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Great, mindless, action-packed fun
Warning: Spoilers
It was 1987 when I first heard of this movie. It was the very first time I'd heard of Gary Busey and a trailer for this movie was the first time I ever heard the famous Survivor theme song. I hadn't seen the whole thing until about 2003 though. But, being a fan of mindless 80s action movies, I'm glad to say I was not let down when I finally came to own a copy of this movie.

It's sad that Busey never really made it as a leading man, because in this film he gives an absolutely fantastic performance as the wronged man Buck Matthews. Unfaily sent to prison by corrupt sheriff Seymour Cassel for killing a man in self-defence, Vietnam vet Buck is released and heads home. Things have gone decidedly bad since he was gone as the town is now in the grip of a sadistic, drug-running motorcycle gang headed by AIP veteran William Smith. Needless to say, the sheriff is on the gang's payroll and also happens to be Buck's parole officer, so things don't look good for our hero.

The film is, of course, a revenge picture as Buck engages in single handed combat with the gang after they kill his wife and traumatise his daughter. He even has his own special vehicle for the task: a weapon-laden pick-up truck sent to him by a Latino drug lord whose life he saved while in the slammer. Yes, it's THAT kind of film.

But it is actually pulled of rather well by writer Michael Montgomery and 'Vanishing Point' director Richard Sarafian. The action sequences, though sometimes grisly (a wire decapitation), are handled well, especially Buck's final assault on Smith's stronghold when good cop Yaphet Kotto finally decides to step in and help him. Kotto, Cassel and Smith all turn in excellent performances, with Cassel being particularly slimy as the crooked cop. It's very satisfying when he gets his comeuppance. The final fight between Busey and Smith is very well-handled.

Although the famous Survivor song is a bit overused, it seems very appropriate for the movie's action. The original music score by Don Preston is very rousing as well. I can honestly say that while Busey is excellent at playing villains like Mr. Joshua from 'Lethal Weapon' and Commander Kril from 'Under Siege', he shows here that if you give him decent enough material, and overlook some of his personal problems, he can carry a film and make it enjoyable. I enjoy 'Eye Of The Tiger' thoroughly as a great 80s action 'missing gem', and I recommend it to my fellow IMDb users with confidence.
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A Fun Movie! In my opinion, it's possibly Busey's best role.
RTheManF8924 November 2008
I recently purchased this, well not purchased, but my dear mom was nice enough to buy this DVD at Ross today for the low price of just $4.00. At first, I actually had no freakin' idea that this was on DVD to begin with. I thought the only available copy was the OOP VHS from USA Home Video (Which is now Lions Gate). It had a cooler cover than the DVD, but before I get back to the movie, I would just like to make a little rant about how the big Hollywood studios (And the greedy sharks that own them) keep changing the cover art (Or force the art department to do so) for DVD releases. This one's a good example. The cover art for the original VHS of this movie made it look fun and imo, somehow dramatic, but this cover looks like it's been made over at MGM using Photoshop. It just doesn't make the movie look good to a buyer. It seems like these studios could really care less about nostalgia and just only care about making it appeal to today's youth. I guess you could also say that the cover for this made it look like a Transporter Rip-Off or a John Woo- type movie from 2001.

Anyway, back to the movie. It's about a Vietnam Vet/Ex-Con (He had been convicted for a crime he didn't commit) named Buck Matthews (Played by Gary Busey in as I stated, quite possibly his best role.) who had just been granted parole and he goes back to his hometown to move on with his life and his family, his wife Christie (Played by Denise Galik) and Jennifer (Played by Judith Barsi from the awful "Jaws 4: The Revenge", may god rest her poor soul). We then see Buck at the police station, where he meets the corrput sheriff (Played by Seymour Cassel) and meets up with J.B. (Played by Yaphet Kotto) Also, Buck encounters a biker gang (The leader Blade, being played by the always awesome William Smith from "Maniac Cop") attacking a nurse, and saves her life and he becomes a town hero. However, it isn't long before the gang attacks Buck's house and kills Christie. Then, the movie starts to move into Death Wish territory.

