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Sex & Nudity

  • Implied sex between two teens; cuts away at beginning to next morning. Guys accidentally walk in on girl changing out of clothes a couple of times; nothing visible. Mentions of "sporting house" and "sporting girls" from long ago. Woman (apparently in thrall to devil) doing sexy wild dancing, although very mild compared to "how the kids dance nowadays". Implied references to prostitution in motel attached to bar, possibility of teenage runaway girl forced into prostitution (not explicit, goes over the head of young kids), teenage runaway girl goes to motel room with middle aged man for purposes which are not made explicit, man takes shower (nothing visible) while girl begins to undress in bedroom (nothing visible), instead girl robs man of money and car.

Violence & Gore

  • Beginning of bar fight, more ludicrous than violent; bartender fires shotgun into air to end fight. A few scenes of brandishing pistol for self defense, also for robbery.


  • 2 F-words.
  • Other words include: S**t, ass, damn, godamn, bastard, bitch, son of a bitch, hell

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A couple of scenes in bars/dives; many patrons apparently pretty drunk. Old "bluesman" hitting the bottle from time to time, offering it to teenager once in a while. Teenager getting (one only) drink in bar. Not much smoking, other than background scenes in bar. No drugs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • "Devil" (just a well dressed guy acting "evil" in a polite way) might be too much for really sensitive young kids. Steve Vai playing guitar in full "possessed by evil" mode, more likely to be too much for real young kids.
  • R rating doesn't really make sense. Should be PG-13.

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