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Sex vs. love, a great movie to watch
dmaz0516 March 2006
I know I know you look at the cast and say "Geez, another a brat pack movie from the 80's". However, this movie is really good. The scariest part is how accurate the movie is in portraying the challenge to find true love among young twenty something's in the eighties. All of which still applies today. Did David Mamet know something thirty years ago that we didn't? Even the four main characters and the different personalities they have are easy to relate too and understand because they are all people that we know or once used to know!!!!! Danny (Rob Lowe), a restaurant supply salesman, and Debbie (Demi Moore), an art director at an advertising agency, meet at a baseball game and later link up at a singles bar in Chicago. He's a handsome guy used to one-night stands; she's having an affair with her boss but is looking for something more romantic and less sleazy.

After a one-night stand at Danny's apartment, Debbie tells him, "It's been a slice of heaven." She returns to her place where she lives with Joan (Elizabeth Perkins), a kindergarten teacher whose smart ass tongue discourages most men. Meanwhile at work, Danny's buddy Bernie, a Neanderthal barbaric like fellow (played beautifully by Jim Belushi) who sees himself as a lady killer, queries his friend about his date with Debbie.

The affair continues, and Debbie decides to move in with Danny. Living together proves to be a difficult experience for them. They try out plenty of new positions for sex, but find that coping with each other's habits, quirks, and expectations is far more challenging. Danny's passivity and inability to open up bother Debbie. At one point, he discovers her looking through his private possessions for clues to his past life.

Debbie, of course, wants them to be a couple, while Danny, hiding behind the myth of the independent male, doesn't want to tie himself down and so ends up treating Debbie as nothing more than a live-in sexual object. And if there isn't enough tension between them, Bernie and Joan are constantly trying to sabotage their relationship. Thus the beginning of the end starts when Danny and Debbie use the "L" word after a steamy night of passion. Danny's frustrations with his career spill over into his relationship with Debbie. More frustrations come about with his best friend Bernie giving him a hard time about being with Debbie, losing touch with his own free spirit partier identity and a lack of communication with Debbie. This ultimately leads to a gut wrenching break up scene followed by Danny's painful attempts to get Debbie back after he finally realizes that what he had was special and now wants back what he has lost.

As I was watching this movie I found myself squirming in my seat while these characters struggle to relate to each other. It wasn't very difficult for me to remember that I had gone through the same heartbreaking downfall of a good relationship in my early twenties due to my lack of communication and inexperience regarding matters of the heart like Danny in the movie. And how difficult it can be to move on. My only peace of mind comes at the end when Danny and Debbie decide to start courting again. This time with the realization that they were both unrealistic and naive and that they will be better to each other because of the painful lessons learned. The voices inside Danny, Debbie, Bernie, and Joan speak volumes about the loneliness, anger, self-hate, and fear of men and women who remain perplexed about themselves and the opposite sex. About Last Night is a provocative portrait of young adults. A very underrated movie and a must see.
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About as romantic a movie as possible, but definitely deserves its R rating
inkblot1118 February 2007
Debbie (Demi Moore) is a successful, young professional in the Chicago area. She and her friends like to hit the neighborhood bar and ogle the men. These women consider themselves "modern", that is, they are not looking for a lasting relationship, just a hot night with Mr. Good Looking. One evening, after a softball game, Debbie meets Dan (Rob Lowe). They are instantly smitten with each other, both being very attractive and very hormonal, and they spend the night together. Debbie tells him thanks for the "slice of heaven" and goes on her way. Yet, a day later, they end up calling one another on the phone, at the same moment. They set up a second date, which ends in another lusty evening. Fairly soon, they move in together but set up guidelines. None of this acting like a married duo, although they take turns cooking and shopping. Yet, is it possible for them to treat each other like roommates only and never let their hearts be touched? And, how long will their relationship last? This is truly a very romantic movie with many assets. Lowe and Moore are absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous human beings and lovely to look upon. The movie also has an intelligent, humorous, truthful and very touching script. Then, too, the costumes, Chicago setting, and cinematography are very worthy, indeed. However, if you like your movies without a lot of sexual encounters, this is not the film for you. This story is an exploration of the nature of modern existence, where sex and birth control are both readily available. As such, it has many eyebrow raising scenes of romantic tete-a-tetes. Therefore, if you prefer good, clean romance movies, try Return to Me or Only You instead. But, if you are willing to look past some fast and loose scenes in exchange for a truly touching and romantic film, get this one tonight.
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Accurate Portrayal of a 1980s relationship - with interesting Best Friends!
J-265 November 2004
In 1980's Chicago two attractive young people develop a very 1980's relationship. After falling into bed together on their first meeting they progress through a tentative relationship to moving in together, moving out again, and then possibly to some sort of reconciliation.