I do not feel like going further for the moment (I really don't want to spoil anything for anybody), but I will say the rest gets more exciting every minute. That's just my opinion though.

As for the DVD itself, there really isn't much, although MGM did do a good job with the very beautiful widescreen quality. There is a trailer, but that's pretty much it for extras. There could have been like a director's commentary or even a commentary by either Busey or Kotto or all 3, but I really don't know.
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* * * Out Of Five
bronsonskull7218 March 2006
Gary Busey stars as Buck Matthews a reformed ex-con and ex-Vietnam vet who wages war on bikers responsible for the murder of his wife, Busey resorts to the usual manner in dispatching these bikers, often playing grisly practical jokes that involve using wire at neck level, to decapitate his foes. The fight really reaches the boiling point when the bikers snatch Matthews' daughter (Judith Barsi) and therefore even Buck Matthews turns to his fellow Vietnam vet buddy J.B Deveraux (Yaphet Kotto) and together they blitz the biker's stronghold in this more fun than you would expect one man army thriller. If you really need an accurate description, just picture Death Wish 3 with Gary Busey instead of Charles Bronson. However what makes this biker entry so much fun is watching the traps Busey sets up for the bikers, which always have grisly (and hilarious) results.

3/5 Matt Bronson
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Grade A B-movie
jzastrow-39 November 2007
This just came on late-night television and I was captivated. It's everything you want in a B-movie. Bikers getting decapitated, hilarious fistfights, and GARY BUSEY. Clearly not a comedy, but I was laughing for half the movie.

If you're one of those people (like me) who enjoy brainless 80's action movies, especially ones with non-sequiturs and the most unbelievable dialogue ever written, then you would enjoy EYE OF THE TIGER. I was entertained.

I really don't know what else there is to say about this movie. So in closing: Gary Busey.
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This place is crawling with lice, and you're acting like it's Mayberry R.F.D.
lastliberal19 April 2009
It don't matter to me.

No, it don't matter that this film doesn't have the greatest actors. Gary Busey does a great job as a Vietnam Vet who comes home to lose his wife to a gang of motorcycle thugs, led by A-number-one total scumbag with a really bad haircut, William Smith. Yaphet Kotto is a perennial favorite of mine, and he does the right thing her. Yeah. And then there is Seymour Cassel as the crooked Sheriff that needs to be taught a lesson.

Yes, the story is pretty unbelievable, but that doesn't matter. It's the little guy getting kicked around, the cops on the take, the townspeople who have ceased to care, and scumbags that need to be flushed down the toilet.

A guilty pleasure for when you need to get the adrenaline flowing.
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Busey gets the lead...and gets revenge!
ManBehindTheMask639 September 2008
Gary Busey plays an ex-nam vet and recently released convict (he is innocent...he was framed) Buck Matthews. He returns home to his family only to find that the town has become over run by a deadly biker gang that sells drugs all over the world. The sheriff has been paid off, so there is no law and the biker's get away with murder (literally!). So when Buck decides to rescue a woman from getting raped by the bikers...the bikers wage a war against him, killing his wife and destroying his home. So Buck decides to take the law into his own hands and seek revenge for this wife and protect the town. It's a pretty simple plot that's fun to watch. The acting is excellent and it is interesting & cool to see Busey play the lead hero for once. The action is decent, with lots of chases and a hand to hand fight scene against the head baddie at the end. The film has good budget and the movie was put together well. The song "Eye of the tiger" is obviously used during the opening credits and at the end when he goes on his vengeance spree. Overall, it was a cool flick that was made cooler by the fact that Busey was the lead action hero. There's a nice decapitation scene in there too.
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You can't go wrong
John Seal17 November 2003
When your cast includes Gary Busey, Yaphet Kotto, Seymour Cassel, and William Smith, you know the film will be entertaining--even if it is as absurd as Eye of the Tiger. Busey gives a great impassioned speech in a bingo hall about his days in 'Nam, Kotto cuts a rug whilst dropping grenades from a biplane, Cassel twirls his moustache, and Smith--well, Smith and his semi-mohawk have to be seen to be believed. Let's just say that if you're a fan of Smith's '60s biker movies, you'll love Eye of the Tiger. The only strikes against the film--besides the ridiculous plot and shoddy writing--are the awful Survivor theme song (already used in Rocky III) and Kotto's hair, which appears to be a severely overcooked process 'do'.
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Overlooked, Superb 80's Action Flick
hammerfan18 October 2006
Gary Busey had his best starring role outside of 'The Buddy Holly Story' in this 1986 actioner. He stars as typical 80's action hero, Buck Matthews. He's a decorated Vietnam vet, husband and father, and a wrongly convicted ex-con.

