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Two Words--> Critters rock
Ryan J. Gilmer8 May 2000
and they roll and they chew and they eat and eat and eat. Darn those space people for solving the critter problem.

This was one of those TV late night movies that is totally awesome because of its creativity. Oh course while I watched it, I had no dreams of Gremlins and never connected the two.

In reality, I guess Critters are Gremlins without the Gizmos, but then again Gremlins without Gizmos are just plain mean.

and Critters are just mean....

They kill with no reason, they eat like there is no tomorrow, and even the Church cannot save the poor town's cattle.

As far as a classic, this is not, but it and Tremors are up there with the most immaginative and creative horror movies of the past few decades.
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Amusing Sci-Fi Horror Thriller with an Sense of Humor.
Lucien Lessard3 August 2005
Eight flesh eating aliens has escaped from a maximum security prison in space! These aliens are traveling to Earth to eat anything living. The Brown Family (Dee Wallace Stone, Billy Green Bush, Scott Grimes, Nadine van de Velde) are being stalked and trapped in their own farm house. The only ones that could help The Brown Family is a shape- shifting trigger happy bounty hunters that could help destroy the aliens.

Directed by Stephen Herek (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Life or Something Like It, Mr. Holland's Opus) made an genuinely well made low-budget sci-fi/thriller with comedic overtones. This film was a small box office success. The film went on to be a Cult Favorite. Also starring in this film is M. Emmet Walsh as a Sheriff, Terrence Mann as the lead Bounty Hunter and Don "Keith" Opper as Charlie. Which Opper did some additional writing for this film. Lin Shaye from "Kingpin" and "There's Something About Mary" fame has a bit part. Watch for Billy Zane has a bit part as well.

DVD has an sharp anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1) transfer (Also in Pan & Scan) and an good digitally remastered:Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround. DVD also includes an alternate ending as a hidden feature. "Critters" is amusing knock-off to "Gremlins" but done extremely well, despite it's low budget. Written by the director and Domonic Muir. From a Story by Muir. Robert Shaye (The Then-Founder of "New Line Cinema") executive produced the film. This is worth seeing. Followed by Three Sequels. (*** ½/*****).
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Entertaining and fun!
yossarian10020 December 2003
Critters tries to be nothing more than good entertainment and simple fun and succeeds admirably at both. Decent acting, believable characters, and an engaging story prove once again you don't have to spend tons of money to make a good picture.
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Quite fun actually
TheOtherFool27 February 2004
At the start of 'Critters', somewhere in space, 10 'Crites' are being brought to custody, but 8 of them escape, so that 2 hunters have to get them back. Now, this sequence could have easily lasted 10 minutes in any other movie, but 'Critters' doesn't waste time: it takes about one minute. There is no explanation what these Crites are exactly, who the hunters are, or why the're all going to earth. They just do. That way, all the fun happens on the earth. The Crites come to earth nearby a farm in the middle of nowhere (where else really), where they attack the family living there. The usual scenes of the kettle eaten, the silly police chief and the village idiot/drunk who warned everybody this was going to happen are all thrown in, but the movie never loses pace and is pretty funny all around, and not that gruesome either. A nice 80's horror flick, worth watching. 6/10.
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This Movie Is A Classical Version Of Why We Are Afraid Of Monsters
burtgum14 July 2006
Ever since I watched this movie when I was 4, I always knew it would be my favorite of All Time.

This Movie is a perfect look of how we can take a plot that may sound sort of pathetic, and make it a hit. This movie has great special effects for its time, as well as great looks. The Critters are Nasty looking and can give you quite a scare. They'll make you think twice about walking into a basement.

It has been told and said that CRITTERS is a copy of the "CLASSIC" movie Gremlins. Personally, I think thats just an excuse because this movie rocks and put some pressure on the Gremlin people.

