Rappin' (1985) Poster


Charles Grant: Duane


  • Duane : This is some welcome home party, you got. Considering you've been on a little vacation. I see you changed your hairstyle. By the way, how was prison?

    John Hood : Real good. Lots of room. Good people. Some of the guys were a little friendly, but...

    Duane : I bet.

  • John Hood : I'm not here to pick a fight. I'm just here to party all night. So, chill out - and enjoy the scene.

    Duane : Well, I really wish a I could. It's just, I don't know if it's the people or it's you. This party sucks! Let's go Dixie.

    John Hood : Hey, take it easy on the lady's arm.

    Dixie : It's alright.

    Duane : Hey? Hay is for horses. Now, are you talking to me?

    John Hood : I'm talking to you.

  • Ice : You're playing in the wrong playground, sweetheart.

    Duane : Don't make me thaw you out, Ice!

  • Duane : I'm gonna fix your ass, Rappin' Hood.

  • Duane : What are you tryin' to tell me? You don't have any more money? Yeah? Fellas, we've been in that position. I can understand where you're comin' from. Times are tough. Reagan's President. Right?

  • Duane : Alright, it looks like we got the Lee family.

    Psycho : Oh, yeah? What's the Lee family?

    Duane : Oh, let me explain it to you, okay. We got a homely. We got ugly. That is dumbly. Little ole sickly. We got fugly.

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