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Great comedy that will be missed
Agent1023 July 2002
While the character has been turned into nothing more than some goofy icon of yesteryear, the show itself was quite unique in the fact that it combined the silliness of the Muppets and the usual kitsch of prime time sitcoms. Funny, eclectic and unusual, this show was a welcome relief from the usual sitcoms that dealt with family and what not. I'm glad this show is still being immortalized thanks to commercials, simply because it was one of those shows I had to fight with parents in order to see. Often times, good fun should take over for raunchiness and this is what made this show so spectacular. While the 80s was a bad fashion decade, sitcoms were a step above the rest after such an incredible decade as the 1970s. ALF just happened to be one of those shows.
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Hey, I grew up watching this show!
Smooth B17 November 1999
If any of you were little kids in the mid-80's (like I was) you enjoyed shows like the Smurfs, Thundercats, He-Man, Alvin & the Chipmunks, and even those old Marvel super hero shows. But that was all on Saturday morning. Where does the 6-year-old spend his TV time during the week? Watching ALF, of course! This show was a Monday night staple at 7 pm (cst). It's about an alien being who crash landed on Earth and spends his time wisecracking on the family that found him. He's got 8 stomachs, and he's not afraid to use them! This show spawned a cartoon series (which I also enjoyed watching). ALF goes right up there with Small Wonder and Charles In Charge as my favorite 80's sitcoms.
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When I was a kid, this was the sit-com to watch.
wishkah719 February 2001
ALF is another one of the favorite shows during my childhood. And I still enjoy it to this day. Every friend and acquaintance of mine loved this show. Some kids I knew back then wished ALF would've crashed into their garage! ALF has left some very fond memories. Short synopsis: One day the Tanner family was in their garage they hear a strange noise and it was a spaceship that eventually crashed into their garage and then discover ALF and he became a part of the family.

ALF was also a bit of a troublemaker and a prankster as well. Yet, he also tried to fix any damage he had done, gave advice to the Tanners, said some funny catchphrases, got into funny situations one can imagine, always had to hide in the kitchen whenever company came, chasing Lucky (the Tanner's cat, ALF had a taste for cats), and used references from historic events and the whatnot. ALF even had some heartfelt moments, too.

Plus, I heard that starting in March, NICK-AT-NITE is going to start showing old reruns of ALF! Another thing, too the kids in this show, Lynn and Brian acted like your everyday average kid and teen! Even though the show barely revolved around them, they weren't even smart-allecks like kids are in sit-coms nowadays. ALF was one of the better sit-coms from the 80's. It's another one of my favorites next to Night Court and Newhart. Feel free to watch the ALF reruns when they come to NICK-AT-NITE. ALF was a show for the whole family. It gets an A!
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The Best of the 1980s
ultimateALFsite19 December 2003
As a child of the television (born in '62) I found myself glued to ALF in the mid 1980s. From the sarcastic wit of Paul Fusco, Tom Patchett and a team of

talented writers such as Jerry Stahl, we were entertained by such a great re- used idea. Sure, Mindy had Mork, Bill Bixby had his uncle Martin, and

Spielberg gave us E.T. . . but never was a space creature taken to the heart of a nation. Remember ALF mocking the Ollie North trials in ads for his show? How about ALF doing PSAs for wildlife conservation? . . . don't even get me started on the marketing value of this character. ALF appeared in THOUSANDS of

