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Film News Roundup: Haley Lu Richardson-Cole Sprouse’s ‘Five Feet Apart’ Set for March Release

Film News Roundup: Haley Lu Richardson-Cole Sprouse’s ‘Five Feet Apart’ Set for March Release
In today’s film news roundup, the teen hospital romance “Five Five Apart” gets a release date, Lawrence Kasdan will direct an Anita Bryant movie, and James Ivory joins an Italian film.

Release Date

CBS Films and Lionsgate have set a March 22 release for romance-drama “Five Feet Apart,” starring Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse.

The duo is portraying cystic fibrosis patients in the same hospital, where strict rules dictate that they must stay five feet apart at all times. As the connection intensifies, so does their willingness to defy the rules that govern every moment of their lives. Kimberly Hebert Gregory, Parminder Nagra, Emily Baldoni, Gary Weeks, and Moises Arias also star.

Justin Baldoni is directing from a script by Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis. Producers are Cathy Schulman, whose credits include best picture winner “Crash” and “The Foreigner,” and Baldoni.

Five Feet Apart” is the first title to
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Who Will Replace Han Solo Directors: Howard, Kasdan or Johnson?

Who Will Replace Han Solo Directors: Howard, Kasdan or Johnson?
It's been less than 24 hours since Han Solo directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were unceremoniously fired from the Star Wars spin-off, but there are already three candidates that have emerged as front-runners to take over the production. New reports have surfaced which claim that Ron Howard, Lawrence Kasdan and Joe Johnston are currently in the mix as candidates for this coveted directing gig. LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy stated in her statement yesterday that a new director will be announced soon, but it remains to be seen how soon that announcement will come.

Deadline reports that Ron Howard is the front runner for the directing gig, while acknowledging that Lawrence Kasdan has been mentioned as a possible replacement. Another report from The Hollywood Reporter claims that Joe Johnston, who started his career by working on the visual effects for the original Star Wars trilogy, has also been mentioned as a possible replacement. That report also includes new details about how Lawrence Kasdan may not even be allowed to replace Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

There are already rules in place at the Director's Guild of America (DGA) that prevent anyone already working on a movie to take over for a director that is being replaced, with the only exception being for a "short-term emergency." Since Lawrence Kasdan co-wrote the Han Solo spin-off script with his son Jon Kasdan, these rules may prevent the filmmaker from stepping in as a director. Lawrence Kasdan had also revealed in 2015 that Han Solo: A Star Wars Story will be his last Star Wars movie, after writing or co-writing the screenplays for The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and he has also directed hits like Body Heat, The Big Chill and Silverado.

Whether it's Ron Howard, Joe Johnston or another filmmaker, whoever replaces Phil Lord and Chris Miller may not even get credit for his or her work. Given that they were fired with just a few weeks of the shoot left, LucasFilm would most likely prefer that the new filmmaker get director's credit, but since Phil Lord and Chris Miller were on set filming since February, which obviously gives them strong grounds for directorial credit, although the new director will oversee the post-production process and the reshoots which have already been scheduled for this summer. However, it's entirely up to the DGA, as to who gets directorial credit, and unlike the Writers Guild of America, there is no appeals process, meaning the DGA's decision is finale. It's also unlikely that the guild will give credit to Lord, Miller and their successor, since the DGA is already not terribly fond of two directors on one movie. The guild's rules state that there shall be only one director for film, but waivers can be granted, which have become more and more commonplace in recent years, especially for more established directorial teams.

Another report from The Hollywood Reporter speculates that Han Solo: A Star Wars Story may even become an "Alan Smithee" film, although that won't happen since that pseudonym has been discontinued since 2000. For decades, if a filmmaker was so unhappy with the final cut of the film that he wanted his name taken off, the name that was put on the film instead was "Alan Smithee." The name was discontinued in 2000 after the film Burn Hollywood Burn used Alan Smithee as an actual character, played by Eric Idle, and after the real meaning of the name became more well-known throughout Hollywood.