Fresh out of prison, Buck heads home to his small town to lie low and reconnect with his family. This plan goes south in a hurry. His parole officer is the sheriff who set him up on murder charges in the first place. Then Matthews runs across the deadly drug-running biker gang who has been terrorizing the town while he was in prison. What makes things worse is the gang and the sheriff are in business together.

Matthews rescues a rape victim from the gang one night and receives the wrath of the gang's leader, played by veteran bad guy William Smith. Without giving away a crucial plot point, I will simply say that tragedy ensues. Buck goes on a vengeance spree that would make Charles Bronson proud.

This is not the type of movie that is nominated for awards and is discussed on any best movies ever list. It is, however, a fantastic example of the type of action / revenge movies that were popular in the 1970's and 80's. Invite some buddies over, heat up the popcorn, and enjoy this awesome movie.
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An enjoyable no-brainer, starring the world's greatest actor.
moz-12 March 2001
Well, let me start by saying that Gary Busey is without doubt, my favourite actor of all time. He has an everyman quality which no one else really posessed in the 80's. Don't get me wrong, I don't think he's Bobby De Niro, but he's cool okay, so get off my back. Eye of the Tiger, then. A highly enjoyable movie from a great director. Yeah, it has no brains and yeah, the plot fits on a stamp, but any movie with this theme music is always gonna bring a smile to peoples faces. There are countless great moments with the ever watchable, Busey and Yaphet Kotto. Admitedly, the pace does slack a little too offen, but the decapitation scene and the questioning scene rank up there with my favourite moments and it does have the best pull-focus of all time. Watch when you want some 80's action with a little more breeding than most.
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I want that Pick-Up Truck!
Coventry2 August 2009
"Eye of the Tiger", as sung by Survivor, must be one of the most recognizable and overused 80's songs ever released. The song itself is pretty much an 80's phenomenon, as it's still a classic regularly to be played at dance parties and served as theme song for at least two authentically 80's action flicks. Originally the theme song for the third (and coolest) film in Sylvester Stallone's "Rocky" cycle in 1982, but a couple of years later it also became the title and theme song for this obscure but sweet and exhilarating mid-eighties revenge movie starring the underrated Gary Busey in a rare heroic role. "Eye of the Tiger" is clichéd and heavily derivative stuff, but it's just a simply irresistible action flick with stereotypical small townsfolk and over- the-top cheesy bits of violence. Around that particular 80's period, it was extremely popular in movies and TV-shows for the hero characters to move around in hi-tech vehicles chock-full of hidden armory and mechanical gimmicks. So, yes, Gary Busey also has one: a beautiful black bulletproof Dodge pick-up truck with enough artillery to armor a middle-sized ghetto!