different items from coloring books to telephones. . .check ebay if you don't believe me! ALF is STILL a phenomenon!
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one of my favorites
mattkratz12 July 2002
This was undoubtably one of the best shows on television when it first came on. I loved the escapades of the furry little alien creature (ALF) as the family whose garage he crashed into tried to introduce him to human customs. I liked it. Unfortunately, towards the end it got kind of nasty, with the characters starting to fight all the time. Still, they had some memorable and warm moments and episodes.
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Sarcasm rules the world here!
peppard6 January 2004
ALF currently reruns on our Dutch channel NET5, every weekday from 16:30 till 17:00 hours. It's not the first time it reruns of course, but they've just started, because they're broadcasting the first few episodes now. I must say, the funniest thing about the show is the interaction between ALF and Willie. The fact that ALF acts like the place is his, and not from the Tanners. I also like the Ochmoneks, and that they don't know anything about ALF's presence. All together it's just a good, steady show, with actors who barely do any movies or TV-series nowadays, and that's a real shame.
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ALF rocks.
afzp253 April 2009
I watched it for the first time in the year 2004 when i was 16 yrs old.Surprsingly I find it relevant to the present current era too.The dialog rendering is brilliant.Willie and ALF make a good pair.I don really watch English sitcoms.But became a fan of this once i started watching the first few episodes.And i only realized how i close i became to this show when i came across the DVD couple of years later.

I love to watch this show over and over again.ALF's way of expressing things is extremely good and catchy.Below is one of my favorite ones.

Willie: Stay away from the window, we've got a very nosy neighbor - Mrs. Ochmonek. ALF: Ochmonek? Sounds like a typo
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Fun Little Series That Is Carried by the Title Character
tfrizzell25 July 2000
"ALF" was a nice little series that lasted a little more than four seasons in the late-1980s on NBC and was somewhat lost in the shuffle during a time when shows like "The Cosby Show", "Cheers", and "L.A. Law" dominated the ratings for the network. The series deals with a likeable alien from the planet Mailmac who is stranded on Earth and forced to live with the Tanners, a California family. Throughout, ALF is being protected from the fictional Alien Task Force. The Tanner family is led by Willie (Max Wright), his wife Kate (Anne Schedeen), and their children Lynn (Andrea Elson) and Brian (Benji Gregory). Perhaps the biggest minus of the series is the lack of character development within the Tanner family. Kate, Lynn, and Brian are all flat characters. However, Willie's character is excellent and it is Wright who helped carry the series as long as it went. Critically speaking, "ALF" is a somewhat disappointing series which struggles for story-lines. The fact that the series went on as long as it did is a testament to the writers and directors of this series. Sometimes the series struggled to find a permanent audience. At times the material was very adult-oriented, but at other times the stories seemed to cater more to the youngest of age groups. The way that the series ended was extremely disappointing in 1990. I am not sure how the series could have been wrapped up, but I felt empty and upset with the way the show ultimately ended. A made-for-television movie entitled "Project: ALF" tried to put a ribbon on the original series, but that film was overall unsatisfying as well. Overall an enjoyable series whose life on television was really longer than it should have been. 4 out of 5 stars.
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Alien Life-Form. Those were the days...
Howlin Wolf7 March 2004
Saturday teatime viewing in the '80's along with stuff like "The A-Team". ALF pretty much reeks of its decade, which is probably why it was cancelled in early 1990. It's by no means the first show to revolve around such a concept; in fact, stylistically I remember it being very similar to "Bigfoot & the Hendersons". Unfathomably though, ALF was somehow more lovable than Bigfoot, enough to spawn merchandise like cuddly toys, amongst other things. Must've been the charm of the show itself, rather than the looks of its furry star! Even as an adult, there are few things more entertaining than a guy in a costume cracking wise. The humour was never vulgar, but often funny, a balance that many shows in this format often fail to strike. Better it had a brief but successful run rather than drag itself out embarrassingly past its sell-by-date. ALF was very much a product of his time, and that perhaps is why I remember him so fondly. It seems like it was produced in the halcyon days of family viewing. They really DON'T make 'em like this anymore...
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Short smart mouthed alien moves in with an All American family.
Keyska200424 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This TV series that lasted for five years was one of my favorites. The average All-American family enjoys(?) the company of a hairy alien. Alf's lines throughout these shows generally will make you laugh. Not to mention roll your eyes now and again.

