Runaway Train (1985) Poster


Eric Roberts: Buck McGeehy



  • Manny : [after listening to Buck's dream]  That's bullshit. You're not gonna do nothin' like that. I'll tell you what you gonna do. You gonna get a job. That's what you gonna do. You're gonna get a little job. Some job a convict can get, like scraping off trays in a cafeteria. Or cleaning out toilets. And you're gonna hold onto that job like gold. Because it is gold. Let me tell you, Jack, that is gold. You listenin' to me? And when that man walks in at the end of the day. And he comes to see how you done, you ain't gonna look in his eyes. You gonna look at the floor. Because you don't want to see that fear in his eyes when you jump up & grab his face, and slam him to the floor, and make him scream & cry for his life. So you look right at the floor, Jack. Pay attention to what I'm sayin', motherfucker! And then he's gonna look around the room - see how you done. And he's gonna say "Oh, you missed a little spot over there. Jeez, you didn't get this one here. What about this little bitty spot?" And you're gonna suck all that pain inside you, and you're gonna clean that spot. And you're gonna clean that spot. Until you get that shiny clean. And on Friday, you pick up your paycheck. And if you could do that, if you could do that, you could be president of Chase Manhattan... corporations! If you could do that.

    Buck : Not me, man! I wouldn't do that kind of shit. I'd rather be in fuckin' jail.

    Manny : More's the pity, youngster. More's the pity.

    Buck : Could you do that kind of shit?

    Manny : I wish I could.

  • Sara : Hold me. I don't want to die alone.

    Buck : We gonna be all right.

    Sara : Yeah.

    Buck : We gonna be fine.

    Manny : Ha,ha. We all die alone.

  • Buck : [while running behind Manny through the tundra]  Manny, I don't wanna die!

    Manny : I'm hurtin' too!

    Buck : At least you got shoes!

  • Manny : [Buck bangs on a locked locker, making noise]  Freeze, Sucker!

    Buck : Hey man, nobody's going to hear us.

    Manny : Just don't do it.

    Buck : [Buck points his finger at Manny]  Hey Manny, You don't treat me like your punk, OK.

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