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Great John Candy movie!
Movie Nuttball11 September 2003
Armed and Dangerous is one of John Candy's best films! Eugene Levy, Meg Ryan, Brion James, Robert Loggia, James Tolkan, Kenneth McMillan, and Tom Lister Jr. were all good. I loved the performance Lister and Candy did together! I don 't like to make fun of anybody but it was so funny every time Candy would make fun of him and I loved Lister doing his Zeus Trademark in the film! If are a fan of John Candy and the above cast mention and love hilarious action packed comedies with good music then I strongly recommend that you watch this classic movie soon!
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An instant classic, underrated.
yagata_tenpu20 October 2007
While most reviews describe this movie as 'just an average comedy', even at this, Armed and Dangerous is a laugh and a half. It's charming, fast-paced, and furthermore, I adored Candy and Levy's interactions on-screen. One minute, they're ragging on each other, the next, they're the best of friends.

The movie also has, though almost impossible to find a copy of, an excellent soundtrack, including "Armed and Dangerous" by Atlantic Starr, and, of course, half a dozen or so other popular 80s hits. With that, the movie is also on DVD, and while it doesn't have much in the way of extras, it does include anamorphic widescreen with Dolby Stereo 2.0 Surround Sound.

Possibly the only complaint one could make we might all agree on was that it was just too short. At just under an hour and a half, as endearing as each minute is, the film does leave much to be desired.

All in all, Armed and Dangerous is a mid-80s classic well-worth watching. It's the perfect blend of action and comedy, and SCTV fans will find that it's no flop for either Candy or Levy; even as the script is considered by some to be lacking, both hide it well.
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A Comedy With A Few Surprising Touches
ccthemovieman-19 February 2007
This was a nice surprise. I figured it would be stupid and not all that funny. Wrong. It WAS funny. Yes, it's a harmless "no-brainer" type of movie but it was fun and had likable lead characters, people you could easily root for to make good. In this, it was a pair of security guards: "Frank Dooley" (John Candy) and "Norman Kane" (Eugene Levy).

Every comedy has its stupid moments, this included, but the good outweighs the stupid. What also makes this above-average is that it is not just a comedy. There is action and suspense in here and the combination works. Believe me, this film is not all laughs.

I watch this and makes me sad that Candy is no longer with us. He was a great entertainer.
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Classic Candy
Dooley8 August 2000
Although I'll probably take some heat from saying this, but I love this film. I grew up watching it and it gets funnier every time I see it. If you're a die hard Candy fan, you have got to see this movie. Although this isn't Candy's best film, it definitely shouldn't be overlooked.
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Armed with a thousand laughs, this film will boost your spirits, absolutely
inkblot1126 July 2007
Frank (John Candy) is a good policeman but he is framed for theft when he catches other officers pilfering electronics. He is kicked off the force in short order. Meanwhile, Norman (Eugene Levy) is an inept lawyer who messes up big time when he assigned to defend a Charles Manson type offender. The judge in the case orders Norman to find alternative work. With few options, Frank and Norman both enroll in a security guard officers training school, where they become fast friends and partners. This is, in part, because so many of their classmates are complete idiots, like the man who wonders if he should put his own name on the application line that says "name"! Frank and Norman's first assignment is to stand watch inside a factory but they soon realize that their company, Guard Dog Security, may have some criminals on the staff, ones that are stealing from the companies they are supposed to be guarding. Can Frank and Norman, with the help of the firm-owner's daughter, Maggie (Meg Ryan), expose the bad elements in the company, without getting fired or killed? This is a very funny film with abundant laughs. Yes, it may be considered a more "low-brow" vehicle, but it is still very mirthful and will cause any viewer to laugh themselves silly. Just watching the less-than-intelligent guards on the staff of the security firm makes for a fun, fun evening. Candy, Levy, and Ryan are terrific but, then, so are the relative unknowns who round out the rest of the cast. Sets, costumes, and production values are great, too. If you want to see a classic Candy film, this is a great choice, for it displays his marvelous and abundant talent, no doubt. But, anyone truly wishing to transport themselves to a world of laughter will find this one a very good choice.
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Dangerously entertaining!
Elswet26 September 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this movie about a framed police officer and an inept lawyer - turned - security guards. Once licensed and assigned to their new jobs, they uncover a labor union (teamster/Mafia) plot to embezzle a load of money from the employees Pension and Welfare Fund.