Alf is played by Paul Fusco, with Max Wright as Willie Tanner and Anne Schedeen as Kate Tanner makeup the majority of the shows programs. The kids are played by Andrea Elson and Benji Gregory as Lyn & Brian tanner.

Chaos is the main ingredient for most of these episodes. Simple humor, quick shows, a canned laughter will make you laugh. Enjoy my fellow earthlings.
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Great Family Show
lynyrdskynyrd7 September 2010
ALF was a great show for family entertainment value, it was clean and was very original at the time with a main character who was a wise cracking alien, the cast was all really good and it was actually pretty funny most of the time. My fave characters were the guy who played Willie and the Okmonaks next door (sorry if I spelled that wrong but you have to admit it's a tough name to spell).

I loved this show when I was a kid. I picked up the DVDs for season one the other week and have to admit it is not as good as I remember but hey it's been like twenty years or whatever, it was an awesome show and I bet kids would still love it. The guy who played ALF or at least played the voice of ALF was perfect with great timing and all the good jokes in the show were ALF's wisecracks.
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Favorite sitcom from the 80s.
emasterslake24 February 2007
I remembered when Alf was really big when I was a toddler, but I was too young to remember anything about the show. It wasn't until 2004, when I reprise watching it off of DVD.

Alf is about an alien crash landed into a garage roof of the Tanner's residence(a family of 4: husband,wife,daughter, and son). They found and were greeted by the alien, He is a short furry,, long nose creature named Gordon Shumway from the planet Melmac. The Tanner family nicknamed him Alf(Alien Life Form) for short. Alf explained that his planet exploded and has no where to stay. The Tanners who were considered in taking Alf straight to the Alien Task Force, but decided to keep Alf as a member of their own family. And soon their life is flipped upside down with an alien being part of their lives.

Throughout the series, Alf gets into trouble, eats a lot, gives out strange behavior, and tries to eat the family cat. We also learn a bit of what he did for a living on Melmac. Including his planet's way of politics,culture, and way of life. The down side is, that since he's an alien he can't go out into public, otherwise, he'll wine up into trouble. So it's important to stay low, and be sure not be noticed.

As Alf experiences Earth's way of living, he already gets into the pop culture and junk food there is to offer.

Alf is no doubt a brilliant sitcom. And something you won't see for another lifetime. It's funny, it's well written, and the use of a puppet and stage performance making it unique of it's kind in sitcoms. And something the whole family can watch, and I know there's nothing at all inappropriate about Alf. Even though it shows it's age, I think it's entitled to be a cult classic in sitcom history.

Those who like the TV series, might consider seeing Project Alf which takes place after the TV show.
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Great satire
mermatt29 September 1999
The satiric method used here is classic -- having a non-human look at human nature and see how silly it is. Alf is a genuine wit, an outer-space Mark Twain who can see the foibles of life and comments on them with real humor that is not sour on the one hand and not inane on the other.

Like THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN, which uses a similar viewpoint, ALF is a wonderful comedy with humanity itself as its subject matter.
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Alien Lives With A Family
ALF is just about the most unusual family comedy ever. An alien lives with an average American family and the family keeps hiding him from public each day. It was great, ALF's still a cultural icon, and the actors should still be able to get good work from it. I Love It!
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A cute, clever sitcom that sold out for the quick buck
matt329729 March 2005
ALF was a clever show which contained much of the same formula as such comedy classics as "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "Green Acres" in that the main character is out of his normal environment and tries to adjust to living in a new world producing wide-eyed comedic relief. The sad thing about this show is that it should have (and could have) had a longer life. During the first season, ALF, the character, was a cute and adventuresome little fellow who looked at modern society through innocent eyes--the kind of child-like eyes that can see the paradoxes and hypocrisies of society. But from the second season on, ALF became an obnoxious nuisance, an annoying smart-alack in Hawaiian shirts who seemed to know that he was torturing poor old Willie and Kate, but enjoyed frustrating them. His appearances on game shows and talk shows combined to dish out unwelcomed overexposure. ALF was no longer cute, but a show-off busy hocking stuffed self-likeness and lunch boxes. Another example of Hollywood's inability to let a production endear itself to an eager audience and resist the quick buck. How sad.
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Great show that lost its edge.
StudentDriver16 October 1999
Alf in the beginning was a hilarious show, almost a satire of sitcoms. By the time the show left the air, though, it was a shell of its former self, just a family-friendly wacky sitcom that catered to children.