This report also states that, whoever takes over the project, will spend the next several weeks, with production shut down, to go over the footage that has already been shot, re-edit the material that has already been filmed and pick up production from there. Despite this unique setback, Han Solo: A Star Wars Story will not be moved from its May 25, 2018 release date, but that could change if it takes longer than planned to find a director. Still, with three solid candidates in play, we may hear who's directing this Star Wars movie sooner rather than later.
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Ron Howard, Joe Johnston, and Lawrence Kasdan in The Running to Direct Han Solo Film

Last night, the big surprising news hit that Phil Lord and Chris Miller had been fired from Lucasfilm's Han Solo movie due to creative differences. I honestly didn't see that coming at all. But it happened, and the studio is now looking to replace them with a new director.

There are three names that have surfaced so far to possibly be that director. Deadline is reporting that Ron Howard is the front-runner for the job. I've always been a huge fan of Howard's films so if he actually ends up stepping in and directing the film, the guy has my full support! He's a seasoned filmmaker and a talented storyteller that I know would come in and give us the best Han Solo film possible. 

The two other names that have surfaced as possible directors include Lawrence Kasdan, who co-wrote the script for the film and then there's Captain America and Rocketeer director Joe Johnston. They are most likely a backup plan if Howard doesn't work out.

I like both aspects of what Johnston and Kasdan could bring to the film. They are both solid filmmakers that have done some great work over the course of their careers. A couple of my other favorite films of Johnston include October Sky and Jumanji. However, Kasdan does have a personal connection with Han Solo as he's worked with the character since his time working on The Empire Strikes Back. He also directed the films Silverado and Stephen King's Dreamcatcher, which are both solid films.

If any one of them got the job the film would be in good hands. My order of preference would be Howard, Kasdan, and Johnston. Out of these three directors, who would you like to see end up in the director's chair?
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'Five Came Back': The True Story of How Hollywood Helped Win World War II

'Five Came Back': The True Story of How Hollywood Helped Win World War II
Several years ago, Mark Harris began feeling a little self-conscious about a gap in his film-history knowledge. As a journalist for Entertainment Weekly, New York Magazine and the late, lamented Web site Grantland, among others, he'd covered the waterfront of contemporary moviemaking. As an author, his book Pictures at a Revolution dissected the moment in the late 1960s when the last gasp of the Golden Age studio system gave way to what become known as "New Hollywood." Ask him about the works of legends like, say, John Ford and Frank Capra,
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Sherlock, and the musical highlights of Sherlock Holmes

Sean Wilson Jan 16, 2017

From the BBC's Sherlock, through Disney, Hans Zimmer and Young Sherlock Holmes: we salute the music of Mr Holmes...

Few characters have enjoyed as much reinvention as Arthur Conan Doyle's sleuth Sherlock Holmes, an enduring icon who is as much bound up with the history of cinema (and indeed stage, TV and radio) as he is with literature. Indeed, adaptations of Holmes stories stretch right the way back to the earliest days of film at the start of the 20th century. Fittingly enough given Holmes' penchant for a violin serenade, the musical scores to his adventures are as richly varied as the outcomes to his mysteries are unexpected. Here are Holmes' musical highlights, from Buster Keaton through to Benedict Cumberbatch.

Sherlock Jr. (1924)

Not, strictly speaking, a Sherlock movie but as the title implies, the legacy of the character casts a long shadow over Buster Keaton's silent classic.
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Newswire: Kevin Costner is making a 10-hour Western

Settling back into a comfortable groove—i.e., long-winded odes to horses and the men that ride them—Kevin Costner has announced that he’s developing, and intends to direct, a new 10-hour Western film (or series of films, or possible TV miniseries, as the case may be). The Dances With Wolves director is currently doing press for the Nasa drama Hidden Figures, but apparently can’t keep himself off the range for long.

Costner has outlined the basics of this latest project, which would join Wolves, Silverado, Open Range, and Wyatt Earp in his ongoing efforts to give the entertainment writers of the world a chance to use the word “oater” in casual conversation. “It’s about 10 hours long, how about that?” the actor-director told Variety. “Maybe I’ll make three features out of it. There’s a fourth one, too, so it’s truly a saga.” It ...
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Kevin Costner has been working on a ten-hour western

Kevin Costner is certainly no stranger to westerns, having appeared in the likes of Silverado and Wyatt Earp, as well as directing and starring in the Oscar-winning Dances with Wolves and 2003’s Open Range. And, it seems he’s keen to get back get back in the saddle for both a return to the genre and the director’s chair, revealing to Variety that he’s been developing an epic ten-hour western.