Buck Matthews is a former Vietnam veteran and ex-convict (why choose just one clichéd background if you can have two!) who returns to his beloved hometown, only to discover that a lot of things have changed. The little town is overrun by a gang of criminal bikers, who are running a drug lab in the nearby desert, and they cause amok and raise fear among the villagers. The local sheriff is as corrupt as the pest and even the rest of the police force is too afraid to make an arrest. When Buck prevents the bikers from gang-raping a nurse one night, he involuntarily declares war. The bikers respond by destroying his house, killing his wife and traumatizing his 6-year-old daughter. The only thing for Buck left to do is wipe them all out, with the help of his old friend J.B. and some useful four-wheel-driven donations from his rich and influential former prison buddy. Admittedly this is just another action/revenge movie like there are thirteen in a dozen, but it's nevertheless great fun to watch. "Eye of the Tiger" is full of raunchy sequences that you've seen numerous times before, but remain awesome, like biker-decapitation through wires across the road and dynamite sticks up someone's pooper. The film is very mundane, cheap and trashy- looking, but you're still likely to have a great time. Director Richard C. Sarafian also made "Vanishing Point", which is arguably the coolest and most brilliant 70's car chasing movie ever made, and could here rely on a pretty solid cast. There's Busey, obviously, but also stellar performances from Yaphet Kotto ("Alien", "Across 110th Street") and super-creep William Smith ("Nam's Angels", "The Swinging Barmaids"). My favorite role comes from Seymour Cassel as the Sheriff. He's a sleazy, arrogant and utterly corrupt racist bastard and Cassel depicts him wondrously.
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Decent 80s action.
Scott LeBrun15 April 2013
Overall, "Eye of the Tiger" basically gets by thanks to its cast. It's a pretty routine revenge saga of one good man (here played by Gary Busey) going up against forces of evil who institute a reign of terror in his peaceable small town. The antagonists in question are a lethal biker gang who of course aren't happy when Buck Matthews (Busey) intervenes when they attempt to rape a nurse (Kimberlin Brown). So they retaliate by invading Bucks' house and murdering his wife (Denise Galik), traumatizing Bucks' young daughter Jennifer (Judith Barsi) in the process. Fed up with an ineffectual jerk sheriff (Seymour Cassel) who's out to get *him*, Buck takes the fight to the bikers, but at least he won't be completely alone: his good friend J.B. Deveraux (Yaphet Kotto) joins him, albeit reluctantly.

Taking its name from the famous Survivor song popularized by its use in "Rocky III", it's very nicely shot (by Peter Lyons Collister), who creates some great visuals using the headlights on the bikers' motorcycles. Its small town atmosphere is enjoyable; it was filmed on location in Valencia, California. The stunts are good, Buck is equipped with a badass truck, and there's plenty of explosions to ensure the audience remains interested. There's also a real mean streak here that gives the movie some much needed edge. For one thing, the bikers dig up the wife's coffin and parade it in front of Bucks' home. For another, Buck displays some ingenious ruthlessness, sticking a lit stick of dynamite up a bikers' ass to get him to spill information.

The acting and directing talent involved guarantees some curiosity value. Richard Sarafian of "Vanishing Point" fame guides a cast including the spirited Busey and such consistently solid performers as Kotto, Cassel, and Bert Remsen. It's also hard to resist any movie with the almighty William Smith in a bad guy role, and he's perfectly cast as Blade, the leader of the gang. The final fight between him and Busey is worth waiting for.

Despite its predictable nature, this is a watchable B movie. For some viewers, it may not matter that it's not inspired stuff. Sometimes formulaic action fare is all you want, and that's what "Eye of the Tiger" delivers. Fortunately, at the very least it's never boring.

Seven out of 10.
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A cool movie about motorcycle gangs.
jeffman5200116 December 2005
"Eye of the Tiger" is a real awesome action film with a great cast, Gary Busey, Yaphet Kotto, Denise Galik-Furey, who is best known for her roll in the 1984 mini series "V: The Final Battle", and William Smith, who starred in such films as "Red Dawn" and "Any Which Way You Can". Seymour Cassel is awesome as the corrupt sheriff in the movie.

The movie starts out when convict and Vietnam Vet Buck Matthews(played by Gary Busey) gets released from prison, a fellow convict tells him if he needs anything, let him know. Buck gets home to his wife(played by Denise Galik-Furey) and daughter, things seem alright, but a biker gang is terrorizing the small town they live in.

