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The best classic sport action film from the 80's!
ivo-cobra84 November 2015
Rocky IV (1985) is definitely one of the best Sport action films of the 80's! It is my number one favorite best movie in the Rocky series! I love this movie to death and I don't care what anyone says. It was my first film I saw it as a kid, it is my childhood film and I grew up with this movie! Sylvester Stallone did gave us one of his the most best performances of the Rocky character ever! This film along side with Rocky III is very underrated, misunderstood, bashed and dissed off from fans and it's critics! I love this film to death and it has a special place in my heart. The film has everything that I love in a Rocky film. It is fast paced and Entertained from beginning till end.

The film goes very fast, is not boring, dull or lame, it is actually pretty good film, is not bad is actually good. The fourth installment of the Rocky series isn't the greatest film like, were his predecessors but it is still a good film. People: It's not that bad. In fact, it's really good. Okay, it isn't a classic like the first two movies were, and it suffers further by comparison to "Rambo: First Blood Part II" which came out six months before it. But "Part IV," was still one of the best movies of its year (1985). That fight at the end was EPIC, just amazing. As for the music, Bill Conti is great but so is Vince Dicola! Vince is a genius on synthesizer music. The fight at the end was a literal clash of the titans level bout, and his music fit it so perfectly! Rocky IV remained the highest grossing sports movie for 24 years before it was overtaken by The Blind Side. It is the fourth and most financially successful entry in the Rocky film series.

As a kid Rocky IV was always my favorite best movie. It still is alongside with Rocky I,III and Balboa! It is sad that Apollo dies in this movie I hated that, but the rest was pretty fast entertaining, well faced paced entertained action movie. This is the first movie that place actually took in a different country and not in the US. I love when Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) fly's to Russia to fight the best undefeated champion Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren). The training sequences were awesome the fight sequences were entertained and very paced amazing. The soundtracks for this movie were pretty awesome and great. James Brown Living in America was awesome. The fight between Rocky and Drago was set on 25th December Christmas. This is the first Rocky film where the music is not composed by Bill Conti. The Fourth movie was one of the best Sport action movies Directed by Sylvester Stallone, he made such a great wonderful performance I love You Sly. Without you there wouldn't be Rocky.

I have heard a lot about this film: Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed and Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago really did not get along and got into an a real fight during filming. Lundgren threw Weathers across the ring before it was broken up. You can even see the scene during a press conference regarding the match, hostility is created between Apollo and Drago's respective camps. The fight really went out of hand. Carl Weathers shouted profanities at Lundgren while leaving the ring and announcing that he was calling his agent and quitting the movie. Sylvester Stallone forced and convince those two macho ego actors to comeback and finishing the film. The major problem with this film I have is killing the most best awesome character Apollo Creed. In Rocky sequel almost everyone dies. The killing one of the most favorite characters was one of the worst idea Stallone ever had. In Rocky III Mickey dies, in Rocky IV Apollo dies in Rocky Balboa Adrian Dies. Stallone kept killing our favorite characters but he memorized them. The movie wasn't filmed in Russia which that really disappointed me and I think Stallone should have visit Russia and film at least one scene there. I love sound effects and Rocky IV is one of the few sport movies that applies genuine sound effects from actual punches, bona fide training methods created by boxing consultants, and a bevy of other new special effects. I love everything that it is about this film, everything!

"When east meets west, the champion remains standing"

Rocky Balboa,heavyweight champion of the world, is the trainer for Apollo Creed in an exhibition match against Ivan Drago, a "superman" boxer from the Soviet Union. When Apollo is killed in the ring by the brutal Drago, Balboa blames himself and promises to avenge his friend's death in the ring. That is the basic and simply plot of the most awesome sport action film of the 80's! Rocky IV is a 1985 American sports film written and directed by Sylvester Stallone, who also starred in the film. The film co-stars Dolph Lundgren, Burt Young, Talia Shire, Carl Weathers, Tony Burton, Brigitte Nielsen, and Michael Pataki. That is the basic plot of the awesome sport action film!