“I’ve been working on it,” said Costner. “It’s about 10 hours long, how about that? Maybe I’ll make three features out of it. There’s a fourth one, too, so it’s truly a saga. I could do TV, or I could also make it like every six months, have a big western that’s tied together like Jean de Florette and Manon of the Spring. I think those are fun to watch.”

The western has
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Playback: Kevin Costner on ‘Hidden Figures,’ ‘Dances’ Memories and More

Playback: Kevin Costner on ‘Hidden Figures,’ ‘Dances’ Memories and More
Welcome to “Playback,” a Variety podcast.

In this week’s episode, the last of 2016, Jenelle Riley and I are tapped out. So we toss it out to the listeners for a few questions. How will the guilds change the conversation this Oscar season? What Golden Globe surprises are lurking around the corner? Is it time for an ensemble category at the Oscars, and in a year full of so many great cast accomplishments, what is truly the best of them?

A little bit later (16:40) I’m talking to the star of one of those ensembles, the great Kevin Costner. He plays a composite character in the film, the head of a group tasked with the problem-solving of putting astronauts into space. That meant there wasn’t a single person he could talk to and mold his performance around, but that simply allowed him and director Theodore Melfi to make
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Kodak's Student Scholarship Program calls for international entries

2016 marks the 25th anniversary of Kodak's student scholarship program..

The program awards grants to young filmmakers consisting of discounts and sponsorship as well as mentoring..

The international competition is open to university students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, shooting both digitally and on film.

There are three Kodak Student Scholarship Awards (all formats eligible); two Kodak Student Cinematography Scholarship Awards (any format eligible); and the Kodak Vision Award, recognizing an outstanding project of which at least 50 percent was shot on film..

The prizes for the Student Scholarship Awards are as follows:

Gold Award: $5,000 Tuition Scholarship Award & $5,000 Kodak Motion Picture Product Grant. (all formats eligible)

Silver Award: $3,000 Tuition Scholarship Award & $3,000 Kodak Motion Picture Product Grant. (all formats eligible)

Bronze Award: $2,000 Tuition Scholarship Award & $3,000 Kodak Motion Picture Product Grant. (all formats eligible)

Leading the judging panel is cinematographer John Bailey (Groundhog Day, As Good As It Gets, Silverado, The Big Chill
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27 Things We Learned from Roger Donaldson’s No Way Out Commentary

No Way Out has been one of my favorite thrillers since first seeing it in the late ’80s, and it’s a film I happily re-watch whenever the opportunity arises. Kevin Costner was at his prime here, sandwiched between the likes of Silverado, The Untouchables, Bull Durham, and Field of Dreams, and he delivers a terrifically layered performance as a man at the center of a rushed conspiracy. It’s a suspenseful, fast-moving thriller strengthened by sharp writing, great performances, and a stellar foot chase. The film has been absent on Blu-ray, but now thanks to the fine folks at Shout! Factory we can finally enjoy it in HD. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the film made my list of 10 Movies We Demand on Blu-ray, or Else! last year, but I don’t need accolades — this classic on Blu-ray is thank you enough. The only special feature on the disc is a new commentary
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Lawrence Kasdan Reveals What it Takes to Write a Good 'Star Wars' Movie

  • Moviefone
Writer-director Lawrence Kasdan might not be as well-known as George Lucas, but he's vitally important to the architecture of "Star Wars." He wrote "The Empire Strikes Back" and co-wrote "Return of the Jedi," and now he's returned to the franchise to write "The Force Awakens."

While his "Force Awakens" co-writer and director J.J. Abrams (pictured below) has admitted to being under "an insane amount of pressure" to deliver something the fans will love, Kasdan is remarkably calm about this year's most anticipated movie. As he told Moviefone at a recent press event for the film, he was only concerned with pleasing the people making the film.