John Candy is almost serious in this role as he ferrets out the bad guys, defends the honor of Meg Ryan's character (Maggie Cavanaugh) and helps to reverse her father's wayward ethics.

Oddly enough, Eugene Levy is the funny guy to Candy's "straight man" act. It is an odd formula, but it was quite effective. This is one of Candy's better movies, and the most serious role in which I've seen him, thus far. (LOVED Candy's small role as Augie Morosco in "Once Upon A Crime," 1992)


(On the firing range, after a demonstration) "As you can see, it's really quite simple. Just remember, when you pull the trigger, the bullets come out going very, very fast. So make sure to keep the weapon pointed away from you. Now that's about it, you are now ARMED guards, God help us all." Maggie Cavanaugh.


I am a true John Candy fan, and own most of his movies. But while many of his fans have all but dogged this production, I found it quite entertaining and a breath of fresh air.

Also starring Tom 'Tiny' Lister Jr. as "Bruno" (President Lindberg in "Fifth Element" and many, many more), Robert Loggia as "Michael Carlino," a Jimmy Hoffaesque character, and Kenneth McMillan as "Captain Clarence O'Connell," Maggie Cavanaugh's father.

Meg Ryan's performance was sweet and honest. She has done better, but this was in 1986 and her experience was not yet as worldly as it is now. Even without taking that into consideration, hers was one of the brightest of the supporting roles.

In the end, Candy's character's reputation is redeemed and his life as a law enforcement officer is restored and plays out to a very satisfying 1980's ending.

While there are better comedies out there, and also while most of Candy's other movies are better, this is one of my favorites of his line.

It gets a 6.8/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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An all-time classic Candy Movie
fatbobsufc10 October 2003
This film is an all-time movie classic. Candy shines in this clumsy romp with the laughs flowing thick and fast. The all-star cast shows the obvious appeal of the script and doesn't fail to deliver in a film that appeals to a wide age-range. The plot takes a back seat as the best enjoyment comes from watching the cast deliver and the effervescent John Candy performing at his comedy best. This film has a feel-good factor and the quality of the performance has brought me laughs again and again.
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With "Splash", "Armed and Dangerous" and "Once Upon a Crime", it's clear that John Candy and Eugene Levy were a great team.
lee_eisenberg3 January 2007
In a way, maybe it does weaken "Armed and Dangerous" just a little to have so much high action, but how can you not like a John Candy/Eugene Levy movie? In this case, they play security guards who discover all sorts of corruption. But mostly, it's an excuse to be silly. Low humor, sure, but still likable (especially the clothing-switching scene; I bet that they liked filming that!).

Anyway, it's one of many movies that shows what we lost when John Candy died. In other words, it's armed and dangerously funny. Also starring Robert Loggia (happy birthday, Robert!), Kenneth McMillan and Meg Ryan.