The film was made contemporaneously with the period it is set in and is one of those films that evoke their particular time with well-observed accuracy. Demi Moore and Rob Lowe deliver strong performances as the articulate, successful – and confused - central characters, with Moore in particular able to reflect on the developing crises with astute asides.

The film possibly has two structural problems. First, it is too long. Boy endlessly prostrating himself in front of Girl he has sent packing gets tedious, and the tension regarding what may happen starts to dissipate.

Secondly, the more-or-less mandatory Best Friend characters are almost too strong. Lowe's buddy James Belushi is a chauvinist slob, but also a bit of a charmer - and with some of the best lines. Moore's confidante Elizabeth Perkins may be something of a shrew, but a damned attractive one. These two take an intense dislike to each other from the start, and as the main romance stalls their relationship becomes by far the more interesting one with its vague possibility that such a sparky loathing just might lead to something more positive - if pretty combustible!
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One of the Best Movies about Sex, Love and Immature Relationship
claudio_carvalho13 June 2012
In Chicago, the salesmen of restaurant supplies Danny Martin (Rob Lowe) and Bernie Litgo (James Belushi) are best friends and womanizers. One night, the handsome Danny meets Deborah 'Debbie' Sullivan (Demi Moore) in a bar and they have one night stand. Debbie works in an advertisement agency and lives with her roommate and best friend, the kindergarten teacher Joan Gunther (Elizabeth Perkins), and falls in love with Danny.

The infatuated Debbie moves to Danny's apartment and they have great sex but very few conversation. Their closest friends Joan and Bernie frequently try to sabotage their relationship. Five months later, Danny breaks with her and the brokenhearted Debbie returns to Joan's apartment. Meanwhile Danny grows up and misses Debbie, but maybe it might be too late for reconciliation.

"About Last Night…" is one of the best movies about love, sex and immature relationship from the 80's and one of my favorite films ever. The charming lead characters are wonderfully performed by Demi Moore and Rob Lowe that show a magnificent chemistry.

The story is realistic and shows the difficulties of a young couple to live together, with four young central characters of twenty and something years old: Debbie is a young woman that has an affair with her boss and has a crush on Danny and wants a steady relationship. Danny is an insecure man frustrated with his work that does not want to have a commitment with Debbie. Bernie is chauvinist pig that sees women as sexual objects. And Joan is a frustrated woman that is constantly dumped by her boyfriends.

"About Last Night…" is a cult for people from my generation that certainly will find identification with the lead characters and their relationships. Last but not the least, Demi Moore is delightful to be seen in the 80's ("No Small Affair"; "St. Elmo's Fire" and "About Last Night"). My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Sobre Ontem a Noite…" ("About Last Night...")
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Nice slice-of-life with attractive stars
RNMorton16 October 1999
Film gets ripped by most, but I like it. Rob Lowe & Demi Moore find each other and enter on-again, off-again relationship. Demi has never looked better, and Jim Belushi is outstanding as Lowe's well-meaning but crude best friend. More realistic about relationships than most Hollywood productions.
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one of the best movies on being in love
khouston8615 February 2003
This movie is extremely entertaining and moving. Neither Demi Moore nor Rob Lowe has ever looked better (and you get to see plenty of them). The last scene never fails to get me, and the whole movie rings incredibly true on being in love. Hell, Demi Moore even looks and acts like a girlfriend I had when I was a little bit younger. This is a funny, smart movie that stays with you forever, and I will pay it the ultimate compliment: We are lucky it was made. Vastly underrated on this site, About Last Night is a ten.
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After 20 years, it's still watchable!
abdul_m-ismail23 August 2007
I was in my mid teens when this film first came out and I watched it for the first time a couple of years later when it was released on VHS. 20 years after its release, I still watch it because this is one of those rare films where the cast selection is superb and the acting is 10/10. Although the soundtrack is very 1980's, some of the music is timeless (for those who are interested, Mica Paris' version of "Words into Action" is just as good as Jermaine Jackson's original).

