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Season 2

23 Sep. 1987
Science Fair-Weather Friends
The school is having a science fair and Arvid, Dennis and Sarah all plan to enter. But they all inadvertently sabotage each other's project and try to cover it up. And Moore learns about this and tries to get them to admit the truth but can't.
30 Sep. 1987
The Write Stuff
The Schools Newspaper is in need of work, so the class nominates Simone to be the Editor-in-chief which quickly goes to her head. Meanwhile Eric fabricates a story which quickly over shadows Simone, much to her dislike.
7 Oct. 1987
The Big Squeeze
When the class learns that a boy genius is considering coming to Fillmore, they fear that one of them might have to leave the IHP. So they each point the finger at whom they think should go.
14 Oct. 1987
Child of the 60's
After a class in rebelliousness of the 60's Dennis holds a sit in to demand better cafeteria food.
28 Oct. 1987
Trouble in Perfectville
Moore's class decides to create a fake issue of the school newspaper.
9 Dec. 1987
Play It Again, Woody
Mr. Moore and Arvid both attend a Woody Allen film festival to deal with their romantic woes. And it seems that what happened parallels to one of Woody's films.
13 Jan. 1988
On the Road Again
Separated Dr. Samuels moves in with Charlie.
3 Feb. 1988
Parent's Day
It's Parent's Day when the parents of the students come and see how their children are taught. Eric's father shows on the wrong day and Eric doesn't appear to be proud of him. He later shows up on the right day and Moore tries to get Eric and his father to talk.
2 Mar. 1988
For Better, for Worse
Ms. Meara teaches a class on marriage.
9 Mar. 1988
We Love You, Mrs. Russell
The students and Mr. Moore discover that a beloved English teacher has Alzheimer's.
4 May 1988
The 21st Century News
Dennis becomes obsessed with apocalypse.
11 May 1988
Moore Than You Know
Disillusioned Charlie meets his dead uncle.

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