You cant look at this movie as a modern aged and modern special effects man. This was 86, and not the biggest time of great effects. Even so, if you haven't seen this movie, get down to the movie store and rent it!
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DarkPhoen1x21 November 2002
This movie is one of the rare low-budget horror flicks that are actually good. The basic plot is that little furry monsters (kind of like hairy kirbys with teeth) land from outer space and begin to eat the town they land by. Pretty basic storyline, but this is a monster movie you know. The Critters (or Krites, to be precise), are, while obviously puppets, very cool and well done. The human actors on the other hand...well, they are terrible. The dad, his shoulder and leg practically gnawed of by critters, remains alert and vigilant, even though he's covered in blood. The boy is average, at best. The bounty hunters are alright. The best actor is Charlie, the drunk. He pulls off a very good performance.

Ok, so this movie won't make any headlines, or be famous. But if you are looking for a late night horror movie, with a dash or two of humor, Critters is a good choice!
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It takes all kinds of critters...
Lee Eisenberg6 October 2006
Ah, where would the world be without corny '80s movies? "Critters" is certainly one of the best examples, portraying a bunch of nasty little space creatures attacking a Midwestern family (it's always gotta be the Midwest, doesn't it?). As this is pure goofiness, they don't waste any time trying to explain anything logically; they get right down to the wackiness, full scale.

Anyway, it's one of those movies that you watch with best buds, or while sitting around in your underwear (or both). Don't explain a religious experience, just luxuriate in the silliness. And to think that it was directed by Stephen Herek, who also directed "Mr. Holland's Opus" (as far as I know, those were the only two good movies that he ever did). Starring Dee Wallace-Stone (that's right, ET's mom!), M. Emmet Walsh (of "Midnight Cowboy" fame), Billy Zane (the "Titanic" villain) and Lin Shaye (the "Something About Mary" neighbor). Really cool.
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Creative and Fun
Michael_Elliott3 March 2013
Critters (1986)

*** (out of 4)

Fun sci-fi spoof about a Kansas family who finds themselves under attack from small fur balls that can shoot out poisonous darts and have an appetite for flesh. CRITTERS was New Line's reply to GREMLINS and for my money it's the better movie. There's no question that this film was made for a rather small budget but I think it's a perfect example of how the genre can be done right without having to spend a lot of cash on special effects. The film offers up some fun homages to other films, some great characters to root for and we're also given some terrific villains who you just love to hate. I think the creatures themselves are certainly the highlight of the picture. Their design really was a work of genius in the way that they can roll to wherever they're going and the darts are just an added goodie. I really loved the way that they looked and there's no question that those teeth are priceless. While the things aren't ever scary I really don't think they need to be because this picture really isn't about being scared but it's about just having fun. It also doesn't hurt that we're given a great family to cheer for along the way. Dee Wallace Stone play the mom, Billy Green Bush the dad, Scott Grimes the son, Nadine Van Der Velde the daughter and M. Emmet Walsh plays the local Sheriff. We also have Billy Zane in a small role as a boyfriend. The performances are also extremely good here including the always reliable Dee Wallace Stone. Grimes makes for a good guy to cheer for as well. The film really doesn't contain any major violence, which wasn't the norm for the horror and sci-fi genre from this period but the creativity here really makes up for that. Director Stephen Herek really does a nice job mixing everything up and he keeps the film moving at a terrific pace. The film has plenty of laughs but best of all is that you can just sit back and have a good time with it.
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Cheesy eighties garbage - but good fun!
The_Void17 September 2007
I saw this film for the first time as a kid on a coach on the way home from a holiday in France. I guess whoever was in charge figured all the kids would be asleep by the time they put this on, but I managed to stay awake and watch the lot, and Critters became a firm favourite of mine for the next few years. Despite seeing this film and the first two sequels several times as a kid, I could pretty much remember nothing about it when it came to watching it this time; and despite the fact that Critters is not quite the film I remember it being, this is still a fun little eighties crapfest with plenty to recommend it for! The plot focuses on a war in outer space that spills over onto a farm in a small mid-western town. The town unwittingly greet a meteorite, that later gives way to a host of nasty, furry little creatures with big teeth! Hot on their tails are a pair of intergalactic bounty hunters sent to track down the furballs - but the 'critters' get their first, and manage to cause quite a lot of damage before the bounty hunters eventually arrive...