In my humble opinion, Rob Lowe (Danny) and Demi Moore (Debbie) have by far the best on-screen chemistry that I've seen. Their portrayal during the emotional scenes are amazing and so realistic that they leave a "lump in my throat" every time. James Belushi deserves so much credit as the comic sidekick as does Joan (Elizabeth Perkins), Debbie's cynical friend.

One thing though; I've always wanted to know what happened to their characters twenty years on. So, to Edward Zwick (Glory, Blood Diamond etc.): Do you fancy making a sequel; "About Last Decade"? Seriously, About Last Night is by far the vest romantic comedy from the past two decades and for that I give the film 10/10.
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Coming to terms with a loving relationship
barryrd17 January 2015
I missed this one when it was first released 28 years ago and didn't expect much from a movie that I thought only involved adolescent love and sex. Well, after seeing it, I came to a different conclusion because the movie was an honest story of a young couple (played by Rob Lowe and Demi Moore) who fall in love and decide to live together but cannot make the relationship work. Maybe it was the fact that they made an effort to admit they really cared for each other and tried to get past their youthful egos after the relationship first fell apart. They also tried to work things out with their their best friends who wanted to foil them from being together, in part because the friends (James Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins) did not want to lose them. Lowe and Moore also show the loneliness of life following their relationship as they go to bars making futile efforts to find someone compatible. The script and acting was generally good, particularly Belushi whose character is typical of many young men who like their buddies and pretend to know how to snare women without getting involved with them. Belushi also delivered the best humour. I liked the location of Chicago with the skyscrapers, the elevated trains and the waterfront. it is still a good movie about life in the 1980's as two young people try to make the transition from bachelor life to a successful loving relationship.
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The Difference Between Boys and Girls
secragt24 September 2003
At 5.8 stars this is underrated, probably dismissed due to two brat packer leads (Demi Moore, Rob Lowe) at the peak of their annoying bratpackerdom. It turns out, however, ABOUT LAST NIGHT is surprisingly witty and literate. It takes an unusually soulful look at the differences between how 20-something men and women see love and relationships, and is one of the smarter romantic comedies of the past 15 years.

There are a number of crisp and quotable dialogue exchanges (particularly between irascibly sexist Belushi and irrepressibly man-castrating Perkins), some funny but some heartfelt. The entire cast performs well, too, probably thanks to the steady hand of director Ed Zwick. In particular, Demi Moore is pretty darn good in both the light stuff (her memorable "female secrets" list to Lowe) and then later as the devastated and heartbroken weeper after the split. The usually cardboard Lowe is also surprisingly good, actually emoting and garnering our sympathy after foolishly breaking up with Demi but quickly realizing he has made a terrible mistake.

As "Boy Meets Girl, Boy Loses Girl" scenarios go, ABOUT LAST NIGHT's premise israther routine. However, the execution is cleverer and we care about Lowe's and Moore's characters, who are appealing and well drawn. SNL veteran Tim Kazurinsky scribed the story, which has just the right touch of angst, tears and laughter. More than comedy, however, ABOUT LAST NIGHT takes a revealing and realistic look at differences between the way men and women think. Perhaps a bit shmaltzy in the end, but still a productive use of your time, and a generally worthy relationship movie. 8.5 / 10.
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21 years later and this story remains true as ever
Smells_Like_Cheese6 December 2007
I just bought a DVD with About Last Night and St. Elmo's Fire, I figured since it was 5 dollars to give it a look. I watched About Last Night first, I have to say that this movie despite it's dated look and music, is still vital to today's world of love and sex. It's amazing how we still haven't changed that much, huh? But anyways, onto the movie, over all acting and the way that About Last Night was shot, I'd say this was a decent movie. It's still somewhat of a classic to this day, it starred a couple of the famous members of the brat pack, Demi Moore and Rob Lowe who had absolutely amazing chemistry on screen and really brought the relationship to life. While I admit, that this is very dated, it's all good, most of our movies will one day be dated, it's kinda fun to see what life was like then. I was only 1 years old when this movie came out, so those shoulder pads would've weighed me down, lol. Despite the dated look, the story is as true as it ever was today.