The rating I am giving a 10, I love this film to death, I grew up with it and it is my number1 favorite Rocky Film!
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Forget the politics and this is one of the most entertaining films ever made
Dan Grant22 September 1999
In 1976, a phenom was born. By now we are all aware of the story of how Stallone wrote the screenplay for Rocky in three days after watching a fight between an extreme underdog and a highly favoured champ. Stallone was a nobody back then yet he still stood his ground and didn't sell out to the producers until they promised him the title role. The rest they say is history. Well 9 years later, after three Rocky films, in my opinion comes the best one. I realize that Rocky was all story and then a climatic boxing match and that is what won the film the Oscar. And even though I can admit that this film is not as concerned with character developement as it is with training montages and bulging muscles, it is by far and away the most entertaining film of the 5. And that is what I enjoy about the film. I love that Rocky IV has some of the best training montages ever filmed. I love that it has the heart of a lion when it shows Rocky scaling a mountain that you know damn well he shouldn't be able to. And I absolutely love the boxing match at the end of the film. This was completely choreographed by Stallone and he and Dolph Lundgren boxed for real for about 75% of the match. Stallone felt that it needed some authenticity so that was the way to do it. And if you think Robert De Niro is an impressive method actor, try this fact on for size. When filming the boxing match, some of the scenes were so real that Stallone was rushed to hospital because his heart was actually pushed up and his ribcage was slightly shattered. So when you watch that match at the end, just know that what you are seeing is not exactly choreography and trick camera work. They did the best job they could to keep the look of the fight as real as possible. And I think this is the best boxing match ever filmed, with all due respect to Raging Bull.

Stallone was in the shape of his life in this year as he filmed Rocky and Rambo back to back and it shows. I have never seen a more sculpted man in the movies than he was here. And I think that added to his superman persona. If you notice in all the Rocky films, he grows a little each time. And that also adds to the enjoyment of the film.

Rocky IV is different than Rocky, there is no doubt. And as much as I love the first one, it doesn't come close to entertaining me as much as this one does. Rocky IV starts fast and it ends hard and in between we are blessed with a great soundtrack and a beautiful montage of all the Rocky films to Robert Tepper's "There's No Easy Way Out" And it is here that even though some will say that Stallone has substituted real human emotion with an MTV ersatz video, I think it works well. There is nothing about this film that I didn't enjoy and if you forget what the experience of watching this one is like, I suggest that you rent it now and take a look at it. And try to remember what it was like when you first saw this film back in the winter of 85. I remember I was in Kokomo Indiana visiting family for Christmas. My mom and I walked into a packed theater and you want to talk about a place erupting like a volcano, then this was the place. When Rocky finally hits Drago to cut him over the eye and Duke yells " he's cut, he's cut! " the crowd went into a frenzy. And you can look no further than that as to why the Rocky films were so popular. It doesn't matter if you are Canadian, American, Portuguese, Polish or Dutch or whatever, Rocky appeals to all of us. Because all of us have been the underdog at some time in our lives and we love to watch him and perhaps live vicariously through him. That is the beauty of Rocky. If Rocky can do it then dammit so can I!

When the movie ended on that cold night back in 1985, and people were filtering out to their cars for the drive home, I swear I could hear the crowd chanting his name, as did the millions..... and millions of the Rock's fans.

" Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!"
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No Credibility, But Sure Is Entertaining
ccthemovieman-124 June 2006
Here's another low-brained but very entertaining "Rocky" movie with one more interesting villain. Instead Of "Apollo Creed" or "Mr. T.," we now have "Ivan Drago,"(Dolph Lundgren) a giant Russian who is more like a machine. He's "indestructable" (and on steroids, too, and unlike some baseball slugger, he admits it!). He has the latest in technology, nutrition, etc., but you just know the much-smaller disadvantaged hero "Rocky Balboa" (Sylvester Stallone) will somehow find a way to chop this "Goliath" down.

Minute-for-minute, this might be the most entertaining of all the Rocky films, and looks good on DVD despite some graininess in the first five minutes. Rocky's wife "Adrian" (Talia Shire) never looked better: mature and pretty; the gruff and profane manager played Burgess Meredith is gone and the repellent obnoxious slob "Paulie" (Burt Young) has only a few lines.

This is the ultimate "David vs. Goliath" tale in every aspect and the final bout - held in Russia - breaks the all-time Rocky record for most punches ever thrown at two fighters. Of course, any real-life human would have been knocked cold about 50 times had they suffered the blows "Rocky" did in this fight!

This is a real flag-waving film with Rocky draping the Stars and Stripes around his shoulders. It's a totally unrealistic story but, all of these in the series were similar, credibility-wise, so just go along with it and enjoy the story. It's only an hour-and-a-half and story literally flies by.
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Popeye beats Bluto again....
gazzo-214 January 2000
Warning: Spoilers
Oh Man I loved this one when it came out...the death of Apollo Creed, Stallone standing up for Reagan America in his quest to hammer the Evil Empire's steroided up UberMan Drago. You don't for a second actually Believe that Stallone could kayo Lundgren(Dolph is 6-5-220 plus, a kick boxing champ-Sly 5-9ish, 190) but who cares?! It was great to watch them whale away at one another in Russia like that, surrounded by 10,000 Red Guards, a Gorby lookalike and Brigette Neilson there....