Critters is clearly reminiscent of the 1984 hit Gremlins, as evidenced by the basics of the plot as well as the focus on humour. The critters themselves are hilarious little creations - thick black hair and a mouth full of teeth, but in their own way they're also fairly frightening! Gremlins isn't the only influence on this film - the whole idea of something bad coming from space being followed by something to stop it obviously came from The Terminator, and there are a number of other ideas taken from elsewhere - but the film doesn't feel like a bunch of stolen ideas, and that is to it's credit. The secluded farmyard setting is also to its credit, and again, while it's not the most original location for a film like this to take place, it works well so that isn't a problem. The cast, which includes the likes of M. Emmet Walsh, Dee Wallace and Billy Zane, all do their jobs well, and the action is always exciting enough to ensure that the film remains interesting. I won't say that this is a classic of the genre - but its good fun and I certainly recommend it.
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A creature film classic
Agent1021 May 2002
While the `B' movie horror flick typically bore and enrage me, this proved to be one of those rare exceptions. I must have watched this movie six times, and every time, I was freaked out by the little critters who couldn't appease their undying need for sustenance. This was quite a cool film to watch, especially when the creatures are finally killed off (which you will have experience for yourself). This is my idea of good mindless fun, which is exactly what I expected from this film.
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Where are the Krites ?
Spikeopath4 March 2008
Unfairly judged as a rip off of Gremlins from 1984, Critters should be thought of as a fun film taking all it can from the glorious peak of 50s sci-fi creature features. From the Critters themselves to every other character in the film, it shouts out as a colourised version of a 50s staple.

Critters escape from a space prison and head for another planet, Kansas {well OK then, Earth}, here they intend to eat every thing that gets in their way. The inhabitants of a small town don't know what has hit them, but aided by a couple of intergalactic bounty hunters, they fight back to hopefully rid their homes of the furry maniacal Critters.

Watching this is like watching a roll call for every stereotypical character ever put into a creature feature film. Cute kid who could be a hero, nice but dim farm hand, homely family with guts and verve, the sheriff who is just not gonna believe what is happening no matter what evidence is produced, and etc. Yet it works because they are homaging past masters, they aren't trying to kid anyone that it's a new idea, it's good fun that doesn't outstay its welcome.

The Critters are great, furry balls of fury with a shed load of teeth that are backed up by off the cuff subtitles to enthasize their grumblings. Genre babe Dee Wallace Stone gets to do her stuff, whilst M Emett Walsh has fun as sceptical sheriff Harv. It's not a classic genre piece by any stretch of the imagination, but it is fun {witness a delightful E.T. scene}, and I for one look forward to part two later in the week. 6.5/10
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A great flick
Critters couldn't be a more simply silly film. After the great gremlins and the poor gollies came this mini monster film is trying to cash in on gremlins success. A bunch of furry food machines escape from a prison asteroid in another galaxy, where just by coincidence the aliens (apart from the critters)all speak perfect English. They head for earth to feed (yet another coincidence)with a pair of English speaking shape shifting alien bounty hunters hot on there ass. They land in Kansas and terrorise a Kansan farmer and his family by eating his cows, eating a local police officer and eating the farmers daughters boy friend. As the farmer and his family hole up in there farm house the bounty hunters land and decide to go about the local town shooting up some of the local landmarks in an effort to find the critters.

I wont spoil the rest of the film for you who have not yet seen it, but you can guess what happens.

It might sound stupid, well it is. But the point is that it dose what it says on the tin. It gives you 80minutes of mindless entertainment with the odd laugh along the way. The acting is decent. The plot is entertaining. The film is a heck of a lot of good old fashion fun!!!
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Those crazy critters
stayhooper6718 February 2003
Critters has everthing a 80`s sci fi movie should have,cheese,rock and pop songs gore and a very good story. Yes many may say this is a rip off of Gremlins..but it is very different in its own way..did Gremlins have bounty hunter...Noooooooo! Yes it knows it may be one..but it has fun.. i mean little fun balls eating people! how grat is that! i think Critters are much more scary then any other thing that breeds because of water.. its got the best setting .. a small farm town.. a house in the middle of no where.. the family makes us like them and fell bad for them.. (Dee Wallace) once more shows us she is the scream queen of the 80`s and look out for a very young (Billy Zane)! also i must say (Terrence Mann)does one of the best parts he showed that he can play a rock star and a bounty hunter all in the same movie! i just cant get tired of that song `Power of the night..Ohhhh the 80`s... sure part 2 ,3 and 4 are ok..but like scream 2 said...nothing can beat number one! so i would say to anyone who sees this to rent this movie... truse me its great..
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Good 80's Sci-fi horror comedy.
Darth-Helmet12 May 2006
Somewhere in space, a prison asteroid was going to have a vicious gang of furry basketball-shaped razor-toothed creatures called "Krites" until they suddenly escape to Earth so they can eat whatever comes in their way. The Brown family ( Billy Green Bush, Scott Grimes, Dee Wallace Stone, Nadine Van Der Valde) will have one hell of a night fighting off these hungry hairballs that not even Sheriff Harv ( M. Emmet Walsh) and lovable drunk Charlie ( Don Opper) can stop them until a pair of intergalactic shape-shifting bounty hunters named Ug ( Terrence Mann) and Lee comes to the rescue to kill these things.