Buck is having to deal with them, they murder his wife and cause his daughter to go into shock. Buck's problems are also bad with his parole officer(played By Seymour Cassel), who is also the sheriff of the town is in league with the biker gang. Buck goes after the gang, he asks the members of the town at the bingo game to help him but are afraid. the only one who will help him is his friend J.B. Deveraux, who is also a Vietnam Vet too.

This movie is an awesome film, the most memorable scene is when one of the bikers who ended up in the hospital, lost his voice cause of Buck Matthews, is forced to tell him where the gang took his daughter. Buck takes a stick of dynamite and puts Vaseline on it and shoves it up his butt and lights it, telling the guy that he has some seconds to write it down, which he does and Buck leaves letting to fuse on the dynamite run down and the biker dies of a heart attack, to this day, I still laugh at that part in the movie.

I give this film 10 out of 10 stars.
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Sturdy and stirring 80's action outing
Woodyanders8 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Tough and resourceful Vietnam veteran and ex-con Buck Matthews (an excellent and engaging performance by Gary Busey) gets released from prison only to discover that his home town has been overrun by a vicious biker gang led by the ruthless Blade (the almighty William Smith in peak scurvy form). Buck enlists the assistance of his easygoing fellow 'Nam vet buddy J.B. Deveraux (a fine portrayal by Yaphet Kotto) to rectify the situation. Director Richard C. Sarafian, working from a tight script by Michael Thomas Montgomery, relates the engrossing story at a brisk pace, maintains a harsh gritty tone throughout, grounds the premise in a believable working class world, makes good use of the dusty desert locations, and stages the thrilling action scenes with rip-roaring gusto. The sound acting from the capable cast keeps the picture buzzing: Bert Remsen as concerned priest Father Healey, Seymour Cassel as the slimy corrupt sheriff, Denise Galik as Buck's loyal wife Christie, Kimberlin Brown as fetching nurse Dawn, and Judith Barsi as Buck's adorable daughter Jennifer. Moreover, this movie not only delivers a few neat bits of brutal violence (a decapitation by wire rates as the definite gory highlight), but also several inspired sick touches (Buck shoves a lit stick of dynamite up one biker's butt and the bikers dump Christie's coffin in front of Buck's house after they kill her!). Peter Lyons Collister's crisp cinematography gives the film a cool slick look. Don Preston's rousing score does the pulse-pounding trick. A nifty flick.
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Gary Busey tougher than ever
Zvoni4 February 2012
This breath-taking and all guns blazing vigilante flick from 80s is something to look for. Note: If you are fan of films like First Blood, Commando, Lone Wolf McQuade and Death Wish 3 this is a must-see. Gary Busey is tougher than ever in this film, this was his effort to make it bad-ass like Stallone and Norris and he really nails it, teamed with always solid Yaphet Kotto. Talking about mean villains in action flicks, the biker gang here really is something. Conclusion is of course over-the-top final battle action. The biggest surprise is that this movie ain't Cannon Films production, it sure has same feel in it. Don't know what's the point of naming the film after that Eye Of The Tiger song, it's cool title, but song was embodied with Rocky pictures so much already at the time when this came out in 1986. That original track actually plays also in the film if someone wonders. But anyway, absolutely fantastic action classic from the 80s is the case.
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Decent 80's action movie
sveknu21 February 2010
I had never heard of this movie before, but it had Gary Busey, a decent plot, a great cover, and most importantly: It's an 80's movie. So I decided to check it out, and I don't regret it. Although not overloaded with action, it has enough to make the fans happy. The action scenes were great, lots of explosions and over the top stuff in general. Busey is good in this, even though he is better as a bad guy. When he is a good guy, he's an anti-hero at best. The story is nothing special, it has been done before and will be done again at a later time. But the action scenes and some great characters (e.g. the main bad guy, plus Busey's buddy ) made it interesting. Sitting through this is not a waste of time.
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A fun, forgotten 80's gem, well worth a watch for 80's action fans!
Brian Bell4 June 2013
Gary Busey is fantastic as a just-out of jail Vietnam vet, wrongly imprisoned years before by his hometown Sheriff. He returns home to his wife and daughter, only find himself harassed by the local Sheriff (Seymour Cassel) that had him imprisoned years before. Buck Mathews (Busey) refuses to leave town, so the Sheriff hires the local biker gang to harass Mathews and and his family. Things go too far, and Mathews sets out on a mission of revenge against both the gang, headed by Blade (a maniacal Vernon Wells of Commando fame), and the Sheriff.