Stallone really took to the MTV style of editing in III and does it again here, with the training montages, Survivor/James Brown/Robert Tepper tunes, etc. very well. I personally enjoyed the contrasts-see Stallone chop wood. See Drago pump iron. See Stallone run acrost a snowy field. See Drago run on an Olympic treadmill. See Stallone do crunches while half-suspended from a loft. See Drago bend every concievable advanced weight machine outta shape as he flexes and trains. See Stallone eat his spinach. See Drago take his Steroids....

Basically you know going in, Drago has no chance, the old David vs. Goliath thing all over. And you know when Stallone re-does his run up the Phillie steps thing again, this time up a mountain, losing the KGB in the process, that he is gonna win or die, plain as that.

The fight is as ratcheted up and brutal as they come, really overkill, over-done, I think that Stallone is knocked down something like 8 times, in truth he would have been TKO'd or put into a coma by the 3rd round. And Drago, too, woulda had to suck soup through a straw and filter for 5 weeks himself...Realism isn't the game here, though. Fun is, excitement, getting caught up in the moment, all of it. This film just could not have been made at anytime save the cold War '50s or '80s. Audiences to intuned to the grunge/ironic/'Whatever'/Friends crap of the first half the '90s especially would have laughed this off the screen or gone to bed. Audiences in '85-86...this is what they, WE wanted, and we got, big time....

Things to not worry about in this film, though are debits to the Rocky IV viewing experience--same old, same old performances/roles for Adrian and Paulie. They were brought along for the ride once again, same as Scottie and Bones were for the 19th time in the way too many Trek sequels. And you can't say Brigette got anywheres in Hollywood on her talent, ya know? Just can't see it. Camera loved her, but....

Anyways--as you can tell I ate this one up, and still like it, its my second fave Rocky film.

So, what is the Gazzo-2 rating?

***1/2 outta ****, Cartoony to the max, (Is Not Documentary!)-much fun.
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Dolph is the highlight
Darth_Guybrush4 November 2006
The sheer effort Dolph (Ivan Drago), Sylvester (Rocky Balboa) and Carl (Apollo Creed) must have gone into training for this film must have been truly awesome. They all look amazingly fit and sculptured. I think more so than any current modern day boxer.

Kudos to Dolph who in almost his first major feature film (his first was View to a Kill) made, at least for me, a major impact. Despite his lack of dialog "I must break you" is right up there with Schwarzenegger's "I'll be back". He looked amazingly strong - a freak almost - just as the plot intended. Scary. He looked even taller than the 6 inch difference between him and Stallone (Lundgren 6'4", Stallone 5'10").

I would think that difference in height/reach would make him nigh on impossible to defeat if this were REAL. Of course it is a movie. Dolph is the highlight and was sad to see Apollo's demise (but at least it shut him up). The writers must have based Apollo's character on Muhammed Ali surely! Am currently watching Rocky V and is interesting so far!
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This film will pump you up!
cinemasaver30 November 2005
Rocky IV really stood out from the rest of the Rocky films to me, with the whole America versus Russia ordeal. Now it has been mentioned by other critics that this is inaccurate, but who really cares??? The point is that you really get to the point where you want Sly to kick Dragos butt in the ring. I enjoyed the training montage, and the boxing scene was so entertaining for me. And with the Russian leaders, and the Russian public standing up and cheering and clapping for Rocko.. a bit corny but so great.Talia shire in my opinion is at her best in this one out of all the other ones; she seems more confident and easier to get along with her character. And one of the most dramatic scenes to hit cinema was the death of Carl Weathers(Apollo Creed). The idea of fighting for the death of his friend, and for himself is just so inspirational. It just makes you want to jump up and get in the ring to help rocko. Out of a perfect score of 10, i gave this one a 7.
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TonyMontalbano26 April 2007
Its the foundations to who I am today. Had I never scene it I would of never been inspired to pick up the weights & become a World champion bodybuilder! This is my personal favourite but not the best movie of the series.I am undecided between Rocky 1 & 2. Sly Stallone's life has just as been inspiring as his legendary character. He's had many ups & downs in his career & always prevailed. When he fist wrote Rocky he wanted to play the character & the studios laughed & Sly proved them wrong. Then 30 years later he wanted to finish the series with Rocky Balboa & the studios laughed at him again especially at 60! Sly proved them wrong again. We all need a modern day hero & Rocky is one of them. Sly has inspired people in the 70's, 80's, 90's & now the millennium. What other actor has done that? I'm sure he will do the same again with John Rambo!
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One of the greatest movies ever made!
Jay Adkins25 October 2005
I can remember seeing this before it was released in England, as a friend managed to get a copy from America. I'd always been a fan of the Rocky series so I was really looking forward to this & I wasn't disappointed! I must have seen the film about 10 times before it was released in Endland, then it was about 3 or 4 times seeing it at the cinema (back when this was released I would only have been about 6, so my parents must have been annoyed at taking me to the same film!). As soon as it was released on video I managed to obtain a copy, which probably lasted about 6 months. I also purchased the album, which contains one of the best montage songs ever ("No Easy Way Out") and still have it to this day! I must have been through at least 10 copies on video & one DVD.