Funny and entertaining horror/Sci-fi comedy with charm and wit plus a good sense of humor. The film was kind of a cash-in on the success of "Gremlins" but it's not really like "Gremlins" but more in the tradition of those 50's Sci-fi flicks and E.C. comics, Billy Zane does a nice early appearance before he became a major star and Don Opper becomes quite the lovable drunk that anyone can relate too.

This movie does have some good special effects for it's time including those bounty hunter transformations, if your looking for a fun lighthearted Sci-fi/horror combo with humor then this is it.

Also recommended: "Critters 2: The Main Course", "The Deadly Spawn" ( a.k.a. Return of the Aliens The Deadly Spawn), "Bad Taste", " Killer Klowns from Outer Space", " The Thing ( 1982)", "Night of the Creeps", "Slither", " Doom", "Mars Attacks!", " Dreamcatcher", " War of the Worlds ( 1953 and 2005)", "The Terminator 1 & 2", " The Fifth Element", " Starship Troopers", " Evil Dead II", " The Blob ( 1958 and 1988)", " Species", " Alien Series", "Predator 1 & 2", "AVP: Alien vs. Predator", "Men in Black", "They Live", "Contamination", "Pitch Black", "Insemenoid", "Lifeforce", "Pod People", "The Faculty", "X-Files: Fight the Future" and "NightBeast" .
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Ravenous cheeseballs from outer space!
Coventry9 March 2006
Ah, childhood memories… I hadn't watched "Critters" or any of its sequels since I was a young boy and I nearly forgot how incredibly entertaining they are! Along with "Night of the Creeps" and "Killer Klowns from Outer Space", "Critters" definitely is the most successful horror-comedy of the 80's and it actually even manages to be much better than the blockbuster it obviously borrowed its ideas from, namely Joe Dante's "Gremlins". The screenplay also uses story elements of innumerable other movies (the farm-setting, the space prison concept…) and yet it never really directly rips off any of them, which is quite an admirable effort. Hairy little space monsters, with funky red eyes and an insatiable appetite, escape from their prison transport and land in rural Kansas where they immediately attack farmer Jay Brown's cattle and family. The son of the family tries to reach the nearby village for help, but the Critters (or "Krites", as they're called in space) make it impossible to get away. Luckily enough, there also are two intergalactic bounty hunters with heavy artillery looking for the murderous furballs. The story opens a little slow with an overly extended family portrait of the Browns but, once the critters are rolling over the earth and eating their way through the countryside, Stephen Herek's film is both funny and action-packed at the same time. The dialogs are surprisingly witty and contain numerous references towards great Sci-Fi classics. Particularly the bounty hunters are hilarious, with one of them impersonating a famous rock star and the other indecisive about what appearance he wants to take on. The sharp-teethed Critters are engaging creations, made by the endlessly talented Chiodo-brothers of the aforementioned "Killer Klowns…" The acting performances are rather forgettable. M. Emmet Walsh is underused as the town's sheriff and Dee Wallace Stone tries to look too much like a teenage scream queen. There are early roles for Billy Zane and Lin Shaye, who would only reach their popularity-peak in the 90's. Light-headed fun for the whole family!
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The Beginning of a Now-Classic Series
gavin694225 May 2014
A race of small, furry aliens make lunch out of the locals in a farming town.

