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Left a lasting impression on me
DawnZEJ312 June 2004
I saw this movie in 1990, when I was training to work in a nursing home. I always think about it. Especially when I heard that Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer's Disease a few years later. Now that President Reagan is gone, I'm thinking about it again.

I had no idea what Alzheimer's Disease was before I saw this movie. After it ended, I was sad and speechless.

The individual with Alzheimer's gets it at a young age (40's)and it all happens so quickly.

It's surprising that they don't show this on T.V. or it's not available to rent. It was really moving. Shirley Jones did an incredible job in this movie.

If it is ever on T.V., please watch it, you won't ever forget it.
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There Were Times, Dear 1985 Excellent film re Alzheimer's disease
slmacs9815 April 2006
This is and excellent film for anyone with a family member or friend that has been diagnosed with Alzhiemer's. It should be shown in every nursing home to the caregivers and family members of the residents. The actors did a magnificent job in portraying real-life daily experiences and the progression of the disease. I recommend it to anyone with older parents or spouses suffering from dementia. I watched it 10 years ago as a "Special" on TV. When I wanted to find it again, I couldn't recall the name, only that it starred Shirley Jones and the "manager" from the Partridge Family series, as her husband. Thank you for you movie data base, as now I can look for this wonderful film for my family to watch. My mother is suffering from dementia and the grandchildren need to know what it is like in different stages. This film covers it all.
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