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Sex & Nudity

  • Ferris is sitting at his computer while talking to Cameron. The computer screen is shown with a paint drawing of a nude female. Scene is only shown for a few seconds, but may be offensive to some.
  • A man and woman start kissing heavily.
  • A girl teenager asks a guy teenager if he saw her changing into her swimsuit. He says he did, meaning he saw her totally naked, but she says she isn't embarrassed (though we don't see anything).
  • A teenager poses as his girlfriend's father in order to sneak her out of school. In view of the principal, they kiss passionately; the principal only responds "so that's how it is in their family."
  • A Nurse-O-Gram calls at a house and, when the door is answered, sings, "I've come to restore your pluck because I'm the nurse who likes to f---" before the door slams shut.
  • At one point Ferris says of Cameron, "He'll marry the first chick he lays..."

Violence & Gore

  • Ferris smacks Cameron over the head after he screws up a prank phone call.
  • Jeannie kicks Mr. Rooney thrice in the face, leaving him with a bloody nose.
  • It is implied in one scene that Mr. Rooney smashed a flower pot on a dog. The dog then bites his leg.
  • Cameron smashes in the front grille of the Ferrari with his foot, which sends it careening through a large window and into a ravine. We later see it wrecked in the foliage.
  • We hear a dog mauling Mr. Rooney off-screen.


  • In the beginning of the film, Jeanie flips off Ferris while he's in bed. But most won't see it and will just think she's scratching her mouth.
  • There is one clear use of fuck. At a baseball game Cameron screams out a possible one. Mr. Rooney faintly grunts "Oh fuck" at one point, but it's pretty hard to catch. And there is one which never got said, but it is implied that they said it, but it will probably fly over most kids heads. One middle finger
  • Around 22 uses of "shit" and it's variations.
  • "Son of a bitch", "bastard" and "hell" are all used about 10 times.
  • About 20 to 30 uses of "asshole" or "ass"
  • Two uses of "dickhead"
  • One use each of "slut", "sexy", "Jesus" and "whore"
  • Three uses of each of "crap" and "piss"
  • "Damn" "Oh God" and "Goddamn" are both used about six or seven times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A scene at a restaurant where rich people are drinking wine and smoking.
  • A scene at a pizza place where people are drinking beer.
  • When Ferris' sister Jeanie is at the police station, there is a punk kid whose eyes are bloodshot and he asks Jeanie if she is there because of drugs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a scene where Cameron falls into his pool like he doesn't care if he drowns or not. Ferris jumps in to save him, and it turns out he was faking.
  • Ferris, Cameron and Sloane pretend that Sloane's grandmother has died, at first some kids might not get that it's a setup.
  • In one of the last scenes, Ferris gets caught by Mr. Rooney, who says he wont let him graduate, but he gets saved at the last minute.
  • Jeannie punches out Rooney and runs off as he falls to the ground comically.

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