"Critters" somehow got the reputation as New Line's response to "Gremlins". This has been disputed, but the connection never seemed obvious to begin with. More interesting is the connection with "E.T.", as the film features not only an inflatable alien, but one of the stars: Dee Wallace.

Providing the creature effects are the Chiodo Brothers, now best known for Killer Klowns. Billy Zane appears in a supporting role before he made it big. And most notable is the directing of Stephen Herek, who made some more cult classics in the following years: "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" (1989) and "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" (1991).

A cheesy film, "Critters" is lovable because it has a variety of science fiction and horror elements without ever getting too gory or too obscene. Rather than focus on darker or more adult themes, they chose to aim for a PG-13 rather than R rating and play up the comedy. This was a wise choice.
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Doesn't demand much attention, but manages to be entertaining enough when it grabs it
tomgillespie200219 October 2012
A group of alien creatures known as the 'Krites' escape from a meteor prison station and head towards Earth, so the leaders of the station instantly sets two shape-shifting bounty hunters out to retrieve them. On Earth, the rural Brown family, Helen (Dee Wallace), Jay (Billy "Green" Bush), their daughter April (Nadine Van Der Velde) and son Brad (Scott Grimes), live peacefully on their farm in Kansas. The Krites (or 'Critters') arrive on Earth and wreak havoc, attacking police cars and encroaching on the Brown family's farm. The bounty hunters arrive too, witnessed by Jay and Brad, and aggressively seek out the critters, as the tiny terrors descend on the Brown's.

Seemingly both pro and anti-Spielberg in nature, Critters benefits from - like so many horror films of its era and ilk - the puppet design. While the whole concept is a thinly-disguised rip-off of the vastly superior Gremlins (1984), the critters are certainly enjoyable to watch, as, unlike the gremlins, they dispose of people in variously gruesome ways with their razor-sharp teeth and their spikes (which they project like darts from their back). It's just a shame that the makers decided to crowbar in the alien bounty hunter sub-plot that not only takes the action away from the critters, but gives the film a very silly, slapstick edge that reminded me of Suburban Commando (1991).

While Spielberg had set the family blockbuster groundwork with Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) and the massively successful E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial (1982), depicting the wonder of alien invasion from the view of the family unit, Critters seems to be happy enough following this familiar path, but giving the film of a more violent edge (in one scene, a critter bites the head of Brad's E.T. teddy). It is these aspects that work for and against the film, giving it a warm familiarity of the line of 'kid-friendly' 80's horror/sci-fi movies, but reminded you that Spielberg did it far, far better. But at only 82 minutes, it doesn't demand much attention, but manages to be entertaining enough when it grabs it.
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Brilliantly humorous and Orgasmically 80s
Clayton Mc21 October 2011
Some of the humor portrayed in the beginning of this film is very subtle, but brilliant, then it evolves into a more formulaic brand of campy humor that is executed with equal brilliance. This may be one of the first films which successfully made fun of itself and this genre. gremlins had humor in it, but i'm not sure if it was as conscious about making fun of itself as this movie.

Beyond that the film is 80'sstastic. Everything from the music to a metal head rock star being the chosen body double of one of the aliens just screams 80'sgasm. And as someone who, while not old enough to appreciate this film at the time it came out (I was a baby) I definitely love the outright dated nature of it. In fact there is rarely an 80s horror film that I do not absolutely drool over, but this one is arguable a cross genre with sci fi, horror and comedy.

Anyway, I gave this one an 8 out of 10 for the brilliant humor execution and of course the 8 is also short for 80s. If you don't love this movie you're blind and deaf to the 80s greatness!
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"They have weapons!"
gigan-9214 July 2011
C+ This in all sanity is a terrible movie. It doesn't take a critic to blow the film out of the water, aiming at its acting and simplistic story. True, because of its one dimensional characters one can't fully commit to the movie. However, I love certain aspects of it which leads to my love for the film itself. Firstly, the film is purely a fun one, its purpose solely being to blend, sci-fi and comedy, as well as horror of course. The Critters themselves are fiendish little bastards and I love them. Some consider them to be a cheap knock off of "Gremlins" but believe it or not the originality is actually debatable, so for what it's worth discrediting the film on that notion is invalid in itself.