Obviously, the death of Apollo was heartbreaking to me, but Drago just seemed like a monster and I was eagerly awaiting the East Meets West clash in Russia, as Rocky avenges his friends death.

Such an amazing film and way better than Rocky 5 (and, in my opinion, the other films as well) so please check this out - I don't think it's dated well, but to those around in the 80's you should definitely watch this film as soon as possible!
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Almost like the movie "Bloodsport", but with punches instead of kicks
charlessmith7022102 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
So, Rocky, knocking out Clubber Lane in Rocky III, is basking once again in the joys of being a heavyweight champion in Rocky IV, but then, Rocky and his friend, former boxing champion Apollo Creed, gets word that the USSR will enter the prizefighting world with their infamous tall guy, Ivan Drago.

As Ivan Drago and his wife and coach enter the USA and decide on a exhibition bout against either Rocky or Apollo, we see evidence of Ivan's devastating punching power. Apollo finally decides to take on that big Russian fighter even though Rocky is telling him this can be dangerous. But Apollo wants to still go at it, and Rocky decides to be his ringside coach.

So, at Las Vegas, the pre-bout festivities include James Brown's rendition of "Living in America", rigged to intimidate Ivan so much that he secretly swears to kill Apollo in the ring. And so, as the exhibition bout starts, Ivan gets his death wish, pummeling Apollo in Round 1, and then, in the middle of Round 2, finishes Apollo off with a killer uppercut that completely finishes him off, leaving him bleeding--and later on, dead--in the ring. Rocky could do nothing to stop Ivan's deadly anger and only could watch his friend wasted fatally in blood.

Rocky decides to avenge Apollo's death by placing his championship belt on Apollo's grave, and leaves it there. All is set for a boxing-style death match in the USSR on December 25 between Rocky and Ivan, where Rocky says no money will be paid.

Rocky's wife strongly reproaches Rocky's decision to fight Ivan, fearing that he could be facing the same death like what Ivan did to Apollo, but Rocky retorts that he has to use his extrovert mentality to overcome Ivan's killer punches.

So, as Rocky heads to the USSR to a place similar to Siberia, he meets up with Apollo's friend, starts his training for the fight (while Ivan does his own training under his coach and his wife) in the country's cold milieu, and after a pause in the training, Rocky realizes that his wife decided to go to Russia to meet up with him, saying "I'm with you no matter what." His training continues.

The training montage was definitely pretty good. Great camera work and inter-cutting as Rocky uses old-school training by things like pulling a sled, or throwing heavy stones, or breaking parts of trees with an ax, while Ivan was focusing on steroids, machines with computer readouts, and destroying sparring partners with his bone-crushing punches.

The fight itself was like a blood sport too. 15 very hard rounds, and it seemed like neither fighter would gain an advantage, but after the bloody punches were over, Rocky became the victor after finally knocking Ivan out in the 15th round. The hostile Russian crowd during the fight realized they could not be that anymore...they respected Rocky's awesome human determination in this non-sanctioned fight.
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A film so silly and unbelievable that it actually rises above criticism on normal terms.
Jonathon Dabell31 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The fourth Rocky movie retreats into a realm of fantasy that has to be seen to be disbelieved. It is by far the dumbest movie in the series, with a plot that defies credibility, and a closing boxing match that would surely prove fatal for both fighters if a contest like it were to take place in real life. What the film has in its favour is a sense of courage in its own absurdity. It's like everybody involved knows that they're working on something ludicrous, but they give it their all anyway – the actors, the cinematographer, the composer, the editor and the director all pull in the same direction, united in some kind of cheerful conviction that they can make an enjoyable movie from this silliest of premises.

Life is good for boxing champion Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone). He has a mansion, he has money, he has incredible public support and he has the all-important heavyweight champion of the world title. But news is spreading fast that there might be a better boxer on the face of the planet in the shape of Russian goliath Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren). Drago comes to America for an exhibition match against Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), once Rocky's greatest adversary and now Rocky's greatest friend. The match is supposed to be a straightforward contest for Creed, giving him a chance to reassert himself as a top fighter, but it goes terribly wrong when Drago literally pulverises his opponent and kills him in the ring. Distraught at the death of his buddy, Rocky agrees to fight Drago. The venue: Moscow. The date: December 25th. In the middle of desolate northern Russia, Rocky trains for the fight of his life against a near-superhuman opponent. Not only is the honour of his dead friend at stake, but so is his life…. not to mention the hopes of every man, woman and child from the free world!

