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The original release of the movie contained cuts which were implemented by the MPAA in order to prevent an X rating. Scenes for which movie kept getting X rating were all the gore scenes which were re-shot by studio orders. Movie was submitted to the MPAA 13 times before it finally got an R rating. Uncut scenes have been restored on the DVD release from the Twisted Terror Collection released by Warner Bros. on Sept. 25th, 2007. These scenes are:
  • When Samantha is dreaming about her father coming into her bedroom and she breaks a vase and stabs him with it, close-ups of Sam's face getting hosed with blood are present.
  • After Samantha murders her father in the basement boiler, Paul comes in and pulls the upper half of his body from the boiler and you get several more seconds and close-ups of his charred skeletal face.
  • The infamous 'basketball' scene in which Samantha kills Elvira with a basketball is extended to show more of Elvira's head exploding all over the wall and her headless body walking directly from the wall instead of cutting back to Samantha's face and then showing the body walking around as in the VHS release.
In an earlier rough cut of the movie, Elvira's death was filmed to be less gorier than in the final cut. Instead of shattering her head with a basketball, Sam smashes Elvira through her front door leaving the upper half of her body hanging outside the door and the lower half still inside. In the scene where Elvira's body is carried out on a gurney it's still visible that door of her house have big hole which was made in original version of her death scene. Dialogue said by Dr. Johanson where he says that her head was smashed all over the room is heard off screen, meaning that it was probably added later when scene was changed. Some promotional material such as original lobby cards show parts of original death scene.
Several seconds of gruesome footage, including the entire "basketball death", were removed when the film was first released in Ontario, Canada.
The original Australian Video Version has all scenes that were cut for R rating in US totally uncut. These scenes are: Sam's father being stabbed with the broken flower vase and blood spurting out of the broken end all over Sam, Sam putting her father in the cellar furnace is uncut, Elvira Parker's death scene is totally uncut, Sam's father's burnt head coming through the bed is also uncut.

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