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Season 2

26 Sep. 1987
Whopper Gets the Point/The Bird Dog
Whopper learns that not all shots are painful. Later, Bright Eyes saves an injured baby bird from Catgut.
3 Oct. 1987
Tail of the Pup/King Whopper
The Pound Puppies meet a puppy whose tail can't wag. Later, Whopper becomes in charge while Cooler and Nose Marie are gone.
10 Oct. 1987
Tuffy Gets Fluffy/Casey, Come Home
The Pound Puppies are in for a surprise after a dirty dog becomes clean. Later, they embark on a dangerous adventure to return a lost puppy to his owners.
17 Oct. 1987
Where Do Puppies Come From?/Pups on the Loose
The Pound Puppies meet Lucy, Rusty, and their three bratty children: Candy, Andy, and Mandy and must figure out a way to stop the pups' fighting.
24 Oct. 1987
The Invisible Friend/Kid in the Doghouse
Which is more trouble for the Pound Puppies: a puppy with an imaginary friend or a lazy kid staying with them at the Pound Puppy HQ? Only the Pound Puppies and Holly will find out.
31 Oct. 1987
Little Big Dog/The Bright Eyes Mob
Nose Marie rescues a very tiny puppy from Catgut and has grown attached to him. Then, a group of tough dogs, called the Crushers, trick Bright Eyes into stealing while Katrina plots to get $1 Million from a wealthy socialite.
7 Nov. 1987
The Rescue Pups/Good Night, Sweet Pups
Whopper must conquer his fear of the dark after numerous nightmares. Later, The Pound Puppies must rescue a girl who fell down a hole after she ran away from home.
14 Nov. 1987
Snow Puppies/Nose Marie Day
The Pound Puppies invent a holiday dedicated to Nose Marie. Later, they journey to the arctic and a high-speed chase through the snow ensues thanks to Katrina Stoneheart.
21 Nov. 1987
Where's the Fire?/The Wonderful World of Whopper
The Pound Puppies meets a retriever who wants to be a fire-dog. Later, Whopper helps a puppy snap out of her persistent boredom.
28 Nov. 1987
Bright Lights, Bright Eyes/Dog and Caterpillar
The Pound Puppies enters Bright Eyes at a Pet Talent Show. Meanwhile, Whopper befriends a young caterpillar.
5 Dec. 1987
Garbage Night: The Musical
In the only musical episode ever produced, The Pound Puppies must reform a group of dogs who eat nothing but junk-food everyday.
12 Dec. 1987
Peter Pup
After Whopper and Bright Eyes accidentally break a TV, Holly reads them a story about a puppy who lies, an evil queen, a magical land, and Peter Pup (Cooler) himself, in which the pups participate in an adventure of their own.
19 Dec. 1987
Cooler, Come Back
The series concludes as Cooler is kidnapped by Katrina, taken to a mysterious dog pound, and meets a stubborn dog who refuses to be adopted while his friends try desperately to find him.

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