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Where are the reruns??
awyeahboy24 April 2000
Talk about an undiscovered treasure from sitcoms past!

This show's lifespan was entirely too brief. Only Showtime was smart enough to give it the initial start. And only FOX was adventurous enough to bring it to a larger audience.

A smartly written show that perhaps TV Land or Comedy Central would know what to do with (Nevermind Nick @ Nite, they're too busy shoving "The Jeffersons" down everyone's throat). ...And what about home video? Personally, I wouldn't mind having the uncut versions in my library. Columbia House, take note!
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A work of genius.
DM-1929 January 2000
A show that inspires me to this day. While I didn't see it when it first aired at my house we have the wonder that is cable and the reruns of this show make my evening.

The format for the show is unlike any other I've seen and while the plots may not be original Garry (and cast) sparkle with true wit and class. Not many shows make me laugh out loud, but this one has me in tears. I urge absolutely everyone to watch it.
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top notch
mattkratz17 March 2001
This show was always a delight to watch. From the hilarious theme song til the end of the show, the episodes were always first rate and very funny. I loved it, and looked forward to each show, even when it was a repeat. It was that good!

For anyone who thinks there can't be a good or original sitcom, give this one a try. You'll love it!
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Breaking the third wall
S.R. Dipaling11 August 2005
This very original comedy,which originated on Showtime,then relocated to Fox,was a joy to watch. Garry Shandling may not be everybody's cup of tea(then again,who is?),but to those who enjoyed his neurotic,self-effacing yet vain and confused humor will find this show a joy to watch.

It simply was a show that surrounded the "life" of Mr.Shandling,his inability to keep a relationship with a woman(perfect for episode TV),his duplex neighbors,the platonic friend who was once his girlfriend. And while it seemed to conduct this business in the ordinary type of TV studio,a la every other sitcom that has taped live in front of a studio audience,this show had one distinguishing trait:the third wall or the viewer was frequently referenced and addresses,to the point that the audience,both in the studio and at home,were a part of the show! Even the show's theme song was inspired--simple and direct("This is the theme to GArry's show/the theme to Garry's show/Garry called me up and asked if I'd write this theme for him/...)!

I realize that it was Mr.Shandling's later project,"The LArry Sanders Show" is more the critically darling of the two shows Garry has so far done,and while I was overall quite pleased with "LArry Sanders",this show I watched more loyally and still remember fondly. Can anyone tell me if this show has made it to DVD yet?
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Highly Entertaining
Hotoil25 May 2001
While not quite up to the quality of Shandling's later hit, "The Larry Sanders Show", this was also a very entertaining parody of television conventions. Shandling knew how to have fun with the idea of series television and this show never took itself too serious on the outside, but you could tell a lot of thought went into it behind the scenes. A unique blend of talk-show, sitcom & satire.
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DVD release scheduled Oct 9, 2009
ted-tedford20 August 2009
I've just found out that the complete four seasons will be released on DVD on October 9, 2009. You can pre-order on but not on This news made my day. I can't say how much I love this show.

I remember watching this in the mid-80s when it was on UK TV. It was genuinely funny, warm, and innovative, even if Garry's teeth and hair were a little unusual for UK TV. A few full episodes were briefly on youtube a couple of years ago, but now they're gone. The only other time I've found it was when I spent a snowy afternoon in the Museum of TV and Radio in NY and you get to watch a couple of hours of video of anything in their archives. It was great - I watched four episodes back to back, and was transported. Worth the ?$10 admission.
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Why is this not on DVD?
picti00719 January 2007
I watched this in Britain in the late eighties/early nineties, and though it was relegated to the graveyard slot on a minor channel it still has a mass fan base who would love to buy it on DVD, even Region 1. But there's no sign of it being released! Why is this? If anyone associated with the relevant network reads this please consider releasing it. You may find that very soon someone will 'borrow' the idea, have a massive success with it, and the new version will be considered more successful, and the show will simply be relegated to history. The time is ripe for a Garry Shandling revival! Who's with me!!
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A truly funny sitcom.
O2D12 May 2017
I have to start by saying I never had Showtime and don't remember ever seeing this show but somehow I knew every word to the theme song.That's a bit weird.Anyway, this is by far one of the best American sitcoms ever.The only show that even comes close is Seinfeld.Besides just being extremely funny, this show did lots of unique things that made it even better.First of all, they not only broke the fourth wall but it was a big part of the show.Garry did an opening monologue and was constantly explaining things to the audience.Not to mention that he frequently left the set.Another unique thing they did was make the kid actually be funny.On most sitcoms if the kids get to talk they are rarely funny.The kid on this show is hilarious every time he opens his mouth.I was worried about this show at first because Garry had the stereotypical 80s wacky friend who was a terrible character that didn't fit into the show.Luckily they rarely used him and he only lasted six episodes.One weird thing I noticed is that sick freak Ellen stole her delivery from Garry.If you listen to the show without watching you might actually think it is that sicko.But it would take a lot more than that to ruin this show.If you enjoy laughing, you must see this show.
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Great Show
Jonathan Pinto5 February 2007
I hope that this series will be released on DVD soon. The show was just down-right clever and, in my opinion, never got old. I caught the show on Showtime a couple of times, but since I didn't get cable, it wasn't until the show started airing on FOX that I would watch it all the time. Does anyone remember the show where Garry is touring the set and comes across the 2-D people? I about lost it when I saw that episode. Also, the live election show was pretty interesting as well. There are so many shows that need released on DVD, and this is one of them. Why studios release shows that are still shown on TV, in syndication, is beyond me.
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