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Season 6

4 Oct. 1991
The Legacy of Stanley Wall
Chuck's case is officially closed, but Carrie, Leon, and Olivia discover that Brent Elliot, the administrator of Stanley Wall's estate, is hiding something.
11 Oct. 1991
The Harley
Dillon tells Veronica that he's got marriage on his mind. Olivia and the firm are being sued for five million dollars because Danny Hart recanted his story.
18 Oct. 1991
Presumed Toxic
Leon's impressive handling of the suit lands the firm a merger offer from high-powered international lawyer R.J. Williams.
25 Oct. 1991
Reasonable Doubt
Carrie and Alana struggle to keep their personal feelings in check at the trial of a sexual offender who preys on elderly women.
1 Nov. 1991
Shades of Difference
Tensions continue to rise between Dillon and Veronica when Dillon is assigned to prosecute a respected black community leader.
8 Nov. 1991
Questions of Dignity
Chuck's carelessness with a case earns a first-time offender a stiff sentence. While new office manager Rob starts construction on a luxurious workspace.
15 Nov. 1991
Sing for Me, Olivia
Olivia's father dies, leaving a sizable estate to Olivia. Carrie defends Veronica on assault charge.
22 Nov. 1991
Keeping Secrets
Olivia's mother, long-thought dead, suddenly appears on the scene to contest her late husband's will, prompting Olivia to seek Rob's help.
29 Nov. 1991
The Good Lawyer
Chuck defends a young man accused of a gang-related execution, and a lawyer on the same case is reluctant to join forces.
19 Nov. 1991
Hollywood North
Olivia represents a screenwriter who claims her script was changed without permission. Chuck defends a patriotic protester who was shooting at the cars at the border.
6 Dec. 1991
Eye of the Beholder
Leon finds himself sympathizing with the wife when he represents a man in a divorce case; Olivia considers using confidential information as leverage in a case.
13 Dec. 1991
Too Many Cooks
Chuck and Leon are hired for a polygamy case; Rob offers Laura Crosby a place at the firm, leaving the others wondering who she'll be replacing.
20 Dec. 1991
On Women and Independence
Leon represents a military man who refused to obey orders for reasons of conscience; Carrie returns with some important decisions to announce.
3 Jan. 1992
Children's Hour
BRT prepare to set up shop, but the lease to their office now belongs to R.J. While Carrie and Laura team up to help a battered wife.
10 Jan. 1992
Breach of Trust
Olivia's dreams comes true when R.J. offers her a partnership in his LA office, but is torn when he sues BRT for breach of contract. Carrie and Dillon finally get married.
17 Jan. 1992
The battle between R.J. Williams and BRT rages on. Chuck needs to request a second autopsy in a case. Carrie is killed by a hit and run driver.
24 Jan. 1992
After the Fall
Devastated by Carrie's death, Leon and Chuck accept Laura's help and she officially joins the firm; Leon gets new evidence that helps him defeat R.J. at trail.
31 Jan. 1992
The Phoenix
Olivia finds out that she's pregnant and the baby can be only Chuck's. She refuses R.J.'s marriage proposal, and asks to return to the firm.

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