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9 Jan. 1992
Guess Who's Coming to Murder
Mullaney and Zoey are on opposite sides in the prosecution of John Harvey, an accused, Ted Bundy-type serial killer, who manipulates the jury and both of them. Meanwhile, Brackman, Kelsey and Marktowitz deal with Giles Keenan, an eccentric businessman who comes to the firm for representation in landing a multi-million dollar movie deal. But Keenan's true sanity becomes an issue when Kelsey eventually voices her concern about it. Also, Bloom heats up her personal war with McKenzie when she videotapes him and Grace in a compromising position.
16 Jan. 1992
Back to the Suture
Kelsey represents a woman paralyzed during back surgery suing her physician who was allegedly impaired at the time by an epileptic seizure. Meanwhile, Grace represents Benny who petitions the court for custody of a homeless youth named Sam. Bloom tells Becker that she has the inside track on a fabulous job offer on national TV. Also, Brackman becomes romantically involved with Veronica Berg, but when his ex-wife, Sheila, finds out, she really lets him have it.
30 Jan. 1992
All About Sleaze
C.J. is representing a man suing the Federal government for negligence after a psychotic Federally-protected witness murdered his wife, and C.J. soon learns that she may be in way over her head which could threaten her career and life. Meanwhile, Mullaney's depression over murdering the serial killer John Harvey prompts Zoey to comfort him, but his presence stirs up trouble with Rollins. Also, Bloom sets Arnie to be duped by a rival TV station.
13 Feb. 1992
I'm Ready for My Closeup, Mr. Markowitz
Mullaney aids fellow lawyer, Alex DePalma, in a class action suit by Honduran banana farmers suing an American chemical company who claim that a company-designed pesticide made them sterile. Meanwhile, Margaret Flanagan (The district attorney who unsuccessfully prosecuted Earl Williams for the murder of Nina Corry in Season 4) confides in Zoey about her troubled past as she begins to confront long-repressed memories of child abuse. Kelsey goes out on a dinner date with Matthew's nanny, Ned, while Markowitz meets a regal actress he admired as a child.
20 Feb. 1992
Steal It Again, Sam
Victor Sifuentes returns to Los Angeles to sue the man responsible for his brother's death and to address his disintegrated relationship with Grace. Meanwhile, Kittredge drags Gwen into a dispute between his client Uta Keller, a fashion designer and her protégé Sergio. Benny's ward, Sam, visits the office and causes trouble when he's suspected of stealing things. Also, Alex DePalma is hired as the new junior associate.
27 Feb. 1992
Diet, Diet My Darling
Margaret Flanagan hires Kittredge to represent her in her civil suit against her allegedly abusive father. Meanwhile, McKenzie, although on a diet, ends up as the gastronomic judge in a humorous dispute between a noted cookbook author and her former pupil, a rising chief. Also, Rollins' father, a lawyer, arrives in town for a visit and for legal help while Mrs. Rollins, a civil rights activist, meets Zoey with undisguised hostility.
19 Mar. 1992
Great Balls Afire
Rollins represents a wealthy Orthodox Jewish philanthropist being sued when he withdraws financial support for a medical researcher who hopes to use data from Nazi experiments to save lives. Meanwhile, the Markowitz receive an unexpected surprise: a paternity suit filed by a 16-year-old girl, named Sarah Alder, who claims to be Stuart Markowitz's daughter from a long ago affair. Becker's resolve to be faithful to Roxanne is sorely tried during his late-night preparations with his provocative co-anchorperson, Julie Rayburn.
26 Mar. 1992
From Here to Paternity
Grace receives a lot of hostility from her female colleagues when she defends a college baseball player accused of date rape. Meanwhile, Alex DePalma becomes embroiled in a complex courtroom sting operation headed by Ruby Thomas to nail a corrupt judge. Roxanne and Becker's tentative relationship is nearly capsized by Julie's revelations to her. Also, Markowitz gets Sarah a job at the firm with Kelsey's tentative approval.
16 Apr. 1992
P.S. Your Shrink Is Dead
Becker tries to win back Roxanne after his psychologist suddenly dies during a session. Meanwhile, Brackman and his ex-wife, Sheila, clash again when their youngest son, Alexander, gets in trouble with the law. Susan Bloom shocks the office with invitations to her unexpected wedding to Mikhail, a Russian movie actor. The Markowitzes' nanny, Ned Barron, went too far when he comes on to Ann Kelsey again and he is fired. DePalma asks McKenzie for help when his participation in the judicial sting operation impairs his ability to function in court when faces the wrath of ...
23 Apr. 1992
Love in Bloom
Zoey is prosecuting a corrupt multimillionaire who tries to buy his way out of a murder charge after a hit-and-run that killed a homeless man. Meanwhile, the Brackmans and Benny must face each other in juvenile court after Sam and Alexander get into trouble together. The Markowitzes ask a reluctant Sarah to be Matthew's new nanny. Also, Bloom and Mikhail face their first INS interview while Mikhail makes a play for C.J.
30 Apr. 1992
Silence of the Lambskins
Markowitz makes another rare courtroom appearance to defend a condom manufacturer barred from distributing his American flag decorated condoms in the U.S. Meanwhile, Rollins mulls over the possible results when he is approached with an offer to sit in for a city-council seat. Gwen feels betrayed when she thinks that Kittredge used their relationship to damage one of Becker's clients involving a woman her elderly mother, whom is Becker's client, for ownership of the lady's estate. Also, Mullaney goes to Palm Springs to act as a mentor to a novice female D.A. in a ...