It seems kind of wrong for a Rocky movie to go all political on the audience, but Rocky IV indirectly does just that. Rocky's closing speech is a cringe-worthy plea for tolerance and change amongst the different societies of our world, and if I hadn't heard it with my own ears I would scarcely have believed anyone could put such infantile politics on film. The movie is much better when it concentrates on the sport aspects, especially the pulsating training sequences. With rapid-fire editing and rousing music, these parts of the film are quite inspirational and make you want to get out of your chair and put yourself through your paces in a gym as soon as possible! The final fight itself is a pretty exciting sequence but, given the fact that the film shows us that Drago has an impossibly strong punching-power, one finds it rather hard to believe that Rocky could still be standing after fifteen seconds let alone fifteen rounds. Rocky IV is totally unrealistic, totally simple-minded…. and totally entertaining if you look upon it as a guilty pleasure!
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great movie
katief3319226 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
All of the Rocky Movies are great, but the fourth one really got to me. When Rocky's early trainer Apollo Creed dies when the huge Russian Boxer Ivan Drago gets him in the head, Rocky isn't happy at all. This movie shows that Rocky has true emotion and that he loves his family and friends so much. Rocky tries so hard to be Drago, even being followed by two people that won't let him out of their sight. Rocky wins, with a tough fight, but with the Russians on his side, its a great win. The music is the best music in all the rocky movies such as "Burning Heart" and "Theres no easy way out", One of my personal favorites. This one will leave you with tears and happiness, a great one to buy or rent.
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Oh my, Rocky slams it hard...
gzeka27 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Wow. Saw this one on TV after 15 years or so and I must admit it's one helluva piece of entertainment. Yeah, it has older-than-a-Bible James Brown,virtually no plot and non-moving actors like Lundgren and Nielsen....but,the last 20 minutes are hilarious to say the least. Drago(Lundgren)has a punch strength of about 2000 PSI,meaning his blows are twice harder than Tyson's, for example. He manages to hit Rocky in the head about 50 times and Rocky still survives 15 rounds. Not only survives, he wins and he even has enough juice to make a poignant speech. What surprises me is the amount of IMDb comments stating "well, it's not that impossible, when you're focused on something you can endure pretty much etc". First three movies in Rocky installment had somewhat credible storyline, although final fight with Clubber was fairly exaggerated. Here we have exaggeration multiplied by 50 : Drago kills Creed in round 2 and he uses same kind of attack on Rocky, he sends him 8 or 9 times on the floor and Rocky fights back for the first time in round 5.Come on, by that time he would have been already declared dead and received a Viking funeral.This movie is not all that bad, it has an excellent soundtrack and scene in which Rocky drives around reminiscing of his previous fights with "No easy way out" going in the back is touching, but fails miserably in department of plot development and credibility.Creed and Clubber were strong fighters but Rocky still had a decent chance against them, that made first three movies so believable. There's no way middle-aged midget like Balboa could have defeated someone with superhuman abilities like Drago...But I assume USA needed a patriotic boost in a midst of Cold War and Stallone certainly provided it with Rambo 3 and Rocky 4.
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Rocky 4: America rules
grizlarules10 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Never, ever should a movie involve politics. The first 3 Rocky movies were great (the first was awesome) but with this one the producers decided they wanted more money and so they used the political war between USA and USSR to attract the audience.

The way they make Russians look is ridiculous (it's so bad that is not good, it's so bad you laugh because how bad it is - when the Russians synchronized applause) and flags everywhere(at a time I thought that I would see my countries flag - Romania, with so many flags in there).

Further more they shouldn't have killed Apollo, I mean in the third movie Mickey died and now another key character dies. After he died I said to myself "Damn, I should have foreseen that".

And "Russia" really doesn't look like Russia(where are the Reagan wanted posters?). But really, I realize that they could not film in Russia, but they could at least try to make it look like it was filmed there(some orthodox churches, some people from village should have said something to Rocky in Russian, things like this).

The last complain I have is that the movie feels like a joke: Apollo's entrance to the match, Drago's lines like "You will lose"(or something like that). It's so cheesy, actually it's to cheesy.

All in all Rocky 4 doesn't compare to the masterpiece that was Rocky or even to Rocky 2 & 3 which were great movies. To much politics. I know it's a propaganda movie(yes, that's what it is. Look for the definition of propaganda and compare to this movie), but it fails even at this. The Rambo series (2 & 3 and recently "John Rambo") were also propaganda movies but they were awesome(actually they were so bad they were awesome).