Eye of the Tiger is a great B-movie. The cinematography and directing are great, and it has a wonderful cast. Yaphet Kotto is perfect as Mathews old buddy, who is now an about- to-retire deputy to the corrupt Sheriff. The two team up to wreak havoc on the biker gang and deal out damage from the ground and air.

If you enjoy 80's action, and especially if you like Gary Busey, this is a B-movie worth seeking out. It's a good revenge story, full of good over the top 80's violence, and it has a great cast. Plus, it uses Survivors classic Eye of the Tiger song as it's theme! Whether you are relaxing on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or drinking beers with buddies on a Friday night, if you enjoy 80's action, this movie is for you...
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deserves a better rating
nomoons1112 April 2010
I think the reason this doesn't get a better rating in here is because of the story's believability factor of the movie. It's a "0". Nonetheless its quite an entertaining movie for what it is. If it's got Gary Busey and it's from the 80's, chances are you're gonna get entertained.

Busey is his usual self as an Ex-Con who comes home to a bunch of desert dwelling drug smuggler bikers who harass a town incessantly. If you anything about Gary Busey then you know eventually, he takes care of business. Obviously this isn't up to par with say, Die Hard, or even Cobra or Raw Deal but it delivers the revenge goods for your watching pleasure.
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Yeah, go mess with Gary Busey and his family. That's always a smart thing to do.
Vomitron_G9 June 2009
Gary Busey is the man and this time he's even granted a leading role as an ex-Vietnam veteran, ex-convict and reborn family man forced into a position that leaves him with nothing left but... revenge on his mind. Sounds cool, doesn't it? But jeez, I thought this flick would be at least a bit more fun. Turns out it's nothing more than an average watch, really. I kind of anticipated it to be a FIRST BLOOD (1982) rip-off, given Busey's character and the local sheriff antagonizing him and all, but it's not. Probably would have been more fun if it was. Now, the main evil-doers are some motorcycle gang who've taken on the role of drug-runners near a small town. During one of their nightly pillage & rape routines, they run into Gary Busey who will not have this type of misbehaviour. He rescues some nurse and the biking gang-bangers are not very happy about this. You can pretty much guess what happens next.

There's some fun stuff in this film (decapitaing a biker while riding his motorcycle, dynamite up someone's naked ass,...), but the movie drags too much in places. And when Gary Busey does get his act together, it's basically just him and the bikers teasing each other with various acts of the disturbed. Fair enough, only EYE OF THE TIGER lacks a lot in graphic violence. The climax near the end (as implausible it may be, bombing the desert hideout, automated bazooka's coming out of Busey's truck and such) was silly fun, but the 'end-bossfight' was short and highly unmemorable. Also, the film lacks a true villain. The Boss of the gang was shown too little and just didn't do anything remotely menacing. It all turns EYE OF THE TIGER into an average time-waster, nothing more. Have low expectations and you might not mind having seen it. Obviously, it's still a better accomplishment than Lamberto Bava's BLASTFIGHTER (1984), a rather similar film, but EYE OF THE TIGER simply can't compete with stuff like COBRA (1986), COMMANDO (1985) or the aforementioned first RAMBO film. Even MALONE (another 80's Burt Reynolds action-vehicle and pretty much the same film) was better in most ways.
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You go out after them your going alone
sol6 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** After being railroaded by the town Sheriff, Seymour Cassel, for a justifiable killing, in defending himself in a bar brawl, Buck Matthews, Gary Busey, is back to start his life all over again and on the right track.

With the town Sheriff looking for every excuse to put the "Mad Dog Killer" Buck back behind bars he instead becomes the town hero by saving nurse Dawn, Kimberln Brown, from being raped or possibly even murdered by a gang of outlaw bikers. Buck's heroic action not only angers the bikers but the Sheriff as well in him being shown to be the ineffective lawman that he, as well as everyone in town, knows that he is.

