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3 Jan. 1989
The D.J.
Ben Matlock very reluctantly defends an abrasive talk radio personality who is accused of murdering a rival talk radio celebrity.
10 Jan. 1989
The Captain
Ben Matlock is hired to defend a police officer who has been framed for murder by Police Captain Edward Hanna, a police-force veteran.
17 Jan. 1989
The Vendetta
Michelle, Julie and Tyler are held at gunpoint by the brother of a man who died in prison after Ben Matlock proved he was the murderer in an earlier case. Several previous episodes are reviewed as the three testify to Ben's integrity and honor.
31 Jan. 1989
The Mayor: Part 1
Popular mayor Brian Barelli argues with visitors to his home; the next day he is killed by someone dressed as a well known environmentalist. Ben, Michelle, and Tyler are lured to defend the accused under false pretenses.
7 Feb. 1989
The Mayor: Part 2
Ben continues his defense of a man wrongfully accused of killing a popular mayor.
14 Feb. 1989
The Black Widow
After seven years in prison for killing his wife Ann, Ken Wilson gets out and finds her working in a real estate office. Anne soon turns up dead and Ken is tried, once again, for killing his wife.
21 Feb. 1989
The Other Woman
Ben defends psychiatrist Lucas Forbes accused of killing Adam Whitley, the cruel abusive husband of his crippled patient Erin Whitley by gunfire.
28 Feb. 1989
The Starlet
Lauren, daughter of Ben's old friend Janet, wins a beauty pageant. The runner-up / sore loser threatens to reveal a secret about Janet unless Lauren drops out. Later the runner-up is found dead and Lauren is arrested. Ben defends her.
7 Mar. 1989
The Psychic
A psychic rushes to Matlock's door and begs him to represent her against a charge of murder. When Matlock asks her to explain, she says she's only had a premonition that a man will be killed, and she will be charged. She also tells Les, Ben's next door neighbor, that he will not live to see the end of her trial. Ben tells her that he doesn't believe in that sort of thing, and says he only takes on "real" cases. However, the next day, one of her fellow psychics at the New Age Faire, is found murdered, and she is arrested. The victim also happens to be her best friend's...
28 Mar. 1989
The Thief: Part 1
A coin dealer discovers that a man working for him has been stealing. He then demands that he returns everything that he took or pay back what he took. When he is found dead, the dealer is charged for murder. He hires Ben to defend him. And also the private investigator whom the dealer hired to get evidence against the man is giving Ben and Tyler unsolicited assistance, and is also a little impetuous, making things tough for Ben to get evidence that can clear his client.
4 Apr. 1989
The Thief: Part 2
While trying to recover from the surprise testimony at the end of Part 1, Matlock discovers the true motivation for Linda's actions. as well as discovering the vital clue that leads to the real killer.
18 Apr. 1989
The Thoroughbred
Ben is hired to defend Tommy Jenks, a special needs young man accused of murdering the adult daughter of thoroughbred racehorse ranch owner Sam Taylor.
25 Apr. 1989
The Model
During the trial of a journalist accused of killing an internationally recognized model, Matlock is accidentally struck by a car and winds up in the hospital. He receives witness depositions and works from his hospital bed to piece together the evidence.
2 May 1989
The Cult
William Austin is desperate to get his son out of the Cult he has joined (and given his $400,000 trust fund). After he threatens Joshua Bradbury (the Cult leader), in front of his son Dennis and Atlanta police officers, hours later Joshua is found dead at his desk by Dennis. William is arrested for murder when his son claims to have seen his father fleeing the murder scene. Ben defends William, feeling certain there is more to this Cult (like making members to sign over all their financial assets - let alone his belief the accused is not guilty). Ben's first task is ...
9 May 1989
The Blues Singer
A singer-composer finds an old blues musician living on the streets. He takes the old man to his home over the objections of everyone. Later the singer is found dead. The old man is arrested and Ben who is also a fan decides to defend him.
16 May 1989
The Priest
Ex-mobster Nathan Carlino is accused of killing a priest. Alex Winthrop wants to handle the case but Carlino wants a seasoned lawyer. Ben gets on board. The murder was not as open and shut as it appeared.
19 Sep. 1989
The Hunting Party: Part 1
Matlock travels to Manteo, North Carolina, to defend Spencer Hamilton, the brother of Frank, who was killed in a duck-hunting accident. After Ryan Bartell was shot, immediately after Spencer's brother, Matlock also was approached by a handsome young sheriff, Conrad McMasters, to find evidence in killing Ryan.
19 Sep. 1989
The Hunting Party: Part 2
After Conrad calmed Matlock down, realizing he was framed for all the dope that he had in his car, he investigates the three guys who killed Ryan Bartell, each of whom were all liars. In the end, Matlock hired Conrad as a full-time partner and private investigator in Atlanta, after leaving his hometown of Manteo, North Carolina.
26 Sep. 1989
The Good Boy
Bonnie Ritter's son Tony hates his stepfather Cal. Feeling that Cal needs to grow up, Cal wants to send him to a military school. When Tony refuses, Cal threatens Tony, so Tony kills Cal. Bonnie is arrested and Ben defends her.
10 Oct. 1989
The Best Seller
Ben Matlock defends the husband of a very successful romance novelist who is accused of killing his wife's best friend.
17 Oct. 1989
The Ex
Ben goes to Baltimore to help Julie defend her best friend's husband only to find that the prosecutor is Julie's ex-husband.
24 Oct. 1989
The Clown
Ben defends a professional circus clown accused of murdering his performing partner.
31 Oct. 1989
The Star
A new young director is imposed upon an aging scream queen near the end of her current movie. They argue conspicuously and vehemently about artistic differences. After the filming of the climactic death scene, the actress is discovered to be actually dead, and the director is presumed to be the guilty party.
7 Nov. 1989
The Con Man
When a client of Ben's is taken by some con artists, he decides to get back at them. When one of them is killed and when another one decides to testify against him Ben defends him. Michelle tries to work on another member of the team and is taken with him.
14 Nov. 1989
The Prisoner: Part 1
After an attempted prison breakout, one of the prisoners is killed, presumably by one of the guards. The prisoners riot and take over the prison, insisting on an in-prison trial for the guard. Matlock is recruited to defend the guard.
21 Nov. 1989
The Prisoner: Part 2
While Matlock investigates from the prison, Conrad buys time by impersonating the murdered inmate at a minimum security prison. Conrad is approached by thieves who were looking for the inmate to help with a job, and he plays along.
28 Nov. 1989
The Fugitive
Matlock defends Drew, a young man who Ben believes was framed for murder. Drew doesn't make it easy, as he escapes custody and becomes a fugitive. Ben must solve the case while Drew continually interferes with the investigation.
12 Dec. 1989
The Buddies
On his deathbed, an old friend of Ben's begs him to reopen a cold murder case, suspecting that another of their hunting buddies is the killer.
19 Dec. 1989
The Scrooge
A crusty old toy store owner is accused of killing his partner, whom he denigrated as too generous and soft-hearted to manage their business.

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