7 May 1992
Beauty and the Breast
Zoey helps a jail house lawyer with his case in defending another inmate for murder. Meanwhile, Sarah gives her mother and the Markowitz a cause for worry when she starts behaving rebellious over her mother's disapproval of a new boyfriend. C.J. faces off against David McCoy, a crafty blind lawyer, while she is defending a Hollywood studio chief being sued by a aspiring actress who places the blame for her faulty breast-implant surgery. Bloom experiences very mixed emotions when Mikhail and a starlet actress steam up the camera lens during a movie shoot. Also, Becker ...
14 May 1992
Double Breasted Suit
Grace get a personal message from beyond as she represents a widower who claims he was bilked out of a fortune by a psychic. Meanwhile, the breast-implant case continues as C.J. finds herself attracted to David McCoy as she tries to discredit the starlet maimed by the breast implants. Zoey is very pessimistic about the future of her relationship with Rollins as his work for the city counsel takes over their time together. Gwen finally sees through Kittredge and goes to McKenzie with the incriminating news, in which he fires Kittredge which prompts a hostile response ...
21 May 1992
Say Goodnight Gracie
Becker meets with an AIDS-stricken ex-lover, Paige Dietrich, who needs a will drawn before she dies, and Roxanne gets a blood test when she learns of Becker's past connection with Dietrich. Meanwhile, Victor Sifuentes visits Grace with a marriage proposal. DePalma is representing a ex-convict, also dying from AIDS, who is suing the medical board to keep him covered on their insurance. Brackman and Sheila get more intimate and decide to remarry.
22 Oct. 1992
L.A. Lawless
April 29, 1992. On the first day of the major L.A. riots, Becker stretches his practice and defends a theme-park employee fired for inappropriate behavior while in costume. Meanwhile, Rollins continues his leave of absence to be elected for City Counsel and canvass the riot torn South-Central district. Mullaney brings Zoey home to his house from the hospital to recover after the shooting. Becker's former secretary, Gwen Taylor, begins her law internship. With the departure of Grace Van Owen, C.J. Lamb, Alex DePalma, Frank Kittredge, and Susan Bloom, the firm hires ...
29 Oct. 1992
Second Time Around
October 29, 1992. Six months after the trauma of the L.A. riots, McKenzie finds himself haunted by a murder case he prosecuted in 1959 of Frank Osgood, and that Morales has reopened the case after another man has confessed to the crime. Meanwhile, Markowitz returns home from the hospital shaky and frightened after his head injuries. Brackman find himself in legal trouble as he tries to fight the new fledgling D.A., the self-assured Dana Romney who's prosecuting him for resisting arrest. An all-new Becker returns from a six-month trip around the globe. Mullaney ...
5 Nov. 1992
Zo Long
Due to the stress of her return to work, Zoey opts to be out of the D.A.'s office and decides to leave L.A., and Mullaney. Meanwhile, Rollins's campaign sinks lower and lower as the election draws near. Becker looks inward to his future, but Roxanne sees just the same old Becker. In jail, Brackman learns about his new life from behind the bars. Markowitz is slow to heal and frustrations set in for him and Kelsey. Mullaney becomes aroused in his first case for the D.A.'s office in prosecuting a man in a child-abuse case, who is being defended by a nun lawyer.
12 Nov. 1992
Wine Knot
Brackman's first day back at the firm begins badly when Markowitz also returns prematurely and takes off on an irresponsible spree with Benny. Meanwhile, Gwen takes the reins in a divorce case where the husband is determined to blackmail his wife into relinquishing her claims to his real estate business. Becker represents a wine maker in a court case over the property of the family winery. Roxanne, frazzled and overworked, yearns for something more in her life: a baby. Rollins comes back to work at the firm after losing the election and tries to apologize to an angry ...
19 Nov. 1992
My Friend Flicker
Becker meets with Ben Flicker, a movie studio mogul, when he handles a family divorce involving his daughter. Markowitz recoils in fear when he is asked to identify his attackers from that day. Meanwhile, Brackman begins writing his memoirs about being in jail, but he has some trouble concentrating. Roxanne approaches Mullaney about her dream of having a baby with him after stepping down as office manager. Gwen receives an anonymous gift and assumes it's from Morales. Rollins tries to find a home for Markowitz's stray dog that he found. Also, McKenzie becomes involved...
3 Dec. 1992
Love on the Rox
Kelsey fights for a man's right to choose not to procreate with an injection to stop his ex-wife from using their frozen embryos. Meanwhile, Gwen begins her first unsupervised litigation case, bothered by the feeling that she's being watched. Roxanne and Mullaney make a decision about conception. An immature Markowitz shares his deadly secret with Benny when he shows him the big gun he now keeps on him. Also, Rollins tries to get his damage deposit back for the South-Central apartment he rented during the campaign, but never used.
10 Dec. 1992
Helter Shelter
Melina Paros, the Greek-born City Attorney, joins the firm as an associate. But she has one last case to finish which involves the prosecution of an accused abusive mother against her newborn baby. The unbalanced Markowitz loses control of reality completely when he pulls his gun on a dog pound owner while trying to help Benny find his runaway dog Lincoln. Meanwhile, Becker gets more deeply involved in the intrigue for control of World Wide Studios which involves Flicker and his mysterious silent partner, Eric Schuller, who's crippled wife Beatrice Schuller is the ...
17 Dec. 1992
Christmas Stalking
Melina Paros receives an anonymous helping hand which is a videotape in her child-abuse case for the Attorney-General's office. Meanwhile, Markowitz finds some understanding during his stay in the psycho ward at the hospital and learns that his mental problems are purely physical in nature. Roxanne surprises a moody Mullaney with the news that she is pregnant. The dog Lincoln finally finds the missing pocket watch with a chain and give it to Brackman. Becker is kidnapped at knife point during his search to find Eric Schuller for Mr. Flicker. Also, Gwen finds out that ...

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