Finding out Buck's address from a TV news clip the bikers lead by the wild and crazy as well as a drugged up Ray, Michael S. Walter raid Buck's place running down his wife Christie, Denise Galik, and killing her as well as seriously traumatizing his 6 year old daughter Jenny, Judith Barsi. Getting in touch with his former prison cell-mate Jamie, Jorge Gil, back in Miami where he runs a major crime syndicate Buck receives all the firepower he needs, including a machine gun cannon and rocket launching pick-up truck, to take on the outlaw bikers. Buck's one man guerrilla war starts with the psycho biker Ray being ambushed and ending up losing his head!

It's later when Buck together with his good friend and fellow Vietnam war buddy J.B Deveraux, Yaphet Kotto, start knocking off the bikers with guerrilla war tactics it becomes very evident,if it didn't already, that the bikers have a friend in the town's police department! That chicken sh*t lily liver-ed Sheriff who's been taking drug pay-offs from the bikers to look the other way!

***SPOILERS*** With no one but J.B coming to his aid Buck and his pick-up truck take the fight to the biker's base-camp outside of town where they run their drug operation. with Buck doing the driving and shooting, machine gun rocket and cannon fire, and J.B, a licensed pilot, providing the air support the bikers are put to flight on foot with their bikes no longer operational. The Sheriff ends up getting a free ride on Buck's pick-up truck with him being handcuffed to the steering wheel as it gets a direct hit from a biker artillery shell. As for the the biker's head man Balde, William smith, the late Ray's brother he ends up getting all that's coming to him not only absorbing a dozen or so knuckle sandwiches, courtesy of Buck Matthews, but stuffing himself with all the coke his nose can handle and overdosing on it!
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Middling '80s Actioner
utgard1410 December 2013
Gary Busey gets released from prison and returns to his wife and daughter to live in his hometown. Unfortunately for Gary, his town is now overrun by a biker gang, helped by a corrupt sheriff who is giving Gary a hard time from the first moment he steps foot in town. Then Gary saves a nurse from being gangraped by the bikers and all hell breaks loose. They attack his home and kill his wife. So there we have the setup for an '80s revenge movie. Busey calls in a favor from a drug-lord he saved in prison and gets a weaponized pickup truck. Yeah I said that. Then, because he's a Vietnam vet in an '80s action movie and must be a one-man war machine, he goes about attacking the bikers with guerilla tactics. This, of course, just pisses the biker leader Blade off more. Eventually we head to the showdown between Busey and his buddy Yaphet Kotto in their super truck versus the bikers.