A 50 caliber...
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Armed and dangerously funny
I've got to love Mark Lester. There's no movie of here's I hate. Here, away from the norm of usual of action dramas, etc, out pops a comedy with some dramatic moments. Here, he succeeds again. AAD is funny, let me tell ya. Candy who's set up by bad guy cops, in a t.v heist, teams up with American Pie's Levy (one of the worst lawyers you'll ever meet) who's forced to resign. Their new careers have em' working as security guards for an Armaguard company, but soon smell something besides mounds of garbage (check out that scene) where corrupt union figures, and some other bad guys are robbing genuine employers off their doe. Candy and Levy make a great team and get up to some real shenanigans, while also getting to the core of this operation. Steve Railsback, is unforgettable as a wild out there oil tanker driver, the most accepting, when his rig goes up in flames. Too, this is the first flick I saw Ms Ryan in, who plays the daughter of the cranky boss running the business, forced into working with the bad guys. This film also has a lot to offer like shark catching, and is a teaching tool to cops who climb trees to rescue cats from them, although how Candy got up there is a big visual fault upon the director, while not showing him clinging onto any others on the start up. Too, what the hell's wrong with always angry Tiny Lister Junior, as the big pointy bald guy/security honcho Bruno. See him in 8 Million Ways To Die and work that out too. Although running for only a week in Adelaide cinemas, here's one comedy flick I really liked and still do up until this day. Judy 'Boobs' Landers as one of Candy's girls is another comedy asset. One of the better comedies of this ilk.
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What one would expect from a Candy movie
david-sarkies2 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
John Candy is not one of the all time great actors, but he is memorable in his own way. His characters tend to be cute, cuddly, and sometimes simply clumsy. His characters were enjoyable and his movies entertaining. Unfortunately, now that he is dead, others try to imitate his style of acting and just don't seem to come close. Everybody is an original and that goes just as true for John Candy as it does for everybody else. Armed and Dangerous is about a police officer, Dooley (John Candy) who catches a couple of crooked cops stealing television sets, but is framed instead. Another character, a hopeless lawyer, is encouraged by a judge to quit law and find another career, so they both become private security guards. As guards they are forced to join a union and discover that this union is conducting some very illicit business, including staging robberies when the security guards are off duty. Dooley and the ex-lawyer are caught by this scam and decide to expose the crooks. This movie is an anti-union movie. In every part of the movie, the union is portrayed in a very bad light. The union bosses are all crooks and the cast is made up of very thuggish looking characters. The boss is corrupt and the union is more concerned with making money for themselves than for looking after the workers. When confronted with a lawyer who asks too many questions, they ban the lawyer from the meetings so that they might continue with their crooked schemes. The purpose of this movie seems to reinforce in our minds that unions are evil and that they should be disbanded. Americans have always hated unions because they are too left and infringe on the right of the individual to make money. The movie ignores that facet of the union that protects the worker though. Instead we are constantly forced to see the evil side of the union and not the good side. It is an entertaining movie with its share of comedy. Armed and Dangerous is a movie that John Candy fans will appreciate, and though I do not consider myself a devout fan, I do not mind him. In another way this movie seems to be like Police Academy, except it does not focus on the training but rather the work.
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Pretty Funny
G-Man-2523 June 1999
This movie bombed at the box office but seems to have picked up a small cult through video and frequent showings on cable. Admittedly it's not a classic and Candy HAS done better films, but this one has its share of funny moments. Candy and Levy work well together. The film is somewhat reminiscent of "Police Academy" (the first one) and is certainly funnier than any of the increasingly kiddie-oriented sequels that followed that movie. All in all, a good deal of undemanding fun if you check your brain at the door.
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Candy Time!
pzivojinovic8 May 2016
This is stupid comedy at its best. John Candy and Eugene Levy are in top form in this movie. Directed by Mark L. Lester (Class of 1984 and 1999, Commando) shows a great fun of Comedy and Action. Candy and Levy are great together, the supporting cast are: Robert Loggia, Kenneth McMillian, Meg Ryan, Jonathan Banks, Brion James and Steve Ralisback (In a Cameo). John Candy and Eugene Levy have a great chemistry in this film. The addition of the sweet, innocent character played by Meg Ryan a great plus. Even though the story and filming is not the greatest, their characters in this film play off each other very well to provide for some hilarious, outlandish situations and a whole slew of laughs.

This movie is a classic 80's comedy if you ask me, with a nice bit of action in it too and a good story. This movie has loads of memorable scenes such as this with easily likable characters, well defined good and bad guys and an easy to follow plot. It's not easy to create good character gags over a short space of time, but this film manages to do it and avoids a lot of the traps that other 80's comedies did by relying on visual and verbal gags alone.

