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(1986– )

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Season 1

Episode #1.1
Living in Northern Italy and still recovering from his failed marriage when war in Europe becomes a certainty, Guy Crouchback hurries home to England. Despite his father's suggestion that a desk job might be more fitting for a man his age, Guy joins an elite fighting force, the Royal Corps of Halberdiers.
Episode #1.3
Tony and Frank return to Australia from Vietnam, and find it difficult to fit back into society. Frank's wounds make a return to normal life very difficult, while Tony's attempts to restart a relationship with Esse, his childhood sweetheart, are fraught with challenges as she is part of the anti-war movement. Both Tony and Frank find it impossible to fit back in, with Tony having a breakdown and Frank not fitting back into married life.
Episode #1.4
Tony's whereabouts are unknown to his family. He is in Thailand, making money by demanding money from Vietnamese boat people to assist them. On one of the boats, he runs into an old flame from Vietnam and rekindles a relationship with her. Esse has become a television personality, interviewing celebrities and local identities and living with a lawyer. She hears about PTSD which brings to mind Tony's behavior before he left. Esse becomes more interested in PTSD, deciding to write a book about it, causing her relationship to break up. In the course of her research, she ...

 Season 1 

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