Debbie and Danny, first off, how corny are these names put together? OK, back onto the story, they meet at their favorite bar and hook up, it seems like the most common one night stand. But they can't help but think of each other, so they continue on with their sexual relationship. But they are getting more and more serious with seeing each other, so they move in together, as just room mates as first. But eventually they decide to try a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. But things get very difficult with their two best friends who are just rooting for their relationship to crumble to pieces. Then they must confront the difficult part, is there anything they have past than just the physical attraction? You'll have to see for yourself.

About Last Night is a good movie, the acting and over all film is average, it's watchable. It has a little comedy to it as well, so it's not all drama. It's got some steamy moments between Demi and Rob, I have to say that it was beautifully shot in the scene where they first say I love you to each other. But this movie really did get to me because I could totally relate to Demi's character on every level, I think that's another plus is that it is written very realistically and doesn't just have them be all happy again after all their problems, it's very realistic to what trials a relationship goes through. I would recommend About Last Night, it's a good film and a fun time capsule.

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Underrated relationship comedy
alirezasho20 October 2019
Underrated relationship comedy from the 80s, from the play "Sexual perversity in Chicago" from late 70s. The dilemmas,insecurity,tension,friends etc rings true even today didn't like the remake since I think Kevin Hart is annoying The original can still be enjoyed and laughed at, Bernie and Joan balance of with some tension& drama and bring comedy
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more than nice
Vincentiu1 August 2013
the subject is old, the story is not original. but About last night... has the virtue to be more than part of a long chain. key - the special performance of Demi Moore and Rob Lowe, the spiced roles of Elizabeth Perkins and James Belushi, the music and something else, maybe the courage of scriptwriter and director to do more than a romantic comedy. because, in this case, the evolution of a couple is realistic, charming and perfect mixture between humor and tension, the chemistry between lead actors is seductive and the potential of roles are explored step by step.short, it is a smart manner to present evolution of a couple out of ordinary clichés or moralistic lesson. and this fact is important. and can be the detail who makes this film not only nice but , in a form, original.
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A Relationship Based Solely On Sex Seldom Works.
MartynGryphon30 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Demi Moore plays Debbie, the ad exec in loveless relationship with her boss. Rob Lowe plays Danny, a restaurant supplier in a loveless relationship with....well anyone really.

The two meet in a bar after a baseball game and one thing leads to another and they jump into the sack with each other that very night. A casual sex relationship develops between the two for a few weeks until they decide to move in together, but that's when their problems really start.

James Belushi & Elizabeth Perkins plays Bernie & Joan, Danny & Debbie's best friends respectively. Belushi is a sexist, misogynist pig and Elizabeth Perkins is an uptight, feminist, man hater. Both think that Danny & Debbie are making a huge mistake and with such conflicting viewpoints, they despise each other but Bernie is Danny's confidant and likewise Joan is Debbie's. They both have separate agenda's to split them up but set about it from very different angles.

However, their input is not really needed as it soon becomes apparent to both Danny & Debbie that basing a relationship purely on great sex is no basis at all and that the resulting peer pressure is just the straw being placed atop of the proverbial camel's back.

About Last Night is generally pigeonholed as a comedy, but is more correctly a romantic drama with some comic moments attached. Moore & Lowe play their parts really well as the two confused twenty somethings playing house, but it's the scenes that Belushi & Perkins appear in, especially together, that really make the movie a must watch.

About Last Night will please the guys because Demi gets her kit off regularly and it will please the girls because not only is it the one of the best '80's chick flicks but Rob gets his kit off too. It also has a great soundtrack to boot.

