just Aired Its 'Shippiest Episode Ever, And We Feel Heard
Need to catch up? Check out the previous X-Files recap here.

It’s ironic that last week’s episode of The X-Files was titled “This,” because that’s my exact response to the show’s most recent hour.



This is what my X-phile ‘shipping heart has longed for all through nine seasons of television, one pretty good movie, one incredibly bad movie and two seasons of revival: Mulder and Scully, spooning in bed, talking about their future and acknowledging that they’ve had Biblical knowledge of each other. (And if you come at me with “That kinda happened in I Want to Believe,
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Our Five Favorite Sonny Landham Movie Moments

Fans of actor Sonny Landham were sad at his recent passing at age 76. The Native American actor is well known for playing the role of Billy Sole in the film “Predator” (1987). He also joined Arnold Schwarzenegger as he played the part of Billy Bear in “48 Hours.” The beloved Cherokee and Seminole actor also appeared in “Firewalker,” “The Warriors” and “Poltergeist.” He did not limit himself to one career. He also ran for a political office in the state of Kentucky and was a professional stuntman. In his earlier years as an actor, he starred in a number

Our Five Favorite Sonny Landham Movie Moments
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Sonny Landham, Action Star of Predator, 48 Hours Dies at 76

Sonny Landham, Action Star of Predator, 48 Hours Dies at 76
Native American actor Sonny Landham, who portrayed Billy Sole in 1987's Predator, has sadly passed away at the age of 76. Landham was part Seminole and Cherokee and starred along side Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator as well as roles in 48 Hrs. where he portrayed Billy Bear, The Warriors, Poltergeist, and Firewalker where he starred alongside Chuck Norris and Louis Gossett Jr. In addition to being an actor, Landham was also a professional stuntman and ran for political office in Kentucky, following the lead of fellow Predator stars Schwarzenegger and Jessie Ventura who became the governor of California and Minnesota, respectively.

Variety reports that the Sonny Landham died on Thursday at the age of 76 from congestive heart failure in Lexington, Kentucky. The actor had pretty much stopped acting in recent years and dedicated much of his time to politics, but never succeeded in holding office after not being able to obtain the
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‘Firewalker’ Blu-ray Review (101 Films)

Stars: Chuck Norris, Louis Gossett Jr., Melody Anderson, Will Sampson, Sonny Landham, John Rhys-Davies, Ian Abercrombie, Richard Lee-Sung | Written by Robert Gosnell | Directed by J. Lee Thompson

Looking back now – three decades later – it’s hard to believe that the idea of an archaeologist as The go-to film hero was, oftentimes, a guarantee to bring in the punters and create a big-money blockbuster movie! Indiana Jones, Romancing the Stone, King Solomon’s Mines, etc. all graced the big screen to varying degrees of success during the mid-80s; and yes, it was Spielberg’s film that reignited the genre but it took Cannon Films – the purveyors of low-budget, high-concept big screen bonanzas – to really put the fun into this now-buried treasure of a genre.

After hitting it big with King Solomon’s Mines, they milked the classic character for another big-budget (at least for Cannon) movie before the flash-in-the-pan adventurer genre faded.
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Blu-ray Review – Firewalker (1986)

Firewalker, 1986.

Directed by J. Lee Thompson.

Starring Chuck Norris, Louis Gossett Jr., Melody Anderson, Sonny Landham, Will Sampson, John Rhys-Davies, Ian Abercrombie.


A pair of hapless adventurers take on a job to find priceless Aztec gold but are pursued by a vengeful spirit who will stop at nothing to protect it.

Back in the mid-1980s there was a brief moment when ripping off Indiana Jones movies was a thing and, as was the norm, it was the legendary Cannon Films who were the masterminds behind many of those low-budget gems. Whilst the mainstream responded to Harrison Ford’s archaeological adventures with the likes of the slick Michael Douglas-led romp Romancing the Stone, Cannon gave us the lacklustre King Solomon’s Mines and its sequel Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold (both of which featured a young Sharon Stone alongside Richard Chamberlain in the lead role
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NBC orders 5 more 'Marry Me' episodes

  • Hitfix
NBC orders 5 more 'Marry Me' episodes
NBC orders 5 more “Marry Me” episodes That brings the total Season 1 order to 18 episodes. Broadcast TV is getting raunchier Competition with cable has led shows like “New Girl” to talk about fisting, “The Mindy Project” to tackle anal sex, and “How to Get Away with Murder” to discuss penis pictures. Carol Burnett is writing a book about her variety show In a conversation with Rosie O’Donnell, Burnett says the book will include liner notes of some of her and the cast’s favorite sketches. Click Read Full Post For More Emily Watson joins Lifetime’s “Marilyn” miniseries The Oscar nominee will play Marilyn Monroe’s guardian. Did “Sons of Anarchy” just jump the shark? The FX series might've shown its dumbest scene yet on this week's episode. How “Garfield” the cat saved primetime cartoons The "lasagna-loving, Monday-hating orange feline” paved the way for shows like “The Simpsons.” HBO expects
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Spend Christmas Eve with a Chuck Norris movie marathon

Spend Christmas Eve with a Chuck Norris movie marathon
Die Hard may always take all the action-movie attention around Christmas, but this year, Chuck Norris is stepping in to challenge John McClane's holiday throne. Encore has announced a marathon of classic Chuck Norris films, beginning at 1 a.m. on Dec. 24 and lasting into early Christmas morning, when Hero and Terror airs at 1:35 a.m. on Dec. 25. The marathon will air on Encore Action and include four Norris films repeated three times each. So fear not—if you happen to flip into the last half-hour of Code of Silence, Norris as cop Eddie Cusack will return later in your Christmas Eve festivities.
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Sky announce a butt-kicking season of Chuck Norris movies

Knowing how much we love the bearded butt-kicker, the folks over at Sky Movies Action & Adventure HD have sent us details of their forthcoming new movie season dedicated to action legend Chuck Norris. The channel will be showing one of his movies a night for an entire week from October 17th to October 23rd.

Chuck Norris week includes his two most famous franchises: Missing in Action and Delta Force, along with the still not on DVD flick Firewalker. The full schedule includes:

Monday 17th October, 11pm – Missing In Action

Tuesday 18th October, 11pm – Missing In Action 2: The Beginning

Wednesday 19th October, 11.35pm – Braddock: Missing In Action 3

Thursday 20th October, 12.10am – Firewalker

Friday 21st October, 12.05am – Delta Force

Saturday 22nd October, 11.05pm – Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection

Sunday 23rd October, 11.50pm - Invasion USA
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