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3 Feb. 1994
He Ain't Guilty, He's My Brother
Morales agrees to defend a young man who wants to confess to a convenience store robbery, but who may not be guilty. Meanwhile, Kelsey takes a civil case of defending a man accused of sexual fraud because he implied to a woman that he was an undercover cop. Mullaney and Judge Walker face a defense attorney demanding a mistrial in the Turner case because of their developing relationship. Also, Becker ends up getting duped by a phony come-on by Halliday after he tells her of his divine sight to see the truth.
10 Feb. 1994
McKenzie, Brackman, Barnum & Bailey
Markowitz represents Alfred Uhler, a veteran juggler suing his protégé, Ross Petit, for appropriating his routines and cutting him out of the act. When both sides are unwilling to back down, the lawyers come to a well known, retired juggler, named Roscoe Zambini, to determine the case for them. Meanwhile, Halliday represents ballerina Erica Hastings, who is seeking to get out of her exclusive contract with a Alex Vedder, an egotistical, stubborn choreographer who won't use her. Also, Benny feels pressured from Dominic and Denise when Rosalie wants more of a commitment...
17 Feb. 1994
Cold Cuts
Eli is co-counsel with Defense Attorney Tanya Geiss for one of two men being prosecuted by A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney for manslaughter after resorting to cannibalism during an ill-fated mountain climbing expedition which their partner died. Meanwhile, Becker encourages his client, mathematician Carl Hicks, to resist his wife's divorce demands and to stand up for himself. Denise finds herself caught in the middle of a father and son feud when both vie for her attention which also threatens one of McKenzie's cases.
24 Feb. 1994
The Age of Insolence
Kelsey finds herself in an uncomfortable spotlight when she represents an adoptive mother fighting to retain custody of her child from the natural father who has the support of the Birth Parents Network. Meanwhile, Halliday is representing Madeline Churchill, a librarian with delicate sensibilities, suing a hippie librarian for constantly using profanity in front of her on the job and she gets embarrassed by Becker's come-on jokes. After Rollins learns that he is not up for partnership, he presents McKenzie an ultimatum: make him a partner or he will leave.
10 Mar. 1994
God Is My Co-Counsel
Benny's wedding plans are thrown into confusion after Rosalie reveals she's already married. So, Becker tries to get the other retarded man, Tim, to sign annulment papers so Benny can go through with it. Meanwhile, Halliday's overzealous preacher father pays an unexpected visit and meddles in her case involving a high school biology teacher who was fired from his job for teaching creationism. Markowitz questions Kelsey over their fading love, and Eli questions his feelings for Denise.
17 Mar. 1994
Three on a Patch
Brackman is representing three active senior citizens who are participating in tests for a testosterone patch and who are in danger of eviction from their senior citizens community for disruptive behavior. Meanwhile, Rollins goes to federal court to represent a dangerous, incorrigible inmate who petitions the court to close down the maximum-security prison at China Lake where he is incarcerated. The partners take sides in choosing a new associate, where Morales is strongly opposed to the hiring of Patrick Flanagan, a charming personal friend of McKenzie, by informing ...
24 Mar. 1994
Whose San Andreas Fault Is It, Anyway?
Eli represents Lynn Barnett, an ad executive being sued for sexual harassment and wrongful termination by a copywriter with whom she had an affair. Meanwhile, Halliday's client, who's suing her contractor for earthquake damage, finds answers in the Bible, but leaves Jane in a quandary by refusing to accept a generous settlement which could help the firm. Denise suffers anxiety attacks as the after shocks from the major earthquake continue. Morales leaves the firm for good, and tries to warn everyone about the true colors of Patrick Flanagan as he arrives to fill his ...
14 Apr. 1994
Silence Is Golden
New associate, Patrick Flanagan, throws his weight around the firm, charming everyone with his friendliness and even helps get Brackman and Sheila's son, Alexander, into an exclusive prep school. But he shows his true hidden and unwholesome colors when he crosses Becker while assisting him in a civil case of a woman suing her ex-husband for allegedly molesting their daughter when Flanagan persuades Becker's client not to testify and blackmails the opposing counsel for a large settlement, which incurs the wrath of Mullaney on Becker after the devious Flanagan places ...
21 Apr. 1994
Dead Issue
Markowitz reluctantly takes a court case of a libel suit involving an investigative reporter who accused a nuclear physicist of conducting radiation experiments on unwitting subjects in the 1950s. Meanwhile, Kelsey handles a divorce case between a woman and her husband, a Grateful Dead fanatic. Also, Becker gets involved with district attorney Belinda Fox, who is determined to prosecute his client for pandering.
28 Apr. 1994
Tunnel of Love
Flanagan takes the case of dentist Joseph Palmer, whose practice was destroyed by false rumors that he has AIDS, suing a rival dentist Frederick Schultz, who allegedly spread the rumors. Flanagan loses the case, but successfully pulls yet another fast one when he privately blackmails Schultz for a $750,000 settlement by threatening to spread false rumors about him... and keeps most of the settlement money for himself. Becker continues his steamy affair with Belinda, but a rumor about her participation in a past sting operation troubles him, as well as her increasing ...
5 May 1994
How Am I Driving?
Becker tries to hush up his client, Frank Askoff's connections to Camilla Greer, a well-known Hollywood madam. Meanwhile, Rollins represents the father of an incorrigible teenager who is suing to be released from a rehab center to which her father had her committed. Eli goes to a broker to buy a luxury car for himself, but ends up getting arrested after learning that it's been stolen. Also, Mullaney learns from Belinda that she suspects Becker of obstruction of justice and threatens him not tell Becker that he's being followed around by private investigators hoping to...
12 May 1994
Whistle Stop
Becker blames Belinda's personal malice for his becoming a suspect in the murder of Camilla Greer, while the rest of the firm rallies around him to prove the charges are false and Jinx is hired to tail Askoff to find out if he had something to do with the murder. Meanwhile, Mullaney anticipates trouble with Judge Arthur Bryson, the man who used to date Judge Carolyn Walker, as he prosecutes a case under California's "three strikes" law. McKenzie makes an abrupt change of plans when he visits a doctor. Also, Denise becomes annoyed by the eccentric photocopier ...
19 May 1994
Finish Line
McKenzie throws the firm into a turmoil when he announces his plans to retire as they prepare to throw him a surprise 65th birthday party. Meanwhile, Becker thinks that he's reached rock bottom of his life at the age of 42, and he reaches out to Halliday to comfort him who takes him to a church. Eli represents Isidore Schoen, an elderly clothing manufacturer, being sued by his son in a power struggle over who will guide the family business. Also, Benny and Rosalie face a crisis in their marriage when Dominic urges Benny to help him invest money in a racehorse without ...

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