Anyway if you want to laugh a bit you can watch this movie, but don't have the same expectations you had before watching each of the first 3 Rocky movies.
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This Cinematic Masterpiece Should be Up With the Likes of Casablanca, the Godfather, and Gone With the Wind
mjadeebs4121 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This cinematic masterpiece is the most under-appreciated film of our time. Explain to me this, how can we as Americans not appreciate the fact that without the contributions of American hero Rocky Balboa in this film, the Cold War would still be going on. When Rocky delivers his monologue, it is perhaps one of the best speeches known to man. Sure there was that Lincoln fellow in his Address to the Gettysburgians, and the Martin Luther King fellow. But as influential as their speeches were, none compare to the magnitude and the repercussions that this speech brought about. For all of those individuals who lived in the time of the Cold War, they know that life was tough, to put it simply. And without this man's bravado and courageousness, we'd still be in a time of nuclear proliferation and fear. This man put his body and mind on the line, and even came out with severe brain damage as a result. A true patriot he is, along with the likes of William Wallace and Tyrone Hill, and what they each brought to their countries. Drago was a representation of all that was wrong in the world. Steroids, corruption, communism, and pure hatred. But even he, the abominable monstrosity that he was, couldn't defeat the Italian Stallion himself. But despite what one man's force can do, the power of words is enough to conquer a nation, as Rocky did with this monologue.

"During this fight, I've seen a lot of changing, in the way you feel about me, and in the way I feel about you. In here, there were two guys killing each other, but I guess that's better than twenty million. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that if I can change, and you can change, everybody can change!" The sheer power, diction, and confidence that he brought upon that Russian crowd conquered the Soviet Union, and began the fall of communism. When I saw this film, and more importantly the monologue, I was feeling perhaps what Moses felt when he saw the Burning Bush on the Mountain of Sinai. A rush of adrenaline, passion, and invigoration that no one has ever felt before.

So I call upon you, as Americans, to step forth from this day with a new sense of pride and patriotism, for there is good in a world smug with so much evil and prejudice. May the power and grace of Rocky's words bless you all as if they've done upon myself.

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If you are an `Average American' you may like this film, if you are Russian you will love this film, if you are something else - you'll waste your time.
graywl2 August 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I love western movies about Soviet Union. I love then Russia look like a snowy desert, I love then I can't understand `Russians' speaking on `Russian', so I have to read English subtitles if they are present, I love then Russians look like ugly evil stupid aliens or robots. I loved that good warm American guy who loves his wife and his child. I was so nervous than they were fighting -


  • after so many smashing hits in the head he was going to become a complete imbecile, but THANKS GOD!! He didn't. His speech after the fight. I cried, it brought me to tears. YES! I CAN CHANGE!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!.
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Here Balboa travels to Russia to fight a brutal Soviet champ called Drago : Dolph Lundgren
ma-cortes22 August 2017
Charming and enjoyable sequel with the Italian Stallion taking on the brute , huge Drago , Dolph Lundgren . Once and again an interesting sequel , resulting to be passable but inferior follow-up to precedent ones in which Balboa is willing to risk his life against a violent Russkie boxer . Acceptable sequel that works every time and in which beloved Balboa is considering retirement , but he returns when Apollo Creed , Carl Weathers , is beaten by a big , mean Russian during a bout . As Apollo is crushed by an obnoxious , corpulent boxer , that's why Rocky sinks into a depression . To confront the huge boxer , Rocky goes Russia to seek vengeance and hoping win fame , confidence and self-respect , as he faces off a tough contender performed by Dolph Lundgren . About to be retired from boxing and back from riches to ring , Rocky takes on a new combat . Rocky is homaged as one of the greatest boxing champions in the history ; then , ¨The Italian Stallion¨ , the heavy weight champion , returns to take on the ultimate boxing combat , as he comes out from almost-retirement for revenge and to combat the strongest , youngest and faster contender , The Russian Drago . While Rocky attempts to prove himself and his family , his wife (Talia Shire), and brother-in-law (Burt Young) . Shortly after , and in Russia the coach Duke (Tony Burton) decides to train Rocky for the impressive match against the brave and invincible opponent , so Rocky can attempt to win him . Will Balboa knock the Russkie out ? .

This agreeable predictable entertainment displays splendidly the 'formula Rocky' , though loses strength in the numerous and subsequent sequels . The movie works in usual manner , fitting appropriately to franchise , even though we know the plot the film works . This soaper on the ring is developed in gentleness , dignity , feel-good style as well as the initial outing . Great training montage and spectacular and climatic final bout . Writer-director-actor Stallone new entry is surprisingly entertaining and packs good feeling . Here Dolph Lundgren isn't as much fun as some Rocky's former opponents . The Rocky's earlier contenders were the followings : ¨Rocky I¨ and ¨II¨ was Carl Weathers ; ¨Rocky III¨ the fast-mouthed and cruel boxer Mister T . Usual and nostalgic musical score by Bill Conti along with Vince DiCola and atmospheric cinematography by Bill Butler . The motion picture was lavishly financed by the producers of complete saga , Robert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler and well directed by Stallone who along John G. Avildsen created the six Rocky saga . Here Stallone overdoes the hyper-jingoism and patriotism and relies too heavily on uplifting stock footage from previous Rocky films . However , this Rocky IV won several Golden Raspberries such as : 85 worst actor Stallone , worst screenplay , worst director , worst support actor : Dolph Lundgren and worst support actress : Brigitte Nielsen who married Stallone . Rating : Good , being impossible to dislike , the result is deliciously corny agreeable and predictable amusement . Although we've seen it all before , Sylvester manages to make it work one more time and it works every way even better than successive Rockys .