It's about men, women, choices, sex, ambition, moving in, no sex, risk, underwear, friendship, career moves, strategy, commitment, love, fun, breaking up, making up, bedtime, last night...

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Love, Life, And Wrigley Field In Chicago
bkoganbing9 January 2010
About Last Night casts Rob Lowe and Demi Moore as a pair of 20 somethings living and working on the north side of Chicago. Rob is a salesperson for restaurant supplies and a pretty good one. But he lacks a college education and is reluctant to go back to school. He's also deathly afraid of commitment which means marriage and all that brings.

But after he and Demi after a night's kanoodling which they agree is the best they each ever had, she moves in with him. The sex is fabulous, but can they learn to both like and tolerate each other?

Each has a best friend that is working for mixed motives to sabotage the relationship. Lowe's best friend is Jim Belushi who's a cheerful hedonist and just doesn't want to lose his best friend and co-worker as a partner in debauchery. Demi's best friend is Elizabeth Perkins who just thinks Lowe is too good and too good looking to be true. She's been through the mill and does break up with a man during the film. She's concerned about Moore, but I think Perkins is a little jealous as well.

About Last Night is taken from an off Broadway play by David Mamet who had more of a serious examination of human relations in mind than this brat pack film. Still as a brat pack film, it's pretty good and the location shooting in Chicago certainly helps. We even get to see some of the rooftop locations where one can see a ballgame in that most famous of north side landmarks, Wrigley Field.

It might not be David Mamet's vision, but About Last Night is an all right film comedy from the Eighties. And no film that has Wrigley Field can ever be bad.
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Sex doesn't means exactly love.....get ready to see it !!!
elo-equipamentos27 October 2019
This romantic comedy made a huge success on the 80', Rob Lowe starting as promising actor, however didn't make, stayed on the way, Demi Moore was in same level and becomes a movie star properly speaking, this picture was really interesting, two young people looking for sex, decided living together sharing a small apartment, in the beginning all is wonderful, but all things are never too perfect, Danny (Lowe) fells stuck and wasn't happy, they break up, Debbie (Moore) suffer too much, trying overcame, in other hand Danny goes back to his old pal Bernie (Belushi) a playful spirit, easy life, drunkard and always been sarcastic with women, in fact the best character on movie together with the insure Joan (Perkins) a roommate of the Debbie, how the things settle on final is too magic, fine picture!!


