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Andrea Elson: Lynn Tanner



  • [ALF and Lynn are trying to get their parents to stop fighting] 

    ALF : To get a couple back together on Melmac, we'd recreate the happiest moment of their marriage.

    Lynn : I wonder what Mom and Dad's happiest moment was.

    ALF : The day they met me?

    Lynn : Think again.

    ALF : The day after they met me.

    Lynn : Keep thinking.

    ALF : I can't. My brain hurts.

  • ALF : All right. Let me see if I've got this reindeer thing straight. There's... uh... there's Dasher, Dancer, Comet, Cupid... Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

    Lynn : No, it's Prancer, Dancer, Vixen, Blitzen...

    ALF : Huey, Duey and Luey.

    Brian : No, those are ducks.

    ALF : Then how do they pull the sleigh?

  • ALF : I'm on a new diet. I can eat as much of whatever I want.

    Lynn : And you lose weight that way?

    ALF : You do?

  • Kate : Where's Lizard taking you?

    Lynn : To a science fiction movie. Something about this guy being shrunk and then injected into someone else.

    ALF : That's not science fiction. A friend of mine did that once. He took a wrong turn and got stuck in a guy's nose.

  • Lynn : You have a cousin named Blinky?

    ALF : Well, we call him that because he likes to eat lightbulbs.

  • [the Tanners talk about ALF getting to know Willie's brother] 

    Lynn : He's a wonderful guy, with a terrific sense of humor.

    ALF : I'm not gonna marry him, if that's what you're getting at.

    Willie : You're meeting my brother, it's not the Pope.

    ALF : I'd rather meet the Pope. I love his hats.

  • Willie : You know, Trevor. It seems this young man is a little Mister Fix-it.

    Lynn : Little Mister Fix-it. How cute.

    Jake Ochmonek : You want me, don't you?

  • Lynn : Oh, Alf. What are we gonna do with you?

    ALF : I guess you'll have to love me as long as it lasts.

    Lynn : We will.

  • Lynn : [giving ALF a haircut]  ALF, hold still. I want to get it even.

    ALF : Well, don't cut it too short. It'll look like I have a big schnoz.

    Kate : I didn't realize you were so concerned with your appearance.

    ALF : You think I wake up looking this good?

    Kate : [doorbell rings]  Doorbell.

    ALF : Hide in the kitchen, ALF. Hah! Beat ya to it.

    Lynn : Ahem. Two dollars, ALF. Pay up.

    ALF : Two dollars? I didn't even get my medicure.

    Lynn : Welcher!

  • [ALF and Lynn are preparing a surprise dinner for Kate and Willie] 

    ALF : I just need to finish spit-shining these plates here.

    Lynn : [grabbing the plates]  That won't be necessary.

    ALF : Fine, let them eat off dirty dishes.

  • [about ALF's "car"] 

    Lynn : What's that thing?

    ALF : It's not a thing. It's an ALF Romeo.

  • Jake Ochmonek : Can't I stay with the Tanners? I'm allergic to Kitch.

    Lynn : Go, enjoy. Drink the water. Adios!

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