When Alf started out, he was a rather ratty-looking creature; he improved in looks over the years, but he originally seemed to be infested with fleas and/or moths; his voice was hoarse, and his wit caustic. Once execs learned of Alf's popularity amongst children, though, the scripts began to skew to a younger and younger demographic- turning off many of the people who had helped the show become a hip hit originally.

Alf later spun off a comic book series (itself the subject of a feeding frenzy/fad that ended up hurting the book's reputation and sales later on), and into an animation series notorious for a "subliminal message" inserted by frustrated overseas animators. (The "message" was innocuous, and consisted of the Statue of Liberty and an American flag; this scared people enough that the show ended up being dropped.)
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One of the best tv-shows ever made
andreastma11 May 2002
Alf, the lovely Melmacian. I enjoyed watching every single episode. Unfortunately two were not aired, so the Germans missed watching Alf hosting the Tonight Show. But nevertheless, I grew up with this and I loved Alf and still love him. It´s so bad to see that there might be no continuation in the near future. Alf - 10 out of 10
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A fantastic sitcom
juliagates20027 April 2005
I used to love watching ALF every week. It's on in reruns now and I admit I watch it and say to my self hey what was I thinking? But the show is just dated like all shows are and at the time I was madly in love with this show and I know my friends were too. ALF was hilarious and it had the family all perfectly cast playing their roles. The best scenes were always the ones between Willie (the dad) and ALF. Even the Ochmoniks (spelling?) were perfectly cast as the wacky nosy neighbours, especially Mrs. Ochmonik who I think was also a neighbour in another TV show at around the same era. It was great family entertainment, well written and well played by all the performers including ALF himself and well produced. It is badly dated now but I still give the show 9 out of 10.
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Very enjoyable series
Eraser816 March 2003
Most sitcoms nowdays are utterly forgetable. ALF however was such a hit with kids and even adults that the show surprised top tv execs with high ratings.

Alf crashlands onto the Tanner family's garage. His home planet Melmac, had blown up so there was no where for him to go. So naturally the Tanner's let Alf stay in their home and enjoyed years of laughs.

The alien's real name was Gordon Shumway, but everyone just called him Alf for short. The Tanner's must of been good hearted people, as over the 4 year run of the show, Alf blew up the kitchen, destroyed the living room, almost ruined a wedding that was going to be held at the house and etc.

Alf even made an impact in the retail world, selling dolls, books, games, clothes. You name it.

The 1996 tv movie that tried to patch of the series was a bit lackluster.

But Alf is doing great now. He's a pitchman for long distance phonecalls alongside Hulk Hogan and Terry Bradshaw.
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An excellent show that needs to be remembered more.
sinisterdrecc8828 March 2009
ALF is a classic comedy show from the 80s that I discovered online. I watched an episode, and became an instant fan. All of the actors are good in this show, and Paul Fusco does a great job as the voice of ALF. As great as this show is, it was still canceled in 1990, so in my opinion this show is great, and should be resurrected. It's funny, clever, and original, and deserves more recognition because of this. Now it is one of my favorite live-action shows, and I'd be ecstatic if there were more seasons, because after all, Sesame Street has been on the air for 40 years.