First watch: 1994 / How many: 2 / Source: DVD / Rating: 7.5
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It was fun
deickos1 March 2017
This is a romance based on a David Mamet play but Mr. Kazurinski and his companion produced the adaptation that we see in the movie. Fortunately I'd say, for not so many people would like the bitterness of the original. Instead, we have much of the sarcasm but with a not so expected happy ending. Personally I find the story very simple, real and humane. It is from the simple things than we are able to look higher.
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Hits the right note.
pk-24 April 2007
Judging by the ratings, i must be in the minority here. Myself, I liked this movie allot. Sorta brings back memories of my early 20's when i lived with a woman and trying to balance the party scene with the friends. Belushi's character is a riot. The scenes at the local watering spot brought back memories of my old hangouts. Also the fighting sequences seem to ring true with me. Who should clean the apartment, can each others friends deal with each other, still going out and having fun but being in a serious relationship. Its one of the 80's movies i still like to watch. Unlike others that i used to like back than like Sixteen candles or Pretty in Pink which i have scene lately and I'm like, this is garbage. I didn't have sandwich night, we had invite everyone over and party night.
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How Many Times Have I Been To Mothers
dataconflossmoor3 March 2008
I use to live a block away from all of those meat market bars on Rush St and Division in Chicago!! I spent more time in She-Nannigans than I did at my apartment!! The bar, She-Nannigans, was used as a location in the movie "Nothing in Common". What is so funny about this movie is that the meat market scene is centered around four confused characters, and, inevitably, a relationship manifests itself between Rob Lowe and Demi Moore!! I thought Rob Lowe was excellent in this film. Steven Eckholdt was one of the pivotal characters in this film, mostly in the manner by which he was a reflection of the way Rob Lowe use to be!! Steven Eckholdt is very talented and has had a very successful television and movie career!! So many scenes take place inside a bar which was suppose to be Mothers, a bar which is located on the northwest corner of Division St that is open until 5:00 am on Saturdays!! The actual bar which they called Mother Malones, is a bar which used to be called Gingerman!! The heart in the center of the Mothers logo signifies the nefarious gang of mobsters known as Ma Barker and her boys!! This was a symbol the mother, Ma Barker, put on the box of her son's birthday cakes!! This film evokes the entire sordid aura of the Division St scene, including the part about everyone getting together at Five Faces after the evening of getting drunk until sickness comes to a conclusion!! Five Faces is a sandwich place that all of the inebriated dipsomaniacs would congregate at when the drinking and the ill fated attempts at getting lucky were over.. Why is it called Five Faces? The front of the building has five faces painted on it!! They are: Lucille Ball, Humphrey Bogart, Elvis Presley, James Cagney and Marilyn Monroe!! With all the drunks in the place, Sh-- Faces is what it should really be called!! The movie "About Last Night" captured the era of the eighties Rush and Division St scene very astutely!! Bars on Rush and Division were at their zenith in the eighties, and it was a meat market scene which captivated the interests of people nationwide!! "About Last Night" was a very well made film! Zwick's directing efforts in this movie are very impressive!! David Mammet is known for plays turned movies which are set in Chicago locations. In addition to "About Last Night", "Glengarry Glen Ross" is another Mammet play which became a successful motion picture!! I liked the movie "About Last Night"!! Division St is a mere shell of what it was in the 1980's, I was so much younger then, and I was totally into the thick of it!! Division St has lost a lot of it's socially acceptable finesse over the years!! Not that people do not drink anymore, that is not it!! Right now, I am writing this review with a really bad hangover!! If you get the chance to see this film please do so!! You will enjoy it very much!!
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Probably watered down from play,but still a legit watch
KUAlum2626 June 2010
A warm,summer afternoon at the softball park between two workplace rival companies becomes the make-cute meeting for Debbie(Demi Moore,who,while hardly the greatest actress in the world,can still fit roles and is a perfect fit here),an advertising design artist and Danny(Rob Lowe,as '80s air-fluffed and perfect as ever),a condiments and insundries salesman feel an attraction,first there,then at the usual watering hole haunt. This being still the height of STDs being a "non-topic"(i.e. the mid-'80s,right on top of AIDS becoming a household topic),the attraction is a no-brainer for a one-night stand. But something happens: they find out they like each other and decide to pursue this relationship,much to either the dismay and/or astonishment of their best friends:Debbie's dour,cynical pal Joan(Elizabeth Perkins,one-note here but an EFFECTIVE one note)and Danny's bombastic buddy Bernie(Jim Belushi,having a good ol' time). From there,the course of almost an entire calendar year follows the events play out.