It is followed by ¨Rocky V¨ in which Rocky , nicknamed as the Chicken Stallion , lives from records being ostracized , but our hero returns as a coach , as Rocky goes back despite his own cerebral damage through a rematch on the streets , as he fights Tommy 'Machine' Gunn/Tommy Morrison ; meanwhile , the champ must adjust to his family's new life on bankruptcy ; subsequently ¨Rocky Balboa¨ proving his estranged young son Milo Ventiglimia who still can fight . And , finally , ¨Creed¨ in which Rocky eventually agrees to mentor Adonis , son of the known boxing champion Apollo Creed .
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Harriet Deltubbo22 August 2014
After Drago, an intimidating 6-foot-5, 261-pound Soviet boxer, literally destroys Creed in an exhibition match, Rocky goes to the heart of Russia for 15 pile-driving boxing rounds of revenge. Stallone is a unique presence in North American cinema and hopefully will do more of these kinds of austere, gripping character pieces in the future. The film's screenplay is tight and well-written, and it's the kind of film that proves that a small story can be much more meaningful than a larger one. Unfairly dismissed by some as confusing. Its complexity begins within its characters. It's an amazing work, everything I had hoped for.
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What Rocky IV proves
TheMan305115 June 2002
If there is something Rocky IV can prove is this. Sylvester Stallone is the GREATEST music video director ever!

Mr. Stallone if you're reading this I'll like to remind you something. Regardless of what happens to your movie career remember that there's always MTV for you pal.
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A Childhood Favorite.
Luke S31 August 2001
I remember watching Rocky IV for the first time in my basement when i was about 13, alone. It was the feature showing for the late night movie loft.I begged my folks to let me stay up late and my mom had no problem. Immediatley, i was introduced to one of my favorite songs of all time when Survivors "Eye of the Tiger" played as Rocky koed Mr T in a flashback to Rocky III. Being 13 at the time, its easy to overlook unrealistic elements and predictable plot turns, thats why i had a great time with Rocky IV. Granted some of the dailogue is so insane and how in the world could Drago punch at 2000 psi! Cherrios for breakfast? more like bad screen writing. Putting that aside, what made Rocky IV so enjoyable for me was the great training montages, the in your face machoism, and when it came time for the final fight i was licking at the chops for Rocky to open up a can on Drago. I mean when ever im at the gym lifting weights i think of Rocky training in the Siberian wilderness (aka some place in Wyoming) and i really feel motivated. Now thats getting your price out of a movie! Upon recent viewings of the film in my late teens i could really see the flaws in Rocky IV. There is hardly an ounce of character devolpment and as i mentioned the absurd dailogue and unrealism. However, I still have a fun time with it and i owe it alot for the enjoyment it gave me when i was a kid. In fact i owe it a 9.
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mitsosbach27 July 2006
I 'm sick and tired of all this propaganda! The "killer" communist who has no feelings kills Apollo and he says "If he dies, he dies". The Russian has a whole training team, while Rocky is training almost alone. But Rocky, America's child wins the "bad communist". I liked all the other Rocky films, but I was disappointed with this one. In most USA films the "bad guy" is from communist countries and this makes me think that MANY American artists have complex. You can't use art for propaganda! I am Greek, and believe me I have no problem with Turkey. But many Greeks do. If I was a filmmaker what would you think for me if the bad guy in my movie was Turkish?
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The nadir of the series
dfle34 July 2008
This was the movie which put me off seeing Stallone movies for years. I was a huge fan of his first three Rocky movies (which I consider to be great/classic) and "First Blood" (the first of the "Rambo" movies).

In Rocky IV, Stallone turns the inspiring story of a no-name boxer who becomes world champion into part of the Cold War culture battle between the USA and USSR. Every opportunity is taken to portray Russians in an unflattering drug taking cheats or what not (ironic, seeing as how the US Olympic team is now so heavily tainted by the "drug cheats" smear).