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Great ! I wish those years back !
vlahov14 August 2006
One of the greatest US products made for TV. I really wish I could travel in time back some years so I can regain the endless joy of viewing the series for the first time. The dialog is full of fresh jokes, no sexual offending or humiliating ones like in Friends for example. It reminds me to the classics like Kermit's show or Jack Lemmon's Some like it hot *my absolute top 1 movie of all time* It is so sad that entertainment like this one is never been created, it is not good for the entertainment industry as a whole. But who knows, maybe we're cursed with the ancient Chinese curse "to live in the interesting times" I give it wholeheartedly 10/10 and highly recommend it for viewing/renting/buying the DVDs. I really do hope DVDs will be shipped to Europe soon.
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Another Cool And Crazy Sitcom From The 1980s
leighabc12314 August 2004
This show was cool! Alf was an alien that crashed in the Tanner's family living room. Then he ended up staying there to live. He had to hide from other humans the first couple of seasons. Then the Ochmonics and the Tanner's mother in law discovered him. One serious episode was the Christmas episode. Alf stopped an old man from jumping off a bridge, helped deliver a baby, and became friends with a girl with leukemia. A silly episode was the Gilligan's Island episode. I can still hear Alf singing the Gilligan's Island theme song in my head today! The Alf cartoon was stupid. And when they added Alf Tales the second season, it made the cartoon more stupid! It was cool to see a movie called Project Alf years later. But why did Alf appear in stupid 1800COLLECT commercials?
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ALF rules!
David, Film Freak21 January 2002
How could anyone not like ALF? Aside from the fact that the show was genuinely funny, the show had an imagination and ALF was soooooooo cool.

Despite being on the air for only 4 years, ALF managed to capture the hearts of children and adults alike with his witty charm and hunger for cats.

Pity this show ended. We need more like this one.
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Wonderful series of my childhood!
marksrtrom9 August 2015
I grew up on this fun and enjoyable show called Alf - Alien Life Form or Alien Life Family. A great idea that can not be interested in his positive outlook on life with this curious point of view ... And be sure to be interested in a positive person who had not seen the show.

This film product is able to love life from other points of its aspects. Opens world outlook and expanding it, and in the positive, fun features! All pleasant viewing! And thanks to everyone who worked on the show, especially the actors: Max Wright (great actor), Andrea Elson, Anne Schedeen and else ... Thank you gave such wonderful emotions. I wish you all good and happiness in life. Thank you all.

P.S. I'm 1986 year of birth ;)
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Funny, cheerful, likable classic
famelovingboy6819 July 2015
ALF seemed like a character icon when i was growing up and when I was a young man. I used to like this when I was little, but don't remember it well. I started watching in several years ago and liked to watch it on DVD regularly. ALF was well-written and the furry little alien seemed like a guy I wanted to watch with my family if I really wanted a laugh. He is not only funny, but quippish, albeit sometimes irreverent and his sarcasm and backwards ways of life he got from Melmac and his sarcasm made him a a valuable source of comedy. Though it was a wacky sitcom, the show did, once in a good while tackle serious topics, such as when the Uncle dies and ALF befriends a girl who looked like she wasn't going to make it in the hospital in a Christmas special and the driver contemplated jumping off the bridge in a scene reminiscent of It's A Wonderful Life and ALF saves him through emotional guidance. The Tanner family was pretty average with a nuclear family, including Willie, the patriarch, who was the most frequent source of exasperation over ALF's pratfalls and mishaps, but was also loving and sensitive and an amateur science enthusiast. The mother was relatively calm and not too warm. The daughter Lynn was your typical teenager with a shy side. The son, Brian seemed underrated. He was virtually angelic and easy-going and maybe even well-behaved and perpetuated the movement of teaching boys to learn things like cooking for when they became dads and when there was a bully he didn't resort to having a rematch. It was nice that the dad was relatively pacifistic. The gag with ALF craving cats may have been a little much after a while, but the show was nostalgic and had a nice house and the neighbors were your classic couple next door that hardly seem to like each other and the wife witnesses very weird occurrences or the supernatural and the husband often thought she was crazy and ridiculed criticized her in good comedic fashion.
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