Overall rating: 7 out of 10.
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Police Academy Movie for Rent a Cop's
florida8715 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I have watched this movie mindlessly whenever I see it on TV, it's got to be an addiction, but I can think of worse addictions! It's just such a STUPID movie and I guess thats the charm it holds for me. Candy is the mainliner here but I really liked Levy's hapless character getting in all sorts of crap because he's following Candy around (as a rent a cop no less!). It's probably a 4/10 star movie for the objectionable viewer but I guess I grew up on this flick seeing it in the 80's and the scene of the two of them coming out of the porn store wearing the drag and s&m getup is gut bustingly priceless stuff! I'll really miss Candy and it's a shame he didn't make better choices for movie script's because some are really really bad, but although this one may fall in that group for some, it's a funny flick in my book! See it with Dragnet as a double feature and an early Police Academy flick for a triple feature (one with Bobcat in it!). 7/10, so bad it's funny.
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Movie worth watching
toomanydogs514 October 2005
I used to watch this movie every time it came on TV when I was younger. This movie didn't get a lot of attention; and it's not as good as Planes Trains and Automobiles, but it still worth watching. The last 30 or 40 minutes is great. I like the part where John is riding in truck with the cowboy and John pulls out a huge handgun. The cowboy says" I've never seen a gun like that before". John says" It's a 50 caliber, only legal in 2 states and this isn't one of them". Another part to mention is John on the motorcycle. John is in this old style biker outfit and riding an old police motorcycle. The outfit is reminiscent of something out of Rebel Without a Cause. The old motorcycle was probably a old Harley police bike. For you gun fans out there, the gun John is using is probably the 50 caliber revolver made by Ruger. This pretty entertaining film. Enjoy.
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snearson21 April 2003
This is one of John Candy's funniest movies, the supporting cast is also hilarious. Sure, this is not a brilliant plot but I guarantee you will be laughing non-stop. If you are a fan of SCTV, it is a must watch. "C'mon, a little toxic waste never killed nobody"
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The trucker steals the show.
lightninboy30 April 2005
John Candy plays a security guard who is truly "armed and dangerous." I don't remember much about the first four-fifths of the movie. Something about John Candy dressing in drag in a porn shop. I think he caught a big fish, too. Anyway, bumbling John Candy is stuck in a traffic jam, and he needs to be at a certain place at a certain time, and people's lives are at stake, and he asks a trucker to take him there. What should the driver do: finish his run, or cause thousands of dollars of damage to possibly save lives? It's a classic moral dilemma. Well, wheels are turnin'. He even manages to upshift. They couldn't have cast a better truck for the part than the Ford CL9000, the cab bobbing up and down. This movie leaves you with the question: "If a tankerload of rocket propellant exploded, would the force go straight up?"
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John Candy's 2nd funniest movie!!
Idocamstuf2 June 2002
I saw this movie for the first time last month, and im still laughing about it!! This movie has some of the funniest parts ever in it. This movie isnt as funny as Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, but it's pretty darn close!! If you liked Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, you should definately check this one out.
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A comedy that is okay with flashes of brilliance.
Aaron13755 January 2010
This comedy at times was just your average mediocre comedy that presented nothing really new. Still at other times it really got a person laughing good as Candy and Levy were a pretty good comedy tandem. This one has Candy as a former police officer framed and kicked off the force and Levy as a very bad defense attorney. In fact, the scene where his ineptness is displayed is one of the best scenes in the movie as he must defend what looks like a Charles Manson type of criminal, a guy so bad the police found things in the place he lived made of human hair. Both men end up trying to find work as security guards in a company with a very fair and good union, well not really but this too makes for one of the funnier scenes in the movie. Well they end up sort of messing up on their first night on the job and get some really bad assignments after that as they have to guard a trash dump and a toxic waste dump, two places not really known as being places people wish to break into. Well they figure something is up and they start to unravel a conspiracy, which still makes for an okay film, but I almost wish they just continued to have misadventures as security guards. As I have said though there are a couple of good scenes even during the unfolding of the diabolical plot as a scene in a sex store as Candy keeps needing quarters to think is good and the whole thing with him and the trucker is rather good too. So all in all this is a good comedy featuring a rather good duo, to bad the only other movie I know they were in together was the bizarre Cannonball run sequel "Speed Zone".
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Armed and Dangerous is dangerously funny!
jellyneckr10 April 2000
John Candy and Eugene Levy star in this classic comedy about an ex-cop [Candy] and a lawyer [Levy] who become security guards. Soon they're convinced that their boss [Robert Loggia] is behind numerous crimes!