It's a by-the-numbers action revenge movie from the '80s. Not one of the best but not the worst either. Somewhere in the middle. The inclusion of the Survivor song is baffling. They even named the movie after it. It really has nothing to do with the movie at all.
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Good cheesy 80's action
nzswanny20 March 2016
This movie is basically about some motorbikers killing a man's wife, so the man get's a good revenge on the motorbikers and forces people to join ignorant slobs on his side. Sound's like a terrible movie, right? Surprisingly, not bad, but not good either. It is something that most movies fail to attempt at - make you hate it and love it! This movie is an action packed cheesy 80's gem, starring that one famous actor, Gary Busey! This film may be cheesy, but it's cheesy in a good way! Whoever doesn't like this movie needs some serious help, because although it isn't 10/10, it's still pretty damn good. Gary Busey will impress you with cheesy acting, as you watch this amazing film that ripped off the theme song off Rocky, called, Eye Of The Tiger! 6.3/10!
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A classic 80's B-movie
ehilmarsen18 June 2001
Gary Busey in the role he is born to play! A Vietvet who comes back to the town he left and then the riot is on.. With he's "been drinking whiskey since childhood" voice and bad guy look he crushes all resistance!. A must see for all action B-movie lovers. Gary rules.....
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It's the Eye of the Tiger...
sol-7 July 2016
Titled after a 'Rocky' theme song but owing more to the 'First Blood' and 'Death Wish' franchises, the plot here has a Vietnam War veteran returning to his small country town after a stint in prison, only to be tormented by both the local sheriff and a drug peddling motorcycle gang. 'Eye of the Tiger' lacks the charismatic antagonists of the 'Death Wish' films and the Vietnam War commentary of 'First Blood', but Gary Busey is great in the lead role and it is a surprisingly well filmed affair. The way the camera simply lingers on Busey's traumatised daughter after a home invasion is an excellent touch and over-the-top as some of the stunts are, they are rivetingly edited. As a message movie, 'Eye of the Tiger' is hit-and-miss. There is an uneasy scene in which Busey pontificates to the uncaring locals as they play bingo and turn a blind eye to the gang's reign of terror. Busey's dialogue in general clicks though; "I grew up here" and "it's not much, but it's home" is enough to justify why he stays and does not simply leave in the first place. Moralists should be cautioned that (unlike the 'Death Wish' films), 'Eye of the Tiger' is extremely pro-vigilante without much thought dedicated to the detriments of taking the law into one's own hands. The film works surprisingly well even with a such a stance though as Busey is always first and foremost motivated out of a desire to protect his daughter rather than get revenge per se. Elements of post-Vietnam War disenchantment do not hurt either, though 'First Blood' still remains the go-to film for such an angle.
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"I'm praying for vengeance"
lost-in-limbo17 March 2013
I never really understood the title of the film, but I guess having Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" and its instrumental riffs finding its way in was good enough. That aside this Gary Busey vehicle was a predictable action programmer, but at the same time rather likable nonsense. I'm so use to seeing Busey playing some type of bad guy in action features, so this was a complete change of pace and quite a courageous, if collected turn. Although it was not hard to cheer on his character, as he takes matters into his own hands by tackling two hissable villains; an excellent Seymour Cassel as the town's corrupt sheriff and the imposing William Smith as an notorious biker who leads a large group of thuggery biker drug-runners. While it was Smith who was the main villain, for me it was actually Cassel who stole the limelight with his detestable turn. The confrontations between Busey and Cassel's character added spice and their shady history engaged. While Smith seems to stay in the background (posing on his bike, standing about looking important and playing stare offs), that's up until to the brutal climatic showdown beat-down with Busey. It's out-and-out bruising.

Buck Matthews is a highly decorated Vietnam veteran who has just been released from prison and returns to his home town hoping to settle down with his wife and daughter. But that's not the case for Buck. As the town Sheriff has it in for him and he gets involved with some drug- running bikers, which sees him losing his wife and his child being hospitalised. But his alone in seeking revenge, as on one else wants to get involved.

The lead-up is slow and routine in it's well worn plot mechanics and revenge format, where moments of heart-ache and reflection is broken up by explosively violent and over-the-top mayhem. Wait to you see the new pick-up truck. What actually occurs is ridiculous and at times too convenient in the tit for tat game, therefore the harrowing impact it created in the beginning stages doesn't have the same affect by turning into a live-action comic book. Just think of the one man army chaos that erupted at the end of "Death Wish 3". Setting it in a small isolated rural town gave it a western approach and crafted some atmospheric encounters. Also showing up in the cast is solid character actor Yaphet Kotto playing Buck's good friend and Bert Remsen as the town's priest.

Standard, but entertainingly trashy b-grade vigilante action fare.
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A scene toward the end looks familiar
ncwood19 June 2014
It ran on one of the lesser movie channels tonight. I was struck by an action scene toward the end.

Gary Busey is driving his pick-up in a killing raid against the drug manufacturers. Its rear end opens up to reveal heavy weaponry, used to wipe out the gang members.

The flick includes threatened family members, various levels of corruption and biker gangs.

Guessing Vince Gilligan saw this show at some point.

Ever since "Who'll Stop the Rain?" I'm always good for a Gary Busey movie. (Speaking of that movie, whatever happened to Michael Moriarty?)
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