The concept of bounty hunters coming to earth to kill monsters was pretty cool. The film slowly becomes the hyped-up sugar-driven child's lame dream come true. For that bit of nostalgia, how can I not honor it? Plus the score by is not so bad and there are even a few stars in it, like Dee Wallace-Stone and Billy Zane. I love to watch it again and again, for the sake of having a good laugh if anything.
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Very fun and entertaining sci-fi/horror film!
Horror_Metal7 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I've been watching this movie since I was a little kid and have loved it since the first day I saw it. I have a lot to say here but before I begin I'd like to say that if you ever read a review that says this is a ripoff of Gremlins, ignore it. Not only is this film way better than Gremlins but it is definitely not a ripoff and I'll explain why. Okay, maybe they got the idea slightly from Gremlins but this is very original and the only thing the two films have in common is the little furry monsters that eat people (well the Critters do anyway, Gremlins is more of a Family movie). Just because Gremlins was made first means nothing. I guess every zombie movie is a rip off of Night of the Living Dead since it was (I think) the first. Also the Critters are from space and Gremlins doesn't even really have a back story (I'm not going into detail).

With that out of the way, these are the reasons that Critters is an all time favorite of mine and always will be: the actors playing the family (Billy Green Bush, Dee Wallace Stone, Nadine Van Der Velde and Scott Grimes) are fantastic and actually feel like a real family. I was blown away by their amazing performance, and that of every other actor in the film. The story is highly entertaining and very original too (nevermind the Gremlins similarities which everyone looks too hard for) and consists of eight killer fur balls (which look very real I might add) who escape an intergalactic prison, steal a ship then head to Earth for some tasty human flesh to snack on. But my favorite scenes involve a duo of shape shifting bounty hunters, who cause way more destruction than the Critters and have the whole town terrified (which is hilarious as I guess all they care about is getting their paycheck). In order to blend in, one of them transforms into a rockstar (Terrence Mann), and the other one changes into three different people including the town drunk Charlie (Don Opper who, along with Mann, stars in all of the Critters films). They show up and destroy a church and a bowling alley looking for the ferocious krites then finally find them at the house of the family in which the film centers around. You'll notice that they only kill one krite (!) and leave the whole town in shock with their pointless damage (it's still very funny). I could go on and on about this film which I love and own on DVD along with it's three sequels (which are still good but don't even compare with this entry) that star Opper, who eventually becomes the main character, and Mann, who returns as the alien bounty hunter Ug who is still in the same form for some reason. The direct-to-video third film actually isn't very good at all and the fourth film (which was filmed back to back with part three and was also released direct-to-video) is a whole lot better but just really depressing as the whole thing takes place in space in the future. I love these films which will always be some of the greatest low budget movies ever made.
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The best movie!!!
davi-coyoters12 August 2005
the best movie that i ever seen in my life!!!! the movie is perfect!!! sublime!!!! wonderful!!!!!!!!!! awesome!!! I prefer to watch this movie than win a billion dollars. I love this movie more than my mother!!!! more than me!!! the best moment in the movie is when critters get together in a big and wonderful and giant ball made of critters and this giant ball starts to run over all the city and crushes everyone like a bowling match. Caprio is the best actor of all the universe and his acting in this movie is perfect without any mistakes! I was born in 1986 but the movie is so great that I knew the movie since I was a fetus. I think the genre comedy/horror/sci-fi is the best genre in the movie world and certainly this one is THE ONE in the genre so for this reason the movie was born a real classic! Douglas Koth is other that I pay a stick, because the guy is like a machine whatever that it means. for obvious reasons the director Stephen Herek is the best director in the whole world and deserves a Oscar for sure! because he's better than Steven, than George Lucas, than Tarantino, than Costa gravas, than Kubrick and all the directors together! That's it folks...
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Good fun.
hmckiel16 July 2005