John Candy and Eugene Levy both give excellent comedic performances and Meg Ryan's well-casted as their boss' daughter.
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Fun Flick, Good Hair
sloth4723 February 2001
Let's talk a bit about Eugene Levy's hair in the mid 80s, was it just a perm? No, I think it was borderline mesh. What's worse is that I have recently discovered via Mesh Sweats that Levy had a molester moustache in the late 70s. This is fascinating, perm over the ears and a porn stache. Where did our sense of style ever go? If I had lived in the 80s and been in my prime, I would have lived as Gene Wilder's hair or Eugene Levy's hair. Either way, it is one fine species, with style, girth, and attitude. Of course, there's always Kurt Rambis hair, stache, and glasses if we must talk basketball, not bad there either. I wish Rambis was on the waiver wire.......Feb 21 2001 7:17PM
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"Good, Underrated 80's Action-Comedy!"
gwnightscream23 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
John Candy. Eugene Levy, Meg Ryan, Robert Loggia and Kenneth McMillan star in this 1986 action-comedy. The late, Candy (Summer Rental) plays ex-cop, Frank Dooley and Levy (Splash) plays unfit lawyer, Norman Kane who team up together after getting jobs as security guards. Soon, they get into action and mishaps when discovering a criminal conspiracy involving their Captain, Clarence O'Connell (McMillian) and Union President, Michael Carlino (Loggia). Ryan (Top Gun) plays O'Connell's daughter, Maggie Cavanagh who finds romance with Norman and Tony Burton (Rocky) also appears briefly as Cappy, Frank's friend & retired thief. I grew up watching this and always enjoyed it. I think it's underrated and Candy & Levy were great together. I recommend this good 80's action-comedy.
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John Candy's Best
General_G17 October 2005
This has got to be John Candy's best movie. I like comedic crime movies and John Candy and Eugene Levy are two perfect people to be in one. Best yet they were together. You just got to feel sorry for a character who gets framed in a movie. You also just got to love the harmless, nice, somewhat confused guy, in this case being Norman. Then there's the hot girl that they like and of course the criminals and the suspected criminals that are actually on the good guy's side. I also liked the theme song to the movie which was actually called Armed and Dangerous. If you want to see a great Candy classic watch Armed and Dangerous.
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Hands down my favorite John Candy comedy film!
tefen21 July 2019
This movie was over the top full of laughs! Very uplifting movie that made me excited & happy and well entertained. It might not have the charming drama included that is found in other films of Candy's like Planes Trains & Automobiles but the laughs were great & put a huge smile on my face. Unlike many modern movies I didn't have to see the main characters brutally beaten or other disheartening stomach wrenching things that are sad or depressing. The movie gives you a happy feel all the way through and tons of laughs without having to go out of the way to be offensive like the typical humor so often found from 2005-2015 while also not having to strip the movie of anything funny by trying to be politically correct like movies of recent years.
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Some excellent moments but this movie is missing so much!
MartinHafer9 July 2006
When I think of films that just seem like they never were edited and the stories were never re-written to work out all the kinks, I can't help but think of this one.

Having been a huge fan of SCTV, I was looking forward to seeing this film. In fact, my wife and I had just gotten married and could barely afford the price of admission but we found a way because we thought with Eugene Levy and John Candy is HAD to be great! Wow, were we disappointed. While we had a few laughs here and there, the film never really gained any momentum and could have been so much better. In particular, Eugene Levy was mostly wasted in his flat and uninteresting performance. Someone apparently forgot to tell him it was a comedy! As for the plot, it's about two security guards who make good. That's really all I care to say. I mean, considering the lack of effort of practically everyone involved, why should I bother saying anything else? If it's on TV, it's worth a look if you have nothing better to do.
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Armed and Dangerous
Coxer999 July 1999
Candy stars with fellow SCTV alum Levy as two inept bozo's who work for an armed security service and get tangled with a gang of thieves and their boss. Good fun, especially for Candy. Not one of his best, but not horrible either.
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