Stallone really embraced President Reagan's Cold War views on Russia. After reading some plot details of the sequel to "First blood", I thought I'd give that movie a miss. I'm still yet to see that movie. Sounds like another Cold War, anti-Russian piece of propaganda. If you are a fan of President Reagan and loved his characterisation of the USSR as an Evil Empire, deserving nuclear annihilation (personally, I didn't find that 'joke' of Reagan's funny, as it smeared an entire people with the muddy term "evil"), then I think you will have a lot to like in this film. It will confirm all your views about the US and USSR.

It wasn't until a couple of years ago, I think, that I finally saw the next installment in this was on commercial TV and on very late at night...might have even been the premier of Rocky V! In that film, Stallone, via Rocky Balboa, seems to backtrack from the excesses of Rocky IV. He seems to retract what he was saying in that movie. It was still a very silly movie (no doubt the next worst film in this series), but I'm curious now to see the latest in the franchise, "Rocky Balboa". Could be fun.

Really, this movie is part of the Stallone oeuvre where you could bill his movies as "Produced by the Pentagon. Directed by the CIA". In other words, pure political propaganda, which played a part in Reagan's Cold War against the USSR.

The nadir of the series.
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Idiotic Flag Waving at its worst
saugoof15 December 2001
Sylvester Stallone has done his fair share of ridiculous movies but this one takes the cake. The fact that it was shot during the cold war isn't really a valid excuse for the horribly stereotyped Russians. The entire Russian population seems to consist of people totally devoid of emotion with their sole reason for existence being to humiliate Americans. Even the country itself is stereotyped in that 80's American way where every shot inside the Soviet Union has to be in mid winter. Naturally Mister Balboa and his crew arrive there during a snow storm.

The fight scenes are as badly cliched as the the rest of the movie. I'm not too interested in boxing but even I know that punches don't sound like that, and no one gets hit as heavily and over such a long period of time as Dolph and Sly get during their bout and actually live. Of course the fight follows the "our hero gets badly beaten but then rises to beat the baddie and win over the crowd" cliche. No excuses for giving away the ending here, someone with the IQ of Rambo could see this one coming.

Dolph Lundgren is meant to play the robotic Russian fighting machine and as such has to play no emotion except to follow his programmed routine of hate for his enemies. This suits his acting abilities well. He does get one of the best lines in the movie, and virtually his only line when he introduces himself to Rocky in the ring with "I must break you!"

The little plot that the movie has is padded out with sequences of bad 80's music that play like music videos. The movie is quite laughable in some places but the constant flag waving does get a bit much so this movie is not even in the "so bad it's funny" category. On top of that there's Sylvester's speech in the end where he brings out the American inside every Russian that's truly stomach turning.

0 out of 10
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rocky 4 is the best movie I've ever seen
sonuahluwalia27 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Rocky 4 is the movie which have inspired my whole life. Whenever i was let down by something, i would just watch this movie and i would feel revived. This movie gives me the courage to do anything in life. The dialog of sly " We cant change anything, we'll always be who we r" really is awesome. Whenever i loose faith or i don't have the enough courage to face the problems of my life, this movie gives me all i ever need. SO IF SOMEONE DOES NOT LIKE THIS MOVIE, I GUESS THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THAT PERSON. In this movie, the way that sly has faced his problems with faith and all heart is awesome. I would recommend this movie to everyone who has problems and doesn't have the courage to face them. I HAVE PERSONALLY WATCHED THIS MOVIE OVER 100 TIMES At least BUT STILL I WATCH IT SOMETIMES WHEN I'm LOW. Keep up the good work sly.
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Now, let's see if I got this right...
SMalamud19 September 1999
Ok... So... The Russians in the mid-80s have suddenly discovered professional boxing! Wonderful! They didn't just discover it, mind you, they've also become quite crazy about it, willing to train an inhuman man-machine to become the world champion and to cheer for it wildly. Terrific! And then the members of Politburo (ALL OF THEM) go to watch a professional boxing match between their beloved machine and an American hero. Absolutely fantastic! Now, what planet is the movie set on again?
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Blocks Punches With His Face
qormi30 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Unbelievably bad movie. The only good "Rocky" movie was the first one - you know; the one Stallone didn't direct. When he's not showing off his perfect tan and perfect abs, Rocky is hamming it up as..... a rich vain guy. Gone are the personality traits that made him likable. Then there is the music video montage of Rocky and Apollo - get a room, guys! The fight scene with Drago was worse than a Popeye cartoon. You know - Bluto just beats him until he cracks open that can of spinach. Now if you don't believe me, count it yourself - Rocky got punched full force in the face fifty (50) times in the first round!!! That's right - fifty times!!! During the course of the fight, he was punched in the face over 200 times!! That's more than any boxer got tagged in their entire career - they would have been in a coma had this happened to them. End of story - extremely crappy movie.
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