This film is one of the better low budget 80's teen horror flicks. Why doesn't any one make movies about little monsters eating people today?! They're better then most trash that comes out of Hollywood today. Some ugly fuzzy monsters escape from a prison in deep space and head to Earth and start a killing spree, while two intergalactic bounty hunters are hot on they're tails.Notable ratings: VIOLENCE:*** PROFANITY:-* LANGUAGE:*** WRITING:***** HUMOR:**** TERROR:** EFFECTS:**** OVERALL:*x20 RANKING: PRETTY DARN GOOD. You might have more fun watching Gremlins, but don't miss you're chance to watch this cool little horror/comedy gem, either. If you encounter any bad reviews, ignore them. No offense, but if you don't like this movie, you worry me. The actors are quite good, as well, giving another reason to watch this film.
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what a good movie
ross robinson31 October 2003
I enjoyed watching the Critters as i think it was a good movie and it's full of humour, I think the creators of the critters movies did a hood job with the creation of these movies. This was the first critters movie as it was released in 1986. I give this movie 10 out of 10.
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A Fun Horror Movie
The Creeper3 January 2002
Critters is the Best Example of How Combining Horror with Science Fictional can Work. The Critters are Awesome. No way could have they Done Better job on the Make Up, or Making the Critters look Scary and Real at the same Time. I almost Turned It off Half Through Because it gets off to a Slow Start, but, Trust Me. Critters is a Movie with an Ending Worth Seeing. Good Scares and Acting make This a Must see for All Horror and Science Fictional Fans.
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"Smells like Cow crap to me dad..." Entertaining & enjoyable, if a little bit shallow, Sci-Fi/horror film.
Paul Andrews3 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Crites are little furry, reptile like alien creatures who have a big mouth with lots of sharp teeth & an insatiable appetite. They are able to curl into a ball & shoot poisonous spikes from they're backs which slows down or paralyses their prey. They are being transported across the universe in a prison ship, but they escape & steal a spaceship for themselves & head for the only planet in the solar system to support life, that planet is Earth. Warden Zanti (Micheal Lee Gogin) calls in the cavalry in the shape of two bounty hunters. Helen (Dee Wallace-Stone) & Jay Brown (Billy Green Bush) live on a farm near Kansas with their two children, April (Nadine Van der Velde) & Brad (Scott Grimes). Their normal peaceful existence is shattered one night when the Crites aboard their stolen spaceship land on their farm, Jay & Brad go to investigate & discover a half eaten cow. The Crites are clever little aliens & cut the Brown families phone lines & electricity, they are now trapped & have to desperately defend themselves against the Crites who just want to eat them. Meanwhile the two bounty hunters have arrived on Earth, one takes the appearance of a rock star named Johnny Steele (Terrence Mann) while the other eventually takes the form of the local deputy, Jeff Barnes (Ethan Phillips) when he is killed by the Crites. Harv (M. Emmet Walsh) the local Sheriff, starts to receive lots of calls about strange occurrences as the two bounty hunters cause mayhem wherever they go. But will the intergalactic bounty hunters be able to track the Crites down & make it to the Brown families farm before it's too late & everyone there ends up as Crite food?

Co-written & directed by Stephen Herek I though Critters was an enjoyable & undemanding Sci-Fi horror that's good fun. The script by Herek, Domonic Muir with 'additional scenes' by Don Keith Opper as Don Opper who also stars in the film as Charlie McFadden, is well paced & isn't boring & thankfully doesn't seem to take itself too seriously. It's a little on the clichéd side, a bratty teenager saving the day, the sequel orientated ending, characters stranded in an isolated location under threat from monster/alien with no way of contacting the outside world & the standard cardboard cut out disposable characters who end up eaten, but Herek keeps things moving along at a nice pace & it isn't a huge problem here. The Crites themselves are pretty cool & the special effects surprisingly good throughout even if the giant Crite at the end is severely underused. I was particularly impressed with the optical effects, including the spaceships & view of earth from space among others considering the year Critters was made & the obvious budget restrictions. There isn't a whole lot of gore but that didn't seem to matter much as the film as a whole is solid, someone has their fingers bitten off & there are a few bite wounds but that's about it. The acting is good from all involved & Critters as a whole is well made with a definite slickness & professional shine. Overall Critters is a bit shallow & predictable but good fun to watch & is certainly a agreeable way to pass 80 odd minutes.
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