Adapted from David Mamet's "Sexual Perversity in Chicago",it's pretty easy to notice(particularly to anyone with familiarity of Mr.Mamet's work) that this script is a far more palatable treatment for the screen than what you might've(I have yet to actually see this put to stage off original script)seen on original draft and/or performance. While this movie might turn off theater snobs(and possibly people with a low tolerance for '80s kitsch),anyone with an interest in seeing pretty actors(Lowe and Moore)playing for emotional range(and not doing too badly,IMHO)and solid,not quite looker actors(Belushi and Perkins,though Ms.Perkins HAS softened up over the years,becoming almost vampish looking herself)to sharpen up their acting fangs should be able to appreciate it. Directed by TV and film vet Edward Zwick(with a reworked title AND script from Second City and SNL vet Tim Kazurinsky,who has a cameo),this movie is deceptively advertised as a sex comedy,but actually has a softer,deeper,layered sense of itself. It's a good keeper of a film,worth at least a re-watch or two.
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Living Together 101
VideoJoeD20 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This romantic drama stars Rob Lowe and Demi Moore, who meet and fall in love early in the film and then take the viewers on a roller-coaster ride of emotions. This is a love story that provides several ups and downs as it moves through the peaks and valleys of the relationship. Jim Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins provide some humor in interacting with each other and the two stars. They discourage the relationship between their best friends at times and provide emotional support on other occasions. A romantic film that takes a serious look at both the advantages and pitfalls of two people in love moving in together. Belushi provides enough laughs to keep the story from becoming excessively dramatic. In my personal opinion, this movie has been under rated by IMDb voters and could be considered required viewing for young couples contemplating a similar situation.
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Grating on one's nerves
rdesveau13 December 2003
Although It could be worse, this movie may have done it's job Too well. Especially James Belushi playing a "jerk-friend." It feels like he has a lot of practice playing this role (know what I mean?). But Demi Moore's friend isn't much better. On the plus side, Rob Lowe's acting is very good & Moore's (such an underrated actress!) is excellent. Maybe a good movie showing young people not to rush into anything, but be warned: the medicine isn't especially good tasting.
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A very HOT "Rob Lowe" flick
T S1 October 2001
I first saw this movie when it originally came out 15 years ago. At the time, I was barely out of high school. Rob Lowe was DEFINATELY the "Freddie Prinze Jr/Ryan Phillipe" stud of the eighties; and I was totally HOT HOT HOT for him. When you watch this film, you can see why!! It's also nice to see that he still looks this good today!! "About Last Night" attempts to be a love story and an erotic film both at the same time. It works as both, however, it works much better as an erotic film. How often do we see this kind of love story played out?! If you watch closely, it is clear that the "visual" is the most important aspect of this movie(Predominantly for women); More attention is given to Rob Lowe's body than to Demi Moore's. Rob Lowe clearly has a very beautiful body; the producers and directors utilized it quite well in a number of different scenes. The scene where Demi Moore walks by a "naked" Rob Lowe sleeping on the floor is clearly meant to show off Rob's body. Though he is supposed to be "just sleeping", you see that when he sleeps, he is clearly positioned to show off his body in the most "erotic" way possible. There are also plenty of other "Rob" nude scenes that are equally as sexy. This film is enjoyable all the way around; fine performances are given by both the actors and supporting actors. It works well as a romance and a comedy, but clearly it works best as an erotic film. I saw it again, on video tape, for about the tenth time!! I think I could watch it again and again and again. Go Rob!!!!!!!
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A Microcosim Of The Typical 80's Relationship....
alexandraslate21 December 2002
This film is a perfect example of relationships in the 1980's. Given that the morality of the Reagan era never influenced the 20-somethings of that generation, it shows rather succinctly what happens when two people meet and jump into bed on the first date, then try to build a meaningful relationship based on that. Of course what was learned by those who tried doing that it way, was that it doesn't work. Nothing long-lasting can come from something as superficial as physical attraction.

This film takes a funny look at those who were foolish enough to try and take the wrong road to happily ever after. Rob Lowe and Demi Moore have great chemistry together as the typical yuppie, 20-something 80's fun couple, Dan and Debbie. They're one of those cute brother/sister looking couples with strikingly dark hair and green eyes. Seeing them together, you can't help but picture them together as a real-life couple (their kids would've been gorgeous)! Their coupling takes the inevitable route: explodes on contact, then peters out when real-life issues enter the picture. Obtaining advice from their respective best-friends (his is psychotic, hers is promiscuous but hostile toward the opposite sex) only complicates matters.

Things work out for them in the end though, when they decide to grow up and toss their unrealistic expectations of one another out the window. The 80's soundtrack is a blast from the past (hell, you can't blame Demi for being tempted to jump Rob's bones on the first date when you hear that hot song by Jermaine Jackson "Words Into Action" playing in the background). The smart and snappy banter between the principal characters makes it a fun movie all the way around.

Not your usual chick flick. Highly recommended to all.
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My favorite 80s romance/comedy
travis364 August 2018
A very touching story of love and fear of commitment of a young couple who meet and move quickly through the relationship phases. They experience the ups and downs of a budding relationship that outgrows the boundaries set by both. The influence of friends, job and fear of love wreaks havoc on the young couple. Rob Lowe is a playboy that is scared to commit to Demi Moore who wants more out of their relationship. The soundtrack is amazing and the reality of the situation makes the experience so heartfelt
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