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Desmond Llewelyn: Q



  • Q : She must take a lot of vitamins!

    James Bond : Yes, and perhaps Pegasus does too.

  • [last lines] 

    [Bond is in the shower with Stacey and Q is using Snooper to spy on them] 

    Q : 007 alive.

    M : Where is he? What's he doing?

    Q : Just cleaning up a few details.

    Stacey Sutton : Oh, James!

  • M : Now that we're all here, you can get on with the briefing, Q.

    Q : Very good, sir. Gentlemen, a silicon integrated circuit. The essential part of all modern computers.

    M : No lecture, Q. We're all aware of the usefulness of the microchip.

    Q : Well, now, until recently, all microchips were susceptible to damage from the intense magnetic pulse of a nuclear explosion.

    M : Magnetic pulse?

    James Bond : Yes, Minister. I burst in outer space over the UK and everything with a microchip in it, from, well, the modern toaster to the most sophisticated computers in our defense systems would we rendered absolutely useless.

  • Q : One of our private defense contractors came up with this: a chip totally impervious to magnetic pulse damage. Now, if I place it on the micro-comparator and compare it with a chip that Commander Bond recovered from the body of 003 in Siberia, when I bring the two images together...

    James Bond : They're identical. The KGB must have pipeline into that research company.

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