He also sang the praises of Harrison Ford, whom he calls "an actual superhero" for bouncing back from his on-set accident and for his input into where his cinematic alter ego should be 32 years after "Return of the Jedi."Moviefone: Did you feel a
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Screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan is Done With ‘Star Wars’ After His Han Solo Movie

Screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan is Done With ‘Star Wars’ After His Han Solo Movie
Once upon a time, Lawrence Kasdan wrote (and occasionally directed) many of your favorite movies. You’ll find his name on Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Body Heat, The Big Chill, and Silverado. For a stretch, he had a magic touch – whatever he touched turned into something […]

The post Screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan is Done With ‘Star Wars’ After His Han Solo Movie appeared first on /Film.
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'Han Solo' Spinoff Is Lawrence Kasdan's Last 'Star Wars' Movie

'Han Solo' Spinoff Is Lawrence Kasdan's Last 'Star Wars' Movie
Aside from George Lucas, one of the most important figures in the legacy of Star Wars is arguably Lawrence Kasdan. The filmmaker made his screenwriting debut on 1980's Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back, co-writing the script with Leigh Brackett, and he returned to co-write Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi with George Lucas himself. More than 30 years later, he returned to co-write Star Wars: The Force Awakens with J.J. Abrams, and he is also writing the Star Wars Anthology: Han Solo Movie with his son Jon Kasdan, which is set for release on May 25, 2018. During a new interview with the German newspaper Bild (translated by The Supernaughts), the writer revealed that the Han Solo Movie will be his last Star Wars film.

"This is my last film for this saga. I did not even want to do this last one anymore, but my family loved the idea.
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The 57 Greatest Westerns Ever, Ranked

It's fitting that Clint Eastwood and John Wayne both have the same birthday week. (Wayne, who died in 1979, was born May 26, 1907, while Eastwood turns 85 on May 31). After all, these two all-American actors' careers span the history of that most American of movie genres, the western.

Both iconic actors were top box office draws for decades, both seldom stretched from their familiar personas, and both played macho, conservative cowboy heroes who let their firearms do most of the talking. Each represented one of two very different strains of western, the traditional and the revisionist.

As a birthday present to Hollywood's biggest heroes of the Wild West, here are the top 57 westerns you need to see.

57. 'Meek's Cutoff' (2010)

Indie filmmaker Kelly Reichardt and her frequent leading lady, Michelle Williams, are the talents behind this sparse, docudrama about an 1845 wagon train whose Oregon Trail journey goes horribly awry. It's an intense
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AFI to Fete Angela Lansbury, Lawrence Kasdan With Honorary Degrees

AFI to Fete Angela Lansbury, Lawrence Kasdan With Honorary Degrees
The American Film Institute will confer honorary degrees on actress Angela Lansbury and writer-director-producer Lawrence Kasdan on June 10.

The Doctorate of Fine Arts degrees will be presented at AFI’s commencement ceremonies at the Tcl Chinese Theatre.

Previous recipients include Robert Altman, Maya Angelou, Kathryn Bigelow, Mel Brooks, Anne V. Coates, Clint Eastwood, Roger Ebert, Nora Ephron, James Earl Jones, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Kathleen Kennedy, John Lasseter, Spike Lee, David Lynch, Helen Mirren, Robert Towne, Cicely Tyson, Haskell Wexler and John Williams.

Lansbury began her career at the age of 17, earning her first Academy Award nomination for 1944’s “Gaslight” and her second a year later for “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” She earned a third nomination in 1962 for “The Manchurian Candidate.”

Lansbury has appeared in more than 60 features, including “State of the Union,” “The Court Jester,” “Bedknobs and Broomsticks,” “Death on the Nile” and “Nanny McPhee.” She may be best known
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Check Out The Great Poster For 'Bone Tomahawk' Starring Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox, And Richard Jenkins

“...if you’re a child of the 80s, your Westerns are 'Silverado' and 'Tombstone,'” "Bone Tomahawk" co-star Patrick Wilson told EW. “To do a movie with Kurt [Russell] is one thing — to do a Western with Kurt is like, ‘Alright! I’m going to be next to Wyatt Earp up there on a horse!’” And the actor's excitement certainly matches ours. With the cast being rounded out by Matthew Fox, Richard Jenkins, Lili Simmons, David Arquette, Fred Melamed, and Sean Young (!) this horror-western (!!) boasts an intriguing premise: a sheriff teams up both with a cowboy and a bumbling old man (Jenkins) to rescue a group of captives from a bunch of cannibalistic cave-dwellers. And yet, the one concern is that this film, marking the directorial debut of S. Craig Zahler, still has no distribution, which does make one wonder about the finished product. However, it seems that
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Scott Glenn on 'Daredevil': 'I live, for an old man, a pretty adolescent life'

