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  • To put it simply, there are 83 differences adding up to 9 minutes and 5 seconds between both versions involving gore and nudity scenes and even story sequences.

    The old British BBFC 18 version is not edited that much. Here, less than 2 minutes were cut, mostly scenes with a sexual content. Those cuts were waived for the British Anchor Bay release on DVD.

    There's also a US TV Version, which has been cut rather interestingly. It is based on the already heavily cut R-Rated Version and contains all of its plot scenes. However, the MPAA cuts were not enough for US TV and especially scenes with nudity had to be softened down further. There were rather creative effects such as zooming and blurring used, which is why the actual alterations are more extensive than the running time difference of only one and a half minutes might suggest. Some of the remaining violent moments have been removed as well, however, the frequently heard word "shit" was left in the movie.

  • We're never told but it makes for a great MacGuffin! The FX team used the fluid you find in glow sticks.


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