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Hugely entertaining mini-series
ODDBear15 August 2005
One of the most entertaining mini-series ever in my opinion.

Tracy (Smith) gets sent to prison by a slimy crimelord and his attorney who were more or less responsible for her mother's death, and she is sentenced to 15 years. Planning to escape, she winds up getting pardoned and avenges her own injustice as well as her mother's. Having lost everything of value in her previous life, she embarks on a totally new one as a master thief, trained by mysterious Richard Kiely. She meets Berenger, who's in her line of work as well, and the two strike up a working relationship and a romantic one. Hot on their trail is a slimy detective (David Keith) who seems to have a personal agenda concerning Tracy.

This is a hugely entertaining globe trotting adventure courtesy of writer Sidney Sheldon. Madolyn Smith and Tom Berenger are simply sensational in the lead and the rest of the cast are very good as well, particularly Liam Neeson as a french policeman. Seasoned television director Jerry London keeps this 5 hour marathon continually entertaining, with twists and turns at every corner.

There's a dramatic shift between the first part and second, the first one dealing with Smith and Berenger separately but in the second one the fun really gets going as they team up and stage on grandiose heist after another. The David Keith side story adds a psychological twist which is mostly well handled, but not explained well enough.

If you like mini-series you'll love this one. Really deserves a red carpet DVD treatment, as it's nearly a trip down memory lane 'cause these mini-series aren't what they used to be. This is one of the all time best.
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ma-zaytsev8 January 2007
It's simply my the most beloved mini ever! I watched it many time and always with the same great interest. Such great movies are made really rare, such books are written really once a decade. Inspite its ages the movie looks perfect even in XXIst century. It's one of the few movies everyone HAS TO see. Classics for all time. Every time I watch this movie I ask myself how could anyone make such a simple and much appealing masterpiece that doesn't get old and silly. It seems that the story is always topical and of high interest from the audience. P.S. Thanx to NTV, Russian TV channel that broadcast it every year on New Year holidays.
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lauralovesmoscow19 December 2004
This was the best romantic adventure ever! Tom Berenger was just marvelous. If you have not seen the movie I suggest you do it soon.

A woman whose life has been ruined is left without a job or money. Being out of the jail with no future she has only one way- theft. Tom Berenger, being thief already, was sent to reck her life of crime. However, things turn out in a totally different way than expected.

The movie is about two thieves and the paths of their lives cross each other. Exciting theft with lots of action! Boat trips, museum, jails, homes of rich people... trust... and distrust.

I also suggest you to see Bangkok Hilton.
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Love the simplicity!
Jessica Heyman24 August 2000
Far from profundity and even further away from reality, Sidney Sheldon and the film team has created an adorable mini series, perfect for a lazy day in the sofa. Tracy is the heroine all women envy, beautiful, clever and leading an extraordinarily exciting life. Jeff is the man all women would like: charming, boyish and still a world-class thief. I just love the romance, and although we all realize how far from life this story is, it is actually quite charming to forget reality for a while. Watch it and learn to love the simplicity!
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It's marvelous!
Soledad-211 June 2001
I'm extremely impressed with this beautiful mini-series. It has everything and I simply love it. If I were asked to describe this piece of art, I would just say "charming". You will love it too. Don't wait any longer. Sara
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A Timeless Classic
meghac2321 December 2016
An absolutely stellar mini-series. Sidney Sheldon's books are a journey onto themselves and while the series stays close to the book, it is the extra parts of the screenplay that are a delight to watch. Madolyn Smith brings Tracy Whitney to life. She plays the part with remarkable ease and her accents are a hoot. Her character is intelligent and vulnerable at the same time. Her chemistry with Tom Berenger as Jeff Stevens is palpable. I loved the fact that all the characters are exactly as I had envisioned them. The screenplay is taut and dialogues are witty.

The book like the adaptation can be divided into two parts. The horrifying ordeal of the initially idealistic Tracy in jail is the first part. The second part is her eventual transformation into a con artist and her escapades- and what fun these are! Put it on your must-watch list ASAP!
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nstepanova30 August 2004
I have gotten the first part of it from a friend quite a long time ago, when I was still a teenager, and we watched it with my parents. We were so sucked in, that as soon as the first tape was over, we called the friend, and asked if she could meet us with the second tape. She did, so we watched the whole thing back to back, and loved it! The story is really clever and interesting, there is a lot of humor in it as well, and the characters, albeit thieves, are very likable. I'd say it's in the same league as "Ocean's 11", but perhaps even more poignant, because the characters are better developed (if for no other reason, because the series are longer than any movie can possibly be). It's a treat!
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I Really Really Liked this show
i Really enjoyed this series when i was young it was very complete lot thematics,

unpredictable, and well role play by the actors, i remember the girl in this series, looks beautiful and sexy maybe because is beauty actress but maybe because she was jewelry thief, and maybe because she always used tight clothes when she was stealing something.

the main character but all of them were strong characters, i just can say in those times this TV show had lot things new for me in those times summarizing i liked plot, i liked the actors and characters, and liked the girl also the theme is good.
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contains spoiler Warning: Spoilers
A Bit missing? Just bought the 3 mini series Sidney Sheldon 6 DVD set.

just finished watching "If Tomorrow comes" and it ends with Tracey on a Plane.But I'm sure when this series screened on TV Here in N.Z. back in the 80's there was a forgery sequence in a museum where Richard Kiley, who plays Gunther, forged a signature on an authentic artwork (Monet?)to convince the owner it was a fake, which of course it wasn't. O Or am I thinking of another film? Somebody Please let me Know! As this is my first review and I've just been criticised for a spelling mistake and haven't written enough lines, I don't think I will ever write another.
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I love the story line, but the fashion is clearly 1980's
m*1 June 1999
I recently purchased this movie, and I have read the book several times. The story is one that I really enjoy, however the fashion at the time of making this movie is clearly 1986.
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