  • Hitfix
Scott Glenn on 'Daredevil': 'I live, for an old man, a pretty adolescent life'
Scott Glenn has spent 35-plus years playing the toughest of tough men. Since his breakthrough performance as John Travolta's rival in "Urban Cowboy," he's played astronauts ("The Right Stuff"), cowboys ("Silverado"), vengeful bodyguards (the original "Man on Fire"), submarine commanders ("The Hunt For Red October") and FBI agents ("The Silence of the Lambs"), among other jobs, always looking lean, weathered, and alert of everything around him. With rare exceptions — a "Monk" two-parter years ago, a handful of TV movies — he's played all these roles on the big screen. His career started in television (his first two screen credits were minor guest spots on "The Patty Duke Show"), but unlike many of his contemporaries, Glenn never tried to take a regular TV job as he got older. Then last year, he agreed — with some reluctance — to play Kevin Garvey Sr., the possibly-crazy, possibly-psychic father of Justin Theroux's cop hero of HBO's "The Leftovers,
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From Actor to "Action!", Exploring the Debuts of 19 Actors-Turned-Directors

Over the course of film history, we've seen plenty of long-time actors step behind the camera to take up their directorial ambitions. Clint Eastwood did it. Mel Gibson did it. George Clooney did it. What do these three have in commonc Well, for starters, they are all men, so there's that. Further, they are all white, but more on that later. More to the point of the article, these men all eased into their directorial careers by starring in their respective debuts, using their presence on screen to help market their talents off it. And with his feature directorial effort The Water Diviner, which hits limited theaters this week, Russell Crowe is just the most recent addition to a growing list of actors who have decided to try their hand behind the camera. Like Eastwood, Gibson, and Clooney before him, the Best Actor winner stars in his first feature as director,
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Round-Up: First Still from Rob Zombie’s 31, Jeff Fahey Joins From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, Rekindling of Hope Exclusive Excerpt

Shrouded in shadows, Doom-Head is featured in creepy fashion in the first still from Rob Zombie's 31. Also included in our latest round-up is a casting update for the second season of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series and an exclusive excerpt from Doug Lavers’ sci-fi thriller, Rekindling of Hope.

Rob Zombie's 31: Played by Richard Brake, Doom-Head dominates the first official still from Rob Zombie's 31 (see below). Since the news broke earlier this month that Malcolm McDowell had joined the cast of 31 as Father Murder, more actors have joined the film's ranks:

Pancho Moler (2005's Bad News Bears, American Horror Story: Freak Show) plays Sick-Head. Jeff Daniel Phillips (The Lords of Salem, Halloween 2) portrays Roscoe, "the ass-kicking carney mechanic of Venus Virgo’s traveling show." Jane Carr (Curb Your Enthusiasm, How I Met Your Mother) plays Sister Serpent, "a wicked cross of Satan meets Mother Goose.
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31 Things We Learned from Tony Scott’s Revenge Commentary

Kevin Costner has a new film opening this week, and I’ve already forgotten about it. That’s probably a bit too harsh as I’ll watch anything starring Costner, and he’s also someone who’s starred in more movies I find it impossible to turn off once started than anyone else — No Way Out, The Untouchables, Tin Cup, Silverado, Field of Dreams, Open Range, The Bodyguard (yeah I said it) — but the man’s made some unfortunate choices in recent years. (Although I will fight you over the underseen The New Daughter and its kick-ass ending.) Back in 1990, near the height of his career, Costner joined forces with Tony Scott — a director at the equivalent peak of his own career — to deliver a dark thriller about lust and consequences in rural Mexico. Revenge tanked at the box-office, but Costner and Scott quickly got back into Hollywood’s good graces with Dances with Wolves and Days of Thunder
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